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Bridge Race


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Bridge Race is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, with the latest current version being 2.71 which was officially released on 2021-07-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 146173 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.3 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Bridge Race App

How does it Work?

Collect blocks of your own color, place them on a bridge of your choice. Don't let others build on your bridge. Hit others with less stack than yours to drop their blocks!

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Top Reviews

  • By GreatGryiffindor01

    Great but needs some change

    I love the app concept so much, but omg there are so many ads and they come out of nowhere! It’s like I’m about to finish building my bridge and ad. I’m collecting bricks, ad. There are SO MANY ADS! I would love like a countdown from like 5 or 3, before ads. In loading screens I am fine to have an ad start off the round that I am doing, because most games do that, but oh my lord so many ads. Another thing is that bricks only respawn when your building your bridge, and if you want all your bricks and then build your bridge, your out of luck. Personally I am a fan of that method, so I have to resort to bumping into players to get bricks. If you change those 2 things, Amazing. 10/10 recommend, right now the game is like a 8.5/10.

  • By FBJSofia


    There are so many good things about this game, but when I’m about to finish, there will be an ad. I just got this game so I don’t know, but I think there is a no-ads purchase. Just, what if you don’t want to? It’s just ads. But there are so many! I’m on my third round and I’ve had a few more than 4 ads already. Well, you might think that you don’t get that many, it’s only 4, but there will be so many more. There are like, 2 ads per game. That’s kind of just a lot. If you are on your 10th game, you would’ve had around 20 ads. It’s only your 10th game!! I just wish there would be less ads. There are so many good things, just please remove some ads. Thanks! :)

  • By Falconsdback

    Ads ads and more ads

    Fun game. Time killer. The concept of the game is an interesting one, racing to build bridges is actually pretty fun and there is a bit of strategy involved too, if you don’t just blitz through to the end. It would easily be a 5* for me but the number of ads is outrageous: Middle of the level? Random ads pop up (2-3 per level). Completed the level? Ad Bonus level? Ad Starting a level? Ad Told the game “no thanks” because you didn’t want to earn the reward promised after watching an ad? Ad Paid for the “no ads” feature but still want your bonuses? Ad (this is brought to the users attention before completing the “no ads” purchase so that you are not surprised by still having ads after purchasing so credit where credit is due for honest principals) Granted, the only ads that you can’t skip are the ones that are giving rewards (bonus level, double prize payout, new costume) but the amount of time spent even leading to the ability to skip the ads that can be skipped is roughly equivalent to the regular play time. I don’t want to “play” a game where 50% of my time is wasted on ads. Concept and gameplay earn this app 6/5 stars in my book. The sheer volume of ads drops the rating to the 3 stars that I gave it and led me to delete the app. I fully understand that the developers get their revenue from ads, and people who pay to avoid them, but this is excessive to the point of unplayable.

  • By Rittona

    Only playable on airplane mode

    The game itself is pretty entertaining and not too challenging. However, you get ads every two minutes WHILE you’re playing. And not just pop up ads that are on the side of the screen, like the entire game pauses and plays you a 30 second ad that you have to watch at least 5 seconds of before you can skip it. And after you skip, you have to wait another 5 seconds until you can skip the part where it displays the ad on the App Store. It’s ridiculous and totally ruins the experience. The only way you can play an entire game all the way through is if you have your Wifi and cellular data turned off (or just have airplane mode on) so you can’t get the ads. To be completely honest, putting that many ads in this unoriginal and mildly enjoyable game just feels rude. If you really need to make money THAT badly, add in more interesting features to the game that you will have to pay for.

  • By Unicorn cake bubble tea

    Awesome but…

    I just like to say that this game could’ve been fun without the ads and error like literally the ads just go crazy every time I’m on the last level or the second level or when I’m getting so many blocks literally the ads are the worst part of this game and the errors sometimes when I play it just freezes and I’m like what is going on my friend told me about this game and I was addicted but we just get a rageAction when ads pop up or errors pop-up errors are basically the same thing as coaches but that’s another topic we all hate the ads in this game so please can you not add ads or errors because errors scare people if anythingIs going on and besides the ads are like every second this is the worst part about the game I’ve never seen an app with this many ads so please remove the ads just give us like 10 minutes and then ad a add

