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Flipgrid. is an iPhone and Android Education App, made by Flipgrid, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Flipgrid, Inc., with the latest current version being 8.1.14 which was officially released on 2020-05-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 9,981 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.77347 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Flipgrid is where social learning happens. Used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators and families around the world, Flipgrid helps learners of all ages find their voices, share their voices and respect the diverse voices of others. Flipgrid is simple. Educators spark discussions by posting Topics to a classroom, school, professional learning community, or public Grid. Students record, upload, view, react, and respond to each other through short videos. Flipgrid is video the way students use video ... social, engaging and fun! Flipgrid empowers student voice and builds global empathy through shared learning processes, stories and perspectives. Let's amplify!

Top Reviews

  • Flipgrid is a Favorite

    By ResourceOne
    Flipgrid is one of my favorite tools to recommend to other teachers. It is an all-around great tool, providing for differentiation, student voice, engagement, peer feedback, and saving time. It is made for students to quickly and easily join and record their videos. This is a game changer in the classroom, especially for those students who hate to write. They can discuss, share ideas, provide proofs, and explain. Then, they have fun ways to dress up their videos with stickers and filters. For those students that are even more self-conscious, they can use the white board instead of recording their own face. It is easy for teachers to use, too. They have their own login to manage their grids that make it easy to respond to the students. If you have a problem, the people supporting this app are so helpful. They really do want it to work well for you. Just look at all the great reviews they have gotten.
  • Flippin fAPPtastic

    By mrskmendez
    Flipgrid is my favorite educational tool! My students use the web version because we they have Chromebooks at school, but I use the app on my iPhone the majority of the time. I am able to do almost everything I need from the app wherever I am. The only feature I cannot use yet is creating Shorts videos but I prefer to do those from my computer anyway. I use the app to create assignments, spark discussions, to make sub plans, and to reply and provide my students with their feedback. The camera is intuitive and easy to use and I can access everything I need. My kindergarten daughter is able to use it as well without much support. The Flipgrid team is always enhancing newer versions and additions as their users provide ideas and feedback, so it is constantly improving with frequent updates. It’s a favorite for me as a teacher and my students are highly engaged every time we use it!
  • Awesome tool for flipped learning

    By connectedworldexploris
    I teach technology and geography to kindergarten through fifth graders. during our time at school this year, and I piloted flip grid with my second graders. I am so glad that I did this because we, as a global arts team, were able to integrate our education seamlessly through Flipgrid because I already had an understanding of how it worked and how we can best reach all of our students. We created grades and then added copilots so that all of the elective classwork was in one place for students, and then each teacher managed their own Flipgrid topic. This has been an incredible way for us to learn and we are very much looking forward to continuing flipped learning when we return back to school. I generally work on chrome, but I sometimes use my school iPad to access student work as well. Thank you, Flipgrid, for such a powerful platform for student learning and voice.
  • More Frustrating than Efficient

    By Carokines
    I rarely take the time to write a review, but this app can make me soooo annoyed. It CONSTANTLY glitches (like every day) in the most inconvenient ways possible. And the software is just clunky as heck. I just uploaded a video that took me a half-hour to make (p.s. two minutes for a response is not enough), and I look under the topic and it’s not even there. Nowhere to be found. Additionally, I posted a video to the wrong topic because I can’t see what topic I’m posting to when I’m actually in the process of uploading. I have to trust myself that I clicked the right one before. Also, I can’t delete my videos as a responder to topics, and I can’t upload videos as a response if it decides to glitch. It makes my teaching experience worse because I literally have to put aside feelings of frustration constantly. I love the idea of this app, and most of it works okay, but it needs to be much more efficient. It feels as if you make a small mistake, it’s completely irreversible.
  • My honest thoughts

