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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-24
  • New version: 5.18.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

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DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by DSW Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - DSW Inc, with the latest current version being 5.18.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 419,596 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.87385 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app delivers a full shopping experience with fast, easy checkout. DSW VIP members can easily access account information, including available Rewards. DSW has thousands of shoes, handbags and accessories for women, men and kids - all at your fingertips! Download the free DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse app for: • Easy shopping: Find the latest shoes for women, men and kids from all your favorite brands. Shop and purchase your new favorite shoes with our easy, streamlined checkout process. • VIP access: Track your Rewards and points all in one place. Scan your VIP member card and other offers right from the app when in store (or use them directly in the app or online) • Curbside and in-store pick-up: See if the shoes you want are available before visiting your DSW store. Buy on the app and pick up in store or curbside. • Self-checkout: Scan shoes in store, add to bag and buy through the app. • Store locations: Check out the DSW store locator for instant directions and store hours. • Clearance Calculator: Use the Clearance Calculator in store to see the exact price you'll pay (and how much you'll save!) • Product scanning: Can't find your size or color in a DSW store? Scan the barcode to find it on dsw.com, read reviews and see product information.

Top Reviews

  • App is okay, but it constantly says they have shoes available when they don’t.

    By .Kelly111.
    I ordered some Clark’s on sale in size 8, they sent me a size 7.5 by mistake. It was shipped to me and took three days, so the day I got it and realized it was wrong I immediately went return it. They didn’t even see the size I brought in as part of their system or something, and when I asked to get the right size ordered they said the size didn’t exist. They said they didn’t have it, and didn’t know when they would get it. So they did have the 8 at the time I ordered it, but because I got the wrong one by the time it got to me the 8 was now unavailable. I paid for it and everything, and I didn’t get what I said. Completely went against my expectations, and it’s horrible to do this to a customer. I said I would wait until they get my size, but they couldn’t promise it so they gave me store credit. The app said I was going to get it, and I didn’t. That’s completely unfair. Not only this, but days later I see that the shoe is in stock again because it’s in my favorites. I try to order it, and this time it says I can’t place the order because it doesn’t exist. Well, that’s better than what happened last time however why it it telling me it’s in stock and deceiving me? It’s so horrible, I had my hopes up. I’m probably not going to shop here again. The employees were as helpful as they could be and were nice, but this app and the service is abysmal.
  • An ordeal!

    By shushop
    First-you have the very best employees I have ever dealt with. That being said, the process of accessing my VIP account has been a complete nightmare! I have tried to access my account for over a year. In the past I just gave up and went in as a guest forgoing the coupons. It would be greatly helpful if the prompts were clear as to what the problem is. Finally today I was able to talk to an employee at the actual DSW store (broad Street Richmond Virginia) and they were able to look up my account and find out that I had the wrong phone number attached to my account. Once I got that straight, I went on line to order my grand child a new pair of sneakers and my gift card did not work. I call customer service and my return did not show up on my gift card. Fortunately a man in customer service figured it all out and credited the amount of money back to my credit card. This has been quite an ordeal. The only reason that I would purchase any shoes from this company again is because of your phenomenal customer service people. My time is valuable as yours and I spent about two hours on the phone just to order one pair of shoes. Thank you for listening, Sharon
  • Shopping online & In the store

    By Maza D.
    I love the styles & verity selections and especially gift for just ordering also an added bonus discount coupons that are emailed, texted and mailed to me. Convenient in every way that counts. Wonderful customer service on the phone & in the store, kind & Pleasant also reassuring staff that seem hand picked just to please me, that makes me feel extra special. Out of any stores that I ever shopped at, I’m always excited to shop with DSW. Who ever manages DSW should show the clothing department store on how to run a business 😉. Overall I applaud you DSW, keep up the good work, always love to shop with you. Anyone I speak to, I always recommend you. Hope you stick around for a very long time & I am honored to keep your business growing 👍. Sincerely, Your loyal customer Maza DeshaQua
  • Great app!

