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  • New version: 1.36.63
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Babylist Baby Registry

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Babylist Baby Registry is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by BabyList Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BabyList Inc, with the latest current version being 1.36.63 which was officially released on 2020-11-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 38,145 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.90876 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Babylist Baby Registry app lets you register for all the things you need to bring baby home. Add any baby gift from any store onto one easy-to-use universal registry. Ask for help (like house cleaning), funds (like for diapers) and cash favors, too. Manage and organize your registry, get weekly pregnancy updates and a personalized baby registry checklist to help you quickly find out what you really need. WITH THE FREE BABYLIST APP: PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR REGISTRY FROM ANY WEBSITE OR STORE - Amazon, Target, buybuy Baby, Walmart, Etsy, Pottery Barn Kids and Nordstrom to name a few. *ANY* store big or small. ADD MEANINGFUL GIFTS - What will make life easier after baby comes? Home-cooked meals, house cleaning, dog walking or whatever you need most: add them all. ADD CASH FUNDS - Jumpstart baby’s college fund, request cash for diapers or extend your parental leave. Babylist transfers the money straight to your bank account. ADD OR LINK TO EXISTING REGISTRIES - Easily combine any baby registries you’ve already started. Keep track of everything on your wish list in one place. FREE HELLO BABY BOX - Our welcome gift to you filled with goodies, samples and gift cards from trusted brands. It’s free (just pay shipping) when you complete your Babylist Registry setup. LET GIFT GIVERS CHOOSE WHERE TO BUY - Add gifts from anywhere, and if it’s available at other major retailers, Babylist lets you know right on your registry. Lowest price? Favorite store? You decide! PRICE CHANGE ALERTS - Get email alerts when items change price or go out of stock. FREE 1:1 REGISTRY CONSULTANTS - Our experts are a chat, email or call away. Get help choosing the best products to fit your lifestyle. A+ CUSTOMER SERVICE - You said it best: “It’s above and beyond to have a real person who knows what to do for us first time moms.” - Lea M. SHOP THE BABYLIST STORE - Get exclusives you’ll only find here like the Bottle Box (5 of the most popular bottles among Babylist parents). Shop our selection of the best baby gear curated with feedback from thousands of real parents. 15% REGISTRY DISCOUNT - Get a discount 60 days before baby’s arrival, good on almost everything in the Babylist Store. Get everything you need before baby comes home. FREE SHIPPING - On orders over $45 from the Babylist Store. FREE REGISTRY INSERT CARDS - Slip our beautifully designed, ready-to-share cards into your shower invites to let people know where you’re registered. TRACK YOUR PREGNANCY - Weekly updates and info about your pregnancy in the app. Customized to your due date with fun, ‘90s throwback baby size comparisons. REGISTRY CHECKLIST TOOL - Asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Right here. Download the app, take a quick quiz and get registry suggestions tailored to your lifestyle. WHO WE ARE In 2011, we created Babylist with one key goal: to build a better baby registry experience that truly puts parents first. Today, one in two first-time parents creates a Babylist registry, and millions of families turn to us for practical support and unbiased guidance. Download the Babylist Registry app now!

Top Reviews

  • Thank you, big sister!

    By KiiroDunn
    I’ll never know how she came across from Babylist but my sister’s youngest is 8 years old. She recommended this app and I am forever grateful. This app isn’t just a registry app that you download... No, you are downloading articles, other parent’s stories, and even the “what to do if...” newsletters. Babylist even sends you weekly emails, if you sign up for it, about any price changes to the items that you add onto your registry. That’s a plus! This app comes with live people to chat with to help you with literally any question you have. Believe me, I’m a first time mom... I want multiple resources to answer my question instead of just listening to one. And they give will give them to you. I’m only 26 weeks pregnant, and despite being worried every now and then, this app has helped me through a lot. From reading comforting notes that they leave you every few days, to looking at neat little videos to remind myself that I can do this! So, whoever’s reading this review, download this app. You will be proud you did.
  • Great.

    By Jessa-b
    I would have liked for there to be away for my family and friends to be able to purchase all the items with one checkout but can understand how that’s not possible right now. But think it would be really cool in the future for them to be able to find a way to link that somehow. Also I might have to write up a little slip explaining how to use this registry the best and most efficient way and add it to my invites. Such as telling them they can shop for these items in store if desired but just to make sure to mark it as purchased on the registry. On the positive side this registry is wonderful! I have always been one to love all the little “mom” shops for lactation bars and natural lactation supplements along with all the cute baby boutiques.😍 Now instead of thinking I’ll have to purchase them to get them I have a registry I can add all those great mommy things and adorable items from as many stores as I desire! All in one place. Definitely worth it. I have one other registry for other items needed and have made this registry a compilation of pricier fun things along with needed items. I’ve really enjoyed the experience.
  • Great for parents not for your guests

    By Hellonoelle
    It’s easy and great to use but a lot of my guests had issues using it such as wanting to purchase multiple items and having to complete 3 different check outs. Also when buying multiple items from the same store the cart would empty when they would add the item from each of the pop ups Babylist pulls up when an item is selected. I’m starting to end up with texts and calls asking if they can just send money or give a gift card because they wanted to get a few items but thought that Babylist wasn’t easy for them to use in the sense that it kept redirecting them and they just had to check out like 6 different times which I could COMPLETELY understand as being annoying. I really liked this app and was hoping that it would be a great way to consolidate my gift registry but now I feel bad and a little bummed that this being my first baby and people can’t get the items I want so we’re just getting money and gift cards to these places. Or just items that we didn’t ask for because it was easier to buy than to use the registry. Should’ve rethought this from the gift givers perspective before using it. :(
  • Love! Convenient and easy!

