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Queen Bee!


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Queen Bee! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Rollic Games. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Rollic Games, with the latest current version being 1.8 which was officially released on 2021-07-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 43342 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Queen Bee! App

How does it Work?

Your choices will make you a Queen Bee or a Loser. Take care yourself, stay trendy and be the most popular girl in the school. But be careful fame is hard to gain, easy to lose.

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  • On Jan 21}


    i dont know whats cringier, this app or the uggos whining about it.

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    Top Reviews

    • By ITz kenna

      why is this “perfect”

      This game may make people think that they need to eat salads and wear lipstick or makeup or some dresses/ skirts things like that to be pretty or popular. This game is wrong for making girls feel like they can’t be pretty without a perfect body or style in clothes. Or even they may feel like they need certain hair to be pretty. Why is the game made that you have to be a cheerleader or wear/ do certain things to be the star or attention. And the kiss at the end that just adds to the mix. why does the girl have to do all these things just to get a boy. And if the girl isn’t how the boy wants in the end she doesn’t get a kiss… imagine that. I bet a man created this game too. Boys just want us to be so perfect for them and if we aren’t up to their levels they don’t like us?! Now i will admit the game is kinda fun so that’s why i gave it at most 2 stars. Also the game shows us green or red so the things that are bad and good why are some of the hair styles and colors people would like bad huh? And why is wanting to wear a sweatshirt bad? Why does the girl need to wear something not baggy and something that shows just to be good enough for the guy and to be popular. You could be popular without looking pretty or being “ perfect”. I think this game is way to judgy and false for what they give off to be bad things.

    • By PTerminator0330

      Sexist, toxic, unhealthy, but kinda fun.

      This game sends a horrible message that is sexist and unhealthy. It teaches you not to eat, wear, or do what you want. Only do what makes you popular. (Eat salad, wear dress, be blonde, download Instagram, etc.)If you don’t do these things, you don’t get kissed at the end. Basically, the goal of the game is to get male validation. And please tell me you aren’t serious when the character has to choose between a book or lipstick (lipstick makes you “popular”) It also portrays your character bullying those who are less popular. Why would you make a game that tells you to change yourself so others like you, and bully others? Not to mention, the characters have very unrealistic body proportions. But, I have 2 stars because it is kind of entertaining, but extremely easy (If you do what it says will make you “popular.”) I pray no one takes this message to heart, because you don’t have to avoid pants, delete Facebook, dye your hair, push people out of your way, eat salads, and look like a literal hourglass, just for validation from “friends” and boys. If you like lipstick and salads and dresses and Instagram, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s great too! If you’re a mix, perfectly fine! Don’t stop being yourself. EVER.

    • By problems in gane

      Some problems but entertaining at first

      So I find this game entertaining and wanted to try it out. Once I joined the game, I was playing a few rounds and it teaches the wrong message. It’s like saying that you have to dress up, wear makeup, etc or else you will get bullied and nobody will want to be with you. They would only want to be with you if you dress up. So it teaches a wrong lesson. Some other things is that you can’t changing the outfits. It’s like always the same things. When you’re playing and you got all the good stuff while walking down the hall, poor people come up to you and you just push them to the ground. Like that is very wrong and you’re bullying them. When you’re poor while walk-in TV down the hall, rich people come up to you and push you into the ground. When you do stuff also, it’s like people laugh at you. Also, it’s like you’re dating in this game so you have to dress rich. If you don’t, you get rejected. If you do, you kiss him. So that is also another problem. Also, maybe try to add more stuff because then the game gets boring because you’re using to same stuff.

    • By kittycorn izzie

      Don’t waste your time.

      I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this game cause I know it’s not real life but I have a few complaints. First of all this game is kinda dumb. Like makeup doesn’t make u popular. Also u don’t need to eat a salad to be popular too. I don’t like this concept of this game cause not everyone is popular and some people can get offended by these kinds of games. So I honestly don’t recommend this concept cause it’s just not the best. Also this game has SO MANY ADS!! Like every time I pass a level there is a ad. It’s super annoying and I’m barley playing the game because of the ads. Lastly it freezes my phone sometimes. When I’m playing a level it gets super laggy and then it freezes my screen then I need to close all my tabs at least 10 times. I don’t recommend this game so yeah.

