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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-20
  • New version: 6.156.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Mercari: Your Marketplace

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Mercari: Your Marketplace is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Mercari, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Mercari, Inc., with the latest current version being 6.156.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,117,732 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.84347 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Mercari is your marketplace. It’s the perfect place to go to declutter or find your new look. Letting go has never felt so good – it’s almost as good as finding your new favorite thing. And we’re here to help. Our team is always trying to find new ways to make exchanging items even easier. This means at-home pickups, same-day delivery, and a curated list of items you’ll love. Say “goodbye” to the things you no longer love, and “hello” to the new you. Selling on Mercari: It’s all from home. - Item sold? Contact your carrier for a home pickup. - Check out Mercari Now in select cities. The day your item is sold, a driver will pick it up and deliver it to the buyer. Listing is easy. - Take a few photos, add a description, and tap “list.” - Listing an item will always be free. We only charge fees when your sale is complete. - Once your ID is verified, you can get paid in minutes with Instant Pay. There are no meetups. - With Mercari, all items ship. You can sell almost anything from the comfort of home. - When you ship with a Mercari label, we’ll email you a printable shipping label when your item sells. Just print it out and drop off your package, or schedule a pickup. Shopping on Mercari: Shop from thousands of popular brands: Nike, Apple, Nintendo, Rae Dunn, Funko, and many more. We also have deals on quirky collectibles and authenticated luxury, all sold by real people like you. When you’ve found that perfect thing, we ask the seller to ship within 3 business days. Say goodbye to your old go-tos, and hello to the new you. We’d love to hear from you. DM us on our Instagram @mercari or tweet @mercari_app. Mercari is available in the US for anyone 18+.

Top Reviews

  • Best selling app

    By CKLJ4
    I have done a TON of business through Mercari. Both buying and selling. Most transactions go smooth, but I have had a couple of issues. Any time I have ever had a problem, I reach out and I have been helped. This last situation deserved a 5 star review. I purchased a shirt from a seller, she waited past the three days to ship it. I asked for a refund on the 4th day and she clicked that she had shipped it. The tracking info never updated and by the 8th day after I purchased, it showed that it had been delivered. I checked and it was apparently picked up in Colorado where the seller lived. Mercari ended up refunding me my money, but the seller said they had shipped. A few days later, I received the shirt in the mail. I checked tracking and it still said it was delivered in Colorado, nothing further than that. I reached out to the seller to let her know that I got it, and Mercari. I wanted to make sure she was paid but didn’t know how to go about it since the item had been deactivated. Mercari thanked me for my honesty and ended up paying for the shirt and told me to keep it or do what I wanted, and also gave me a 5% coupon for my next purchase. I understand things happen, not every transaction will be the same. Some people won’t be happy with the way that things are dealt with...but I have always had great customer service with this app. Easy to sell, easy to buy..I will stay loyal to them because I think they’re great!! Thanks Mercari!
  • Almost perfect

    By CmRage
    I really like mercari. I don’t even mind the fees too much, because I appreciate the built in security for sellers and buyers. However there are a few things that allow scammers to get around. First thing. I ship someone and item, they said they want to return. I get back a package from them that has some garbage in it and they got their refund and my product. Refunds should be able to be reviewed by sellers same as purchases by the buyer. Secondly, we need to be able to rate someone who forced a cancellation. I bought an item and after a week the seller told me that they had a better offer and if I wanted to pay 20 more than they would re-relist at a higher price for my to buy. If not then I need to cancel the order. Either way they weren’t going to cancel it because they didn’t care how long my money was held for. This should be something that I could have left a review and warning for others. Lastly, please give us an option to put an item on hold for people until a certain time. If the person fails to purchase by that time we should be able to review or it should be an automated “this person failed to purchase a hold” left in review section. If the person does purchase on time then the review should say “this item was on hold” and that way others see that the buyer follows through. These are just a few things I know bothers myself and many other sellers. Thanks for listening.
  • Works great but could use a few tweaks

