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Roblox is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Roblox Corporation. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Roblox Corporation, with the latest current version being 2.487.426768 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5721662 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

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How does it Work?

Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create, share experiences with friends, and be anything you can imagine. Join millions of people and discover an infinite variety of immersive experiences created by a global community!

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In the mood for an epic adventure? Want to compete against rivals worldwide? Or do you just want to hang out and chat with your friends online? A growing library of experiences created by the community means there’s always something new and exciting for you every day.


Take the fun on the go. Roblox features full cross-platform support, meaning you can join your friends and millions of other people on their computers, mobile devices, Xbox One, or VR headsets.


Be creative and show off your unique style! Customize your avatar with tons of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there’s no limit to the looks you can create.


Hang out with friends around the world using chat features, private messages, and groups!






PLEASE NOTE: A network connection is required to join. Roblox works best over Wi-Fi.

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Top Reviews

  • By Eileen Romberger

    Roblox is a AWESOME GAME, but with some problems.

    I think roblox is just amazing!! The programming is so good, and I honestly play it about every day!! But just like other apps, it does have some problems. First, the reports that you put in DON’T WORK. Whenever I report something, it says they will try to fix it but nothing happens! Also, some of the games are laggy and are make for computers. I do SOMETIMES play Roblox on a computer, but other times I don’t so for games that are made for computers, I can’t play and it makes me sad. Another thing is some of the games are inappropriate for kids! Some games have INFLATION or SEX in them! That is WAY too inappropriate for kids!! Also, I sometimes see people finding ways to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEIR TRYING TO MAKE BABIES BECAUSE THEY CANT DO OR SAY STUFF ABOUT THAT. Now also another problem is that all the things that you say like your age... it gets hashtags! I mean- people CAN say their age, but they just shouldn’t say their address or phone number. They can say their age without people finding out where they live. Also, I think Roblox CAN be for kids and not just for 12+ . Why? Well it’s because at least if a kid is being watched by their parents/guardian, roblox actually could be for kids! If changes could be made, I would absolutely love that! Thank you and I hope you understand! Also, sometimes I have problems playing the games on Roblox because it always says that my internet is not on, but I have internet!


    It’s amazing but.

    I’ve been playing roblox for over 6 years now and it’s an amazing game I love it so much and I love how you can design your own games and own items it allows many people to share their ideas and creativity and I find that awesome for the roblox community but recently since 2020 we’ve had a lot of changes exp. inappropriate games, clothing items, ext…. Believe me im a fun person that dosnt usually make reports about these things but when I see my 4 year old brother playing a very inappropriate game that’s different. So I would like to report all these sex games. And clothing. I believe roblox headquarters is pretty big. So I don’t understand why I see a bunch of these games all the time. It’s disgusting and running roblox so please look more into this. Also roblox has been very glitching and yes I’ve been keeping up with the updates and everything but it’s always glitching and whenever I try to put on any item it says “this item isn’t available anymore” at first I thought roblox removed it but it’s been happening with all my items and i don’t know why because they aren’t inappropriate or anything their casual items and it’s annoying because I’ve sept over 20k dollars on roblox so please look into that aswell and thank you so much for reading all this I know I sound like a Karen or brat but I swear I mean it for the better good. Again thank you so much :) roblox will forever remain an important part of my childhood.

  • By Emm/Emmy/Emilly

    I love Roblox

    I love roblox it’s just some times there are some issues and I don’t really like that so here are some issues. Ok 1st thing first is that in some games there like hashtags when your trying to say something and I know that you are trying to make us safe but atleast let us say numbers. Also in some bonus stuff pop up like for like 432 robux or like but this for 54 robux and it pops up for no reason and I’m not even tapping on on anything for that to pop up. Next is in Bloxburg when you close the door and your right in front of it it makes you glitch for like some time it could be for a long time and also when your going to grab a pizza and your using the motorcycle to go in and you jump like right where the whole to go inside by accident you glitch there but you can’t do anything about thatNext there are so many hackers and we spend so much of our money here to get hacked and its so annoying and sad, it’s basically wasting our money to get hacked and stuff, I understand that you can’t really control them but at least listen to people on social media and if they say there’s a hacker you should find the user and try to do something but it’s fine. next on most iPads when you join bloxsburg it kicks you right out and I want to play but I can’t some times cause I’m using my ipad. Those are my issues but I still love roblox and I play it like every day and I hope these bugs get fixed bye guys! Thank you!

