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  • New version: 4.0.0
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Fivestars is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by FiveStars Loyalty. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - FiveStars Loyalty, with the latest current version being 4.0.0 which was officially released on 2020-03-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,698 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.05654 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Fivestars gets you rewards at thousands of local businesses with one easy program. It is the largest network of local businesses in the North America, saves you more money than you thought possible, and makes it easy and rewarding to find and share your favorite places. More than 30 million people in America have used Fivestars to Love Local. All you need is a phone number to earn points and rewards at more than 12,000 local businesses nationwide. • Sign in with your phone number • See your reward program details in one place • Discover great Fivestars businesses nearby in the Discover tab • View business descriptions, see their hours, and easily call or get directions • Get notified instantly when you’ve earned points and rewards

Top Reviews

  • Terrible “upgrade”

    By ZzzAn1meH1me
    I used to rather like this app. It’s always nice to be rewarded for shopping for things you were on the fence for. That said the new update absolutely ruined it. Starting with a complete redesign of a service is annoying enough as it is, I am not a fan of relearning something just on a programmers whim, but the app doesn’t even give you a user memo, tutorial, or even a basic guide to the new changes and layout. It doesn’t help that even the shop owners I’ve talked to didn’t get any kind of heads up to the system changes. The new app is garbage and has actually lost functionality. You used to be able to manually sign in when you visited a shop. Now I guess it’s supposed to auto check in, but I have never actually seen that work. My wife was smart enough to skip the upgrade. Her check ins always show up and she gets three times as many sales/ coupons notifications as I do to the same shops! Her version even has an ability to send me these notices through text (that disappeared for me too) and even then when I accept them through the text they don’t load! Bottom line: if already use it, I guess hold out and hopefully they’ll revert back to a useful build. If you’re new, skip it.
  • Ok app only because it's free

    By drjekyllmrlee
    Not a great system for points and recording when you visit. There is a restaurant that I have visited no less than 8-10 times this year yet the app says I have been there twice and I enter my phone number each time I go. Other restaurants I have visited state I have never visited so in summary if it credits your visits and credits you for the points generated then great but the system is unreliable. On the orther hand you don't pay anything to join/belong so if you receive perks then great, if you don't then you haven't actually lost anything. This app could generate much greater loyalty if it actually worked as it is supposed to. I also have trouble navigating the app for restaurants and business not near my home. In summary very mediocre app only because the execution of the technical side of the app is disappointing ☹️
  • Amazing for rewards!

    By RealSenses
    FiveStars is a great app, and works really well at tracking points and offering rewards at participating stores and restaurants. It's a great interface that lists all the participating stores you've checked in at with your FiveStars account, and your points that you've earned at those location. After just a few purchases you might earn a free item or a discount with your FiveStars account, or see how much more you'd need to spend to get a certain item or discount. I highly recommend it, and encourage other stores and restaurants to start using FiveStars so customers get rewards just for shopping like they normally would!
  • Small Business Owners Beware!!

    By FemalesAgainstPosh
    I used to frequent a lot of local places that had solid reward systems in place. Once they switched over to 5 Star (which I jokingly call Zero Star), I stopped going. Why? Because prior to 5 Star I could buy 10 coffees get 1 Free. Or get 20% off my local Plato’s for spending $100. With 5 Stars, I have to buy 50 coffees. Or at Plato’s, I now have to spend $200 to get 20% off, plus I can only spend $80. Then, none of that money I just spent goes towards my reward points. I like the mom and pop feel of a punch card or a simple reward system. Furthermore, they send me texts saying I earned a reward. When I look at what I’ve earned, it’s a generic email promotion. BASICALLY LYING. Seriously, if a local business chooses to use this corporation, I no longer go there. And I’m a big proponent of supporting local biz. SMALL BUSINESSES BEWARE!!
  • Worst company!!

    By Angelacarlos012805
    I recently had terrible experience with this company, I worked with this company for around a year, it never worked properly, equipment and service, so I canceled, wich by the time, I didn’t had a contract anymore, a month later approximately I get hit with a twelve hundred dollars charge from this company! So I called them to ask why, they told me it was for five tablets that they sent me, wich it was completely false, even though I explained to them that they never sent me this equipment because first of all, I’m just a small business with just my office, so no need for that kind of equipment, so the person on the phone just told me that that was what it was showing on his computer and that’s what it was!, I ended up calling my bank to dispute the charges, terrible company and service!,
  • Worst Company I’ve ever used for my business

    By FiveStarsSucks
    The business services for Five Stars should be called one star. The customer service department doesn’t answer the phone, and if you get a hold of someone they’re not going to help you they’re just going to create argument when you ask them simple questions on how to? When we decided the five stars program wasn’t working and wanted to return the consul the company gave us the runaround for six months and then sent our account to collections instead of providing a way to return and close the account. I have switch to clover and everything is running perfectly, if you own a small business and need a rewards program inventory, register, credit card processing, you can get it all done with clover. Do not use Five Stars.
  • Please improve the interface! It was great until ver. 3.2.1.

    By Kristy_syc
    Five Star used to be my fav App, it really helps me to gather all rewards from many of the stores I love to go. The idea of using an App instead of holding a lot of paper is genius! Until recent update I am kinda disappointed about the new interface, they way it shows all stores/rewards you participate in is really hard to read, plus it’s also very hard to find which merchandises are promoting now! I like the previous interface more...doesn’t mean I wish you guys never change it, but this change certainly isn’t an improvement. Hope the UI designer can do something about it.
  • More Teaspoons Availability

    By cobalt2121
    No I haven't because I moved! I'm sorry! I wish I could! I miss Teaspoons deeply so does my family & probably all others that moved from areas around there where there was a Teaspoons over here are upset because Teaspoons only want to be in Bay Area! We are people over here now, I believe I could be wrong, I know there is not one in my town which is growing fast, Hollister, none at Gilroy outlets, there's that other one "Happy Lemon's" (something like that), none in Morgan Hill! You all left us out & you just knew how it growing over to this side, you all decided to go the opposite way or started in San Francisco & probably stopped in San Jose! Don't get me started! I know it's expensive but darn we have 3, yes, 3 Starbucks even a Baskin Robins ice cream that hardly gets anyone! Please help us so we can go to Teaspoons & not Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!! For locations I rate Teaspoons a -1, you guys are great I miss it and none around ☹️ Betty
  • Needs a lot of work

    By Countrygrl19
    This app used to do its job, get your rewards, see any coupons offered, and then you could see them. Now it doesn’t show any places I am a “member” of nor does it show me any of my rewards or coupons available for said places. Every single place I was a member of has now disappeared and won’t show me any rewards. Not sure what happened but I feel like they’re cheating me out of any deals I used to get with businesses using the app. Beware if you sign up for this because unless the business emails you the coupon, you won’t know you had any to begin with, forget about your rewards though, those don’t show up.
  • Great App for Food Discounts!

    By Jam-a-fram
    I am in a big college town, all the restaurants along the main road use Fivestars and it’s a great way for me to get discounted stuff, especially when I frequent them so often when hanging out with friends, eating dinner with my family, or when I just can’t cook. I even get text notifications when my restaurants are offering food specials! My current problem with it is that I haven’t been able to open the app since the last update. I’ve redone loaded it and still, nothing happens. The only way I know I’m accumulating points is when I check in an vendor locations.

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