    By give me them coins
    I just happened to stumble upon this app when I first started putting together my baby registry and I’m so glad I found it! I hate being tied down to just a few stores when it comes to registering as I like a lot of items from different places. Which is one of the things I love about this app. It lets you search from any store you want and add it to your registry. It’s the best! I also love this app because I am a big fan of having everything in one convenient spot. I don’t have to go between 2 registries and those looking at my registry don’t have to either (the app does allow you to link other registries, though. So you can still have everything in one spot, which is great). Overall I think this app is the best! I’m not picky when it comes to a lot of things, so just having an app that has allowed me to have everything in one place and add whatever I want from any store has been the greatest thing! Simple to use and convenient! Would definitely recommend!
  • Best Baby Registry Out There

    By LadyDoris94
    I’m not sure why anyone would use any other baby registry other than Babylist. Aside from being pretty awesome its so convenient. I love that you can add to the registry from pretty much any store, shop, boutique or website. This is particular great for me because I tend not to like a lot of the baby stuff that’s out there at all the major department stores. I also don’t believe that pink and blue should be my only options for color. You can add everything you need to Babylist and it’ll list all the stores it’s available at along with its pricing. So you and your family and friends can choose where you’d like to purchase from. Aside from that there are other things you can add to the registry like a diaper fund, daycare fund & you can even put on your registry that you’ll accept hand me downs.
  • Not sure where all these 5 ⭐️ reviews are from

    By Schulla21
    Your “15% completion discount” is bogus. This so called discount comes ONLY from the “Baby List Store.” To top it off, of all my items, only 4 qualified, and 2 are out of stock from the Baby List store. I am so mad I deleted my other registries and did everything here. Also, people always “reserve” things but then don’t go back to purchase, so then other people can’t buy them! I am not going to contact my friends and family and say, “Hey, did you purchase this? Oh you didn’t? Can you unreserve it so other people can purchase it?” Also a tip, if you do decide to go with Baby List I suggesting deleting the Baby List Store gift card option that they automatically put on your registry, because like I said above, the store has barely anything and you can’t use the gift card anywhere else! Your guests would never ever assume that. I feel like this practice is so wrong of BL. Only giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because their customer service was quick to respond via email... even though they were unable to solve the issue 😒
  • Small variety & always out of stock!

    By Alex012354
    Babylist app pros: Having one baby registry with items from multiple stores. Cons: Small variety, most, IF not all items are very high priced, always out of stock, & Babylist gift cards are ONLY for Babylist store. That would be understandable if I had a wider selection to choose from and if the items were restocked sooner. I received $200 worth in baby list gift cards and it has sadly been a complete waste! I was excited thinking I’d be able to purchase the rest of the items left on my registry but I quickly found out it was only Babylist items. I was very disappointed after I realized that they did not have most of the items I needed. I have only been able to purchase two small items because the few other things that my LO needed have been out of stock and have not been restocked for a couple weeks now. Other items have been removed from site. Since gift cards are strictly Babylist items it would be very convenient if we were provided with a bigger selection of affordable items and it'd be helpful if items were restocked quicker.
  • I have mixed feelings about this one...

    By MomSATX83
    I love the fact that I can do everything on one list, keep it organized and people can compare prices easily. The problem I found after having a baby shower, is that a lot of people did not use the Registry because it seemed online only, the only way they would know they could buy stuff in store is by actually viewing my Registry and me putting a note at the top that they could buy certain items at target, etc. So I ended up with a lot of things I did not need, or did not want just because this is my third child and I already know what works, and what does not. Not only that, I ended up with some double items as well, and some people reserved items on my list but I never got them. So now I don't know if I should remove the reservation or not. Had I to do it over again I probably would just register at a couple different big stores and deal with two registries.
  • Wish there was extra features

    By Dvrba16
    I love the idea of not having to choose one specific place to register, so this is such a great idea. I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback from family or friends so I’m assuming they’re liking it, but there have been a few older family members a tad confused on navigating it. I like being able to see what’s been reserved and bought and by who, but I made the mistake of telling one person that that information is available to me and they weren’t happy with that. Needless to say I’ll be acting surprised at our shower with the other guests. I REALLY wish there was a notes spot at the top to leave any information that would be good for guests to know. I also wish there was a way to indicate items that are more important for us to get. I ended up asterisk-ing items and putting them in “general” so they’d be at the top, hoping people would get it.
  • Easy, Super Convenient App for Baby Registry!

    By Fsuseminole
    I absolutely loved this app for my baby registry! It was super easy and convenient to add items from any store to one registry for friends and family. I loved seeing the items people bought along the way, it was super tempting to see who purchased items on your registry because it will show you in “more details” however that’s great for AFTER when you need to send thank you cards- it reminds you of who got you specific gifts. It’s easy to share your registry with friends and family via direct link directly to your registry or BabyList will send you FREE registry cards for you to pass out or add to your baby shower invitation. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to make it easier for friends & family to purchase items for you!

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