    By bsny72395
    The DSW app is great! It is so much better than the old DSW app where you couldn’t shop from, and now you can. I work @ DSW and the app has come a long way! I love that you can pull up your rewards number quickly and all your coupons and certificates. I also love the fact that you can choose between shipping to your home or to your local store to avoid paying shipping. The filtering on the app is great as well. You can filter by size and then by color, price, brand, style, features, heel height, etc. I am a ladies’ size 12 and I always start off by filtering all women’s shoes that come in size 12 so I don’t get disappointed when I see a shoe and it doesn’t even come in my size. Great job DSW! You’ll always be my #1 place for shoes.
  • DSW gives horrible customer service

    By LexySut
    Spent almost 2 hours on the phone with DSW after a store visit and full price purchase because DSW merged my account with my daughters and perhaps a third customer and could not access my rewards. The account had my daughters name, my e-mail and a random phone number belonging to neither of us. Paid full price because the account which had rewards and promos could not be found. Called customer service when I got home to try to redeem rewards and separate the account. The first Rep tried to help and did restore the rewards but I could not use them since it was a store purchase. He wanted to give me extra rewards but was told he could not! His floor manager was unsympathetic and unapologetic to my situation. Finally, when I sarcastically suggested that I should buy the same shoes on the site to redeem my rewards at a savings of almost $40 and return the original purchase to the store she agreed. What a jerk!!! Worst customer service ever from a floor manager!!!!
  • Favorite place to buy shoes

    By SuznSl
    Whether it’s at the store, or on-line, DSW is my favorite place to get shoes. The selection at either place is massive and unlike other places, I almost always find what I want with my shoe size (10) available. When the store is open I can easily take my returns there with absolutely no hassles. But even during this current quarantine, they’ve made it simple for me to do free returns (though it’s rare I have to return anything). I appreciate the reviews folks leave, detailing the size they are and the size they purchase and describing the fit. I count on the reviews which make returns minimal for me. I just introduced a friend to DSW and in 2 weeks she’s placed 2 orders. She’s as bad as me now!
  • Took 3 hours to place an online order

    By robink1963
    Trying to place online order. Kept asking for Touch ID. I don’t use Touch ID and have never used in the past. I have placed many orders online and have never had an experience like this before. Through online chat was told a supervisor would call. Waited for 2 hours with no phone calls. Was also told an email would be sent with troubleshooting ideas. Still have not received an email 3 1/2 hours later. Sent an email and response was to call customer service. Called - not there on Sundays. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! Went back into chat and finally got a supervisor. I don’t know what she did, but order was placed after 3 1/2 hours of trying.

    I love DSW. They carry name brand shoes which makes me happy to know I’m buying good shoes. They are one of the easiest shoe store to work with. I have been buying my shoes from DSW for many many years. I have never had any trouble returning the shoes at a store including the ones I buy online. The employees at the store are super helpful. They will help order shoes online if they don’t have your size in the store. Depending what size store is available where you live, online has tons more shoes then in the store. DSW also has a point system which gives money rewards so you can get discounts. Plus if the store has a sale on all shoes you can use your rewards too. All I can say is DSW has great prices for good shoes.
  • Easiest retail app

    By Srhodes27
    Totally unprompted review. I wish every store’s website/app operated as smoothly, quickly and easily as this app. They seriously need to follow this format— so easy to navigate, search, filter, and see every detail of every step of the purchasing process. I think I spend more money at this store JUST bc they’ve made it so easy to use and actually fun to shop. I used to feel I had to see the item in person/try on (especially shoes), before buying, but this app gives so much accurate detailed information, I know what I’m getting, and it’s going to be serviced well. Thank you DSW for cutting down my shopping time with this app! Its fun to shop online again!
  • Malfunctioning website and poor online support

    By jeff in RM
    App site appears to have gone down on November 11. I could not complete my purchase on PayPal and then was locked out and could not use an alternative payment option. When I tried online customer service they told me to remove all cookies for the app and empty my cart...but when I went to try and do that, I was disconnected from the online support (even though I asked if this would cause a problem and was assured it would be okay). 30 minutes later I get an email telling me I left something in my cart, but when I went back to the app and clicked on the shopping cart (that indicated there were 3 items in the cart) the app said I had no items in my cart. I was finally able to make a purchase about an hour later, but was only able to buy 2 items as the 3rd was no longer in stock. Frustrating experience!!!!

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