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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-11
  • New version: 2.6.4
  • File size: 57.76 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Finish Line – Status

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Finish Line – Status is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Finish Line, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Finish Line, Inc., with the latest current version being 2.6.4 which was officially released on 2020-05-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 118,510 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82193 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get access to everything at all times with the Finish Line mobile app. Get in on the latest sneaker drops, keep tabs on your Status points and rewards, shop your favorite brands and more. Have a Finish Line Winner's Circle account? Upgrade to Status for even more benefits and rewards. Features: - Status Benefits: See your points balance and find out about special offers reserved for our best customers. - Sneaker Reservations: Enter a raffle for the chance to cop the latest sneaker launches in-store. - Personalized Shopping: Get a curated list of looks based on your style preferences. Shop and check out right from the app. - Sneaker Feed: Scroll through our latest blog updates, style recommendations, sneaker releases, and more. - Fresh Releases: Find out when the hottest shoes are dropping. Filter to find the releases on your must-have list.

Top Reviews

  • Bad app

    By John Modz 3
    I normally do not review apps but this has been angering me for quite some time. The app always crashes and stays on the we are busy screen forever. I could of just logged in from the internet and got thru had I known the app was not working. After 20 minutes stuck in the page I thought something was wrong and got right to the website within 10 seconds. Second there are sizes available on the app that are not available online. When I try and add a size thru the app it says bag error. Online it doesn’t even allow you to try bc that size is obviously sold out. I have bought many shoes thru finish line but the app has become more difficult and made me lose out on many pairs. I will either try to use the website which is not much better or use the footlocker or Nike app because I never have an issue with those apps. I try to be loyal to a store but if I can’t buy what I want what is the sense. Also constant issues trying to use my loyalty points when purchasing a rare show which at times has then removed it from my bag bc it took too long. Every weekend a new shoe comes out and the same issues arise. It is 2019. We should be able to figure this out bc Nike and footlocker don’t have the same issues over and over again. Hopefully things will change.

    By mizzzzzzllleee
    I wish I could give it 0 stars or negative. Been on the app since 6:57am and it says they just dropped new sneakers and I was in line. 20 mins later on that screen i see a post saying the sneakers I wanted were sold out. I look on there twitter page and literally every comment is the same. Not one person was able to actually get on the website yet there sold out. Not to mention I wasted my time signing up for there reward program because the sneakers I actually were able to purchase were never added to my purchases, yet I have a email with my name and order number. Terrible company ur better off reaping your gonna get bent over and just waking up whenever because they seem to only sell to companies like goat or stockx, so if u want sneakers nobody wants this is the perfect app for u, otherwise your better off not caring about the release date and time and just paying an extra $100+ thru these 3rd party sites and getting them without the frustration. Save yourself DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. This company does not care about you or your business, we’re peasants Not worthy enough of being able to use there services
  • If I could I would rate it 1 Bad app

    So I have been shopping in this site personally but then I saw the app So then I was think hmm maybe I should download the app. So I did then I made a account once I did I started looking a Air jordans Lift off and they didn’t have any and they should have all of them So then I looked up air Jordan retro 5 men’s if any kinda and only 2 results showed the satin bred black and red grade school and women’s oil grey so I was disappointed not because they didn’t have any of the jordans lift off but cause they only have 5s in not men’s after this every time I would log into the app it would say ERROR PLEASE CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION and I new my connection was strong because I had 5 full bars and my iPhone 11 WiFi signal was full all of the bars were full and I uninstalled the app and re downloaded and it said ERROR PLEASE CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION and everyday I logged in it kept saying ERROR INTERNET CONNECTION so I was obviously mad so that’s my opinion, so FINISH LINE please Please I beg you fix this problem Thank You. I will be expecting this problem to be fixed by the end of Easter or I will never shop at your store well I might just fix it please.
  • Do not download this app isn’t safe and bad experience when ordering online

