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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-20
  • New version: 1.2.2
  • File size: 251.70 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys


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Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by MagicLab. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MagicLab, with the latest current version being 1.2.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 75292 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys App

How does it Work?

Want to pop ALL The Fidgets In The World? Then, Fidget Trading 3D is just for you!

There are many relaxing games that makes you smiling :)

Trade unique fidgets, Master reading the psychology of your opponent, Develop your trading techniques, Use notorious scam tactics or trade with honor! It all depends on you.

Make profitable trades and become an expert of Fidget Toys. Play with a great number of fidgets. Are you ready to become the most relaxed fidget billionaire in the world?


-Unique fidget toys to collect

-Interact with fidget toys you own!

-Different minigames to try out in “level mode”

Fidgets are so relaxing and cool, they pack endless amount of fun just like Fidget Trading 3D!

Can you collect ALL of the fidgets?

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    Top Reviews

    • By Pumpkin Pie🥧

      This game can be so much better.

      So, for starters when I saw the ad for this game it said that you could get scammed but clearly you cannot. I have had this game for a while and then a few days ago I looked on the cover on the game and it looked like you could get scammed. So I went in the game and you still can’t get scammed. I was very disappointed. Another thing is that you can now collect pop it’s but you do nothing with them. Please add it to where you can trade the fidgets you collect that would make this game so much better. One last thing is that I seen people have been complaining about how there are too many levels and they just wanna trade. I am one of those people and the creator thought it was a good idea to add MORE levels! I mean now the levels are a bit more fun but there are like 3 of them! Please fix this game and if you do maybe I will consider writing a better review.

    • By Lexie Hails

      there are so many things you could add

      i’m not going to write ‘to many ads’ because this is a mobile game and there are to many ads on every single one. I like this game, but (at least to the point that i have gotten to) you aren’t allowed fo scam anyone, which was something showed in the ad i came across for this game. It got boring after a while. I also wish that there was a menu section where you could see how many, and which fidgets you have. then it would be more realistic, so you could trade to ‘get to the top’ and ‘get all types of fidgets’. Also this is a reach, but I think it would be wonderful if there was a “trading hub” and you pick who you want to trade with. You can also see what type of fidgets they want. overall, good game, but has a lot further to go than it is at right now

    • By hhfjvdjdd

      Great but could be better

      So I just got this game yesterday and it is the best game ever. But I feel like after a while it will get really boring and I really don’t like how much ads that they put in the game like you say no to something in they’ll still give you add and it’s so annoying. Like I know they’re trying to get money but like you put 100 ads for no reason. Although on the good hand it has a bunch of like mini games in there and I think that’s really cool and fun also I like the sound that it makes it’s really fun. But on the downside this can get really boring and also sometimes it glitches so it’s like even worse. But this is a pretty good game so I would probably recommend buying it because at the end of the day I have nothing else better to do so😀

    • By why do hou pay for this

      Pro and cons

      Ok so this game is very fun 🤩 Cons :but when I saw that you could get scammed I was happy but then I found out you can’t get scammed I was very disappointed with this then the update came and you still cannot get scammed you can also collet fidgets but the only thing you can do is pop them I would like to trade them too the adds are a lot after every mini game you get an add u think an add every 3 levels is ok for me Pros :The trading is fun and weird lol the mini games are fun too I like the trading the best I like when you remove the tape suggestions: less adds more fidgets that aren’t pop it’s and getting scammed and more mini games other than that it’s great 👍

    • By ConnorD08

      Good Idea, Poor Execution.

      Honestly, this isn’t anything special. I downloaded it after watching an ad on TikTok and was a bit disappointed. There are some things that definitely could use some improvement. There are WAY too many ads. I am talking like an add every two or three levels, which I would consider absurd. It seems as though it is simply a money-making scheme. Not a fan of that. Plus, in some levels, all you do is place stickers or pop fidgets. And if you are here from a TikTok ad as well, don’t get your hopes up. You don’t really get to “scam” people. 😂 So yes, that was false advertisement. Unfortunately, that was the reason most people downloaded this app, including myself. In conclusion, the idea itself has a lot of potential, as proven by the 60k+ likes on the advertisement. The execution, however, is pretty amateur. The majority of games are like this in 2021. I was genuinely hoping this would be a needle in a haystack but ultimately, it isn’t. Hope this helps. :-)

    • By a annoyed girl

      It’s… ok

      so this game is really cool but there are a few things… for one when your finish a trade you get coins but u cant buy anything with them- it’s just there. Another thing the mini games are great but i wish you could choose whether or not you want to do them because some of them aren’t fun they are kinda babyish but the pop it sounds are pretty good. another thing is i wish you could see all the fidgets you have instead of them just showing you like 5 that you can trade. i also wish when your trading your fidgets they don’t put down the same stuff that’s on your side it kinda kills the fun because your trading something for the same thing you have i also wish that with the currency you can buy different fidgets because u feel like i’m trading the same few fidgets every time it’s like all the same stuff you’ve seen or traded could definitely use some improvements 😬

