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Soothing Sleep Sounds

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Soothing Sleep Sounds is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Phase4 Mobile. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Phase4 Mobile, with the latest current version being 2.1 which was officially released on 2019-09-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 12,456 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.74037 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Fall asleep fast to 10 categories of high-quality full-stereo recordings from around the world. Sleep deeply every night, and wake up feeling fresh and energized. Soothing Sleep Sounds provides a beautiful library of high-quality, naturally recorded sounds. Much better than synthetic sounds and short repetitive loops, these are real-world sounds with all the richness, texture, and nuance of the natural environment. Imagine falling asleep to soft rain in an Oregon coastal rainforest, waves on a pebble beach, South African crickets, a warm crackling campfire, or enchanting wind chimes. Or … if you prefer the steady hum of 'white noise’, fall asleep to a steady blizzard, a flowing glacial stream, or pure white and pink noise. You will fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. What's more, Soothing Sleep Sounds can be used anytime you need to block out the outside world: • Increase your ability to focus and be creative at work by removing distractions. • Soothe your baby or small children and create a peaceful sanctuary for you and your family. • Transform your hotel room into a familiar sleep oasis by blocking out noisy neighbors, ice machines, and elevator doors. • Create a calm and tranquil environment for meditation and yoga. And if that isn't enough, you can create your own personalized mixes for sleep, work, travel, nap time, or meditation, blending up to 6 sounds at a time. Improve your sleep, your health, and your sense of well-being starting tonight. Soothing Sleep Sounds Features: • 25 natural sounds recorded on location around the world • Long high-quality stereo recordings • Easy-to-create blended mixes of any 6 sounds • Beautiful high-definition images from around the globe • Modern easy-to-use interface, tailored for nighttime use • Sleep timer with slow audio fade-out, settable with a simple tap • Easy search functions to discover your favorite sounds • Runs in background while using other apps or when the screen is locked • Mixes with other sound apps such as Music or Audiobooks • 10 sound categories, including Rain, Ocean, Rivers & Streams, Crickets & Insects, Frogs, Wind Chimes, Wind, Fire, Birds, Soundscapes Download Soothing Sleep Sounds now to start sleeping better tonight. Image credits:

Top Reviews

  • Soothing Sounds

    By Frosty 😈😜
    Kudos!! I saw a commercial about your app so I right away looked up the app & downloaded it. Understand I have M. S. & get very little sleep, I’m always totally exhausted without my R. E. M. Sleep. I choose Crickets, Birds ( great ) a running creek & rainstorm. To be honest I was Desperate for sleep so I put them all on just adjusting the volume for each. It was already 3 am. I set the clock to play a hour, I figure if I wasn’t asleep by then forget it. Few minutes went by & I heard my dog snoring loudly so I know she heard it. It was wonderful to listen to & that’s the last thing I remember 😲😃 I slept the rest of the night without waking. FANTASTIC It’s been years ! Thank you so much and I would recommend this to anyone A Great App !!!! 😃😃😴😴😴

    By Moonchild1912
    Has plenty of sounds for FREE. It even. has a purring cat, images that switch on a loop as it plays on a loop. You get unlimited mixes you can create & save. I have some for daytime when i sleep and some for when i am awake. I have downloaded many and explored many sound apps and SO FAR THIS ONE IS TGE BEST! I upgraded paid the 3.99 & it is well worth it with the entire sound catalog. Very easy to use mixes can be saved and edited volume control for each sound individually. I just wish i was able to make a mix and select the same sound 6 times like a cat purring i tried but you can only add a sound one time per mix. GET THIS SLEEP AP! EVEN IF YOU DONT PAY A FEW BUCKS TO UPGRADE YOU WILL LOVE IT BECAUSE ITS THE BEST IVE FOUND.!!
  • Absolutely wonderful

    By VirgoEm
    A couple of months ago I started a medication that messes severely with my sleep. I was going off of 3-4 hours of sleep and almost fell asleep while driving several times. Used sleeping aids for a while until they started to give me nightmares every single night. But this app is absolutely wonderful! I use it every single night and it just provides such a calming and relaxing experience that you just can’t help but fall asleep. I especially love the opinion to create your own mixes and to set a timed play. I use rainforest, thunderstorm, frogs by a creek, and one of the tropical bird sounds. Usually set it for about an hour and I’m out within around 15 minutes.