    • By hcjkvasdjjljvgc

      Ok and I agree with some of the lower rates

      Well I kept seeing this games add so I was like what the heck? So I got it. Well I did the first round then there was add, not that bad so then I tried to find the X to exit the add and it kicked me off the game. I liked the game so I tried it again, kept happening but then my screen went black. I checked to see if I turned my iPad off, It was app. Also it’s not right that the girls are getting judged by the boys. I get that it’s like having hamburgers is bad and salad is good but I eat a hamburger every once-a-while and eat salads as much as hamburgers. Who cares what you eat? And they make it that you have to look “good” to get the boy. It’s really not the good to teach girls people care what you eat, and how look. Well it’s fun game to play but doesn’t teach kids the idea.

    • By mgrace2010


      I absolutely hate (is kinda fun but not really) this game! I started to play and chose what I would wear and it really lowered my self esteem. I felt bad about myself. Girls are only pretty with blonde hair?! I have brown hair and I think it’s cute.🤬 so girls are NOT allowed to wear baggy cloths? Bruh?! I hate wearing dresses and skirts. I wear athletic leggings and t shirts everyday. And lipstick over books?! I don’t want to be dumb. Reading won’t kill anyone. You have to be perfect to kiss a boy?! I don’t need to look great for some boy to kiss me. I can’t when boys rate looks! That is just toxic. This could be really offensive to many girls around the world including me. I don’t want to be a mean girl. I want to be kind and have a few close friends and not people making me feel bad about myself. I like fries and you can’t make me feel I have to have one body type or else I’m ugly and can’t eat junk food something and just salad. And NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT APP YOU USE!!!!! Girls are judged for their looks not who they really are. Stop making girls feel bad about themselves because of what we wear, eat, or do! This app is telling us we have to do what boys want and be perfect for them and do what they want. Women don’t need a man to be popular. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS! So yeah this app is toxic, sexist, and judgmental.

    • By Gigi4567191

      worst message ever

      this game sends an awful message to young girls that they have to do certain things to look a certain way just to be popular or get a kiss from a boy. you dress the way YOU want to. you eat what YOU want. you dye your hair if YOU want to. never ever let anyone tell you otherwise. do what makes YOU happy. i was offended when the brunette hair was the wrong choice and the blonde hair was the right choice. first of all, your hair color, or how much makeup you wear, or the way you dress should not define how popular you are in school. second of all, red hair was not even choice. and third of all, brunettes rock 💅🏽. and so does everyone that are themselves. there may be girls in your school that are popular cause they’re mean and wear makeup but sis, i have newsfor you (no one actually likes those people cause they’re fake as heck). never take anything or anyone for granted. boys, never kiss a girl just because they’re popular. and girls, never fall for peer pressure or let anyone tell you that you need to look or dress a certain way to be popular. always remember your worth and never forget who you are.💕 update: i just played the prom round and it LITERALLY told you to drink a freaking martini. please, never ever do that for popularity.

    • By ùñkœwń

      This one part REALLY bothers me

      Ok, so I’m 100% sure you saw all the other reviews and you get the basic run-down of how problematic this game is, but my one major problem is that when you finish the stage, you meet up with this boy and hug him (which is completely fine) but when you pick all the “loser” options, he punches you. I’m not joking, he literally punches you. I thought the developers we’re just trying to make a cash-grab mobile game where you gotta pick all the good options by scrolling left and right, but are you kidding me?! Literally all the things you do in the game all comes back to impressing a very problematic and toxic guy, who punches you if you aren’t good enough for him. Man, if you thought that choosing to read a book in the game makes you a loser is bad and stereotypical you should see how the boy acts in the game, the developers knew exactly what they were doing and tried spreading such a toxic and bad image of how a partner-ship is supposed to work, because no boy should EVER hit you, even if your skinny and pretty or if your “not pretty enough” for him.

    • By Larcelle Aldridge

      Hm what a game?!?!?!??

      So I got a in when I first got in here I thought people were over exaggerating when I got here I though there was many boys and there was hundreds of girls trying to get one guy and a kiss it doesn’t make sense then lipstick over just books that doesn’t make any sense not to mention this game isn’t fun either yeah I don’t appreciate that you have to eat salad other than fries “like fires are going totally change your body” it doesn’t make sense and potatoes a good for you so that doesn’t make sense what matters you being yourself and not worrying about popularity and I’ve already dealt popularity at my school and I hate it popular is nothing but a trash to your life they put you down mentally and physically so this game is absolutely horrible I don’t agree with one of the comments saying that they thought this was a boy maybe but please do not assume like a persons and gender that’s very offending but the rest of it is trash game shares in absolute trash.

