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Winn-Dixie is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., with the latest current version being 5.2.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6,217 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70307 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Winn-Dixie app is here to help you score Winns for Your Wallet! Buying groceries without rewards or coupons is fine. That’s how our grandparents did it and they turned out alright. But if you have an app that can help you earn points toward free groceries just for shopping…why shop anywhere else? Here are some great reasons to download our app! SCORE DEALS & COUPONS We’re placing Deal of the Week, our weekly ad and even customized deals for you based on your shopping history directly at your fingertips. We’ve also got all those coupons you’re looking for featured on the Savings tab. There’s even a Coupon filter included to make your experience even easier. Our app is the best and easiest way to save money and earn extra points! EARN POINTS Your road to rewards is now even easier! Our app stores your rewards card, so you can easily scan it on every grocery trip. You can also track your points in the app and decide when to spend them on future grocery purchases! BUILD YOUR SHOPPING LIST We’re making your next shopping trip hassle-free by bringing back the highly anticipated Shopping List feature. You can create multiple lists, search for items and share with your friends! RECEIVE APP-EXCLUSIVE OFFERS Download our app and become eligible for special offers like Free Items and exclusive Mystery Bonuses. You could be multiplying your points when you shop or bringing home a Free Item!

Top Reviews

  • Not Great, But It Is Improving.

    By Leestro
    Publix’s app is far, far better but the Winn Dixie app isn’t terrible, a lot of these 1 star reviews are unfair. Finally has Shopping List function (but it needs to combine the deals with standard items list like Publix app does). It would be nice if list items would have the aisle number like Publix’s List does too, but maybe it’s not possible due to different Winn Dixie market layouts. I’m glad the list is there but it’s not so useable for me, I end up using a paper list. I don’t mind the digitized version of Weekly fliers, it’s nostalgic and almost as good as physical flyer when on a tablet...It’s just very convoluted on a phone which most people will be using 100% of the time. I wish the steps to get coupons & certain savings were less complicated as well, why do I have to use some kiosk when the coupon could be clipped directly from the app & just scanned at checkout? It’s silly. Winn Dixie/SE Grocers I am certain will keep improving the app, but I’d suggest: - Deals LISTED, not flyer’d; If I add say Celentano Meatballs to my list, it puts a bad resolution pic I can’t make out & says “Meatballs”. :/ Should say “Celentano Meatballs”. - Better Categorization...sometimes I wander 10m looking for things that are just listed as “Grocery”...what AISLE is it in? - Mix&Match BOGOs should be listed seperately, so if I want Mayo i can just list “Dixie Mayo” not “Ritz, Kens Dressing, Tobasco & Dixie Mayo”.
  • Disappointed

    By OOJOSA1
    I’ve had this app for years with no issues . Now I can’t get it to open. Crash is not the word I’d use. It just don’t work! Whatever you did to this app now it just starts to open the red check mark comes up for a fraction of a second and then it just closes out . Oh it’s still there behind the scenes but if I bring it to the front it removes itself again over and over. I deleted it and got a new copy it continues to do the same thing . I’ve check all the setting in the app and on my phone nothing is doing this but the app. Please fix this as I lose all the things that give me reason to shop at win Dixie it not the closest of stores to go too. But the app save me money, without it I get no bonus points or see the coupons or adds. Fix it please!
  • Winn Dixie is the best

    By Sir Alexander The Gamer
    You have plenty of choices for grocery stores here in the Jacksonville area. There are organic stores, there are budget stores, there are small mom and pop stores. None of them offer you the value or the rewards programs that Winn Dixie has! My store is the one on county road 210. It’s always super clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. The pizza and wing bar is simply the best for a quick lunch. I shop here once a week, and at the end of every month I usually have about $30 in free groceries thanks to the rewards program!

    By Jacob McCandless
    Well, I’ll be. Writing a review is never my first thought after being satisfied or unsatisfied with a product or service. So this review is considered special in my book. Oh Winn-Dixie, such a sweet tune you sing in my heart. From the farm fresh produce to the top choice cuts of 100% angus beef (I tend to splurge on the T-Bone, my wife is happy with chuck). As far as the app goes, my shopping experience just became a thousand times more enjoyable and ACCESSIBLE!!! I huge thank you to the WD team for making this Covid world a little easier on a southern gentleman like myself. CHEERS!!🍻
  • Thank You for Bringing Back the Shopping List

    By Sealie4545
    I am thrilled that the shopping list is back. Now I can have my list and current ad in one place on my phone. Thank you for listening to your customers and making it better than ever!
  • Better, but still needs work

    By SaintFlorian
    Being able to make a shopping list and add items from the weekly ad are welcome features added back in, but this app still lags far behind Publix’s. There’s no way to look up specific items or where to find them in the stores, which would be a big help. Could also use a saved payment option, especially to help with contactless checkout. Looking forward to more improvements.
  • Aggravation

    By BorzoiGal
    Everything about this app and the new way of shopping and grocery stores annoys me. Just lower the prices and stop with the online coupons and everything that goes with it. Half the time I can’t even access my savings and it was really annoys me that there’s supposed to be a savings from you that I can’t figure out how to get it. I’d rather know it was just a certain price and that was the end of it. When you know there’s a savings you can’t figure out how to get it makes you even more annoyed and makes you wanna shop someplace else that doesn’t play these games like Walmart.
  • Keep getting error message

    By Sreyseksei
    For a while the app wasn’t even working at all. Now it actually opens up again, but I keep getting an error message when trying to load ads. It’ll pull up, then say loading reward something, then it closes down with an error msg. Tried numerous times to load the ad and sometimes the app just crashes altogether. Very frustrating and I haven’t shopped in the store in a while because I like to go to certain stores based off weekly specials.
  • Sad excuse for a grocery app

    By CaveWomanWannaBe
    This is one of the worst grocery apps I’ve seen. The weekly ad is only available as a picture, not an itemized lust, and the pictures and accompanying text are too small. While they have added a list feature which allows you to add items from the ad to the list, the grouped sale items (ie 2 for $6 butter, OJ or sausage) puts all items on the list even though maybe all you wanted was the OJ. Also, you have to give a phone number or email to use the app. Lots more work is needed before this app helps me do my shopping.
  • Missing features

    By alabemos
    Winn-Dixie’s app continues to improve but still lacks and is far behind Publix as far as grocery apps go. Trying to read an ad designed for newsprint isn’t easy. Why no list option?? And a BOGO list would be a great addition as well. I am not talking about a shopping list—I mean list the products on sale. List form is much simpler to read than a made for newsprint ad.

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