    By Kathy Tay
    So I don’t usually review apps this early, but I just had to for this one. I downloaded it late last night out of sheer desperation because I knew I wasn’t getting sleep anytime soon, and these apps don’t really work for me but I needed to try it one last time. I came across this one and shrugged before downloading it. I was very apprehensive at first because it didn’t have the noises I enjoy (white noise and pink noise) but I went with the “blizzard” sound, which was the closest thing. I was put to sleep in maybe 10 minutes, and that’s a straight up miracle for me! My only suggestion is adding more sounds similar to white noise or just adding white noise.
  • Amazing! Awesome for people with babies

    By hi hey hahhaha
    It was difficult to get my son to go to sleep in his own bedroom he kept waking up in the middle of the night some how always getting out of his crib, but when I download this app it changed mine and his sleeping schedule, one because of course he sleeps through out the night without any discomfort, or distractions with the sound, I have to keep my phone on a higher shelf because sometimes he will want to play on it but 10\10 for baby and your sleep!
  • Giving it a try

    By turbolarry52
    I'm glad to see a sleep/relaxation app that's totally free. I guess you're revenue comes from other resources, but I hope it is working out so you can keep this app available. I'm encouraged by the other reviews and will be happy to post a review as an update to my intro. With having sleep apnea for almost 10 years, while I realize the cpap is another ritual I dread having to do cleaning, maintenance and upkeep, I'm sure there are reasons for doing so- if you want to avoid infections. I hope this will be an incentive to finally get more than 2-3 hours of sleep each and every night- meaning not going to bed at 3-5 am, and being a zombie the rest of the day. Structure and discipline = due diligence= best practices and better health. I presume there is some form of tech support you provide, if necessary. Thanks for developing and providing this app. Looking forward to finally getting a good night sleep!
  • So Relaxing!!!

    By CrystalAdkins
    I absolutely LOVE this app!!! I downloaded it to help me fall asleep. I was so used to sleeping with a television on, but the light would wake me up sometimes, and I didn’t really sleep very soundly. I decided to try this app out about a week ago, and it has been a life changer for me, because it lets me decide the different sounds that are relaxing and soothing for me. I love the create your own sound mix option, because you can edit how loud you would like each sound you choose.
  • This is the only app of this type that you need!

    By Cristo Rey Theology Teacher
    This app is amazing! Twenty times better than the other apps which you have to pay for! There are ads... on the SCREEN so who cares!!! NOTHING interferes with the beautiful sounds which are totally free and you can blend together to make amazing combinations. I’ve spent the last three hours trying to find this app and now that I have, all the other ones are getting deleted because they aren’t necessary.
  • Good Sleeps

    By Balzac Starfighter
    Very helpful!! I struggle with insomnia, largely because I have tinnitus (ringing in my ears) and found that sleeping with background noise really helps me fall asleep faster. I love this app because it lets you create your own mixes of various sounds at different volumes, and lets you play it in the background even when leaving the app to do something else. Also, you can set a timer for how long you want to let your sound or mix play. Very simple and helpful
  • Love this app!!!!

    By DeLaney.Stevens<3
    This app helps me fall asleep every night! I love how you can make mixes for free! I made a mix that helps me go to sleep every night. (Almost) I’m very glad it was free as well. You won’t find many other apps as good as this app! I’ve searched and searched for sound apps and I can never find any I like. Plus this is way cheaper than, buying an Alexa or a sound machine, and paying for an app monthly. I’m very glad I found this app!!

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