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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-18
  • New version: 2.9.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

ActivityTracker Pedometer

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ActivityTracker Pedometer is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Bits&Coffee. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Bits&Coffee, with the latest current version being 2.9.2 which was officially released on 2019-11-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 53,919 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.75669 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Track your all-day activity without draining your battery and without wearing a fitness gadget! "The main iPhone app is pretty and makes it easy to see your key stats, and the Watch app can help motivate you" — TechRadar - "The interface is clean and clear and will help you set achievable goals for fitness" — MacWorld - ActivityTracker will keep track of your steps, distance, daily active calorie burn, active time, and flights of stairs climbed just by carrying your phone around, which you already do. Research has shown that just by being more active you will also be healthier. Not everyone needs a vigorous exercise routine so just increasing your daily activity will get you in better shape. ActivityTracker will auto-magically quantify your daily activity and motivate you to be more active for free! General Features • Track your all-day activity without draining your battery (no GPS) or wearing a fitness gadget! • Track your Steps as well as Active Calorie Burn, Distance, Active Time, and Floors Climbed; • Track your Daily, Weekly and Monthly activities in great detail; • Track your activity hour-by-hour in the Hourly Activity. Details such as steps, calories, distance, active time, and floors are shown per hour; • Long tap on any day in the Daily Activity to see details per hour for that day; • Since not all days are the same, we prefer a Weekly Target but we will also show you a daily goal based on your target; • Import/export feature to save your data or move it to another iPhone (Pro version); • Week Overview to review your last week's progress at a glance. Apple Watch & Health • Awesome Apple Watch app with: today's overview, hour-by-hour stats & last 7 days! • Independent Watch app for watchOS 6+ with Settings • Synchronize steps between your iPhone, Apple Watch and Health app (Pro version); • Apple Watch app Complications for at a glance stats on your Watch (Pro version); • Import your historical data from Apple Health so you can have a complete overview of your activity from day one. iOS Integration • Awesome Today widget with customizable statistics and colors! • iMessage app for easily sharing your achievements with friends; • Full support for iOS 13+ Dark mode. ActivityTracker is actually the first pedometer app to offer a full dark-theme since June 2015! • Daily & Weekly notifications that can easily be disabled in Settings; • App badge that shows the steps taken directly on the app icon.

Top Reviews

  • Does a pretty good job. Needs just a tweak or two

    By Mcdivots
    I like that this app does not lie to you about how many Calories you have burned with your steps. Most of the others vastly overstate that, and this seems to be much more realistic. It was very easy to enter my information and get it ready to go. It seems to capture the steps very well, and I like the Apple Watch functionality. My only issue, and the reason I did four and not five stars is how long it takes to update your step count. Sometimes it is 5-10 minutes before it all shows up, and it takes a while to show up on the watch correctly. But in the end I recommend this application
  • Incorrect mileage counts

    By Scout 2009
    Now we walk 9 miles a day and I’ve had to “ tweak “ the step length several times. It just starts tracking fairly well then it will lose a mile or more on the same trails we do every morning. So even implementing your suggested “ fix” does not work all that well. As stated in original rating below it barely counts the back now 2 miles of trails and there is a very strong cell signal there so that’s not it either. I would have to take the step length up to 48 or so get a reading so I’ll just “ guesstimate “ until I find more accurate system. I’m so sorry I paid $4 for this app! I walk pretty much the same 3.7 mile walk every morning with my dog. The only time it varies is when we add the last part of trails on so more steps NOT FEWER! Every 2-4 days this app screws me out of 1-2 miles! Since it’s pretty much same morning walk I don’t get it! Even parked my car at last part that it NEVER counts more than .3 miles and started walking 1.2 miles by its self! Did that walk today with regular walk all it registered was 2.7 miles! Looking for more accurate app. Need CORRECT info for ortho doc. Reply to developers: I already tried the custom step settings. This app seems to have MAJOR issues with any type of non flat terrain.
  • Watch app is terrible! Complication doesn't work! Watch step count is off!

