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Sonic at the Olympic Games


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Sonic at the Olympic Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by SEGA. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - SEGA, with the latest current version being 1.0.2 which was officially released on 2020-06-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12595 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Sonic at the Olympic Games App

How does it Work?

Take home the gold with Sonic!

Join Sonic, Tails and friends at the ultimate sporting event; the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - the Official Mobile Game.

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020™ includes 10 fun FREE Stages. You can purchase more Stages in-game; or purchase the All Access Pass to play all the game Stages!

● Join Sonic and his friends as they explore Tokyo!

Dr. Eggman has taken over and it's up to Sonic and his friends to save the city and the Olympic Games! Compete in Olympic Games events, win medals and challenge bosses while exploring the city of Tokyo.

● Compete in Olympic Games events - everyone can enjoy!

Tap and flick your way to victory! Tons of events to play, including the latest additions to Tokyo 2020! Choose between Olympic Games or special "Extra (EX)" events with new and exciting gameplay; Gotta go fast! Gotta go for Gold!

● Challenge friends and players around the world!

Prove you have got what it takes - can you reach the top of the leaderboard and claim the gold medal?

● 15 Olympic Games events to enjoy!

100m, 400m Hurdles, Javelin Throw, Archery, Karate, Diving, Shooting, Sport Climbing, Fencing, Trampoline, Hammer Throw, Table Tennis, Long Jump, BMX and Badminton.

● After purchasing the All Access Pass you will:

・ Unlock all Areas of the game to play: Asakusa, Odaiba, Roppongi, Nihonbashi, Shinjuku, Yokohama and Shibuya - which includes all the Stages!

・ Receive 5 Premium Demo Passes that you can give to your friends! Your friends can unlock additional stages for free and receive a special discount on Area Passes! You can also receive rewards based on the number of stages your friends clear.

・ Get rewards! Receive bonus Badges when you collect Flag Stamps.

・ BONUS: Play upto 10 daily challenges!

・ Add upto 100 friends for more fun together!


Message from Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020™

Hope for a brighter future

In such difficult and uncertain times, a little smile and happiness can go a long way.

We hope that you have fun playing Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020™ with friends online.

Together, let's make the future brighter each day and look forward to the Olympic Games in 2021.


For the latest about the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, please see

*In-app purchase is necessary to play the entire game.

TM IOC/TOKYO2020/USOC 36USC220506. © 2019 IOC. All Rights Reserved.


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Top Reviews

  • By Destiny deluxe

    I like it =)

    At first when I downloaded it yes I had the error message show up but the developers were professional and replayed to comments and were able to fix the bug and alert everyone that the error was fix not only that the game is fun as well I really didn’t know what to expect from the game once I see preorder I just click it don’t even look into it but this is a game that while I sit in class in the back of the room I can just play and I love recommending games likes this because we have fun watching each other play and comparing skill. It’s obvious the developers worked hard on the game I’m not sure if what other comments say are true about having to Pay to keep playing but it is worth it and i would Pay for it the comment I wrote before rated the game one star and was just me ranting how upset I was but developers replayed apologized and told me that they fixed the error and I may have to uninstall and reinstall the game and it worked thank you 😊

  • By ans1974

    Kennade and Scrouge

    Kennade: and we’re at the hospital! Administration is over there! Scourge: are you sure I should- Kennade: get in there! Scourge: but my friends said- Kennade: GET IN THERE!! GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW!! Scourge: but my friend Steel said not to visit him! Kennade: LET ME SEE THAT!! THERE!! STEEL REPLIED WITH YOU SHOULD VISIT HIM OK?! GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW!! Scourge: but I don’t know where Shadow is I’m asking you where is my destination? Kennade: I’VE PULLED INTO YOUR DESTINATION!! IT SAYS SO RIGHT HERE I AM AT YOUR DESTINATION!! SHADOW WAS RESTING HERE AND HIS FRIENDS CAME HERE FOR A VISIT THEN SONIC TEXTED ME TO BRING YOU WITH ME OK?! THE RIDE IS OVER!! GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW!! Scourge: why would Shadow be here? Kennade: GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW! Scourge: I don’t know what is going on here. Kennade: GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW!! Scourge: I thought Shadow was created to be immune to every illness! Kennade: GET. OUT. OF. MY. CAR. NOW!!! Scourge: why are you screaming at me Kennade: BECAUSE YOU WON’T GET THE HECK OUT OF MY CAR!! Scourge: but you’re not to yell at me! You’re not Kennade: NINE ONE ONE! Scourge: do it! I dare you! *Kennade calls 911 and a cop shows up* Scourge: dared you! Kennade: GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW!!!! NOW!! NOW!! I WILL TALK TO YOU ANY WAY I WANT TO AND I HAVE THE RIGHT! CUBOT: hey guys! Kennade: could you get Scourge out of my car please?! *Cubot gets in the car* Kennade: *bangs her head on the steering wheel*

