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Streamer Life!


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Streamer Life! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK, with the latest current version being 1.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 11645 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Streamer Life! App

How does it Work?

Welcome to the life of an influencer!

Do you dream of becoming a famous influencer? This is the game for you!

Do live streams everyday, interact with your followers and make choices that will increase your follower count! Reach to millions by completing fun & interesting challenges!

Upgrade your room, your clothes and your appearance just the way you like it to become more famous and gain more fans. Your followers are waiting for you to start streaming!

Can you become the next big influencer?

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Top Reviews

  • By jayquin1423

    This game

    I just downloaded this game and the challenges keep repeating where I just want to delete it and also I don’t know how to fix my avatar so this probably needs a bit more information or instructions tbh

  • By let me right a nickname

    It was good..but I got bored

    When I first got this game it was really fun! But after you get past a certain level it just restarts from the beginning level and makes it kinda boring! It’s just same truth or dare questions and stuff like that! And yes I do love games where you can customize but after a while in the game the customization is just sad and you have to watch a add for every single item unless you buy it! And I don’t really wanna waste my money on that! And yes I know adds are how you make money and support other games but you people put to many in! That Is all I have to say for now goodbye.

  • By UnhandyRiver74


    There is only one reason I give this 4 stars - not enough variation of levels. I would suggest as many others have as well that I would greatly love to continue to play the game and will keep it downloaded in hopes that one day the game developers have time and creativeness to create different levels. Run a poll. I really like this game and I’m a 22 y/o married woman. Eh no one will look at this comment let alone read this far so it really doesn’t matter, but seriously I’d love for new levels to develop.

  • By Cutelikeyou

    Not the best game

    I would rate it higher if then game levels aren’t repeated and added new levels. Also being able to customize the character would make the game better. Also instead of the characters teleporting they could walk on for the door. Also adding for choices would make the game better. I hope you listen and take some of my advice.

  • By ava lets goo

    We need to fix these ads.

    So this game is fun in all but y’all really need to change this. The ad for the game is to make her take her shirt off. I have seen ads like this like there’s the one where this girl is taking her shirt off cuz it’s hot then she puts it back on when it’s cold. There’s the one game with a eraser and you can erase a girls clothes for a level. There are kids here downloading these games and seeing this stuff. They are becoming dirty minded too at a very young age. You people who make these games need to fix this immediately. This is not cool and the fact I have seen this also is very disappointing to me. And the fact they don’t change this is very concerning to me. If kids keep on seeing this this is gonna cause parents to sue these companies for kids seeing all of this at a young age. I would like it if y’all would change this ad and other inappropriate ads, it would help a lot and would help kids to not see this. 👍👍👍thank you for reading this add

  • By naruto showdown

    Change the ad

    So the game is fine and lots of fun u guys should download it but I have a little problem and that’s the ad. The add has to change because there could be little kids getting ideas I thought it was a kids game but when I saw that ad I was disappointed because there are little kids downloading random games. It’s just sad that u guys don’t care about the kids because of a nasty ad. What the ad said was that there was a new date but the date said to take her shirt off and then the other part was that it contained mature content and it said viewer discretion advised and it said to click to see more it’s just nasty little kids are always seeing that. My point is just change the ad I don’t care how much it cost or how long it’s gonna take just change it little kids are watching your ad right now and it’s just weird but just change it overall the game is good.

  • By zenscorpion3


    Is there supposed to be sound in this game because on my phone it's completely silent?! All I get is the vibration when I earn cash. There is a button for sound in the settings but it doesn't seem to do anything. No music, no clicks, just complete silence. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? Also why does the game keep repeating the same scenarios over and over? It was fun up until about level 25 then it just starts repeating.

  • By Aniko_Maple

    Just that game that dies down quickly

    Didn’t expect much when I downloaded the game, only that last little piece of hope left. Of course, the game was manifested with ads. To be honest, I don’t mind watching ads if the rewards were worth it, but ads literally haunt you after every 2 stages (every stage lasts about 10 seconds). It got pretty repetitive within 30 minutes. Download if you’re insanely bored and just want to blow off some boredom, I guess.

  • By samauriplays

    More things to do

    I like the idea of the game but after awhile there are the same things over and over again like for example truth or dare, I got that 4 times In A row with the same choices every single time. (Mystery, truth, or dare) and it gets really boring because there aren’t many things to do so please update this game and add more things to do but overall I give this game a 3 because it’s not bad but it needs more things

  • By pastelbaek

    Twerk with your dad

    It’s kinda fun to waste time on, but there are a few things that aren’t explained: Does anything happen when you upgrade your furniture? It doesn’t seem to make you more famous or progress in any way. Once you reach a certain level are there going to be changes? Will the levels change or are we going to be in the same room with the same levels the whole game?

  • By Anastasia Disney


    The game is alright it has inappropriate content which you might not understand from the ad. The some of the comments are actual pretty mean and younger kids might absorb it. There is light cursing which is prorated in the ad in the comments. The game keeps repeating I mean "'y ex has hacked intoy account and stolen my pictures" I've sung with Rhianna a bunch of times and some lots of photo shoots. Some thing parents might want to be concerned about are: twirking, light cursing, censored nudes, death emojiis, mean comments, dating contents, inappropriate dancing, objective comments, people in their underwear, and the ads that the game will play are very inappropriate and made more for 15+ not 12.

  • By holy_guac

    Umm… okay?

    So at first I really like this game, until there started to be a few inappropriate things. For instance she had to model for a underwear company and you didn’t have a choice not to, you had to twerk, you have to kiss people, you have to hack your ex’s Computer to get rid of those nude photos of you , and after all of these stupid things or done it just makes you do them all again. So I just say please don’t download this app if you are under 15. Honestly it’s really dumb

  • By u dont need my info

    Don’t download this app

    OK the reason why you should not download this app is because it has a really inappropriate parts and after a while it just repeats the same level over and over and over again especially the inappropriate ones and so I don’t really like that it says it’s for ages 12+ but I have seen four-year-olds playing this and it doesn’t have I thing to make sure that you’re not like to playing with app honestly I’m surprised they even made this app if it wasn’t fully done with the new levels each time so that would be a lot of work but stop it at like 30 people there just start downloading the ad and being really rude about it but so worth it anyways and I’m completely fine with that keep bullying this out because it’s really inappropriate and it and it definitely needs an update if anything.

  • By Angelinalife04

    Please watch what your kids are playing❌❌

    This game is super inappropriate and creeps me out. It says 12 and up but it honestly should be higher.. not only that but it is marketed to a lot of younger kids. The only reason why I downloaded this app it’s because I got an ad for it, which was super inappropriate! Also this app has a fake dating site where are you swipe for different men to date and then when you swipe yes the guy says I am at your front door through a text and then you hit him with a baseball bat at the front door. Even though it’s obvious that it’s a game it still creeps me out that a kid is playing this. Not only that but it just promotes kids doing Livestreams which is very dangerous at a young age.

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