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  • Last Updated: 2021-02-01
  • New version: 1.58.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Xfinity My Account

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Xfinity My Account is an iPhone and Android Utilities App, made by Comcast. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Comcast, with the latest current version being 1.58.1 which was officially released on 2021-02-01. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 29,671 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.94024 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The hassle-free way to manage your Xfinity account anywhere, anytime – with no call needed. It’s easy and fast to access and personalize your WiFi name and password, check for service outages, troubleshoot or refresh your equipment, view and pay your bill, find out your tech’s arrival time, view your channel lineup and update your account whenever and wherever you want. Billing • Check your balance, view your bill history, and pay your bill using a bank account, credit card or Apple Pay • Sign up for paperless billing with EcoBill to receive monthly statements to your email inbox instead of your mailbox Manage Your Account Information • View your channel lineup • View and edit your account information, such as your contact phone number, password and email address • Look up or change your Xfinity ID • View information about your internet usage • View your Comcast Digital Voice number Setup and Troubleshooting: • View or personalize your WiFi name and password • Refresh your X1 TV box and troubleshoot your Xfinity devices • Check the connection status of your devices and get updates on service outages • Use the Xfinity assistant to ask questions and get help • Set up your remote to control all of your entertainment Appointments • Check the status, reschedule or cancel your service appointment • Find out your tech’s estimated time of arrival Contact Us • Request a call back from an Xfinity representative • Find the nearest Comcast Service Center • Learn more about 'Do Not Sell My Personal Information' options at

Top Reviews

  • Commitment to Keeping Customers Connected - NOT

    By WillNeverB2Old
    I’ve had an ongoing issue with my internet connection for the past 10 months. I was required to reset my modem almost daily. Last month I started losing connection for hours at a time. Due to COVID, I now work from home and was unable to work. In a 2 week time span, 3 techs and a supervisor came to the house. The techs are the ONLY reason I gave a 1 out of 5 rating, otherwise I would give a -5 if available! They were wonderful!! I was given the supervisor’s email and was told to track the connection loss and send him an email. The issue continued after he left my home, so I sent him a list of the times I lost connection, after they left. NO REPLY. What happened to Xfinity’s 24/7 commitment to ensuring their customers have a connection? I’ll tell you what happened... it never existed! My contract is up next month and I’m seeking other options, rather than renew my contract with Xfinity, because why should I continue to pay for a service that doesn’t work? Btw... when the techs were at the house, they had two different neighbors tells them they were having issues and they described the same issues that I’m having. Which lead the techs to believe it’s the main box. Yet no one has been out to repair the box! Don’t get me started on the chat via the app... it’s worthless! The only thing they tell you is to restart the modem!
  • Impressively Terrible

    By whitej53
    God awful company to deal with and by far the worst customer service and internet. For context, I am an engineer, so I’m somewhat tech savvy and certainly not a 90 year old man who doesn’t know internet from radio. Comcast and Xfinity are genuinely IMPRESSIVELY DREADFUL. There surely is no explanation any company can have such bad customer service unless it actually attempts to provide the worst service possible and has engrained “worst customer service possible” into their automated responses and scripts. Most companies could try to be as robotic and soulless, and they would all fail in comparison to how horrible Comcast is. Furthermore, for a company in the Telecom and “Tech” industry, they create terrible products. The My Account app keeps saying “Manage WiFi” and then reroutes me to the XFi app. After I login to the XFi app, it blocks me with a message saying “Upgrade your account” and offers a link. When I click the link it takes me back to the My Account app and says my account is already upgraded. To put a cherry on top of the pile of garbage, the in app chat symbol is completely unresponsive. It literally doesn’t do anything. Honestly this company is either run by a greedy idiot or Satan. Either way it is by far the worst company on Earth. I am blown away and in awe that any corporation could be this horrid. For that that Comcast, you may deserve an applause.
  • Customer Service| Service Charges| Differential Treatment

    By YMail Rating
    Is my WiFi really secure when my service charges matches my credit card balances or how many photos I have in my telecommunication device? And, is my broadband and server really secure when a community employee that lives on the property can tell me every site that I browsed on the previous day? Am I really secure when my home security can be bypassed by a outsource tech in another country? Are you really protecting me when my equipment is out dated and you tell me you can’t update it to the latest version? But, you collect the money or demand it every month without a discount. Don’t you know as long as I’ve been a customer I’ve purchased the equipment already and your still charging me like I’m renting the equipment versus giving it to me. My privacy policy rights shows that it’s differential treatment between different people. Business customer service needs to be changed, consumers is what keeps a business growing and open.
  • This app and Xfinity’s website are both awful

    By 01Bigtime
    You’ve heard horror stories about Xfinity and especially about their customer service right? Well, while they have an ad campaign to try and convince us that they’ve changed, I can say unequivocally, it ain’t so. All I wanted to know was what cable modems I could use with my service since to rent one costs over $150 a year (more than most cable modems cost to buy). Both through the app and website, I found the location where I’m supposed to be able to access that information and after an hour of trying and being asked to logon about 50 times as well as being asked for my address and plan about the same number of times, I’m no closer to having an answer from Xfinity. Doesn’t it stand to reason that, after successfully logging in multiple times, they should know my address and plan type?!?! Oh yeah, another kicker, their website and app both say my address that they currently service isn’t recognized. Do they even test their website or apps to see if they work? It doesn’t appear that they do. The only good thing I can say about Xfinity is that their service works most of the time but heaven help you if you ever need anything outside of that.
  • Different name but same lousy service.

