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Ab & Core Workouts

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Ab & Core Workouts is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Nexercise. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nexercise, with the latest current version being 1.5.0 which was officially released on 2017-11-03. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 37,516 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83114 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Over 25 million people use Sworkit because its the smartest workout app ever. This ab, back & core workout trainer offers workouts that fit your schedule and show you exactly what to do. Sworkit fits your schedule and takes you through great workouts without the need to think about what to do. Abs & Core Sworkit provides 3 unique workouts: Absolutely Awesome Back Strength Complete Core Strength Other workout apps and workout videos are like playing records. Sworkit is like an iPod or the evolution of digital music with playlists and personalization at the core. Sworkit routines guide you through video exercises demonstrated by professional personal trainers. iPhone users can optionally choose to sync their completed workout lengths, calories burned, and workout type directly to Apple's Health app. Sworkit has been featured by Lifehacker, Women's Running, Gizmodo, Mashable, Army Times, Brit+Co, Elle Magazine, TechCrunch and many others. DON'T limit yourself to the 7 Minute Workout's same 12 BORING exercises... DON'T feel guilty... DO Sworkit and see results in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Top Reviews

  • A great app

    By .-_-_-_-_-.
    This app is a great app for beginners. I downloaded this app about 2 years ago when I first started getting into working out. It helped build up my stamina and my core strength. Once these workouts weren’t a challenge to me anymore I went on to do different, more advanced workouts. After a while I didn’t workout for months and when I tried to come back, I tried to do my more advanced workouts and I was surprised to find out I couldn’t keep up. I use to be able to do 200 crunches no problem and now I cant even do 5 bicycle crunches without breathing hard. I use to be able to hold a plank for a while now I can’t even hold it for 15 seconds. I redownloaded this app and it’s great. I was able to get through all the exercises without stopping and I’m hardly out of breath. I strongly recommend this app.
  • Awesome!

    By JenBenTewell
    I'm a personal trainer bouncing back from my second pregnancy and I love this and the original SWORKIT app! It's so easy to fit into a short (or long) period of time when you have kids and work and I much prefer following a person completing the moves with you than trying to follow a similar program from a magazine or online article. I also love that you can squeeze in a short ab or stretch routine on a rest day, I feel so much more accomplished and it really helps me make better choices throughout the day too. I look forward to using this on vacation over the summer too. The only suggestion I have is to make a version with weight training please!!! I'd use it every single day versus every other or so if weights were included.
  • Great stuff!

    By kalnich
    By far the easiest way to get in shape/ keep in shape. Love being able to parse out quick routines throughout the day when I have 5-10 minutes or get a longer one in when I have a good block of time. The flexibility of scheduling and the randomness of exercises keeps it from getting boring. This is a million times better than doing the same video over and over and being able to customize the length of workout to fit your time is awesome. Instead of thinking I can't fit in that 30 minute routine today, I'm going, hey, let me do a quick 5 minutes before I go do X. One less barrier to staying fit! I highly recommend for fickle exercisers like me! 😉
  • Amazing!!❤️😭

    By pheonixseos
    I burned 1,000 calories in total and I’m so happy for my weigh I feel so beautiful and I’m confident in public I am in tears rn I got bullied and called fat but that didn’t stop me from being myself and loving for who I am today thank you so much 💓I would rate this everything in the whole world a message to everyone is to be themselves and don’t let people judge you for who you are you’re beautiful to everyone and I love everyone even though they’re not people I am interested I still believe they could change if you see that someone is pushing you to do something you don’t like don’t forget they’re just jealous that you’re amazing ❤️ I love you ~ emma 🧡
  • OMG!!!

    By Lani👑❤️
    This is sooo amazing. I feel my stomach getting tighter and i feel amazing. I was 87 pounds and gained 4 pounds and ever since i got this app i have felt amazing. I need to check how much i lost! If u feel ur gaining u should really try this app it is so helpful and makes me feel more comfortable wearing tight shirts and i am only 12! I feel amazing! Download this app and if u love it leave a rate and a comment to support this app because it can be very helpful for you and even your family. Tell your family and friends if they tell you they need to workout also tell as much people as u can. Omg spread the word because this is like OMG i can not explain!! In love❤with this😍:)
  • Basically Perfect 👍🏿

    By ConstantlyCarlo
    It’s a solid workout app. Very simple and clean interface. The most important feedback that I’d get to the dev team is to make the transition 7 seconds instead of 5 or give the use the option to input the time because every is different and should be able to go at their own pace, and to allow the user to skip a workout. For instance if I have a shoulder injury and can do any of the planks then I should be able to skip it, rather than wait till the timer exhaust. Both should be fairly simple implementations. Besides that the app is basically perfect. Great job guys!
  • Most Effective Ab App and my Go-To

    By GopherGecko
    This app provides the best most efficient ab workouts that actually make me sore, which is hard! But a few features I'd add are: -a greater variety of exercises, my body gets used to the ones given and they are very repetitive so be sure to add new different exercises! -could there be a feature where you can choose how often you want the 30 sec breaks? And when you choose the 15 minute option for "absolutely awesome" the last 30 sec break is the last segment of the entire workout, so it's totally pointless :( Keep up the great work I love this app!
  • Awesome!

    By Beccamakalapua
    Ever since I got this app it has helped me tremendously. If you’re really committed to becoming a better self but can’t afford the gym like me, just set a reminder on the app to a time of day you know you won’t have work and just go for it. You don’t need a treadmill to get in shape. You don’t need a medicine ball to get abs. You just need to commit to yourself and the rest will follow. There are sections of this app you need to pay for but trust me they’re worth it. The free ones are just enough though if you stay consistent trust me. Anyway thanks a bunch, love the app!
  • The best app ever!

    By Clover344
    I have honestly tried a number of workout apps in the past and none have compared to this one. Sworkit allows you to exercise anywhere anytime without the need for equipment. What I love about the app is that you can do as much or as little time as you want, so beginners can slowly get back into shape rather than being forced to do a 30 minute workout. Another point is that each exercise is very simple and not complicated so anyone can do them, but that are all very effective and I saw noticeable very quickly!
  • Use this app right now!!

    By 35 yr old Law Student
    I love this app so much. It is great how it shows you the steps and tells you when and what the next exercise is. I’ve tried so many ways to lose weight and gain abs but I couldn’t find any until I found swork it. I love the abs and stretches apps but the original app is something I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t want to pay monthly fees which is why I use the 2 other ones. I would recommend this app if you are looking for some rock hard abs!!

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