  • By JenJEN42Ohh


    I Can’t Take it ANNYMORE!! I Can’t Take All The Ads in The Middle Of The Game. I’m On Level 628. And the Ads Completely RUIN THE GAME. I Understand The Ads are The Whole Reason why the Game is Able to Be Free. I Get That. But Before the Latest Update All The Ads Used to Be After the Game was Over and Before the Game Starts. And that was All Goood &&Fine. But Now the Ads are STRaight in The Middle Of While your Playing. ((Sometimes More than One)) And it’s Supper FRUSTRATING. 😡😡Also I don’t Understand once your about to get to the Finish Line and your way in Front Of All the Other Players that Your “Supposedly” Playing. Then All Of a Sudden Another Player Pops Up On The Last Platfom.... when Literally a Half a Second Ago they were Still Trying Stack Their Color Blocks up The Ladder. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PLease. Please. PLease Fix This Problem. As I Am Suure I’m Not The Only One that is Having This Issue. I Would GREATLY APPRECIATE it. THankkYOuu.

  • By lightbulbnarwhale

    needs a lot of improvement

    okay, this game WAS fun before all the ads starting popping up in the middle of the level! like, don’t you already put in enough ads after the level, for bonus levels, extra rewards, and before the next level starts? like in a middle of a level it will just start glitching and slowing down and then an ad, and to make it even worse there’s usually at least 2-3 ads per level plus all the other ads (ads after the level, for bonus levels, extra rewards, and before the next level starts - usually) so there’s my first complaint with this app. i’m not trying to be rude and complain but this app just needs a lot of improvement, like i almost always come in first, which is fine and all but it defeats the purpose of even trying, i mean the bots are so slow!! i hate when the other players are bots and i get why they are but they are so slow! there’s barely any competition. so not the best app overall. i honestly don’t really recommend this unless you want to watch ads in the middle of levels and literally everywhere else. this is honestly a cool concept but there is so many flaws it’s really not fun. also the ad for this game is obnoxious- like “not to brag but i’m already on level 420” that doesn’t make me want to get the game.. game developers, please take some of this into consideration. thanks for reading.

  • By jonathanbooby


    This game is horribly made and probaly should get removed the App Store. The first reason is that they are ADS IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME, Litteraly when I’m trying to play, they generate one of these stupid fake ads/fake gameplay ads as well as some of the ads take like 15 seconds to exit out. I litteraly punched my screen from this. Next is that the “players” are stupid. The bots take so long to get to the next floor and it just looks embarrassing, Even a baby can figure it out. Next is that they make the texts so small like it’s so small and it’s probaly just there to make you watch an ad for no reason. And the ads that lead to the game are just so cringe 😬. Like one of the ads said “Not to brag, but I’m on level 420 already” like bruh first off, you don’t just brag and we didn’t really ask and number two, It’s impossible to get to that level if there’s like 1000 ads in the way. And the last one, like every other mobile game, the game purchases probaly don’t even work lol 😂 Like it’s just sad to see a developer scamming kids and litteraly making money off the app just because of the rating it has which makes me so mad 😡. This game is just so disappointing and litteraly not fun to play.


    Makes me so mad. Insane.

    I was very excited to play this game. I got excited for straight ADS. Nothing but ads. That’s all you will get while playing this game so it’s either you watch ads every two seconds or don’t download it. I recommend not downloading. Do NOT waste your time and storage on this. It’s fun, when you’re able to play for the two seconds when there isn’t ads. On top of me getting upset from the people in the game already, there is ads every two seconds. When I say that, I mean it. Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’ll be playing in the middle of the game a stupid ad will come up over and over and over. I’ve never gotten more frustrated at a game before. I mean it though, the amount of ads per minute are insane. Please take off some of the ads. All these people want is money, so they put all these ads. I’m telling you rn and I mean it, it’s not even enjoyable with the amount of ads you will receive in the MIDDLE OF PLAYING. Do not download unless you want to rage. Big time. I am uninstalling this game for my mental health because it’s literally the most upsetting thing ever. It stresses me out so much. I can’t even enjoy the game. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • By CrazyCat(10)

    The only mobile game I know that has ads mid-game.