  • By Bebothegreat809

    The Mario Run effect. (Please read to understand.)

    I know. Some of you guys may think I’m crazy for saying this. But take this from a person who’s playing almost all sonic games, mobile and console wise. At first, the game was fairly decent to play. I loved the most of what I faced. But after that first major plot after the Metal Sonic challenge. A paywall appeared. Yes. You have to pay to play the rest of the game. Now I know what you’re thinking. (It’s not too bad to pay for it. You’re being too picky.) You may be right on that, but you have to remember the majority of people were expecting the micro transactions and the game to be two separate things in the game instead of it being the main way to play the whole thing. It was a problem for Mario run at first and it’s a problem now for the free-to-play people. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is promising. But I can’t give it anymore than a 3 star for how it ruined my expectations in just under 20 minutes. I know I may get bashed for speaking on this small thing but it was something I had to mention. Just use this as a quick warning before playing this. Nonetheless it is my opinion. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your time on this game. :)

  • By vally94

    Disappointed, hope for improvements in the future!

    I preordered this game for the nostalgia I had towards playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games growing up. I thought this would be a great mobile game as the game showed so much promise by not not having ads, having the option to compete against others, game versatility/variety, nickname, badges, titles, and campaign. However, after you get passed a certain point, you literally have a pay for a pass to continue playing. At first I was confused and thought this was a joke but nope, definitely not free. I feel like the game had so much potential to be an amazing game but the pay to play, having to pay for passes to even complete the game is not only limiting but ruined the game. I definitely think this game should reference Nintendo and how they structure their mobile games. They allow players to have an ad-free, full game experience. That said, I think, instead of using passes, pay-to-play structure for this game, it should continue to be ad-free but be a full game and use add-ons, special characters, equipment to supplement the cost instead of using passes/pay-to-play! It make a significant difference! 👌🏼

  • By lulu_disney

    Super fun, but not the paying part.

    I remember I pre-ordered to buy this game when I saw an Ad for it in the App Store. I got really excited to play it, because i’ve always loved the Sonic games, especially the ones where they’re at the Olympics. I waited until it finally came out and I was so happy! I immediately clicked on it, but it wouldn’t load. I knew that was probably because I had just gotten it and needed it to load. Mistake on my part. After I clicked out of it and on it again, it fully loaded and I couldn’t wait to play it. I was having a really great time, when suddenly it asked for me to pay after 9-10 levels of the “tutorial”. I was really bummed because I just learned that I’ll be fighting more bosses during the game. It was an amazing idea to add bosses into the game, because Sonic needs his competition to make the game feel complete. However, this was a let down because I now have to pay for a pass to have the rest of the fun. Maybe advertise the game with a cost, but letting it be completely free for the rest of the game. On the other hand, this is a really great game from what I played in the tutorial.

  • By buddy41450

    Potential but doesn’t seem worth the dL it’s not free

    Started out I was like ok this is cool, reminded me of the old nes olympics game. Then it was like ok what I’m doing how do I do this they have a very poor explanation of what your supposed to or are capeable of doing. No video no clue as to the expectation of how to do anything besides tell u tap or slide then on ur own, it overall feels really rushed so u don’t feel like your playing instead it’s like grinding levels on auto worst part you get to the karate says if u want to play this or higher levels insert credit card here😭 if u want me to pay for the game say so before I download. You can have a separate low data size “trial play” the whole deceptive bait and switch just makes me feel like I don’t want to be tricked. If ur not straight up out the gate why would I put any trust in you to give ur app any type of permissions knowing your need to deceive so u can set that hook. Really if it wasn’t sonic and because the idea was good it gets 3 * but if u take anything from this review it should b this.... after I submit this the next thing I’ll do is uninstall this app

  • By Heber Jeffrey

    Potential but! Must read!!!