    By anrerp
    I bought ActivityTracker "Pro" for Apple Watch in order to use the complication to display steps. After paying for Pro and unlocking it, the complication still says "UPGRADE TO PRO". Further, the step count on the phone often doesn't match the step count in the Apple Health app or even the ActivityTracker PHONE app! I've tested this with the "Sync Watch & Health" turned on and turned off. The phone app always matches with Apple Health, but the watch only matches sometimes. The counts on the watch go up and down like crazy! I have requested Apple for a refund. I will be trying out other apps. EDIT: I tried the steps the developer mentioned, but it still doesn't work. There's another app that costs half as much and works wonderfully on the Apple Watch. I have now switched to that and requested a refund for this one.
  • Sometimes doesn't count flights of stairs

    By Maven802
    Below is a previous technical issue which the developer fixed. Hoping there's a fix to this one too! I've been using this app for a couple months now with good results, but more recently have been finding that on and off it doesn't count my flights. I just walked up 6 flights of stairs and it says 0. My phone is on low power mode but I don't think that should make a difference. Hoping for a fix! Thanks. Past issue: I am having the same issue as others. I just downloaded & installed it, enabled everything. It sits there with the logo in the background as an open app but when I actually open it it just closes away back to the background. Tried reinstalling. Hope it gets fixed so I can use it! Update: Thanks to the developer for a prompt response! I had already tried that but did it again and now it works! Yay! If you're someone who had the same problem, try deleting and reinstalling and it may now actually work.
  • Very disappointed.

    By jtrudo69
    I bought this app hoping it would track my steps as I was running. I’ve been using Fitbit and the Fitbit tracks steps immediately as steps are taken . I’ve had this thing on all day and it hasn’t tracked a single step. I followed all the instructions to get it to work including the sync data and privacy and it does nothing. Save your money and don’t buy this app. Update. I restarted my Apple Watch and the steps finally updated. However it looks like every time I want the steps to update I have to either restart the watch or wait a half hour. Absolutely ridiculous. I download pedometer ++ for free and it works and updates just fine. I lost some money on this piece of junk app. Be sure you don’t do the same. These developers should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Good replacement for Stepz, but couple of annoyances

    By squeak825
    Ever since Stepz forced their most recent upgrade on everyone and it lost 3 years of my past data with it (and reimported it highly-inflated from Health app), I have been looking for a better replacement. So far this has been solid and the best option. I like the design of the widget, and overall the app works really well. A bit slow to report new steps to the widget or badge icon, but does catch up. Two minor annoyances: 1) I wish there was a toggle setting to turn off all of the animations. Kind of annoying to have to wait for the big circle to fill in to see your steps for the day—especially if you just want to look at quickly, and do it multiple times a day. It is cool the first 10x, but gets old quick. Give me the option to just show the numbers, especially when scrolling in your history. 2) Wish there was a roll-up for a monthly and annual steps/distance. Nice to look back and compare year over year totals.
  • Good but... needs work.

    By AlexKay12:
    *updated response after developer responded...*** My watch is ALWAYS on, my phone is in my leg pocket on my workout pants... assuming your user is ‘dumb’ well, now I wish I could give you ZERO stars. Also, I shouldn’t have to ‘adjust’ my step length, considering a fitbit or another walking app doesn’t require anything but keeping your watch on. And ‘ I don’t walk much doing chores’ ?!?! Excuse you??? So, you know the layout of my house, how many sq. Feet it is and what exactly I do? Again... RUDE! I wanted to like this app, really I did, but... I just ran 6 miles and it only accounted for 3.6. That to me is a fail. I’ve been noticing that when I’m in my house walking around and doing chores it doesn’t even account for those. So, I give one star & deleting app. Not worth it. —
  • Michael in PA

    By Michael@PA
    This app is more accurate than the Apple health app that came with my iPhone. It records steps and distance instantly. I am very pleased with it. I have just two issues. The app doesn’t allow for manual additions, (the one advantage of the Apple health app), which is needed to account for activity when you are not carrying the phone. Secondly, for some reason it sometimes does not record the stairs from my basement to the first floor and sometimes it does. However, in summary, I have tried several activity apps and this one is the best!!
  • Does not show stairs climbed on Apple Watch

    By ScratchDiver
    I purchased this app and paid to unlock pro features for more money but it does not display stairs climbed on the Apple Watch, only shows them in the phone app. If stairs climbed is added to the Watch display I would increase my rating to 5 stars. Update with response to developer: Yes even though the phone is doing the stair counting, I would still want to see this data on the watch as it’s much more convenient to see at a glance rather than taking phone out of pocket etc. Adding one star for quick developer response
  • Doesn’t work, don’t buy

    By jb200997
    As the last couple of reviews state, doesn’t update counts properly on watch or phone. Restarting watch does not solve it (poor response by developer). Paid $5. iTunes will not refund, get instant denial so developer must have zero refund policy regardless of them saying in here to request refund. Don’t buy. Doesn’t work. Counts don’t update on watch, and phone count stays the same for days on end unless you open app and then it may update but most cases still doesn’t match what watch says. Sync on and background updates on. Turn sync off is another response by developer. Why would you do that? You want them to sync! Developer needs to TEST his product!

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