    I thought this would be an ok mobile game that I would play every once in a while, just for fun. I thought this would be better than Voodoo, because they give ads AFTER almost every round. I thought that was too much, and I saw this was created by someone different, so I got it. (I also got it because I gave in to all of the ads for it) I played a round, and I’m only halfway up the first staircase, and it gives me an ad. I thought, well maybe I accidentally tapped something, or one of the bots beat me. Neither. It resumed the game right afterwards and I realized what was going on. I HAD THREE ADS BEFORE THE END OF THAT ONE GAME! I understand that this is just one of those games that takes you one week or less to make, and put ads in it to make money, but this is just unexceptional. For once, I’ll say Voodoo is actually better than I’d recently thought. The concept is good, the execution was done fine, but all of the ads - because of it being mid game - I’m giving it a one star. You are VERY welcome for this one star rating. Think it through next time.

  • By EllieKat1218

    Adds in middle of the game

    Ok let’s start with this note: Hi I’m eight years old and I got this game thinking it would be good and it was until the adds the first round there were adds in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME LIKE WHAT but I thought it was just part of the first round still I was really angry. second round showing there were adds in the middle of the game that’s when I deleted it because I didn’t want to play that little game that people who create games make. The little game is when you get a game but it’s fake just to get people to give money for baldly cheaply made games. So pease don’t get this game it’s all fake just for you to pay for it and I don’t think there is a refund. Even though I have been talking about paying for games this game was a free game thank goodness it was because it was poorly made. I have had other games that were very fake and badly made because I didn’t know but this one was the worst and I mean the worst. I mean you can still play it if you want but I suggest you don’t. Hope you enjoyed these tips have a nice day and don’t fall for fake games bye! 8

  • By wehwehfuhwfeg

    absolutely horrible this game should be taken off the app store

    if i could give this game -5 stars i would. the game glitches every 5 seconds and the ads are DURING THE GAME i tried playing it on airplane mode and it still gave me ads 😡 then i tried it without wifi but for some reason it requires wifi when all your doing is playing against bots 😑 and the bots are so easy to beat, even a 3 yo could beat them. i totally DO NOT 🚫 recommend this game. when i first read the reviews they all said there were too many ads but i expected it to be between levels like most games. THIS IS THE WORST GAME EVER I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME 😒 i immediately deleted it after giving it way too many second chances. i kept it for about an hour and during that hour i could only get to level 4 because whenever ads came up it would just be a blank screen w/o a way to exit it so i would have to leave the app and start the level over. i was on level one for 15-20 minutes just because of that.

  • By I have no words for this -_-

    Worst than voodoo, This deserves 0 stars.

    Ads in the MIDDLE of gameplay and also after/at the start. for the hats, if you want to get one then you need to watch an ad. if you don’t, you don’t get it. I also don’t like the fact the other people can build on top of your bridge in the FIRST round. Why not make enough for everyone?? It’s so annoying because when you collect your colors you just find out that you need to build on the other color that was trying to take your bridge, and it wastes your blocks that you could have used to actually continue to build. It slows you down and it’s just very annoying and frustrating. Overall the game has a good concept but the ads are just too much. I don’t care that you need to get money. This amount of ads and the game is just unplayable :/ ~ I honestly thought this would be a good game to play when i’m bored, but not anymore. Please fix at least one of these things and maybe the game will be somewhat enjoyable and entertaining.

  • By Would love to see this change

    many things wrong. hard to use. bad features.

    so i downloaded this game bc my fam always goes to a beach every summer that’s 4 hours away and i luv to play games.. ofc, i don’t have internet. and this game requires internet.. so i was like mk.. ig this is fine.. and then i play. SUPER ADDICTING AND FUN. but the adds. i u collect a few bricks, 30 second add. fill up the staircase w ur color bricks? 20 second add. very hard to play!! i rlly wish this game didn’t have so many adds. and also, a few features that bother me since there is an insane amount of adds; the fact that people with more bricks stacked on their back can knock you down. it happens all the time, and it’s very hard to avoid. all ur hard collected bricks r everywhere!! and also, people can use their own bricks where you’ve already placed ur bricks, and change the color so they can walk on it and u can’t. wut kind of game is this? watch free adds!? would not recommend at all. -10/10. (airplane mode doesn’t work luv. the game needs internet..)

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