    By puter0524
    I have been using mercari for years now and I have always enjoyed buying and selling. My only recommendations to make the app itself better and more appealing are when it comes to “my likes” I wish there was a way we it could be sorted and for it to be categorized into their respective selections, such as if I am looking for a particular phone I liked I shouldn’t be scrolling for minutes at a time to find it, it would make it much easier to have a menu there that’s includes choices like women’s clothing, electronics etc. so I can find it much easier, and now for the second recommendation, for some reason if I happen to scroll on my likes and click on something like a pair of shoes and I exit out of that window and back to my likes, it reverts back to the very top!!!!! It’s the same way with my inbox/buying messages!! I can be scrolling down for about a minute, click on something on either my likes or messages exit out of that particular page and go back and I would still end up at the very top! It is frustrating!!! For some reason though this problem does not exist when I am searching for something on browsing page, if I click on an item then exit out of that items page back to the browsing it still keeps me in that same browsing place as opposed to making me start looking from the very top again like I do in “My Likes” and the messaging portion. Please fix this soon!!!!! It is very irritating! Other than that this app is great :)
  • Great Shopping, Great Selections, Great Customer Service

    By StaceyAnn78
    I joined Mercari several months ago and have done some buying and selling. I have only good things to say. Even when a seller didn’t respond to a purchase I made on his site, Mercari backed up its guarantee. That’s why this a great way to shop, if you like doing shopping online! You can do it without the worry of the what if, because you know Mercari has a guarantee and your money is protected if a seller backs out or if the product is what it was described as or if your unhappy with it in some way. The items I’ve bought have all been exactly what was advertised, I look for sellers who have good reviews. Another great feature Mercari offers, so that you can feel rest assured with what your getting. Other sellers I’ve bought from have made up for the one who didn’t respond. All very nice, people take pride in their reviews so its motivation to shop quickly in the 3 business days Mercari allows. And to package nicely ...Mercari set great standards to achieve. I feel they have thought of most everything. As a seller, they make that easy and provide the shipping labels and clear instructions to help get the best review for yourself as a seller and a happy buyer! They take a fair percentage for the sale. They also have a great team to answer clearly any questions I’ve had about how to use the site. The site is easy to use. So much you can find on here! Glad I found it. Happy Customer here!!
  • Liked items and searching users by account name?

    By Kasha;)
    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this app?!!!!!!! No joke, it’s legit the BEST APP TO SHOP ON!!!! I’m literally on this app every single day...haha I don’t get on Facebook at all anymore even, because of this app! But I really only have a couple small issues with this app. To start off with and I’m not sure if it’s a big issue or what it is but going through my likes items and when I click on one then go back to the liked items list is for whatever reason puts me either completely at the front of the list or right there close to it?! NOTHING IS MORE AGGRAVATING than to be so far into your list (it literally takes hours...) just to have to carefully scroll through trying not to click on any (which the reason why I’m scrolling so far back in the first place is to find the items to relike them back to the front of the list) Which brings me to question; there’s literally no other way to make the “likes items” other than this way it’s being done now? Like I don’t really know what other way to do it but the way it is now makes it extremely hard to go back through and look at the items I’ve saved.. The 2nd is searching things!! Why on earth can’t you search a user by either their email or by the name they’ve givin on their account???? Other than those two things I have absolutely NOTHING remotely close to negative about this app! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
  • Any problem becomes I fixable

    By KRA 2
    I’m a collector. I’ve used every marketplace I can think of. I made the smallest error during cash out. Realizing it I was spurred to action within two hours. Attempted to reach the company with its usual gate Keepers employed to dissuade good service. Less service on their end means less employees thus more $$. Realizing the likelihood of a human getting back to me or fixing anything I read through their FAQ’s and directives. I was advised their to contact the seller yesterday to seek assistance. I did so. The seller was far more reachable and though willing to assist was made toothless by , guess who the company. So if you like the concentric circles dedicated to dissuading people to cancel or require additional assistance by Comcast. Or rather the incompetence of many start ups be sure to use this app. Many will disregard this message. Provided no mistakes occur it’s a fine company. For those that disregard this warning and have a problem good luck . Covid,rather than incompetence of their system provides a temporary excuse. In reality the problem, no matter how outsized or catastrophic will not be fixed . They don’t care. They run on money and once they have it you’re on your own. Given the myriad of choices providing the same service with reachable people that WILL fix your problem going through this company is foolish and rewards all the worst habits in the Modern market place.
  • No Seller protection

