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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-09
  • New version: 2020.3.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Target Registry

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Target Registry is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Target. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Target, with the latest current version being 2020.3.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 134,598 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.90608 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Make the most of your most-special occasions with the Target Registry app. • Celebrate any milestone Choose from popular registry types like baby, wedding, college and housewarming. You can create your own, too! • Build your registry fast Add items to your registry anytime, anywhere. Mark items as most wanted to inspire your gift givers. Share your registry with friends and family, and check to see what’s been purchased. • Scan, add, repeat Quickly add multiple items while you’re at the store with our improved barcode scanner. • See everything at a glance Use the handy checklist so you don’t forget anything. We’ve highlighted the most popular items for wedding, baby and more.

Top Reviews

  • Won’t show images consistently

    By EYo88
    I love the idea and the purpose for this app. The system is very easy to use, the ability to scan the barcode in the store is very handy, and there is a plethora of reviews for each product. The one MAJOR drawback is that the app seems to have a limited capacity for loading and displaying images. I’ll get about halfway down a section of products and the images will stop displaying. When you click on the product to view the images and description, the image is a stock photo of a grey gift with the Target logo on it. I am using this app to register for my first baby. I don’t know a lot about the products, so seeing pictures to compare items is SO IMPORTANT. I am getting incredibly frustrated with the lack of images. The only way I have found to fix the issue is to close out the app entirely and reload it. However, this is time consuming and causes me to lose my place on the registry app. I have to go back through the shopping menu and scroll down halfway through the cribs to pick up where I left off, and even after that there is no guarantee that the app will not stop loading at almost the same place I was before. The app seems to work better on my iPhone than my iPad, but either way it is really unreliable with photos. I am anxiously awaiting the fix to this very frustrating bug with the system.
  • Good - but could be great!

    By PawsitivePooch
    We downloaded this app after we had set up our registry using a computer. It’s helpful to reference the names of items we put on our registry and see which gifts have been purchased. However, I think a couple of improvements could be made! I have checked in so many places on the app, and cannot find an easy way to just click on a registry item, and be brought to the target page to see the item directly and access live information (e.g. if it’s still in stock, available in certain stores, etc.) The “shop my registry” feature is hidden in the side panel, and then I still have to find the specific item I was looking at. Could be much easier! Also, there is a search bar - but it searches all target items! I would love to be able to quickly search for an item ON my registry - instead of having to scroll all the way through! Finally, there’s no way to reveal the names of keep track of thank you’s through the registry app (that I can see!)
  • Frustrating

    By AColumbusResident
    I only registered with Target to make it easier on my shower guests and I have found the app and registering in general very frustrating. As my shower date grows closer I’ve noticed people weren’t buying my “most wanted” selections and I guessed it was because most of them are online only, not in stores. Plus as it’s getting closer to my shower date less people are going to have things shipped so I decided to switch around some items so they can be found in stores. First, even when I filter my searches to only show items available in-store it still shows online only items. Second, after reading descriptions and reviews on several types of one item and finally deciding on one it immediately says “item no longer available” in my registry. Why did allow me to add it then?? This happened with 4 different diaper bags today... I’m beginning to worry I won’t get the items I truly need because too many things aren’t available in stores. Guess I’ll have to physically go to the store and register for some items. I am wishing now I had registered with more than one place..
  • Great app display but...

    By graceflerner
    I love the display of the registry in the app. It’s sorted by category and easily organized. Such a pity it doesn’t display that way on the web or when printing the registry out in store. It seems like they display in random order, making it hard for guests to figure out what you’ve asked for. Seems so simple to just display these the same way since the app makes so much more sense. Other pluses for the app are the clear and easy icons and interface, the checklist and scan function. So straightforward! Only con of the app is that it’s hard to see what’s out of stock in store or online before adding to the registry. And you can’t track gift purchases in the app, i.e. who bought what. Despite these drawbacks, it’s the best registry app available for baby registries.
  • Good app but glitchy

    By lindsm
    I was so excited to start our wedding registry at target! We downloaded this app and I love the different tabs, the checklist, tips, etc. I also thought the “most wanted” and “leave a note” options were great. And it’s been really helpful to see things organized to their category, such as “kitchen”, “outdoors,” etc, and has given it a really pleasing look. My issues is that the app keeps getting glitchy where it sometimes will show me a whole category of items, sometimes it will only show me 10 of the 250 items to view. Other times it will show that there isn’t an image available, but if I exit out of the app and go back in, then it shows up fine. But then I move to the next category or search and it’s not showing images again. It’s made creating the registry difficult and even more time consuming. Hoping an update could fix this! Otherwise, love it!
  • So easy to use!

    By Tinadino3677
    Get this app now if you are making a registry. I found that the website is easy to add items, but NOT easy to manage your items. You can add, change sizes, remove, prioritize everything so fast with the app! My computer had a hard time handling the website registry interface. It was especially difficult when trying to add the same item in a different size or color, but the app made it simple. We also loved that we could walk into the store and just scan the barcodes and it would add the item to our list right there. If we made a mistake, it was so easy to remove. Definitely worth getting to easily create and manage your registry.
  • Best Registry and App

    By Sho2rtca3ke
    I totally recommend registering with target everything from the registry gift to return policy is stellar! I would suggest if you are a new mom go to one of the big baby stores first and have a Consultatant Wall you through the story so you have an idea of what you need then go to target and select the items yourself it is super easy to do I love this app the best and if it’s not in the store they have it online. There return policy is up to one year after registry date so if you get diapers you don’t need you can exchange them. I highly recommend this app and registering with target!
  • Problems

    By Sudokuness
    The app has many useful features, however when the first few gifts were purchased I could see who bought each item, in fact, I was asked if I wanted this feature. Now it is not showing who buys each item and I see no place to change this or contact Target to ask about it. This makes the app not very user friendly to me. Especially during this time of corona virus, my in-person shower was cancelled so it would be so helpful to know on the app who is buying each item so I can be sure and send a thank you note to the right person. I would really appreciate this being fixed or having a place where this feature could be turned on or off. Not only that, it is especially frustrating that in the beginning I could see this information, but, for some reason, it disappeared.
  • Huge Nuisance

    By BCelestina
    My husband and I researched comparable items and spent time reading tons of reviews before we would decide on an item to add to our registry and almost every day I get notifications that list several of the items on our registry that are ‘no longer available.’ And it’s not even like they are uncommon items. It can be anything from thermometers to other basic items that I can’t see not being available anymore. We have made our own checklist and each time something gets discontinued it messes up our list so we don’t know what we are missing without going through the entire registry again. Not to mention most of the items are only available online which really limits the options for people who don’t shop online such as grandparents and great aunts and uncles.
  • Very frustrating to use!

    By Fartmonkey🐵
    I registered for over 100 items, but only 40 of those items were actually available in the store. It would have been nice to have the option to register with a “in store” feature. That feature is available, but it doesn’t stay onto the account. It goes away after an item is available on your registry. So you have to remember to add that option every. single. time. you. add. an. item. to. your. registry!!! Also, my last name is actually my maiden name + married name. Well, Target will only search by one or the other, not both. That means if my last name is “Smith Johnson” then those who type in “Johnson” will not pull up my registry. It’s utter crap! I missed out on a lot of essential items simple because people could not locate my registry in the store.

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