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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-12
  • New version: 5.93
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Wayfair – Shop All Things Home

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Wayfair – Shop All Things Home is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Wayfair LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wayfair LLC, with the latest current version being 5.93 which was officially released on 2021-04-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,218,315 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.84413 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Hold the world’s largest selection of home goods in the palm of your hand! Our innovative new 3D View in Room feature lets you shop and compare like never before. Whether you’re redoing an entire room, creating a wedding registry, or simply searching for a great deal, Wayfair makes shopping for your home easy and fun. Join millions of shoppers already using our app to: Access Revolutionary New Features • See life-sized versions of products in any space using our 3D View in Room feature • Track large packages in real time—right to your doorstep! Find Your Personal Style • Choose from over 7 million products • Save your faves with Idea Boards • Get inspired with professional designs in Shop the Look Effortlessly Create Your Dream Home • Arrange furniture and design your ideal space with our Room Planner tool • Stay up to date on the latest sales and easily check your order status • Purchase items FAST with our mobile-optimized checkout • Build a wedding registry that works for you and your guests Shopping for a business? Try Wayfair Professional! • Dedicated service • Commercial-grade options • Something for every industry & budget • Exclusive pricing • And more Don’t have an account with Wayfair.com? Sign up now using the app to access our great features, high-quality products, and more!

Top Reviews

  • Easy Peasy

    By WelcomeHomeSW
    Positives: The selection of styles is almost endless on the Wayfair app, and very modern and even cutting edge. So no complaint about style! the selection and payment process is pretty smooth once you have a credit card on file. The prices are anywhere from good to expensive, and they have a great program for “Pros” that gives me additional discounts. One unexpected positive was putting together the furniture. A couple of pieces of large furniture (mid century modern style sofa & chair) were ridiculously easy to assemble! Like this: insert the back into the base, now screw on four legs. you’re done. The whole couch was put together in less than 10 minutes! Also lightweight. I’m guessing this furniture wouldn’t last a long time in a family with heavy use (?) but for my purposes (staging) they’re perfect. The smaller and less expensive pieces of furniture are lightweight, generally easy to put together, and easy to move around. Negatives: Well, one has to wait for the product to arrive - so for someone in my industry (which is real estate staging) that’s not always an option. Also the return periods are ridiculously short. It’ll take two weeks to ship it out and then you have only 30 days to return - even if it’s defective! So it’s a real problem if the box doesn’t get opened until the return period is almost exhausted.
  • Best resource for EVERYTHING!

    By LeeTatum
    Wayfair has everything. In the last year, I’ve bought two desks, four area rugs, dining room chairs, a new upholstered platform bed, curtains, and a 12” pillow-top memory foam mattress (at a fraction of the cost charged by the new trendy online mattress companies). Then after making sure my husband & I were comfortable, I bought some cat “shelves”(stylish ramps to attach to your walls so that your cats can look down on you literally and figuratively). And once I decide which will be the best for our spoiled felines, I’m also ordering a cat tree in grey to match the tufted velvet grey sofa I got from Wayfair. Only Wayfair makes sure that everything you order is not only safe, fun, and ultra comfy, but also stylish. I love that I can buy furniture, bedding, curtains, cat condos & carriers (have you ever checked out their pet items?), decorative items, and so much more all in one place. Because I live in a very small town, shopping options are minimal. Wayfair is like having all the glories of L.A. (where we used to live) without the freeways and two-hour drives to a store 7 miles away. So, the selections are phenomenal, the prices are great (I do wait for sales — they send me nifty email), and our new home is coming together wonderfully. Wayfair is my one stop shop for everything for our home and its two- and four-legged occupants.
  • A complete letdown and disappointment!!!

    By Kristen👩🏻
    I ordered a trampoline on April 3, it said estimated delivery may 15th. I waited patiently and NEVER received any email stating the status of my order. I called a couple of times (ever time waiting for a minimum of 30 minutes) just to check on it and was never told there was any problem. It was expected to ship to me on time! On may 11, I called again since the status online still said preparing to ship, I spoke with Bernard and he informed me I would receive an email because it would be on a truck for delivery that day. On Tuesday the status still said preparing to ship so I called again and this time the customer support representative actually looked into the supplier and found out there were no trampolines in stock! Why did Bernard lie???? Why didn’t the manufacturer inform Wayfair that there were no in stock trampolines (I could wait until mid July for one....ya right!!!), and most importantly why does Wayfair not send any confirmation emails letting you know what’s going on???? I’m so disappointed and had to inform my daughter who has been waiting for over a month, that our trampoline is not coming!!! This was my first and LAST time shopping with Wayfair!!!! Thank you for being nothing but a disappointment!!!!
  • I’m a Human!!

    By CLPro User
    I love Wayfair. They have a great selection of products at reasonable prices. The app is really great too. Everything I could want is there: the search engine, the favorites list that I can separate by project, the in stock notifications. The most frustrating pain point in using the app though, is the constant interruption asking me if I’m a human. I mean, it’s constant. I’m redoing a kitchen...so I’m on here practically every day trying to nail down the final selections. But as I’m tapping through the colors available in an undermount sink——please verify you’re a human. Then I have to tap all pictures with a fire hydrant. That, in itself, is an annoyance. But what is down right irritating is that after I pass my human test, the entire app is frozen. FROZEN. Is in, will not move and nothing works. I have to close it down. Why don’t I close it down before the hassle of the human test, you ask?? Well, because if I do that, the test is there, waiting for me, when I reopen the app, and then freezes anyway! Infuriating, right? It seems to happen more on the iPad than the iPhone but it does happen on both devices. I’m sure if I just closed the app and waited 10-15 minutes the captcha would clear out, but let’s face it....when you are on a faucet hunt, you are more likely to just close the app and fine your item elsewhere.