    • By Random Person Who Played

      Rude to girls

      The game is about trying to be the “school queen” but you have to have skirts/dresses, makeup, and heathy things. Do all these things rule the school and get a kiss. Don’t do these things you don’t get to get a kiss. There are many girls, but the game is trying to teach you there should only be one girl “Miss Perfect” A boy most likely made this game so he can show girls how guys want them. If a guy can’t accept that a girl can be whoever they want, their not set to have a girlfriend. When you get poplar people follow you around and shove people who gets in there way, even you start to shove. This is something you should never do. But something guys would want you to do. This is also proof this is made by a guy. To the girls: Dear girls who are reading this, You are amazing the way you are, inside and out. Don’t listen to them, know you’re special the way you are. Don’t act different or dress different just to get a guy, they must accept who you are. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Yours Sincerely, Me Edit: My friend is loving this game because she can’t see how toxic it really is. Now she wants makeup, pretty dresses, she is literally changing her life because the game gave a bad message. I tried talking her out of it but she won’t. Girls don’t need to change who the are. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

    • By CatCafé

      Not a fan

      The gameplay is okay, if very boring and predictable. The visuals are poor and not very interesting. However, my biggest complaints go to the ethics of this game. You target certain ‘good’ things and avoid ‘bad’ things. Besides the currency of the game, you can get things that either raise or lower your score. These good things include blonde or black wigs, tight or revealing clothing, amongst other things. The bad items include many times brown or ginger hair, glasses, warm or covering clothing, and food. Yes, food. You avoid food in order to maintain the skinny figure the player character has, as gaining weight lowers your score. The character build itself is questionable, with a Barbie thin waist, an impossibly huge bust, and an inhuman figure, for a game obviously aimed at younger girls. It is definitively fatphobic, as well as showing a poor model for girls at the age of entering high school, expressing ideas common already to girls with insecurities, and peer pressure to conform to femininity for the male gaze.

    • By Cloudsurfer07

      Absolutely horrendous, not to mention horrible quality

      This has to be the most racist, sexist, and offensive game I have ever seen. It teaches that you have to be one way if you want anybody to like you. That you have to be skinny, wear makeup, and pretty much be stupid if you want the popular jock to kiss you. Not only is that a horrible representation of women, but an insulting one of men as well. It teaches you to seek validation from other people. It also shames you on what you eat, as I’m sure that being fat in this game won’t get you the guy. The black girls are all portrayed in ugly, ratty afros, and that is by far the only thing I have seen them in, which is exponentially stereotypical. Did you really think this is okay? Not to mention that the game is unbelievably glitchy. It made the overall use of my phone as a whole worse. You guys really need to think before you make something like this.

    • By bfbbsnc

      Sending the wrong message to people

      The game is a teen high school girl who has to get all the correct stuff in order to be beautiful, has to wear the write clothes, has to eat the health food, has to have the cutest hair, and etc in the game. This game is sending the wrong message to girls about beauty standards, to me it’s saying to look better and impress everyone else instead of being happy and wanting to be yourself. At the end of each lever there’s the “guy that everyone wants” if your hot enough you get to make out but if not he’s disappointed. Also when you get the wrong thing you get less happy and lose your confidence, you don’t need to be hot and eat a salad or anything to have confidence. This game is horrible for girls, and it’s putting a message in guys heads that you have to look like that in order to get attention, it’s wrong.

    • By Citty97

      This is mean

      Ok we need to talk app creators. This is just offensive for many reasons that I will say. First off what is wrong with brown hair!? Any colored hair is nice and I don’t mean that people with blonde hair is mean like that I believe it is rude to put a side of colored different hair. And saying reading books is bad is just stupid. I don’t care if people think that reading books is boring or only nerds read them. They are good for your brain. And if that is UNPOPULAR than call me that. So many things are wrong here but I bet lots of other people can tell you about it. Overall to you this game is rude. And to the other people, enjoy yourself for who you are brown or blonde haired. If you like books enjoy them. Don’t try to change yourself just to be popular. Be happy of who you are because your special and unique!That’s all I have to say.

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