    By coricorin
    I sold a Louis Vuitton speedy in fair condition for a fair price. The buyer changed her mind about the bag. All sale are supposed to be final , unless the item was different than described. Well the buyer decided to slash 3 of the 4 corners of my bag , in an attempt to get a refund ,,based on the slashes not being disclosed in the description. They were not disclosed because they did not exist. Mecari immediately approved the refund and issued the refund before I was able to dispute it. Even tho I immediately disputed it once the bag arrived back to me and I saw what she had done. I have been back and fourth with customer service via chat on the app. Which is not live. So I wait and wait and wait for a reply each time I pled my case. Long story short,, there is no protection for you as a seller. This person could have sent me back a bag of jelly beans ,,, but as soon as the item is marked delivered,,,, case closed. The criminals and scammers that may be using this app also get your name and address from the shipping when you sell or buy something. Which in my case is not so bad because I plan to take this person to court. That’s if it’s even a real name. Mercari has been no help at all. I’ve been sent messages apologizing that the transaction did not go as I would have like.... uh no it didn’t. No compensation for the damage to my bag. If you sell anything at all... don’t let it be anything of value. If you buy something, you’re still taking a gamble.
  • Decent

    By Net Seller
    As a selling app it’s decent. Customer service isn’t up to par for the fees paid. Messaging only and you’re left at their mercy while they take days to respond and the process isn’t simple just to message. Rating system is very one sided, because customers that complain have rarely read the full description and whatever they complain about is usually there (that’s not my fault!). I’ve requested/suggested multiple times that the make an offer feature be something I can turn off. Yet still it’s on every listing. Most of the lower ratings I have come from customers who made an offer that was turned down. Having that feature available confuses customers into thinking you’re willing to barter when you can’t. For the fees paid it would be nice to be able to divide listings into categories that are easily navigated by buyers as well. I sell a decent amount on Mercari, but feel for the money made from my listings they could definitely tweak some of the apps features. I’ve had three different phones and I cannot get a notification when I get a message or offer. No matter how many times I change my settings or delete and reinstall the app. I’m left constantly checking the app to be sure I have not received a message. Adding a “ask seller a question” button to listings would be helpful as well. Listing is pretty simple and straightforward and I’m pleased with that aspect of the app. I’m an experienced seller on several platforms and this one is average.
  • Favorite selling app

    By LizaLiza Seller
    I use and have tried using many selling apps. This one is by far my favorite for many reasons. I've been using it for about half a year now with over 300 reviews. The percentage they take may seem like a lot at first but it's definitely worth it. I like that when people make offers it's easy to communicate with them through private message instead of all conversations being public like some other apps. It's very easy to list, and I can quickly list items now that I'm used to it. Every time I've had an issue with a transaction or a question, they've quickly responded back (even on weekends). It's not an issue to me that there's no number to call because I always get a personalized answer to my questions. This selling app by far has the most superior customer service. Even though it's my favorite, there are some flaws. Areas to improve: 1. sometimes the app takes a while to load when first opening it (pictures won't show). 2. It would be helpful if they started some kind of authenticity check for very expensive designer items. 3. It would be nice to have a cheaper shipping option for under 0.5 lbs (categories for 0-0.5 lbs, 0.5-1.5, 1.5-3, 3-5, and the rest of the current categories). I usually have to do my own shipping for these items to help buyers with cost but this takes more time obviously.

    By TaeyeonGarcia
    I love to shop at cheap prices and this app helps me with that. It’s kinda like eBay in a way but I feel it’s better at keeping you from getting scammed. All items I’ve seen on Mercari(granted were funkos and animal crossing items so far) were all pictures you take from a camera and you could REALLY tell it was taken with a phone camera 😂. I like that if you have an issue with your order then the app doesn’t pay the seller(not that I’ve had any issues so far. 100%been ok). App is very good at keeping communication clear and also has automated questions you can send to sellers before buying. I recommend if your looking for stuff at a cheaper price. There’s filters so you can find items that are new or like new if you don't want something used or looked used. There’s no bidding either(that I know of) which I appreciate because that’s one of the things I don’t like about eBay. With Mercari I can just buy the item if I want it and not have to fight with others or wait four+ day’s for it to tell me I won and got the item. Mercari also has deals you can add to your cart that can lower what you pay by a decent amount. There was this one item I was look at that was like 23-25(?) and I could get it for 18 by just pressing on what discount I wanted. All in all I recommend this app. It’s how I finally got my Alexei Funko Pop(stranger things)!!!!

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