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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-19
  • New version: 20.42.0
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Yelp for Business Owners

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Yelp for Business Owners is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by Yelp. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Yelp, with the latest current version being 20.42.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4,330 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.01293 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Millions of people turn to Yelp every day to make spending decisions. Yelp provides a free suite of tools to showcase your business and connect you to the Yelp community. The Yelp for Business Owners app allows you to view important business analytics and connect with customers, including those who have written reviews for your business. This app puts the power of Yelp’s tools right in your pocket! NOTE: This app is for business owners to manage their Yelp business pages. If you’re looking for the Yelp app that will help you discover great local businesses, go to Use Yelp for Business Owners to: • Track visitor engagement and customer leads from your Yelp Business Page. • Respond to reviews with a private message or public comment. • Respond to customer inquiries and messages. • Upload and manage photos for your business. • View reports on ad clicks from Yelp users (advertisers only) • Report reviews and messages. To get started, download the app and sign in with your business user credentials. If you haven’t yet claimed your business on Yelp, go to, and follow the steps to find your business and create your business user account.

Top Reviews

  • SCAM

    By Maria ♥️
    This is all about company integrity which YELP doesn’t have one. They will lie and mislead you to believe that you will get a promotion of six months free, and after that will charge a tremendous amount on your card. Like me, you will get very little to non leads and they will tell you is not possible to delete your account or get an refound at all. So disappointed and feel betrayed. Just this week we did try run away from Yelp website because is basically just a Scam website. You have to buy their advertiser or they will hide your real reviews and if you don't a bunch of fake bad reviews will magically appear on your listing, and when you ask them to investigate even if the reviews are clearly fake they will say that those reviews are authentic and they deserve to be visible but the real reviews will be hidden until you buy their products. Yelp will be bullying your business, and steal your information, we did request yelp to remove our company from their website and they did refuse against any privacy policy they will steal your information and force you to pay. If you starting a new business i would stay away from this website and make sure to never list your business with yelp or you will regret, we can only hope to join the thousands of victims of yelp and do our best to inform all the other business hopefully that the law will step in and shot down this website.
  • Scammers and robbers

    By ladybugcc
    I am extremely disappointed with Yelps services for business owners. I got on the platform because as a consumer I often use it to find services I need. It’s a great user platform but you Yelp people are robbing business owners of everything. I can’t even choose my own profile picture without paying you at least $30 a month. I was not paying for services so all the reviews I was getting kept hiding. I added ad services and then my reviews started to magically show up. I decided yesterday to decrease my spending on Yelp as I am effectively paying for 9 other contractors to be showcased on my page unless I pay another $300 a month plus with the slowing season it just made the most sense. Today I see that all of my 7 reviews have magically gone away since I decreased my spending budget. Well Yelp, you won’t be getting any more money out of me. I appreciate the services, but you are charging for EVERY Little thing and currently I am not seeing my return on investment , I’m surprised you don’t charge to log in. This is terrible if you are a small business owner wanting to spend no more than $500 per month. Google charges less, gives me more bang for my buck, a free website, free posts, free picture arrangement and almost 3 times the clicks as Yelp and they don’t advertise for 9 other people on my page. 1 star only because I could not leave less.

    By Malrocks2373
    Their customer service is absolute crap! Once they’ve roped you into spending outrageous amounts of money just for scammers to call you they will not refund your money. THEY ARE JUST OUT TO SCAM SMALL BUSINESSES OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY!!! I got a call from a lady who acted all nice and befriended me and I had concerns and I told her I don’t have the money for this really because you charge to much and she assured me that I could cancel anytime and she will call back and help me if I have any questions or concerns. She NEVER talked to me after she scammed me into starting a campaign!!! They scam you into starting an extra add-on that will allow you to do some special thing like have a “call to action button” that will pop up for visitors to see and to click to call you. What they don’t tell you is that when you cancel your ad campaign it does not cancel that add-on they made you add! So you keep getting charged $60/month for this button that doesn’t do anything, but get you scam calls!! Then they claim it’s your fault because you didn’t cancel it! I am beyond infuriated and will never be using this platform to advertise again. Facebook ads are way way way more affordable than this will ever be and they actually work and give you real customers! I highly recommend advertising your business on Facebook if you want real results!
  • Not Too Impressed

    By OfferUpPrivacyRights
    Watch Billion Dollar Billy documentary about Yelp and then you decide how you feel about Yelp and how they treat small business owners. I had 5.0 Stars for 6 years and promoted Yelp harder than anyone, at least 10,000+ people and clients I have referred to Yelp and have well over 600-1,000 pictures of work I have done for customers on yelp too. Yelp Calls me daily to try to get me to buy advertising, lies and says its $0.11 then tells me it comes out to thousands of dollars per month and doesn’t offer any advantage at all. Each time I say I’m not interested I get a mysterious bad review from someone who is not a customer, so I can’t even say I’m not interested or they make up stories and put them on your business listings. Then when I complained to Yelp about it, they started filtering out my last sixty 5 Star reviews and continue to filter out 99% of all customer reviews for the last 2 years too. The App also constantly says you have mail, sometime 1-10 messages but when you click on the app there is no messages, even resetting app or resetting I phone doesn’t fix the ongoing problems with Yelp. Yelp feels to me and countless other businesses like a big “Billion Dollar Bully” just like the filmed documentaries about Yelp and how they treat small businesses.
  • Bad Business’ Practices 👎

