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  • New version: 4.42.0
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Olympics is an iPhone and Android Sports App, made by International Olympic Committee. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - International Olympic Committee, with the latest current version being 4.42.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 38,982 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.63429 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The official app of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Jul 23-Aug 8, 2021) & Paralympics (Aug 24-Sep 5, 2021) is your personal guide and companion to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Get latest updates, news, schedule, sports expected at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Join the Olympic Torch Relay journey as the flame travels through iconic locations in Japan and follow it via live streaming and highlights. Customise your experience by choosing your favourite sports, team and get personalised reminders and notifications to stay up to date. Play a Tokyo 2020 FanZone game: test your knowledge on Trivia and enjoy Magic Moments. The app content is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Hindi, Korean and Spanish.

Top Reviews

  • Lots of info, but not user friendly. And what Time Zone!?

    By ChampOzark
    This app has been around since at least the last Olympic Games, yet is still not user friendly. Professional interface engineers need to apply best practices with user feedback to improve the usability. Too many hoops to jump through (too many clicks to desired info) and insufficient user customization of the interface. Why are event times in military time with no time zone provided? We can assume it’s local to the Olympic site, but how do we know? It could also be GMT. And why can’t we just select our time zone in settings and see all events at the time they occur in our own time zone? As it stands now, we have to covert military time to regular civilian time and then figure out what time zone the Olympic site is in (Japan this year) and then figure out the difference between the time in Japan and the time in our own town and then covert! Just let me set my time zone!
  • A really nice app!

    By scottyo3921
    Used in conjunction with the NBC app, this provides a pretty good way to determine what you want to watch. I love the auto update and the suppression of scores until you decide to go into the detail for an event. There is one thing I’d like to see: On this app’s schedule page, Live Now is great in that it allows you to see whatever is actually in progress, unlike the NBC app which gives a vague hint as to whether something is in progress, terminated, not yet started, etc. But it doesn’t allow you to see what’s up coming, even events starting in the next minute or two. Turn off Live Now, and you have to scroll like crazy to the list to find out what isn’t finished yet. At least that’s very clearly marked, as is the live now status. But what would really be nice is a button available when live now is off, to allow you to scroll instantly to currently in-progress events. Alternatively, you could have the Live Now screen show the next hour or two‘s worth of events with the note they’re not live yet, say under an Upcoming header. All that said, this is still a really good app. Thank you!
  • Medal Count

    By FDM_Mom
    Overall I like the app, the news is nice and schedule helpful. I wish this app had the medal count by the flag and then you opened for the details. It was an easy way to look for a change or to see what different countries were getting when you don’t have the time to open every country individually
  • Bugs and bigger issue

    By Drl621
    First of all, there is no contact option in the app if you have a technical issue with the app. And when you try to use the “other” category to send a message, it does not allow you to complete the process. You can only get as far as “checking” your message, but there is no “send” or similar option. Second of all, I wanted to use the app to get notifications to view event but there seems to be no way to do this. There’s a “schedule” page but it also shows results. Given that I’m far from Japan and will be watching most events many hours after they actually take place, I don’t want the results in advance!
  • No Leaderboard

    By ShaneGuymon
    I mainly downloaded this app with one hope in mind... I’d be able see a leaderboard of medals won by country. Instead you primarily show medals by event. Then you can see medals by country, but only by individual countries. Why would you not do something as simple as showing a leaderboard by country and which country has won the most medals. Then allow people to drill down into a country to see what events the medals were awarded. Seems like the most logical and obvious approach. The Olympic Games are a competition between countries after all.
  • Bug in Schedule

    By serena-luna
    There appears to be a bug in the Schedule - it doesn’t let you change the date past the current day. When you try to change the date (to tomorrow for example), the save button doesn’t work….. :( It would also be awesome to be able to favorite events so that you can check them later without having to browse through the whole schedule again.
  • Peter Jones

    By hairpsychic
    I LOVED THE OPENING CEREMONY.... Except ...PLEASE Don’t Ruin the wonderful uplifting, encouraging Spirit of humanity with On-Going Running Verbal commentaries of Social Ills, Political Differences & Problems. For a few moments: let us be Inspired, let us revel in our dreams, let us enjoy the creations of ourselves and others . We have the Constant Streaming Of Negative Realities All Day Long!!! Give us a Break —-PLEASE So that we can Raise our Sights !!!
  • Olympics A Day Late

    By Orchidlady1970
    Have been loving the Olympics, though watching in Hawaii, everything is over by the time we get it. I end up watching a lot of double coverage, it’s in reruns when we get it. Love the curling and biathlon , speed skating, short track , well everything, have loved seeing the respect between participants, it’s heartwarming. Real sportsmanship!
  • Suggestion for Schedule tab

    By MissingMyTwitter
    Great app. Would like to make a suggestion for the Schedule tab. Is it possible to enable freezing of the date at the top so that when scrolling down, the date can still be seen? At the moment, the dates are lost when scrolling down. Thanks!
  • Very Poor User Experience

    By b@llerDip$et
    The format of the Schedule tab makes it hard to read. The Medals tab is virtually worthless without medals per country comparison. The Watch tab offers pretty much nothing more than direction to download some other app. The News tab is good enough. And More offers some settings access and more instructions to download other apps. Not a lot of value offered in this app. I'm sure the coding is sound but the ux design on this app is astonishingly bad. Bad enough that I actually had to write a review. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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