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Webex is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by Cisco. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Cisco, with the latest current version being 41.7.1 which was officially released on 2021-07-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 494 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.33401 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The all-new Webex App brings everyone together to do exceptional work: One, easy-to-use, and secure app to meet, message, and make calls. Engaging, intelligent, and inclusive experiences make working together distinctly better, in real-time or at any time. Meet: Real-time translation of over 100+ languages, personalized meeting layouts, and background noise removal ensure everyone can be seen and heard, regardless of where they are joining from. Message: Real-time messaging connects you before, during, and after meetings. Easily collaborate through 1:1 and group messaging, and securely and easily share files with internal teams and external colleagues using just an email address. Call: With your favorite calling features built into the app, you have the power of your business phone anytime, anywhere. Instantly start impromptu conversations, access visual voicemail, and more. To learn more about the Webex App and explore our new features, visit webex.com By downloading the Webex App, you agree to the Webex App terms of service available at www.cisco.com.go/eula, the Cisco Online Privacy Statement, and the Webex privacy data sheets available at https://trustportal.cisco.com/c/r/ctp/trust-portal.html?doctype=Privacy © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Top Reviews

  • Good app, few feature should be added

    By Karate Kenzie
    I use this app for school, and I have to say: It’s extremely convenient. Especially during coronavirus. However, there are a few things that need to be changed (in my opinion!) First, I think that the developers should work on fixing the fact that every time you get out the app to research anything, the next time you get into it, it just sits there and lags. Second, I think that you should fix the fact that you can’t raise your hand when you join from WebEx Teams into meetings. I may be wrong and there is a way to do this one, but if that is the case, PLEASE reply and correct me! :) Finally, I think that you should add a feature where you can look at what people’s deleted messages said. There have been many times where my friends tricked me and deleted their message and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I just think these features would be really useful, but other than that I think that this is a great app and I’d recommend it to many people. Have a good day!
  • New issues with push notifications

    By Megzxc
    Since the last update, I’m now getting push notifications on my phone for messages that I have already read on my laptop, and I am not getting push notifications at all for some brand new messages that did trigger on-screen notifications on my laptop. I will say that the search feature seems to have improved recently. It’s not as slow as it used to be, and I can now search for groups by name whereas I didn’t used to get any results back at all when searching for group names.
  • Please Add Apple Watch Support

    By Fiyer411
    WebEx (Teams) has a great iOS app. It integrates very nicely with my desktop client running simultaneously and is great for calls and team messaging. It has been my full replacement for Jabber for 3 months now and I am loving it. The only feature it is lacking is an Apple Watch App. I miss being able to change my status from my watch like I could do in Jabber. I also miss the ability to check conversation history and check for new messages on my watch. While I still get the notifications on my watch, I don’t always see those or remember if I responded or not. By having an Apple Watch App, I could see the real-time conversation history, order and read status. Thank you!
  • R&D Listen up!

    By Adventist
    I’m so confused as to why all Webex features are not available in one app? Why must i download three different Webex apps? We are past those days! Lets create a better UI This definitely needs to be consolidated into one app....also would be a game changer if you could do file sharing in a way that the parties included can make personal changes or notes that would store on their end view...... effectually a shared document that can be individually annotated on ones own end. 1) Also try to integrate a social space... Call it the “Break Room 2) Make task lists available for projects.... with status bar, and status updates.... so that team members can know when projects are completed. 3) make a way to attach a title to the user example: CEO, secretary, Manager, supervisor...etc Reach out to me for clarification on any ideas and we can also discuss compensation for any ideas implemented.

    By scooter snail
    Ok, so after the update, there has been a major glitch that needs to be fixed instantly. While we have to do important school work and send photons and attend meetings, the app keeps asking to get permission to use photos and the microphone to send photos and hear meetings. The problem is that for iOS, there is nothing to let Webex access the camera and the microphone in settings. It’s gone! Reduced to atoms! It doesn’t exist. Please somehow integrate in into the Webex app, or just automatically do it. Thank you for reading my ted talk.
  • Teams

    By theoatdawn
    Aww man! I love the new update! There are so many new features! And it is more compact, easier to read, new themes, and it makes it really easy to communicate with my teachers during virtual learning! However....the new update forced me to log out and back in..as well as other students and teachers across the district. From then on we were not able to find our teams.... but it is a very seamless app!😁
  • Cool bed no

    By Chuclee
    So Webex is a great app but if you are in LISD student your messages will always be deleted by LISD Moderator. He deletes messages and he might even remove you from a team you made sometimes he removes the people you added to your team but if you add them again he will remove them and send you a message over 3 times. If you are not in LISD staff member then he will message you operation checked requires LISD staff member in it. Even in a private chat your message will be deleted. So we rated this 2 stars. 1 is for a good app which sends messages but the other is for Messages getting deleted if you are you in LISD.
  • Big brother!!!!!!

    By NYC+30
    Creating a psycho effect on business users by showing when everyone was last “seen”! Who cares???? ???? ???? Only management does. Cisco enforces surveillance, not productivity. My friends at another job keep moving the mouse to show them Active!! Stop showing that Active status!!! Others will get back to us when they see the message!!! We don’t need to see if they are active, only to see if they do a presentation so we don’t disturb them. Response to Developer’s comment: NO! This functionality, to show you inactive after 5 minutes, should not be there! It creates 1. a desire to management to be big brother (and expect that you have it on when others do) 2. stress for subordinates. I am in management. You can tell me all excuses but you still create a non-productive frame. Please remove it instead of finding excuses. There are other silent employee activity monitoring tools. You should not make this app the same.
  • Can’t Turn Off Meeting Notifications

    By BubbaJoeBobMac
    With the recent update push notifications are now showing for upcoming meetings. I do not want these notifications, and the app doesn’t provide a way to turn them off. If you want to get notifications when someone sends you a message on teams you are stuck. Please fix!
  • Great for quick video across the world

    By Sillejo
    I’ve been using this with friends around the world for quick video and texting. Better than WhatsApp because it tells me if they saw my ping or when they were active last. Great for multi-time zones. Quality is great and sign up was easy with work or gmail

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