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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-15
  • New version: 4.25.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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TrainHeroic is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by TrainHeroic, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TrainHeroic, LLC, with the latest current version being 4.25.4 which was officially released on 2020-05-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 279 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.77419 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Take your training to the next level by accessing all of your TrainHeroic workouts directly from your personalized calendar. Get familiar with your workout before you hit the weight room with our Points of Performance and Instructional Videos. Your training will never be the same as you log your workouts on the TrainHeroic Mobile App and instantly sync to your fully loaded profile on the web. Stop making excuses and start hitting PR’s. Features: Individualized Athlete Training Calendar Full Loaded Workout Previews PrePopulated exercise metrics so you can focus on your training Points of Performance to help you nail every exercise Instructional Videos that allow you to visualize what needs to be done Log each portion of your workout and keep track of how far you’ve come Automatically Sync Training Data with your TrainHeroic Account Supports your TrainHeroic athlete account. Training with TrainHeroic is the best way to Win In The Gym. Download the free app now and discover what you’ve been missing.

Top Reviews

  • By far the best

    By JefLo75
    As a gym owner and former professional athlete I have been training since I was 15 years old and seen it all. I’ve used every different type of format out there as an athlete and a coach. I will never ever go back to pdf’s again and I will never look for another app again. Train Heroic has literally been a game changer for my business. The ability for me to separate myself with this app has actually blown my mind. My athletes in person all love using it as well as my remote clients...Not one word of a lie, if you’re a strength coach, trainer or CrossFit box owner - I would be all over this thing yesterday. Seriously -Jeff
  • Continuous Improvement, Great App!

    By BWDoo-00
    I’ve been using this app for over a year. During this time, I have made numerous suggestions for improvement to TrainHeroic and they have listened to me and my coach and our suggestions every time. We are seeing updates within a day or two of making suggestions. It only gets better and better. From my perspective (athlete), I am totally satisfied. I love using the app in my weight lifting but it has many applications beyond that sport. I also use it for running programming. So much more to say but I am very impressed with their responsiveness and desire to be the best.
  • Simplicity at its best

    By Erik4Real
    This app is simple, clean, and easy to use. It doesn’t distract me from my workout and it has everything I need. There have been a few times when I thought I had an idea for an improvement and then I looked a little closer and sure enough, the app already had that feature. I especially like the ability to switch between kilograms and freedom units on the fly. Thanks for a great app
  • Train Heroic is the standard that all others should aspire to be.

    By PMAS65583
    Train Heroic is top notch for both Athletes and Coaches! Super user friendly, records the correct metrics and provides a platform for my athletes to interact whether they are in the gym or traveling. The staff has a relentless pursuit of perfection and will provide input at the drop of a hat. Highly recommend and couldn’t be happier with the services they provide. Todd Angel Owner/Head Coach at ParaBellum Martial Arts and Strength. Power Athlete Block One Coach
  • Phenomenal!

    By CoachKattouf
    Train Heroic is fantastic and their customer service is outstanding. As an online coach, coaching individuals around the world, Train Heroic enables me to put together great workouts for each athlete. And as a coach, having the ability to communicate with each athlete, analyze Team metrics and more, helps to bring even greater success to each athlete. Train Heroic is top notch and the app enables us to continue to build great, Community, Collaboration & Competition®!
  • Ideal for Coaching Teams

    By ShaneMiller3
    I am a S&C coach with several different sports teams to oversee. TrainHeroic is by far the best way to write, manage, and report team speed-strength programs. The athletes love tracking their data on their own mobile device or on the team iPad. The sport coaches are always impressed the data reports I send them. I use it for individual/private clients as well. All in all this is the best tool for S&C coaches available.
  • The BEST training software for Parisi Speed School facilities

    By Carol Hasenbalg
    TrainHeroic has made it easier than ever for our locations nationwide to implement Parisi programming. The user-friendly interface has been a major upgrade for our facilities, loved by both coaches and athletes. The easy-to-use calendars save our owners and coaches valuable time that they can use to continue building their business and engaging with clients.
  • Give it another try

    By GustaveDelvas
    TrainHeroic has improved VASTLY over the last year. You owe it to yourself to try it again if you’re a former user who left. The system is great now, and I wish I had access to it back when I was a collegiate coach. Working at a private facility now, my job would be significantly harder without it and my athletes wouldn’t get nearly the same results.
  • Good resource in these trying times

    By abdias.
    Due to all this Covid-19 chaos my team and our coaches can’t meet for runs or lifting (obviously) but our Organization Fella, Bill, puts together bodyweight workouts for us to do at home. Just did a bop of a workout a few minutes ago and this is really a lifesaver if you care at all about track season. All we can do is pray that a solar flare doesn’t wipe out the mainframe and tear us apart from this glorious app.
  • Best Workout App

    By adcone
    This app is great for your daily workouts. It’s easy to keep track and check off what you’ve done and see what you have coming up. Being able to see videos of people demonstrating the correct way to do the workout is extremely helpful when trying new moves. Looking forward to a new year with TrainHeroic!

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