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  • Last Updated: 2020-10-13
  • New version: 3.53
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.5 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sell on Etsy

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Sell on Etsy is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by Etsy, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Etsy, Inc., with the latest current version being 3.53 which was officially released on 2020-10-13. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8,421 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.35233 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Sell on Etsy, our app just for sellers, lets you easily manage your business on the go. Respond to customers, see your shop stats, and manage your orders. Sell on Etsy makes it easy to: --Save time with Snippets: Waiting in line at the post office? The Snippets feature lets you quickly respond to customers by saving your most frequent responses. --Get the whole picture: Keep tabs on your views, visits, orders, favorites and sales history. --Stay notified: “Cha-ching!” find out when someone purchases an item, sends you a new Convo or favorites your shop or items. (Customize your notifications in Settings). --Manage your orders: Access open and completed orders, renew items from sold orders, mark as shipped, add private notes and send shipping notifications so buyers know when items are on the way. --Access your listings: Create, edit, renew, and publish listings directly from the app. Use your camera to upload photos and make a listing on-the-spot. Access shop sections and item variations for quick editing. Activate and deactivate items with a tap. Who knew your phone could do all that. You must have an Etsy shop to use this app. Get started at

Top Reviews

  • Go back to the old payment system!

    By Liz7/95
    I Used to love selling on Etsy, I opened my shop a little over a year ago and while i don’t get a lot of orders I feel like my shop is successful, I get great reviews and haven’t gotten anything other then five stars. But then they changed how payments work just before Christmas. pay off the fees once a month and buy postage out of pocket which wasn’t a big deal, I would pay under $4 in fees a month and $2.75 for postage. I preferred it that was so I could get my entire payment from my very inexpensive product. The new system withholds the money from my orders and then subtracts the fees and postage from that money until I can get it into my bank account (it will only deposit money on business days). I tried to see if i could pay for postage at the time of purchase like i used to, but they have no option for that anymore, instead the fees sit in your payment waiting to either be paid off at the end of the month or for you to get another order so it can take a large amount of that money. I’m not making any money off of my product because they keep subtracting the fees from the purchase. I have a four dollar fee sitting in the payment that I can’t pay until the end of the month. I love being an Etsy seller but unless they go back to the old method or give us the option to pay for postage and fees before the billing cycle ends then I’ll have to close down my shop.
  • Apps are supposed to be convenient!

    By cat1collins
    Am I the only person who despises this app? It’s honestly so bad that I hate the thoughts of listing something. First of all, (with the iPhone X at least) it can be ridiculously easy to just swipe off of a listing that you’re working on. So, basically, after spending what feels like forever jumping through the hoops to create one — titles, pics, description, variations, etc. — it’s gone. Just gone, after all that time and effort. Why can’t there be a “Are you sure you want to leave this listing?” or “Would you like to save this listing as a draft?” or some other option that MAKES SENSE. Instead, there’s nothing. You accidentally slide your finger too far across your screen, then you just have to start over. WHICH takes a lot of time and work considering (my next point) that there isn’t an option to save variations to use on future listings. PLEASE consider those of us who do custom clothing. Gildan, Comfort Colors, etc. have A LOT of color options to choose from. I WANT to give my customers options, but I don’t feel like it when I have to manually type in 30+ colors every time I post a different design. It’s 2020. Etsy has been a thing for years now. Why isn’t this figured out already? Even if this is different on a desktop or laptop, it’s just not as convenient. That’s the point of an app. I’m glad to be able to work (mostly) from the app, but I really just wish it was better.
  • Slow with annoying glitches and changes