    By DeniseC03.
    I hate finish line! I ordered two white shirts and when I opened my package they were just thrown in the box! Wasn’t wrapped in plastic also I ordered a pair of timberlands and they were used I couldn’t believe they sent me those boots! I ordered a pair of sneakers and those were used! Also Not too long ago dec 2018 I had to deactivate my account. BUT before that I clicked on the donate a dollar and a pop up said this isn’t safe...months later dec 2018 I tried to purchase the sneakers and clicked place order and another pop up said “this app isn’t safe remove all your personal information “ so I had to call finish line to deactivate my account and contact my bank to cancel my card. Finish line needs to step up their security! You make billions!!! And your sorry employees whoever sent me those used sneakers and boots and threw my WHITE SHIRTS IN THE BOX WITHOUT BEING WRAPPED IN PLASTIC
  • Finish Line app

    By lavendarandlilac
    This app is great!!! It works better (fast, easy to navigate, amazing visuals) than any other stores’ apps that I have. The app allows you to click on the product and zoom in with an amazing high quality resolution. I just ordered a pair of sneakers (that I’ve never seen in person before) all because the pictures of their products are so clear and realistic, I felt like I was seeing the shoes in real life! They also give detailed descriptions of the fabrics and other materials in each product, so you know exactly what you’ll be wearing. I’m really happy that I found this app, you will be too!
  • App fails to function on WiFi

    By jz4467
    Current version of the app is keeping me from being able to utilize it while I am on WiFi connection. I have to turn off WiFi and use cell signal in order for the app to work. Otherwise I get the following message pop up: “Connection Issue: There was an issue with your connection, try again later.” I’ve verified that it’s not the WiFi network that I’m on by trying to use the app on other WiFi networks also, with the same outcome. I’ve also tried all the usual solution checks (i.e. killing the app, turning WiFi off and then back on, powering phone down and back up, hard reset on phone, etc). This wasn’t a problem before the most recent update so I’m not sure what the issue is.
  • Order cancelled

    By Runlover
    Ordered a pair of shoes through this app right at 10am when they were released. Got an email confirmation that my order was “official.” Checked the app repeatedly for five days waiting for shipping info, but never got anything. Finally got an email on the fifth day but instead of shipping info it informed me that my order was cancelled. Customer service said “well a lot of people pre-ordered those shoes so we take care of those orders first. I can see here that we have zero of the shoes in the size you requested available.” Finish Line - don’t show items for sale that aren’t truly available. Go through your pre-orders before you publish every size available for others to buy. I would’ve used a different site to buy but you guys “supposedly” had my size so I had to go with it.
  • Very easy to Shop

    By Mranderson216
    The app makes shopping very easy. I was able to save styles that interested me in Favorites. I used a filter to only shows styles in my size. I could read more about a style and its reviews without have to reset the filters or return to Home Screen. Finally, my purchase was quite easy. The developers anticipated shoppers want Gift Card and Paypal options to be easy. All of these options were presented intuitively, at the right time. Lastly, the app is much preferred over navigating Finish Line’s Mobile website.
  • This about the app not the store

    By irvckrio
    App is lacking sometimes my favorite in the app is not on the browser also log off sometimes cant pay with afterpay also the app home page stay the same for ever doesnt show nothing different When you buy at store it doesnt show your purchase definitely need some work. Finish line is my favorite place to buy shoes because they got the best prices on shoes I always compare prices and almost other times I get the best price here at finish line i just used the browser sometimes instead of the app but I buy from the app other times too hope the make the app better.
  • Takes forever to update winner circle

    By LadySims468
    I can’t understand why it takes so long for points to update or to receive rewards. The app does not show past purchases although there is a section for them. I am due a reward and it looks like I haven’t purchased anything. When shopping at FootLocker the points update and the rewards are printed right on the receipt when you earn them from making qualifying purchases. Wish you would update this!!

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