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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-07
  • New version: 2.7.10
  • File size: 78.09 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

MinimaList - To do list & Task

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MinimaList - To do list & Task is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by Davetech Co., Ltd.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Davetech Co., Ltd., with the latest current version being 2.7.10 which was officially released on 2020-09-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,050 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.71602 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

​MinimaList - To Do List, featured on App Store home page. A simple app for bigger problems. It's a simple to do list, a reminder, a checklist, a task manager that helps you to get things done. 「MinimaList, fewer functions, More Productive」 - Intuitive lists: simple lists for complicate things - Shared lists: simplest way to share same list with others (Share link must be opened in Safari) - Smart input: automaticaly detect time in phrase and set as reminder - Reminders: time and location based reminders - Auto-snooze: you can set a reminder auto snooze three times ( you can change this in more iotion) - Pomodoro Timer: focus with amazing sounds - Today Widget: create and complete tasks in today widget - Cloud Syncing: same lists for all devices (iPhone、iPad、Mac) - TouchID/FaceID: privacy is protected now - Siri ready: remind me to go shopping at 3 pm on MinimaList - Custom setting: your notification sounds, your font, your background - Calendar Syncing: syncing with Apple calendar - Supports iPhone iPad and Mac - Continuous Reminder (Notification action, force touch on your notification - where you snooze a reminder) - Url Scheme supports: to create a task: minimalist://x-callback-url/create?list=valueList&content=valueContent&date=yyyy-mm-dd&time=HH:mm&x-success=valueCallback to open a list: minimalist://x-callback-url/open?list=valueList (valueList is the name of the list, valueContent is the task content, valueList and valueContent must be url encoded first,valueCallback is the callback app's url scheme name) MinimaList, a simple list to solve big problems. Less is More. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: MinimaList is free but you can also upgrade to Premium for full access to premium features for $0.99 a month or $5.99 a year (price in usd) through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions for Pro account will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Top Reviews

  • I’m surprised

    By dllolllb
    It is intuitive. I bet the creator of the app uses it, because this is very refined. At first I was just into the simple main page without any complications, but I’ve been finding the other features to be quite nice the more I use it. Also I use this over Onenote for quick stuff even though I an a Onenote fanboy, because this app MinimaList opens on a dime like within half a second and I don’t have to navigate through menus to get to typing the note. That is important to me since I can quickly forget what I was going to write......P......I really like the reverse pinch to quickly see all other lists, and the swipe from edge to immediately get to the next list. So freaking quick and smooth! The pull down to add a note feels good. The option to change fonts and the background is something else I like though I’m not sure if I’ll use it as I seem to be kickin it real nice with the dark mode so far..........P.............I haven’t used the Stats page yet. However maybe after a few months of using the app I will find that the statistics re my tasks and successes help to give perspective. They do say to know history or you are doomed to repeat it after all........P........Anyways, I’m loving it so far, my thanks to the creator of the app!
  • Simple & Effective

    By iCarlson
    As a university student, keeping track of tasks, assignments, and events is incredibly important. I have a physical planner I use for my assignments and events, but I am constantly looking for a good app to use for writing down all my tasks and other stuff, like grocery lists. Other apps are either too busy and difficult to adjust to, functional but unappealing to the eye, or nearly perfect but requires a ridiculous monthly fee. I used this app once and fell in love. It only took a couple of days for me to break down and pay for the lifetime membership of around $8, which I found reasonable. (You can also pay in monthly or yearly payments (both very affordable), but I found the $8 an easier choice.) The interface is simple, but appealing, and acts similar to if I was just writing with a pad and pen. You can edit the theme, there's a timer for concentration, notifications, and you can sync with your other Apple devices, too. One thing I ask to the developers: can you please add the ability to move around the individual group pages? Sometimes I want different pages to be next to each other, but currently there's only the ability to delete them. A small fix, but fantastic app overall!
  • Great Productivity App

    By beepboopbuuubeep
    This is a great productivity app! I'm a grad student with ADD/ADHD, so my phone is both a godsend-of-information and a time-wasting-curse. What I love about this app is that it sends me a notification to setup my to do list everyday, and it syncs with my calendar so my calendar schedule populates as a task to accomplish. The issues I've had with other productivity apps is that I'll write things down and forget that I wrote them. This app works around that issue for me by displaying a notification bubble with the number of tasks I have left to complete. As you complete a task and check it off your to do list, the number goes down and until the list is complete. I hate seeing notifications, so this really helps me get my tasks complete. Also there is a "focus mode" that allows you to tap the task you want to focus on for a set period of time (5-50 minutes). When that feature is activated, the app sends a pop up message every time you pickup your phone telling you to put down your phone you should be working on your task. I mindlessly pickup my phone to scroll through social media apps or check my emails, and that reminder helps me refocus my mind on what I should be working on.
  • First thing on your checklist Buy this app.

    By Something Clever with List
    I have downloaded pretty much all the apps out there for checklists, productivity, paid ones mind you. This one is the best by a country mile. I never thought I would find something better than good old pen and pad because all the apps try to do too much. MinimaList is simple and intuitive but also packed with features. You decide how deep you go. The best feature for me and one that sets it apart is allowing me to create a reminder to repeat a task at the interval of my choosing, including custom, like every 4 days for example. GREAT for business and client follow up. Do yourself a favor and go pro up front. it’s worth the money, it’s actually a steal. ALSO the developers are very open and receptive to user insights and will have a dialogue with you about it. This app has already paid for itself exponentially since it’s helping me get things done which directly affect my bottom line. Pomodoro, GTD, whatever you productivity protocol this app works. I don’t typically write reviews but when something comes along that changes the way I do business and make money and costs less than a sandwich then I want to spread the word.
  • So simple!