    By Papa 3kids
    I switched my internet plan from the blast to gigabytes plan because I want faster speed. Unfortunately at that time when I switched plan, my modem still using Docsis 2.0. So I could only get pretty much 1/3 from the gigabyte speed I paid every month. When I finally bought Netgear CM1200 which perfect modem for my internet plan. This app still showing my old CM600 and I’ve been trying to inform their technical support that somehow Xfinity system is still thinking I’m using the old modem. Therefore whenever I ran diagnostic to my system is always showing that I have problem with my modem signal. Even after buying the right modem for the bogus gigabyte plan, when I test my internet speed the reading is exactly the same result with my old modem. I know every time I called their horrible customer service, the agent is always suggesting me to renting their equipment. Perhaps this is the Xfinity trick to forced their customers to rent their modem. Too bad Xfinity is “THE ONLY PROVIDER” in my neighborhood, so I have no choice but to let Xfinity robbing me. Since the review system can only give 1-5 stars. My rating for Xfinity App plus their service is Xfinity OWED me 5 stars instead.
  • , Customer Service

    By Linda G C
    I see a lot of complaints regarding customer service, so thought I’d leave this little tip. I don’t know how much of their CS is outsourced, but regardless, the support by phone is indeed horrible. I always go to one of their stores with changes to my account, and any problems. I’m pretty much stuck with them, as I live in a ‘dead zone’, and Xfinity (Comcast) is the ONLY signal that reaches us. They know they have me over the barrel. But when I go in, they ALWAYS help me whittle mybill down, remove any late fees, and find special bargains for me. The last time in, without even asking, they gave me a month at 1/2 price, and gave me an extra month to catch up on payments. I might be the only one...but Im EXTREMELY happy with them. There’s rarely more than a 10-15 minute wait, and the in person customer service is stellar. On the extremely rare occasions where I’ve had to use the phone, it’s been quite frustrating. Going in person makes ALL the difference. Hope that’s helpful to someone out there!
  • Terrible customer service during covid19 outbreak

    By rommyu1201
    I have been trying for 1 hour to figure out how to speak to a person. The automated service says to me “ in order for us to get you to a representative I will need more information on what you need to speak about. I say billing questions and she proceeds to steer me to the main menu or some other fricking option. She will not let me to speak with anyone. You people are not even in the office. You are working from home and you still can not answer the phone for customers who have every right to try and make payment arrangements for our bills. As you know most everyone in the country right now are out of work and or filing and waiting for unemployment checks to come to them. Could you please create a better avenue for your customers to speak, whether it’s through a chat hotline or telephone answering services. The chat room in the Xfinity app is none other than a question and answer thread. There is actually no human being to chat with. You can only ask questions that the app gives you to ask. This is the worst customer service I’d have ever experienced in my life. Get with the program as really help some people out
  • This Xfinity app is setup to Rip off customers

    By Adguru100
    The app is extremely efficient & convenient at ripping you off by making it easy to increase your monthly payments so you pay more money 💰 💰 to Xfinity. This app DOES NOT give you the option to downsize your services in order to reduce your monthly fee and save some money when you need to. Xfinity makes it as difficult as possible and extremely inconvenient for customers to modify their services and save money. If you’re not paying attention when using this app, you can accidentally & very easily add unnecessary services in less than 15 seconds. Then in order for you to correct your mistake, you will have to call by phone and spend around 30 MINUTES or more of your valuable time waiting for the “customer service” rep to correct your error. (Remember the customer recording of his call to Comcast that went viral on the internet, when Xfinity/ Comcast made it extremely inconvenient and difficult and gave him the run-around 🏃 every time he called “customer service” to cancel a service?) If Xfinity reeeeeally cares about the customer, they should make it possible to downsize services by using this app!!
  • Latest update appears to have broken app for me

    By gksent
    I used to rely on the xFi app to manage my home network from my iPhone XS, including parent controls and all my devices. But it appears the merging of xFi into the main Xfinity app broken the app. When I try to manage my network, the error message says “Your modem is offline.” But it’s not. I am online. I can still manage my network from the Xfinity website via my laptop, which means it’s not my router/modem settings. It’s the iOS app. As of today, I’m on the latest version of iOS. If Xfinity can address this quickly, I’m happy to raise my review. [Update Oct 11, 2020] Comcast support has been helping me through Twitter. They’ve advised me to check and adjust my Xfinity router security settings. I’ve reset the router several times, deleted old network and created new one. The router/modem works perfectly fine, it’s just the Xfinity iOS app can no longer receive any info about my home network. So I can’t use it to manage all our devices. I will be switching how I control my home WiFi to my Google WIFI hardware and app as of today. Refuse to waste any more personal time troubleshooting for Comcast’s app update.]
  • Do NOT get Xfinity! Awful customer service!

    By Theekati_09
    I always have problems with Xfinity. Believe the low reviews because they really are true. It’s become impossible for me to set up autopay through the app because it tells me “error”. I’ve had this issue before and the guy saw my new card on file and set it up on autopay. This time I wasn’t so lucky. I called and explained to them I had fraudulent activity on my card so I had to replace it but my autopay wouldn’t set up again. I got charged $10 extra dollars so I called them to tell them it’s not my fault! I finally got a hold of a laptop and set it up on desktop but they kept telling me I’m not set up on autopay. What??? I got an email confirmation saying I was and told them I could forward to them but they said I will just have to try later?? Try what if it’s already set up on autopay? Then they wouldn’t take off the $10 because I have to wait 45 days. I was already previously set up on autopay yet every time you change something they want to keep taking as much money as they can. Tired of them! Once I am done paying my phone off since I have xfinity mobile too I will switch providers!!

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