    By RJ Fernandez
    I have been in business almost 2 years now, as a small business I decided to expand my social media and figured that Yelp would help, since most of my business comes from Thumbtack. The next day after creating my business on Yelp there was an agent calling me to find out if I wanted to advertise, I decided to give it a try, well guess what, after 3-4 days I had already spent $153 for just 2 leads that actually end up hiring me worth $340... I decided to turn off the ads since it was not making to much sense for me. Today I called Yelp bc few days ago I had a customer writing a review, that now shows as a “not recommended review”, (it turns out this client reached out to me from Instagram... they wanted to show appreciation and I told them, if they wanted to, they could do it on Yelp) the agent explained to me about the video I had already seen on Yelp about how a software determines if a review is valid to be shown or not (which also based on what he mentioned, one factor was the client never reached out to me thru Yelp) after a couple more minutes speaking with the agent his words were these: “Excuse me I have to disconnect the call now” and simply hang up the phone on me. 👎 Very rude and unprofessional, I this people will never get my money again!
  • Run Away!!! This rating is really negative infinity stars!

    By Cauffman97
    Yelp as well as their “Biz” app is just as horrible as all of the reviews say. They steal reviews, claim to have some algorithm that can tell real reviews from fake ones, but customers who leave multiple reviews on Yelp are listed as “not recommended” and hidden as well as overall rating affected if you do not advertise with them. It’s so obvious they lie because my one and only negative review was from a customer out of state and has only ever left one review (who goes out of state for 3D4D ultrasound of their baby?) Nice try Yelp! But explain why that review is still up, yet 80% of the rest of our (all 5 star reviews) are from real customers who have left numerous reviews, but those are in the “not recommended” section. If you are even thinking about getting involved with Yelp, I would strongly encourage you watch the documentary “Billion Dollar Bully” first. It’s time for Small businesses to organize another class Action lawsuit now that we have more proof! I will be throwing a huge party when Yelp finally goes out of business! Wonder how they have 4 stars on this review of their app? I can’t find a review here that is more than one star.
  • Run away from this company!

    By read_between_the_lines
    This company chargers you per click , anyone can click your ad and you will be charged each time it is clicked. They claim they have a fraud protection to avoid competitors from clicking your ad but they have no way of proving or showing their “protection”. Be prepared to have your “client success manager” pressure you to raise your ad budget every so often... These client success managers make more commission when you spend more on ads. The leads aren’t even that good you get a lot of people who don’t respond , seems like yelp has people going to your ads page and filling out the contact form with false info so your account gets charged and their client success managers get paid... On top of all this they nickel and dime you for everything. If you want to hide your competitors ads you pay, if you want to showcase your license and certifications on your page you pay, if you want to add a slideshow to your page you pay, if you want to highlight certain things about your business you pay... all they want is your money they don’t care about your results that’s why they charge you for clicks not for results or qualified leads..
  • Bad business

    By gameplayer96820
    They call you constantly to pay for ads, and are really rude. My boss owns a small business, when I spoke to a rep and told him I can’t make business decision he still wasted my time on his spiff. Then I had customers to attend to, and told him I was busy. Did he care nope still kept in talking! My boss came back and customers were waiting why? Because I was busy talking to a yelp rep, that would not stop with telling me about yelp. Bad business for small business people. I decided to give yep a try.. Sales representatives promised me the world and when I asked how much he could not give me a answer. Said he will contact me before I get billed. I have a number to contact him with but always get a voice mail. Yelp don’t want to cancel my account. Careful when you place you credit card on file. Once you do that it’s over, you agree to pay what ever they bill you. I had to cancel my credit card to stop the payment. I got som much runaround just to cancel my account I decided to just go to my bank. That was way faster. Thank you Yelp for making my business harder. Never Yelp agin!! Google it!!
  • What a nightmare

    By MrsBrandyShattuck
    I listed my business on yelp and immediately started getting scammers CONSTANTLY calling me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and changed my number. After a while I regretfully listed my new number thinking that since it had been a while maybe I wouldn’t have the same problem.. that was yesterday and I’m already getting the same scammers calling again and this time they tried to act like a customer and wanted to set up an appointment. I immediately knew what was going on and told them I wasn’t taking any appointment. After taking down a name, I asked if the number they were calling from was a good number and they said yes. After hanging up with them I tried calling the number.. and of course it’s not a working number. I call yelp and they refused to take my information down even though my listing was new and had no reviews, so they are not helping me with my very obvious safety concerns! I’ll be making a police report and also putting in how YELP evidently doesn’t care about the safety of their customers. Do not list with these people as they aren’t a safe company to advertise with.
  • Disappointed

    By Fabulous Fab Fitness
    When I decided to sign up with yelp for business I thought I could trust they wouldn’t charge my card for more than what I could afford as far as my per per click agreement with them. Suddenly I was surprised with this huge amount on my credit card. And when trying to call them, I always had to wait for over 30 min to get someone to talk to me, but always had to give up, because I could no longer wait anymore. I tried 3 days in a row. I did received more leads than before, but not close enough to cover the amount that they surprisingly charged me on my card without my permission. I went ahead and changed my contract back to $5.00 a day and it will remain this way, since I can’t talk to this company. It stinks to me as a company looking for scamming costumers and not helping them. Their loss, because if they were go way everyone would invest much more on them.

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