    By skoker89
    So when I say I’ve tried every task management system out there, I mean it. Currently I am using Asana (but now MinimaList) and although I love Asana for its many, many features, I’m not sure I am completing as many tasks as I’d like because I’m too busy trying to find what I’m looking for or resetting when it should remind me. With MinimaList - I’m already productive! It too simple not to be. I absolutely love the feature the notifications: it reminds you and you can snooze. Because guess what, life gets busy and sometimes you need to snooze for another 15 minutes. That feature blows every other task management system out of the water. I also love how minimalist (hence the name) the app looks! Personally, I believe the pro version is the best. I need multiple lists, and other devise access. This app, though so simple is so perfect! Thank you designers! As a note, one thing that could’ve helped when I first download was showing me where the tutorial screen is. I found it eventually but to all the new owners, there is a tutorial in your menu. Go find it, it makes finding all the wonderful features a lot easier.
  • Best To Do List Ever

    By RolandC70
    The whole idea behind a todo list is to keep it simple. Other todo lists complicate things by hiding your to dos until the due date and trying to organize them for you. That’s exactly what I don’t want! I’m not looking for ANOTHER organizer. I want my whole list in my face every time I look at it. That’s where this excels. I add an item and it’s right in front of me everyday until I check it off. And it also has the BEST Apple Watch views. I’ve tried to use several other big names and their Apple Watch screens were horrible. Somehow Minimalist shows me everything I need to see and allows me to check it off the list right from my watch! Please just add the possibility of a round complication even if it is only an icon to quick launch the app. I would add it front and center to my primary watch face! The only thing I wish it had was Outlook integration. I would love to flag an email and have it show up as a task. The only drawback to this is its lack of integrations making me have to do double work to populate my list. But as the ONLY to to list that really gives me what I want this is 5 stars hands down.
  • Simple and intuitive

    By THEDEAK7474
    I’m always on the hunt for the greatest productivity app. I’m a diagnosed ADHD college student studying drafting who also works full time and I also live on my own, so to do lists are significant in my life. Not only do I need a to do list, but I need a ridiculously simplified, easy, and attractive to do list. I need to be able to delete and edit with a couple finger motions, the UI needs to be attractive but not distracting, and I need it to work with Siri for the times I remember a task in my middle of driving. If you’re like me, this app is perfect. Also, something about shaking your phone to clear a list and then receiving an aesthetically pleasing free wallpaper feels more rewarding than any of those habit tracking rpg apps I’ve used. The only thing I’d love to have in the app would be the option for a subtask. I don’t think I’d care for having multiple levels of sub tasks (it would start to look like an outline), so just one would be fine. Being able to organize my list based on class or type would add to the clean feeling of my list rather than titling something “Math class - do your homework”
  • Stop

    By Eragon1111
    It’s too good, stop reading the reviews and download the free app. Then after using the free version which has the basic functionality and not too many reminders to download the full version you will upgrade cause you will want more lists and cooler reminders and stuff. I love this app it looks very simple and minimalistic however it actually has more and more secret options I discover. With the full version you can get alerts when you leave or arrive somewhere. There is a focus timer, detailed notification settings for time and day and repeat, it syncs with your calendar, there’s a history for all past items checked off that goes back pretty far. You can customize the colors and font and size etc for each list individually (only multiple lists with premium which is like $3). Lastly lists can be organized by date added date of notification like with calendar on, manually, there are also labels with 4 tiers of importance so even with time sorting you can override to have something at the top.
  • So much potential but a lot of bugs

    By Jff777
    I have tried A LOT of to do list apps and I really feel like this one could be the best one I’ve ever tried. I love the layout, the minimal look of the app does so much to help me stay focused and not get overwhelmed with my list. However, the bugs make it somewhat difficult to use which can be frustrating, especially after paying for the lifetime pro version. The most prominent bugs are the drop down menu that moves tasks between lists and notification errors. When I am trying to move tasks between lists the drop down menu often just doesn’t work and I am unable to move my tasks around. I have to try sometimes 10 or more times to move them. Also, the notifications for a task continue to go off, even if I have already marked that task as complete. If some of these bugs would get worked out, I would be so impressed with this app and be a loyal user. On a personal note, and to echo another review I read: it would be nice to be able to change the time and date edit to one click and the pomodoro focus timer to two clicks. It seems much for intuitive to me as I am more apt to want to quickly change dates and times.
  • Decent App

    By kbtpm
    The Minimalist lives up to its name. It’s a decent app overall. I like how it easily syncs to Google and iOS Calendar. There are a few issues that bug me though. I dislike having to pinch zoom to view multiple lists. Id prefer a one-handed option. Also, when the list is full, it often takes multiple tries to be able to pinch just right. It would also make more sense to pinch zoom inward from upper right and from lower left instead of from upper left and from lower right, as the text has a tendency to block the gesture. Another issue I have is how tapping on items brings you to Focus Mode. I rarely use the focus mode and constantly inadvertently tap to that page. I ’d prefer options for to choose to decide what action takes place after tapping; one of the options being to edit mode instead of having swipe left slightly, which often leads me to the “are you sure remove the task?” query if I swipe a bit too hard. Although these issues are minor, adding them and other issues that I may mention later together leads to wasted time and not wanting to use the app much. I like the design and layout, but the unintuitive gestures ruins it.

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