    By Sdnskjvn
    I used to love using the app, but recent changes are annoying and time consuming. First of all, the app runs SO slow. When I enter my shop and try to search for listings, it takes 20+ seconds for my listings to load, another 20+ seconds for my keyboard to even show up, then another 20+ seconds for the search to occur. Ridiculous. Secondly, words get broken up within a conversation when it is sent. It will be typed perfectly prior to sending, but once it is sent to the customer, it chops up the words incorrectly and creates spaces where there shouldn’t be. Not only does it make it hard to read, it also looks unprofessional on my part. The other update that is very annoying is that when a customer contacts me with a link to a particular listing to ask a question about it, it used to open that listing within the app so that I could see which one the customer was referring to. With the latest update, it opens the listing in a web browser instead, which meansq I then have to sign into Etsy on the web. An unnecessary step that wastes my time. Lastly, other changes within Etsy have SIGNIFICANTLY decreased my total views of my items and therefore 59 PERCENT!!! What an absurd drop in views & sales in my shop. After 4.5 very successful years of selling on Etsy, I’m seriously considering changing selling platforms. Pretty unhappy with the current app.
  • Deactivated Items seem Targeted

    By ColoringByotch
    I’ve been selling Keychains that are from molds that were advertised as for protection, like the animal shaped safety Keychains or resin knuckles I turn into Keychains. While I am aware of the policies of selling these types of items and will work around my deactivations, I can't help but feel my shop has been targeted. 11 of my listings have been deactivated in total over only three months of my shop being open, while I see several other stores that also ship out of California, a state where knuckles of any material and used for violence are considered knuckle busters and are illegal, that have hundreds of sales of not only knuckles made of actual metal but knuckles of all materials, shapes, and sizes. I would just like to understand how I can sell my accessories without being targeted, or how these other sellers that seem to be ignoring Etsy policy in my same state can get away with making hundreds of sales while I struggle to make a few. Not to mention, when I tried to contact Etsy to make an appeal, the site refused to send my filled in appeal, let alone let me see the entire page form. It just seems that if my store items keep getting repeatedly deactivated by Etsy, other stores also in CA that have made hundreds of sales with items that are more culpable of disobeying website policy should also be discouraged as often as someone like me who has made less than 30 sales total.
  • Too Buggy to be Helpful

    By NaNo Writer
    At first this app was convenient because I take product photos with my phone, so creating listings in the app without having to deal with the cloud or whatever for photos was great. But this app has too many bugs with adding photos now to be worth it. Multiple times this week I have tried to add new listings to try to build momentum (baby Etsy seller, baby handmade seller period) and actually make some sales with Cyber Week promos, a social media follower coupon, all that jazz. But when I try to upload photos of my items, the app freezes and I have to completely close it and start it over. Again. And again. And again. And maybe I’ll get one or two listings done if I’m lucky before the problem starts again. So now I’m going to have to go to the desktop to create all my listings. I’m so aggravated that I’m seriously rethinking using Etsy as a platform period. The listing process is cumbersome and time consuming already without these issues. I’ve been promising new listings on social media for the sale and now I’m having to delay things because I can’t get things listed from the app and have to navigate photo transfers. Not good for my morale as a new seller and not good for my tiny infant shop. And yes, if you’ve made it this far reading through my rant, I do have the latest version of the app and my phone’s software.
  • Etsy Support

    By grey hansen
    The etsy app overall is decent. It is user friendly but has significant issues with sign ins and partially added features. The issues that I have had are with etsy support. After about 2000 hours spent working on up keeping an etsy shop, hundreds of sales, no unhappy customers, and no cases against my shop I was suspended and banned from etsy with no warnings. I was banned because they found a connection from my account to another account that I have had ZERO involvement with. When I noticed that my account was suspended I immediately reached out to etsy regarding the issue, and assumed that it was just a small issue that I could work with them on to fix. In response, Etsy support let me know that they are very careful with making decisions, and that there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. Additionally, I was told that any etsy accounts that I attempt to create in the future will be immediately closed without warning. Finally, Etsy support said that if I am to reach out to them again regarding the issue that they will be unable to respond. (That they will ignore me). This leaves me heavily dissatisfied with Etsy Support and Many Parts of Etsy’s systems. I have never in my life left a negative review on any service or product, however, I feel strongly that these actions deserve at the least a negative review.
  • Disappointed