    I preordered this game I have been pretty excited about it. It did take a very long time to download and the menu screens are slow like most reviews say. Overall I started playing and it actually was lots of fun. But then I ran into a problem. Just as you start to finish up your tutorial stages it starts the story of the game and objectives to progress and eventual win the game. I was really excited. So I tapped the next stage to start the campaign part of the game and WHOOPS!!! It says sorry you can’t go any further without a pass!!! 😱😱😱😱 I thought it was a joke at first. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I hoped I was wrong, but no it is very real. You have to PAY! To go any further in the game. This isn’t a joke. They force you to pay to play more. I can’t believe it. What a stupid concept. Why not just pay for the game up front. When you advertise something as free and only get a few Olympic events to play for free is a scam on my mind. I understand you have to make money, then make the app 4$ before you install. Then you can have your in app purchases to make the rest. Just a really stupid idea. I know what they thought though. Maybe if they got you started with 10 or more events you’ll want to try the rest and pay for the pass. Stupid! Ridiculous! Who knows you might have to pay more than once for more passes as up get further. Just really dumb. Could’ve been really good but that ruined it.

  • By TheDuster99

    Paying to play?

    I saw this game and I was like “finally a new game to play I need something new” and then last night around 11:23PM i got a notification that it was ready and all it did was go to this white loading screen and I guess it would not be ready by the next morning and so then I wake up at 7:23AM and the game was kinda ready I just entered my age and stuff and an error just appeared and I was like “7 hours of maintenance for this??” and then 2 hours later around 9:06PM and it worked and so I did the tutorial for the games and then it had to download data and it was downloading but for some reason some error appeared again and I had to wait like 20 minutes and then yeah it finished and did the games which were fun and amusing and to think I was going to enjoy this game for the whole summer but then once I got to stage 1-9 which was Karate it said “You need An All Access Pass or Demo Premium Pass in order to play” and I checked what it was and you had to buy the All Access Pass for $4.99 which made me mad like to wait one month for a game that I thought was going to blow up but decided to go downhill immediately and for this many people could stop playing this game and not enjoy it anymore but so sad to see a game that I thought would be fun but only to pay to play😔

  • By Lilythehomeschooler

    Potential Banger.

    I'm a bigtime Sonic fan. I got this game thinking it was gonna be something good, Instead of another round of "SEGA Forever ruins another classic". But, SEGA has grown kind of selfish. First it's SEGA forever buttloaded with ads, But this? Really? I was laughing, Cause SEGA made a game about the one place Coronavirus came from! Anyway, It was an amazing game! Perfect! But.... Wait.... Oh No.... Here we go! You knew it was coming, We all did. SEGA ruined yet again ANOTHER potential banger! This game was expected to blow up. After a certain point, You have to pay to play the rest of the game. At first I thought I must have clicked the wrong thing, But no. It's real. If you read the other reviews, You'll see what I mean. This game is awesome up until the pay part. You have to pay like $4 for a premium pass. Yes, It's true. The game is ruined. Please, Don't get this. Don't waste your time on a rip-off. Save yourself from disappointment. I wish I could have. This game is good, Up until the Karate stage, Where you need to pay to play the rest of the game. I would rate one star, But I'm doing two because at least the gameplay was good, And fun. :/ I'm disappointed with SEGA. I've been a Sonic fan for 6 years, And I don't expect this from them.

  • By RetroMarioGamer

    What is this?

