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Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes

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Laugh My App Off - Funny Jokes is an iPhone and Android Entertainment App, made by Monkey Taps. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Monkey Taps, with the latest current version being 4.0.1 which was officially released on 2021-02-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13,088 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.63722 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Laugh My App Off is the new way of getting your “HAHA’s and LOL’s” on the go! It’s been scientifically proven that laughter is the best medicine and with Laugh My App Off, it is guaranteed to give you the best chuckles all day long. We’ve compiled hundreds of the best and entertaining jokes all around, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You’ll be laughing your “app” off in no time! Feeling rundown? Set how many times a day you would like to receive joke notifications on your phone. Be surprised throughout the day to receive a laughing boost. It is perfect for taking the stress out of a moment. Want even more? Then add the Today widget to your device and laugh every time you see the Today view! Do you have a friend that needs a laugh? Use the iMessage app to send funny jokes to all your friends with just one tap! From clean knock-knock jokes and corny puns to hilarious one-liners and clever riddles, we've got the jokes guaranteed to bring on serious laughs. And now, with the latest update, browse through thousands of jokes and funny content with different categories: - General Jokes - Funny Shower Thoughts - Cheesy Pickup Lines - Knock Knock Jokes - Funny Questions - Doctor jokes - Funny jokes for kids - Food Jokes - "A guy walks into a bar..." Jokes - Math Jokes - Jokes about Marriage and Couples - Riddles - Movie jokes - Fun Jokes about Sports And now with LMAO Premium you can: + Remove Ads + Unlock all themes and categories + Set background photo + Get unlimited reminders + Search jokes We’ve compiled hundreds of the best and entertaining jokes all around, to put a smile on your face, post and share with your friends to keep the fun going! You’ll be laughing your “app” off in no time! Privacy Policy: Terms of use:

Top Reviews


    By ・ᘺ・
    so like a normal person i thought this could be a good app to have and i am a riddle lover so i thought there could be riddles in this game... ofc there are riddles but its for premium, everything else premium, even themes that dont matter are for premium and it costs money which practically nobody wants to do. i looked at other reviews and barely any say things about advertising their own games but let me say every time i open the game it says to download their games, every time i open or scroll down to see another joke it advertises their games, every time i scroll up to see my past jokes it advertises their games, whenever i try to change the theme or look at my favorite jokes it advertises their game! like cmon nobody wants to know about any of your other games for the millionth time! its fine if you advertise it after like 10 but after every joke!? and some people when they close it out it is obvious that they don't want to know about your other games and just want to play this game its either stop advertising your games or don't advertise your games frequently like i said maybe after at least 10 jokes it even looks like the developers only responded to the people who put a perfect review and they don't care about the reviews that say what this game needs, these reviews can make these apps better...
  • 😂👌 I love this app

    By Lexi.C.
    This app not only makes me laugh daily but it also is fun to decorate the background and scroll down. I’m kind of young so my parents didn’t let me have any social media’s but this app makes me feel like I do have all the socials and all the jokes are soooo funny! I also love the fact I can put it on a widget to decorate my Home Screen. I can also send all these jokes to my friends and I can even make my own jokes to share with everyone! But the best part is, that I get notifications of jokes so I don’t have to go to the app and just keep scrolling because when I feel sad it can automatically just popped up and it makes me feel a lot more better!
  • -A MUST TRY-

    By Hazem Hadid
    Look,they always say that laughing is medicine,and it was getting hard for me to get laughs in quarantine,cause I mostly get them from my friends and outside , and I was getting so BORED , so.....I looked apps,nope I downloaded a lot of em,none were funny,nor they were old jokes or lame decided this is the last one I try,I literally downloaded this yesterday,and I have like a 1’000 favs,it really helped me,....for real if you have depression, or anixiety, NOW IS THE TIME TO DOWNLOAD THIS ! I thank the creators so much for being thoughtful and not stealing jokes and being lazy in thinking for jokes 😁😁
  • Just got this app yesterday and I have loved it

    By moxie1981
    I did not get to see much of his this app would apply to my days, and the reason I got this app was/is to remind me of: That during COVID times right now, I learned how to cope and utterly inevitably understand that my heart ❤️, my soul, my positive attitude towards all life’s challenges in my personal life so far.... Are 3 important, in-replaceable things in my life save my life from going crazy on my entire crazy and invasive
  • If I could have only one app, I would want this

    By blah Nada
    This app is soooooooooooo extremely amazing. It has everything I love in one pack!!! Cool am I right? Even though my parents don’t like to use money on stuff(and I don’t too) I really wanna buy the premium. You get to choose aesthetic backgrounds and fonts and you get to make your own riddles, jokes, or funny scenarios. This is why you should absolutely get this app even if it’s the last thing you do. As soon as you get on your iPad, phone, etc., the first thing you need to do is: 1) Get into AppStore 2) Type in your Apple ID 3) Get the app 4) Stay on it for the rest of your life Laughing makes people feel really happy. If you get this app, the laughs will never end!! Trust me, it’s out of this world.
  • Good but..

    By iiKawaiiDesu
    When i was getting the app i was like “Hey! This app might be pretty good!” then i loaded the app and saw a pretty neat feature of reminders but then theres the premium feature, the thing i hate most. I thought this app was gonna be good use for me but turns out half the app is used for premium use. Without it you have so much limited use and all you can access is puns,favorites, and general jokes. Can’t change the theme because guess what, its ALSO a premium feature. Would like it if the company made half the app free to use.
  • Awesome

    By yaseey
    I didn’t have to pay or go preuim it was awesome to use it and fun listening to well reading jokes I has made my morning and you can set reminders so when you load it down every morning you get the joy I get so to start you off in a good mode here’s one I saw .... I named my dog 5miles so that I could tell people I walk 5 miles every day
  • Funny but...

    By TTYLXOX1888222233335
    This app does what it advises. It gives you funny jokes to read, and most of the jokes are funny. I also love the feature where it can give you notifications of jokes though out the day. I only wish you could like or dislike the jokes on the app, that would be nice. Also if there were a bigger variety of jokes, because I keep seeing some of the same ones over and over. Other then that, great app!
  • Hello

    I really enjoy this app a lot. My only nip pick is are the jokes. I really want to read all of them but they’re all premium. I wouldn’t mind if you placed ads on them just so they can be free to read like the math ones. I really like app don’t get me wrong but regardless I would like it if you placed ads or something to read the others joes for free.

    By nholtwick
    I think it is really good because it didn’t cost any money to get the app and for backgrounds we have to just watch an add but I do not really like on how one day you have to watch an add and you will get it then the next day you have to watch ANOTHER add to get one and I like it because it has so many funny sayings it would make you happier!

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