  • By MrWolfbeast200


    Even though Roblox is fun and extremely fun,it has some issues. I have noticed some online daters asking out people on a date and it just is cool at all. I have also seen scammers tricking people into getting robux but they just get scammed. My brother irl told me that he got scammed big time from a player named Christian or something like that. But it is just getting out of hand. I have also noticed the bugs are getting worse everyday. I was playing fnaf 2 gmod and the bugs were really bad in there. The animatronics were moving to different areas of the map but whenever I got close to them they wouldn’t jump scare me or other players at all. It was really confusing too. The real fnaf 2 robots would jumpscare the person playing the game. Another thing I want to point out is some of the clothing in the avatar shop isn’t showing up. What I mean is whenever I looked at a certain clothing, the photo of the item would not show up. So I reset my game and still the same thing happened. I have also noticed the updates are getting out of whack. There was one update that I clicked on and it made the update. Then after 3 days another update came out. I was wondering why there was so many updates just popping up. But I believe that all of these things will stop and roblox can fix the scamming and dating and bugs and updates. Thank you for reading and listening in to what is happening right now. From: MrWolfbeast201

  • By avanwelly

    Some issues but a good game!

    Roblox Is fun but their some issues. The issues are the community. This community is bad they like to reference bad words with other words and I think, their should be a quest and you get 3 robux each quest!, but I am not to sure if roblox would actually do that. Because their company has gotten upper and upper for the robux buying and they don’t want to give any quest fo that reason. What I don’t like about the community or the people that plays is that they always have to be mean and I don’t really like that, and people always call you a noob if you weren’t looking like a pro and I don’t really like that ether. also had a new update on March 2021 this update is not that brilliant. Because I just got premium and now it says you have to make only one shirt for 10 robux and it was even worse before because they use to have to only make one shirt or pants for like 100 robux like they have to be serious... I was mad at that point and then they updated it once it use to be 100 robux they put 50 robux to make one shirt or pants. Then they didn’t just Chan it one else or twice they changed its 3 times like seriously roblox👿 I am still angry about that and I still won’t be that happy but I love all of the games that is in roblox like adopt me and murder mystery and a bunch more!!. Roblox I do appreciate the game that has Ben created but still not to happy so that’s why I am giving 4 star review but this game is a good game!.

  • By KKcatscool


    I gave 5 stars because oh my goodness I love this SO MUCH!! Thousands of games to play! There’s a game for everyone! I only have a small thing I don’t like...the chat filter. I mean yes, I’m so glad that it blocks people from saying bad words and from telling your age with numbers and stuff, but it’s also very annoying because sometimes you’re trying to tell someone something and it #### <—tags it out. Not only is this frustrating because then you spend another few minutes trying to write it another way, it can become a real problem while role playing. There are a few bad words that people are figuring out how to say without making it get tagged out. I get why some people may not like this game because it has some scary stuff, but you are never forced to play them, it won’t even ever pop up on your home screen if you play other things! Also, when you friend people I love that you can chat with them!!! You don’t have to, and most people don’t reply anyway XD. I mean- lol. Roblox uses a TON of things like this: XD XP X) X( >.< >_< :) :( ;) ;( $.$ O-O O.o O•O and so many more like uwu and stuff. Anyway I love this game and totally recommend it to anyone with a big imagination! Or a small one. Or even someone that doesn’t feel like they have any creativity at all. Maybe it can spark because of this game. Maybe I’m getting too sentimental. Maybe this is too long and I should leave you alone. Goodbye, thanks for reading. :)

  • By charli pickels D


    Roblox is an amazing game, one reason is that you can meet new people and make them as friends! Especially for kids who might have some special needs. Most of the kids that have some special needs don't maybe have any friends ( not all of them!) and I know a lot of people who are like that and say this game is very good! But their is a couple of reasons maybe to look out for if your younger viewers are playing this game is to be carful of swearing, bullying, scamming, etc. their is a lot of swearing! Trust me I don’t claim to never swear but I do but it’s only once in a while! But luckily in some of these games they tag them out! Which younger viewers can’t se them! Which I think is great! Also when your playing bloxburg game and that specific game is known for building houses and role playing with people in the game. When your are RP( role playing) and ur the mom and your married and you are sharing a room and whatever like a normal couple would do but I am telling you say in the game whatever position you are in such as a Mom, Dad, kid , baby sitter, teacher, etc. especially rp parents if they wanna share a room say “ you know I don’t think this is very comfortable for me,and could I sleep in an another room, if they say no then say oh well sorry then I am leaving and I don’t want to stay here! Thanks so much! For listening But over all this game! Is awesommmeee!!! And I totally recommend it trust me be carful it gets addicting 🤣!! :)