    By uniquetreecreations
    It has happened a few times that if I accidentally swipe to the bottom of the screen, my unpublished listing completely disappears - not even appearing in the drafts. I had already entered almost all of the information so this was very frustrating. Additionally I was frustrated that they enrolled my ad into an offsite program that ended up taking $15 from my sale, and that is on top of what I paid for transaction fees and my regular costs to publish the listing. In total it took $25 from the sale of my item. And after I pay to ship my item, this will end up being probably $35-$40 taken from the total. I was not aware that Etsy would list your products into 3rd party ad sites and then take a few that large from your sale. Of course, they surely have it disclosed in the fine print somewhere, but it would have been really nice to have been given the option up front and to have personally chosen to be included in offsite advertising. I felt as if this was done without my permission and although I’m grateful to have made a sale, I definitely would have priced my shop items higher if I had known I was going to be paying a 15% fee to Etsy on the sale. Overall I am frustrated and disappointed with the Etsy experience.
  • Etsy Doesn’t Care About It’s Sellers

    By Obrisaiah
    I was a seller on Etsy from October 2020 to April 2021. I was nearly at 1000 sales when suddenly Etsy suspended my shop saying that my handmade items were not handmade, and only sent me automatic responses to all of my messages. I started Etsy because I couldn’t work anymore since I’m high risk to COVID, and Etsy really just discarded me like I was nothing. Now it’s June and I’m not going to be able to have anywhere to live when my lease is up in July. My items were in fact handmade, not trademarked, not copyrighted, and not commercially sold. It really hurts that a platform that claims to be all about inclusivity, individuality, respect, and integrity isn’t all that it was advertised. When your shop shuts down and you email them you will be met with a automatic response. When you message them about that you will then be met with another automated response. After the second one you’ll be met with a person that tells you to send them information about your shop, and after you send that you’ll be met with another automatic response instead of them reviewing and acknowledging anything that you’re saying. If you don’t believe this warning, that’s fine. But when it happens to you just like it happened to me and thousands of others... you’ll be just as frustrated.
  • Aggravating glitch since last update!

    By Veghead11574
    This app has definitely improved since first being released. I use it mostly for replying to convos because I find it difficult to setup listings from my phone. Since the last update, there is a glitch that is taking the remaining letters of the last word typed, and putting just those letters onto the next line down, rather than moving the entire word down onto the next line when it’s too long to fit on the line above. (This is an example of what I am talking ab out happening. Do you see how difficult an d incredibly annoying it is when you’re tryi ng to read the text? Also, if my customer is reading my messages from the app, it mak es me look like a grammar-less idiot. I don ’t like this because I am a grammar Nazi!) You don’t see the nonsensical wording until the message is actually sent. I HATE THIS! It looks sloppy and makes it difficult to read. It happens on messages that I have sent and also received, and it only happens with the Sell on Etsy app. So, when I’m reading the same exact messages from my browser or on my Etsy-Shop Creative app, the messages look normal. Please fix the glitch!!!! Thank you!
  • App is limited

    By Awe34678
    The Etsy Seller app is great for if you plan on viewing your orders and stats. Or if you need to do small edits to your titles, tags, and description. If you want to actually use the features found on the website, your best bet is it access your shop through Safari or a computer. This app has potential, but it lacks many features needed to use it effectively. A couple of things that drive me crazy- You cannot Print your orders in the normal format. Instead, it is enlarged and prints like a webpage would. Second, you cannot view order details on the order page. You have to click each one individually until you find the one you need. Those are only the tiny details that are flawed. The biggest issues- you cannot print shipping labels from the app. The marketing options are limited, as well as the settings. For most settings, it will tell you to get on a computer. You also cannot unselect an attribute or recipient once it is selected. You can only change it to a new option. I keep the app simply for viewing basic information on new orders and to update tags.

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