    I heard this game released recently and it looked like fun, so I decided to download it. Upon playing I was met with a messy introduction followed by an equally messy progression system. The amount of loading screens between gameplay sessions was also abysmal. The Olympic events I was able to play were fairly enjoyable though, so I didn’t mind these flaws much. I also appreciated details such as picking your own badge icon and selecting different music tracks for events. I was prepared for another “just decent” mobile game that isn’t perfect, but still yields some fun times. However, upon passing level 8 I was forbidden to progress any further due to having to PAY. If any aspiring game developers for the mobile market are reading this, this is not how you execute a mobile game with in-app purchases. Offering in-game currency, extra content, and other optional features for real money is fine, but locking your entire game behind a paywall is downright criminal. SEGA, if you want me to pay to play then just make me do it up front. Don’t bait me into thinking I’m playing a free game and then slam me with a price tag in the middle of it all.

  • By Sour_Patch_1

    A pay to play game?!

    This is ridiculous. There are so many more people who would be able to play your game if you didn’t have to pay. Did you guys not ever consider a free version with ads? Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to pay for these games, or have their parents pay or whatnot. It’s very disappointing, I was actually enjoying it but there’s no way I’m going to pay for this. I thought Mario Kart Tour was awful, but I actually was enjoying the gameplay for this game. And we all thought the micro-transactions for Mario Kart Tour were ridiculous, but the fact that you have to pay to continue to play this game makes Mario Kart Tour seem like an absolute masterpiece. At least you can still continue to pay that game even if you can’t afford to get certain characters. Since you were planning on making us pay for this game, then might as well have charged us here in the App Store so that we wouldn’t have to waste our time playing the demo for a game many of us were vainly excited for.

  • By Ashslayer20

    Excitement to disappointment after 9 levels 😔👎💰

    I started out being very excited for this game. I had pre-ordered the game like many others, but that excitement went away after playing not even less than 30 minutes of the game. For what there is, it’s not bad. The “Sky Jump” mission directions could be reworded a bit cause I was stuck on that mission for a while due to not knowing that I had to hold on the screen while swiping left and right. If it could control like “Sonic Jump” (which is a pretty good game) then it would be better to control. The only thing that sets this game back is the “Pay Wall” after level 1-8. Why?!? Just why does this game have to have a pay wall?!? This could have been fixed by having characters behind micro transactions like “Sonic Dash” (another good game) and have the core game free with Sonic available. I am very disappointed with SEGA making this call. 😔 I really wanted to love this game, but for it to ask for my wallet after saying its “free to play” and only giving me a tiny piece of this “potentially” good game is the big reason why it’s getting a 1 Star. I was expecting to play this game through the summer, but to get the rest of the game at $4.99 USD, is something I won’t be doing.

  • By xxmimiaxx

    Please make the full gameplay free for crying out loud

    If you want people to test the game so badly, make a DEMO version of the app for people to download but then make the official full game a FULL GAME. I downloaded this expecting to play the full game but no, you only get 8 levels which even at that is so poor. This is a demo you’re getting for free, not the game. If you want people to pay for the full game, make us pay upfront. Or better yet, put paid content in other ways like buying coins or extra characters inside the game itself but at least keep the basic gameplay free. Letting us try and then telling us “oops sorry you don’t get to play more unless you pay $10”, without any warning is just terrible marketing! It’s like giving someone a free cookie but then grabbing it off them one bite in and saying “oh sorry actually you’re going to need to pay for the rest if you wanna keep eating.” Hello?! Either it’s free for all in its full gameplay with only extra paid content for those who want some extras or advantages or it’s a paid app for everyone from the outset. And also $10 for the full gameplay...🥴 ouch

  • By Chris_P._Bacon

    A game you will probably delete half an hour later.

    Yes, you heard that right only a game you can play for half an hour. Are you wondering why? Well, you start having fun in the game when it’s introducing you to some fun events then after that the game outright tells you to pay 5 bucks. That’s crazy! Yes, I do understand that the game needs to make money to succeed but there are better ways to doing it. You don’t have to make the game pay to play. For example you can add a currency in the game like red rings or something that people can pay for. Also, with the red rings, you could buy characters that aren’t in the game. I really hope one of the developers sees these reviews because I’m not the only one disappointed with how how the game is right now. Edit: I also just realized that this game is the same price as Apple Arcade which gives you tons of games to play. This is the problem with games for mobile now a days. Developers have to realize that I would rather get multiple games for the same price than just one mediocre at best game.

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