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YesStyle - Beauty & Fashion

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YesStyle - Beauty & Fashion is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by YESSTYLE.COM LIMITED. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - YESSTYLE.COM LIMITED, with the latest current version being 4.2.21 which was officially released on 2020-11-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,558 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.55556 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

# TOP ASIAN BEAUTY & FASHION SHOPPING APP - Over 2 Million downloads Download the YesStyle App and shop for your favorite Korean and Japanese beauty and fashion items on the go. Worldwide FREE shipping, daily FREE gifts, daily flash deals at 80% OFF, new shoppers get an extra 10% OFF their first purchase! YesStyle is the first and largest worldwide online Asian beauty and fashion shop, featuring over 900 brands and 200,000+ beauty, fashion and lifestyle items, including makeup, skin care, women's & men's apparel, accessories and lifestyle products with free delivery and return options. YesStyle brings you the latest trends and products from South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and more every day. // Extra 10% OFF Your First Purchase // // YesStyle App Bonus // • Special daily FREE gift • US$100 coupon lucky draw exclusively for App users • Get 100 Stylebucks instantly with App installation // Easy Shopping // • Worldwide FREE shipping to over 200 countries • Seamless experience between devices (synced Shopping Bag and Saved Items) • Search for the brands, categories and styles that you love • Supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese • Supports transactions in 26 currencies • Easy checkout using credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal • Access your account to view your order status • More Customer Review functions, including the ability to upload photos and videos. // Stay Updated // • Receive instant updates on our exclusive promotions • Get order status updates through push notifications // Connect with others // • Thousands of ratings, reviews and photos shared by verified buyers • Easy sharing of your favorite items to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

Top Reviews

  • Fake Luxury Beauty Products

    By JJoaneJJ
    Yesstyle was a legit business and I was a long time customer for years. Until recently it seems that they’ve changed for the worst. It started when I ordered a set of SK II products. When the order arrived, an the electronic applicator for the SKII cream did not work. I emailed them, no reply. Eventually I had to get PayPal involve, still no reply until I escalated my claim. I let PayPal do the investigation which came back saying that the SKII products I bought have been fake!!! PayPal proceeded to fully refund me. Being a YesStyle customer for years, i was shocked. So maybe no more ordering luxury products from them, but regular clothing should be fine right? I placed an order for regular item only to receive an email from Yesstyle saying that they will not ship my order unless I pay back the money that PayPal refunded me. Saying that they considered this as an unsettled payment even though I was legally refunded by PayPal for the fake products that they’ve sold as legit. Meanwhile as they refuse to ship my new order, they still kept the money I just paid. I had to go through PayPal again to report this problem for an unship order, thankfully PayPal was able to return my money. This entire ordeal had made me completely lose my trust for this company. Maybe the management changed, or something within the company changed. But I will never buy from them again.
  • The Ulta of Asian Skincare- on steroids!

    By Talertime
    I’m so happy I found YesStyle (my wallet & boyfriend are another matter). Prices are comperable, if not better than the competition. Plus, there’s always some offer, discount, or sale going on that brings the cost down even more. Being American with otherwise no connection to the trends in the East, the internet is my source for discovering all that the Asian beauty market has to offer, in regards to ingredients, routines, products, brands, etc. Among countless other retailers such as Soko Glam, Peach & Lilly, Glow Recipe etc., YesStyle has the most largest and most diverse range of Asian beauty, clothes, accessories, etc. There’s also security in knowing that they are authorized retailers of the brands they advertise. Lastly, you get rewards on what you purchase that you can spend with YesStyle or even cash out with dolla dolla bills if you reach $200+. I personally am more interested in botanical and holistic remedies and it’s no secret that the Korean Beauty market is light years ahead of its Western counterparts. I’m literally obsessed.
  • My favorite

    By Kool KitzKatz
    I’ve always ordered from here. There’s a couple things to watch out for though. When buying clothes, always buy the clothes with good reviews and base it off of them. Second, everyone is complaining that the item they ordered became out of stock. If you buy items that say “in stock 24 hours” or “3-5 days” then they won’t become out of stock and will get those items. But the ones that say 21 days, it’s pretty risky and will most likely be out of stock. And finally, I’m a big 3ce fan. When 3ce comes out with something new, YesStyle puts it on their website and says it ships within 21 days. But the new products disappear within a week or so. It seems odd, and seems like a scam to me. They make me believe that they have the product, when in reality they really don’t. I ordered the new palette, but they said they didn’t have it in stock. But it’s all good because they refunded the money and everything. I’ve really had no problems other than that.
  • One stop shop.