    By kbugpop157
    I absolutely love the video editing and how easy it is to trim individual videos and move them around. I have encountered a few problems with this app though. The loading takes LITERALLY FOREVER. I’ve tried some different things to help out with it but none seem to work. It’s weird, all of my other apps work with my WiFi so it’s not that... another problem I encountered is this: when I’m editing videos sometimes the app glitches and begins playing the audio from several different parts of what I recorded. It’s trippy. When this happens I have to close out of the app and go back on, which then it thankfully saves my progress and I can continue to make edits to my video. Not end of the world, but definitely annoying at times. Overall, it’s a really fun app and I love the ability to Connect with peers and classmates, I love using Flipgrid! That’s all :) thanks!!!
  • Way too inconsistent

    By Funny poopoos
    Riddle me this, I just put hours into a video I had to shoot for a class and when I go to edit all the segments to perfect them, it decides not to load them up, I was literally looking at a black screen. I tried pausing and unpausing the video, and it wouldn’t load up, I tried watching each piece by itself and it still wouldn’t load up. Heck, just to confirm it wasn’t on my end I switched from WiFi to LTE - still nothing. Then within moments it’s just gone, the entirety of my video gone. Are you kidding me? Hours of work down the drain because this app couldn’t function like it’s supposed to. Also, I was within my time limit too! The teacher gave us up to 10 minutes for this video and I was at 8:34! There is no excuse for this. This app does not function like it should. Very poor user interface. Hey kids, if your teachers are wanting you to use this app for any school related thing, do everything in your power to get them to not. Worst app out there for video assignments. One star rating if that.
  • Fabulous

    By AGEFirstGradeTeacher
    I had heard of Flipgrid but hadn’t paid much attention until the schools in our state shutdown and everyone was trying to figure out how to navigate distance learning. Enter Flipgrid! What a game changer this has been for us. I use this to post number talks for math, retelling prompts for reading and the list goes on. Our Specialist teachers (music, PE, dance, art, media) have utilized this as well to continue their teaching. The students love being able to send videos of themselves completing the activities or answering the questions and as a teacher it is a wonderful tool to be able to hear our students thinking, rationales and misconceptions which helps us provide better feedback. My students also love being able to see their friends and classmates! This is a must have for any educator!
  • Teachers vs students

    By student1527933
    I feel like most people reviewing this app are teachers, who say they love it, not their students. As a student, i’m not a huge fan of this app, i would much rather right things down on do online classes because having to take videos of yourself then posting them for all of your classmates to see is not amazing. Theres also the problem of video quality, everyone has a different camera or different things they use and sometimes that makes it hard to understand other people’s videos so they don’t get as good a grade for something they can’t control. I am using this app for spanish class, and i understand why. It’s so we can learn to speak spanish, but we aren’t. We can pause the video at anytime. Just memorizing a script, not learning, unlike with zoom classes. So while teachers may like this app, many students do not as they aren’t learning with it. And it just adds extra pressure and more things for them to do.
  • Super engaging and easy to use

    By @mc_stett
    Flipgrid is super engaging for my students. They love the opportunity to share their thoughts via video, add emojis or annotations, then share with others. Even students who were reluctant recorders at first have developed confidence in sharing their voice with others. As a teacher, I find it valuable to hear directly from my students voice rather than read a paper. Fluency, inflection and tone offer deeper insight into what. Y students are thinking Nd their depth of knowledge. We use flip QR code’s to get into the app, as well as share videos with others in the school. Since I can use whichever features I want and adapt my expectations for different lessons and classes, I am able to use this app with every grade level at my school from k-4. My kindergarteners have even become experts.
  • More Clever than I Thought

    By FromNYtoBJ
    So I work with KG students in China. It is often difficult to get students to engage because they are concerned with how they sound when they speak. When I introduced Flipgrid as a way we can just talk to each other during the Covid-19 quarantine, my students just loved that they could communicate with each other through video and chat about whatever was in their minds. Every morning I walk my dog and set up a new question for the kids to answer. It could be about anything! The weather, my doggy, what I should have for breakfast, what they will have for dinner, their favorite shows... anything... and they get to talking. And the grid is so easy to access and set up videos that it’s simple for them to do once parents have shown them. Great job Flipgrid!

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