  • By RealGodgames1958

    Great game but with bad things

    Roblox is a great game for people of all ages to play but many people do have a problem in this game and that is bullying which roblox is trying their hardest to get rid of but it’s just not working out, most of the bullying comes from a group of people that are called “slenders” they are usually teens that bully people that look younger than them. An example of this is that one time I was in a game and my avatar was dressed up like the youtuber tubbo and they bullyed me for that and my friend tryed to defend me and he got banned as a result, luckily it was only for a week. That brings me to my next problem, the roblox moderation. As I said before I know they are trying their best but they keep messing up and I’m starting to feel like roblox employees are starting to become to strict, now you could argue that this is a good thing but I would disagree due to the fact that if this keeps going on more and more people will quit roblox, one of the most popular roblox youtubers called DenisDaily who was also in the pals quit roblox and moved to Minecraft, he said it wasn’t because of anything bad in roblox but it was kinda obvious that he was lying. Now I am hoping that this message reaches roblox so they can fix this problem because they really need to fix a lot of things but I feel like this is the stuff they should focus on at the moment. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

  • By mondter calls fan

    Great But some issues

    I have been playing roblox for years and I love it! Bit the chat moderation system can be very annoying. I like how roblox filters out content or foul language but there are some things that roblox tags out that do not need to be tagged out. For starters numbers I think only large groups of numbers should be tagged out. Because if your in bloxburg and you make like a little shop and the person wants to know the price you cannot tell them. And roblox is mostly kids who are 12 or older so I do not think a 12 year old would ever feel the need to say their age. But I can understand tagging out large number groups because it can include a persons address or phone number again yeah roblox is mostly older kids some kids who may be younger might tell information like that. Which is why I think you should give older accounts a more free chat filter but still filter out foul language and inappropriate content. And for younger accounts make the chat filter not as free. Because I do not think its fair to the majority of the players on roblox. And people often underestimate the knowledge that kids have kids know they are not supposed to share that information. So I think accounts that are 12 and over should have a more free chat filter than the current one. And its very annoying that if you misspell a single word it tags your entire message. But roblox is a fun app and I definitely recommend it!

  • By rebeca zuniga flores noemi

    Roblox is the best😇

    Roblox teaches kids something in each game like in bloxblurg: how to live a life when you grow up!🧐 and there I a bunch of sex games so please roblox I know teens might play and a whole family like FGTEEV and others. but kids shouldn’t be seeing this,it’s to inappropriate, oh and these sex games though I know teens and family’s like FGTEEV and more people play but it’s too inappropriate for children so please roblox help this. Also roblox we all love you and support you! Thank you! For doing something that can keep kids like us intertained but remember though being on a device for too much time can damage you’re eyes so if you have siblings or someone who wants to play just pass it on!!:)... I have a lot I wrote but I forgot it because I accidentally pressed the undo button so sorry. Also I love every game in roblox I love the updates and stuff and I’m weird😕 but it’s ok, and roblox thank you for working hard on these games!. But please do something about people bullying others🥺 it’s really sad to see people on roblox get bullied, oh and by brothers 8 and plays roblox but all he plays is bad games so if you can please do something about this please,please,please🤞, a lot of people don’t have roblox so if you could make it free it would be so much better! I’ve been playing sense 2019 I think it’s really great to play all these games!🥺😔🙂 AnD that’s all🤪 Thank You so very much roblox we love and support you!!!!!😘

  • By The_One27

    Honestly great.