    By Melissacnc
    As I have worked in customer service my entire career, I have always had extremely high expectations for any company and their employees for going above and beyond with Customer Service. Until I started shopping at Wayfair, I have never seen a company who consistently has the best customer service that goes above and beyond the call of duty on every single issue they encounter. I love to shop, but it is an absolute joy to purchase from them because you know if there’s ever an issue they will do any and everything they can to correct the problem at their expense and make it as easy for you as possible. In my opinion they are the best company with the best customer service standards that are currently in business. If I have a chance to buy something at Wayfair, I would buy it at Wayfair , even if it was more expensive, which it never is, but even hypothetically if it was, I would still buy at Wayfair because I know I would be covered and guaranteed wonderful customer service every single time. Congratulations to upper management of this company you have done an amazing job with your people. Keep up the excellent work, and you have a customer for life!!!
  • The menu items not selectable. Unable to reach app support

    By jon kirkpatrick
    I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.3 and am having an issue with going through the menu options. It seems the issue happens most often after viewing a specific furniture item and the selecting home then “furniture” from there the options for “living room furniture”, “bedroom”, kitchen & dining room”, “office furniture”, etc. are all non-selectable. The only way to get them working again is to close out the app and reopen it. It also does this on some other pages but this is the one that I can replicate it the most. No issues on the website mobile page. Tried app support link from the Apple App Store page and was sent to a link not found page on Wayfair. I called customer service and there was no option for app support. By pressing zero, I did get ahold of someone who while very nice and polite, kept asking if my problem with the app was a problem finding my order and was dismissive and said it worked on hers since she has the same phone. Said I should contact my network carrier and would leave a not with the appropriate department.
  • Love this companyI!!!

    By shejustshe
    I have been ordering from Wayfair for almost two years. The items have been great. My first purchase was bar stools purple with stainless steel bases. They are an eye catcher setting off my room perfectly. The second was a patio se. it was a shock to have to put it together but I managed it by myself within two days, never having out anything together before in my life. The next items were smaller bedspreads one that I returned easily with prompt and very satisfactory customer service interaction. Two months ago three metal beds, all easy to put together and superior in quality, the bedrooms look fantastic. Lastly draperies and sheers fast delivery. The items are of excellent quality so much so that I am ordering another set for my bedroom as well. My experience thus far has been one of ease professionalism and integrity. I love the confidence, the quality and the products my home, apartment looks beautiful. I receive many compliments. I am not sure why others are experiencing difficulty for me this company is simply a adventure into decorating heaven!!!
  • Replacing a damaged item

    By REN00048
    I received my order and part of it was damaged. I contacted Wayfair immediately to report the damaged item. I was assured that I would receive a replacement. But I have still not received any confirmation in writing that the replacement parts are indeed ordered. I’ve checked my account online and sometimes I see that a replacement was ordered, but most times it just says my order was delivered. When I’ve contacted again I was assured that it was being sent the next day and that I’d get tracking information. Still no confirmation or tracking information. I check my account again and no reference to replacement parts is there. I try and find a number or chat to contact again and can find nothing. I just get sent in circles. Your application is terrible. Nothing gets updated consistently. One time I find a contact number and the next time no contact number. I’ve found chat. But can’t find it again. I’m not that stupid. But your application makes me feel this way. While the people I’ve spoken to seem nice at the time I can’t seem to make any progress. Everything about this process has been frustrating. I’m very angry and I have a child who is very upset because we can’t put his bed together because it’s broken. Terrible. Terrible. Once I get resolution you can be assured that I won’t be using Wayfair again.
  • The Facebook of E-commerce

    By Stiney1124
    While I love most of the items I’ve purchased from Wayfair, it startles me how targeted the ads are when I mention, out loud, what I feel like I should be buying soon for my home. The combination of Instagram/Facebook and Wayfair “intelligence” is something to be mindful of and alarmed by for every consumer. I don’t recall feeling this anxious when first started using the app. Now if I mention anything, an alert pops up on my phone highlighting something I am thinking about getting. Most recently I needed kitchen chairs and it magically appeared in a badge alert and on instagram and Facebook. I went to the app, perused a few selections, and saved a few to my board. Next day, magically the price went up on a set I liked the most (consistent with chairs I’ve looked at for my living room in the past). This combination prompted me to NOT go with Wayfair, and to choose another vendor. I appreciate the customer service I’ve received in the past but I think twice now about buying from a company that listens so intensely to what people are thinking about when they don’t realize they’re being listened to. Shutting off the mic access for them and all apps that fit this mold going forward.
  • Worst site especially if you have a business

    By BambiiWithBows
    I just cancelled my business account with them. Me and my husband own a construction/interior design company and let me tell you that this is by far the absolute worst company I have ever worked with. A client had picked out a bedroom set and we both soon regretted it. We received an email the day we were supposed to receive the bed that the bed was now out of stock.... so we though no way this could happen again, we then ordered a different bed that was “okay” compared to the other. I called my consultant to confirm that this bed was in-fact in stock, I was told they had abundance available. While waiting we had received the two end tables. Not only are they made of extremely cheap materials. They were both dented, missing paint, the drawers on one were bowed and the whole side on the other was not attached. Not even an hour later I receive yet another email that the bed we had ordered for the SECOND TIME was no longer in stock...... I have to keep calling my customer. They of course understood but it reflects very bad on my business. I called extremely upset and received no help on this matter what so ever. Not even help on finding a bed that could possibly match that for sure was in stock. I do not recommend this website.

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