    By Alonso-champ
    I have ordered four times in 3 months. First order took some time because it was shipped via sea. This resulted in paying custom fee for 27€. My order amount was a little over 50. Slovenia was the final destination and customs are higher but They promptly returned the custom fee as a store credit. My second and third order came by air and it came fast and no custom needed to be paid. Free shipping for orders over 35 euros. Their customer service is prompt and efficient. As far as the products go, you can get anything here. I’m so happy I discovered them. I will continue to order from you guys. I’m trying out different products and love every single one of them. So many more I wanna try. So far the green tea and propolis and honey products work the best for me (oily skin with some dryness on cheeks with larger pores. Also somewhat sensitive). Again, thank you for existing. You’ve gotten yourself a loyal client. ❤️
  • Use AliExpress instead

    By akaruibam
    I always used to like Yesstyle and it was my go-to for shopping, but unfortunately my last few experiences have been terrible. I had purchased a large order with express shipping. My order consisted of clothes for an extremely important trip to New York. My order was 3 full outfits for multiple meetings with fashion directors and stylers who were scouting me. I ordered with plenty of time for my order to arrive before my flight AND I paid for express shipping. After I had purchased my order, there was a pair of earrings that suddenly “wasn’t available” anymore??! My whole order sat for weeks because of this. I emailed Yesstyle multiple times and did all I could to grab their attention. Eventually they answered and my order was shipped without my earrings. The worst part is that my order didn’t even come in time :) My package arrived AFTER I got back from a full week in New York. I will never purchase from Yesstyle again. I will use it to browse and get ideas. Use AliExpress instead. They’re cheaper and sometimes have the same exact products as Yesstyle.
  • Scammed me out of $80

    By 如月キサ
    If I could leave zero stars I would. I am still a high school student without an actual job and the money I make is not much. I saved up some so I could get clothes that I really wanted and I chose yesstyle because I’d heard only good things about it. Everything was fine at first, until my order shipment was late. I got an email saying why, that there was an item that wasn’t at the warehouse yet. That was fine, as I was given the option to cancel that item if I wanted to. So I cancelled it. Every single other item in my order said it was ready for shipment then, so I figured everything would be fine. I received another email saying everything would be sent out soon, as now it was being processed. Several days later and it’s STILL “processing”. I receive yet another email now saying not all items are received which is absolutely ridiculous as the email days prior said everything was ready to ship and my order says so too. If I do not get my items soon I am filing a dispute. Beyond upset and angry and never ordering from here again. Might I add my order was to ship June 30 and it is now July 7.
  • Love this app!

    By chimchimchuu
    I stumbled upon this website/app for Korean skincare products but soon fell into an amazing shopping app. Everything is so cute, of good quality, and easy to order. You even get daily free gifts, free express shipping (orders over $35), discount codes and coupons for being a silver IG member (totally free, just have to follow them on Instagram). I keep up with this site daily and order all my beauty products and clothes from here because they’re are great cheap prices but great quality. Shipping is pretty fast, I get my items in about a week. The only thing I don’t like is that they place your orders on hold to confirm payment and they can be on hold for as long as a week, which makes getting it longer. But once they do ship it, it comes pretty quick. Customer service is pretty good too. All in all, great app, totally recommend, RIP to your wallets.
  • My Go-To

    By CharacterNearby
    I’ve been using Yesstyle for a year now, and all I can say is, is that it changed me life. And I’m not exaggerating; I was looking for a trustworthy website where I can improve my makeup and clothing options(by a lot; I needed the help), when I stumbled upon Yesstyle. At first, I was pretty nervous and I looked up plenty of reviews and hauls on yt. Eventually I tried it out and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve probably spent $600+ and purchased 50+ items. To this day, I’ve only ever had 1 shirt that I was unsatisfied with. Needless to say, I love this site and will never stop using it(probably). I hope that new items arrive soon, though, and get a lot of reviews ‘cause I have basically already combed through all of the women’s clothing and makeup sections heh... My only word of advice is that you should definitely look at the reviews and sizing before purchasing anything(hopefully there’s a lot of good, specific comments). Especially for clothes. (Life Hack: If you have a pretty typical body weight/height and you’re looking at a pretty popular item with lots of reviews, instead of measuring yourself[which takes forever!] just find a review from a person who states that their height/weight is the same as yours. They typically mention sizing and stuff~) Sorry for the super long comment hehe~
  • Originally had good experience, but last order was poor

    By ModestMon
    In the past I’ve had pretty good service with YesStyle in terms of ordering from them. The con with clothes is that they do store credit only if you need to return something due to wrong size or didn’t want it anymore. Prices could be cheaper on some items but on the other brands, you’d find better prices elsewhere. Always check! Recently I ordered masks from them in late March due to the recent events and because my area ordered a mandatory mask in place policy. They told me it would come in 5-14 days and the e-mail also added a vague message that there could be delays. My package sat in a city in the same state for weeks and I had to contact their CS three times. One was an automatic response and the other two claimed that everyone was informed that orders may be delayed 3-4 weeks now. I show proof on my e-mails that they never told me 3-4 weeks for the delay, only the vague warning of “there may be delays”. I was forced to get my payment company involved in getting my money back, since CS told me if my masks didn’t turn up by the end of May, they could not issue a refund. This is poor handling in a time like this and they attempted to cover up their tracks when I made the inquiries. I was part of their rewards program and at a high level. After this incident, I am no longer supporting their business. They are not equipped to handle orders or business in times of need.
  • Amazing products!

    By Not even worth it.......
    This app is so amazing! I downloaded it after hearing about it from an influencer that I watch. After downloading the app I realized there were so many more products than I initially thought! Products that I normally buy in store are on this app, and they’re way more inexpensive, especially with the opportunities for discounts that the app provides, with coupons, loyalty tiers, etc. What’s even more reassuring is the fact that they’re actually authorized sellers of products that you’d probably never expect to see at such great prices, like Laneige, SK-II, and other amazing brands. Their products range from skin care, to beauty, to clothing, to electronic accessories—to put it shortly, they have everything, and at great prices! This app makes me feel like I hardly have to step foot in another store again! Thanks for such an amazing app

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