    Honestly I think this game deserves a much better rating than it has currently (4.6 stars out of 5). It may be laggy to some but it isn't the developers fault that your device isn’t powerful enough. Try lowering your graphics setting and try less resource heavy games. Next, the people rating 1 star asking for robux.. im deeply sorry that your game is getting bad reviews because some children just want robux. I don’t understand your pain over there at the studio but i can at least try to. And personally I love this game. Its a infinite in one kinda package. How many games does this have? INFINITE! Its such a great concept and it being free just makes it so much better. Sure it may have a premium currency for you to buy accessories but those are purely cosmetic and dont really serve a purpose which I love. and you may thing “Oh but what about game passes?” Well those are for a singular game and the purchase is directly going to the developer of the game, which helps them and lot and maybe even you. Its optional and would only make you progress faster, or unlock something thats unrelated to the main part of the game, serving as a alternative one. And does not save across games so, its not really a bonus. But, this game has made me so many friends and has created so many new communities that come together and hang out or have fun! 10/10 would definitely recommend to my friends (actually already have heh).

  • By dragon$💵💵💰💸

    Roblox reeeeeeview

    So roblox is an awesome game. Everything about it is awesome... except the tags. It’s ok that it tags inappropriate things like kiss, but it literally blocks out my friends first name. And my other friends last name. It blocks out certain names of you tubers, and it blocks out names of social media. Like tik tok, Snapchat, etc. I get that but it’s kind of annoying. Because what if you have a person you know added in roblox, and you want there number or Snapchat or tik tok. You wouldn’t be able to know because it tags it. Also it tags numbers. That’s really annoying. I get that you don’t want people giving ages or phone numbers to random people. But 90% of people don’t actually talk to random people on numbers. Because it really affects their lives and they know that, so they mostly don’t do that. It’s also not like there is more of a chance than 1% that people will actually meet up from saying their addresses. By the way almost every single individual in each game lives in a different state. The likeliest way that people live close is if they are friends and they join their friends game. One more thing, it tags the word secret. 🤔🤔🤔For what reason?!?! It’s not bad!!!! It even blocks out my last name. . That just offends me so much. Last thing, noob is a roblox thing, so why does it block it out?!?! I think you should Change how much the tags blocks out. Also I would like a developer response.🙂🙂🙂

  • By Banana450321


    It’s unreal to me how far this game has gone. The community, the creators, the gameplay, everything. Roblox has come a long way, although I didn’t get to see it when it first started out, I feel like I’ve grown up so many years with it. There’s been some cons. Tix being removed, guests being removed out of no where, and the oof sound being removed. Newer generations won’t see the way I saw Roblox when I was little, but Roblox is still an amazing game. I can’t stress enough how big of a part this game has in my heart. I’m so glad of all the memories I’ve made, and can’t wait to see the ones I make in the future. I once had someone tell me they left Roblox because it was boring, which I find VERY hard to believe. Roblox has hundreds and hundreds and thousands of users and games. The limits are endless. Its an amazing, gender neutral game that I can’t imagine a childhood without. I don’t know how many hours of my life I have spent on this game, but I don’t regret one second. I’m not sure why I’m writing all this, since idk if anyone I’ll even see it, but if you do, just know, Roblox is AMAZING and I can’t wait to see it get better and better. It may not be even close to the way it used to be, but things change. Everyone’s childhood is different. If you have never played Roblox, try it. You might not like it, but you also might fall in love with it! If you have made it all the way down here, hello. Have a great day.

  • By Seaotters Are My Favorite


    I love this game it is amazing but I also have some things that you could fix and some suggestions as well. 1. The reporting system, I love the idea that you can report people if they have done something rude to you but you never really know if Roblox actually reads your report because you never get any notifications so please add something that will alert you when your report has been read whether it’s that day or 9 months later. 2. The number of friends I like the idea that you can friend people so that you can stay in touch with them but there is a certain limit (200) so it is not very fun when someone wants to friend you and you want to as well but you are at the friend limit. Can you please at least possibly make it 300 maybe 250? 3. I have a suggestion where if there is a person who has been reported on more than 5 different games more than 3 times they should get banned for a month to teach them that it’s not ok to do that but also not ban them forever if they get reported in 5 different games more than 3 times 3 times then you ban them permanently from all the games they were reported in. 4. I think that you should not let any people that have gotten their account deleted create more than 5 more accounts because they may keep doing the same thing they did before and if they create another account keep a monitor on them so that they can be watched just in case they do that same thing again and so that they can still play. I’m sorry that this report was so long 😀

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