    • By Mamapumkinhead

      Not high-quality

      This game is fun but it’s not the best game I’ve played. I have games like this and they have better quality and less ads. This is not a highly recommended game if you already have a game like this then you probably would not want to down load this one and probably want to download a different one like this because it’s not high quality is not very fun and you can get scammed very well so do not trust the bar that would like to say like this is a bad a bad trade or this is a great trade just go with your gut OK that is your instincts and yes. So this is not a very good game and I do not suggest this for you but if you like like ads and stuff and you like funny new games then I suggest this is for you because it has so many ads. Also right as I download it it it gave me an ad so I had to wait for the ad and then I could play the first level. Bye

    • By yuhhhh get intoo ittttttttt

      Not the best…

      This game is really fun, when you get the app you think you can trade, scam, and play with fidgets but when you really get it. All the trades are unfair, and when the other person is giving you something and you offer they add something even though they are the person we’re offering to. The trades too, sometimes when I am trading the bar on the side says the trade is fair but then the bot says to add. Lastly there are way too many advertisements. For me there is an for like every single trade and bonus round, it’s ridiculous how many advertisements there are. Thank you reading my review if you are the person who made this app please fix those things. Bye!

    • By brookie0909

      My review

      By reading the reviews..I thought I like the game which I still do , it’s just the ads , like everybody else is saying I didn’t expect it to be that many ads but I did expect it to be a lot of them , it is an ad after every single thing that you do , not everything just saying you know , metaphors , but like almost everything you do , when you don’t want to watch an ad , and you put no thanks you still have to watch its like you’re forced to watch it , and u can’t do nothing about it , The game will be so much better with not all these ads , it’s just too much in the game , but the game is fun that’s all I have to say about this game..

    • By whattheheff

      good idea, bad execution

      i like the idea of fidget trading and all of this, but i have some concerns. ⬇️⬇️ (READ) ⚠️1⚠️there’s this annoying coin bubble that floats around where you’re tapping, so it forces u to watch a video. this seems very annoying and forceful. if i want to watch a video to get coins, I WILL DO IT BY MY OWN WILL. ⚠️2⚠️ the amount of ads are horrible. after EVERY game, there’s an ad. after EVERYTHING, there’s an ad. you should have WAY less. it gets to the point where i don’t want to play because there’s too much. ⚠️3⚠️ in the game, there’s an option to retry the fidget trading if u failed, but u have to watch a video. if you click no, IT STILL GIVES YOU AN AD but it doesn’t let you retry. and therefore, it’s basically worthless. this is stupid. ⚠️4⚠️ say you had a very bad fidget trading round and you only got 1 thing, but it’s still in the green, you will get 200 coins. but if u have a really good trading session and u achieve 10 fidgets, YOU STILL GET 200 coins! i strongly think you should get a different amount of coins varying of the rarity and amount of what you earned.

    • By Yoyr mom 😀😃

      It gets boring after awhile 🙄

      For starters the ads i know a lot of people already say this but it’s truly annoying I would like to just do a game and move on a couple of them are ok but after every single game no way Jose. Also I would like to buy more than just pop it’s plus once you buy all the pop it’s and watch the ads for some there’s no point for money, I also wish that after you trade you can see all the stuff also I don’t like how the fingets are the same thing like why am I trading money and a spider man lego like it just doesn’t make sense also the little kid games that are in there i don’t find it fun. Also that dumb little bubble with a coin that floats around like every where I’m trying to click it’s there. But the pop it sounds are nice I would like some simple dimples or Something and also to be able to add people and trade with other irl people. And just not being able to play with the figets you get from trading I just don’t like it. But that’s all I got to say 😐😑😐🐸

    • By 177283048256103030003928620273

      Remove some ads!

      I personally love this game. But what it could really need is an ad break. There has been so many ads that I can’t even play the game? I mean- this game should be called the ad game. There is to many ads!! And the trading with somebody else part is very fun! But when I finish trading, I get an ad. And when the ad finishes, I have to pop a poppet? It’s honestly really boring, and I just wanna get to the trading part already! And there is so many ads when you get done playing the mini games aka (popping a poppet) or something like that. And the ads take- FOREVER?! It’s honestly crazy how you guys would rather have people download and delete it again. Because of how many ads it takes to play the game, and because of how many boring mini games there is in order to get to the fun trading part?

    • By can u change a bit?

      this game is AWFUL

      u can’t even scam anybody it’s nothing like the tiktok ad u can’t even get a jumbo pop it i also HATE the ads u get them every single level also in between the tradings the ad on tiktok looked so much fun you can’t even get scores u only get scores on mini games and you always lose when the bar is on bad trade especially when they tell u to add when they are supposed to add, you need to work on this crusty game cause you can’t even do what the ad does, i’d rather make it seem like the tiktok ad instead of making it something very different. u barely even get to trade. if u are seeing this and you want to download it, download trade master it has less ads and its basically the same thing as the ads, don’t let this game fool u at all. this game is horrible

    • By Callie768

      This game is horrible (PLEASE READ)

      The game overall is horrible. There is so many ads! Also there’s like a 40% chance you actually get to trade and when you do it’s sometimes unfair. The mini games are basically all pop-it games and when you are done with two/three you get a 15-20 second long ad. On top of that there’s a coin that flies around when you trade and blocks you from adding/accepting/declining, and when you hit it you get an ad. When you get three keys, you can get three. Chest. There’s this one chest though that I guess is rare and if you want to get it it have to get an ad. But even if you don’t get it you still have to get an ad to keep playing! The game is so stupid and I should have looked at the reviews before downloading it.

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