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Push Ups Trainer Challenge

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Push Ups Trainer Challenge is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Zen Labs. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zen Labs, with the latest current version being 3.4.4 which was officially released on 2020-01-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,992 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7992 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

■ Join the millions completing the Zen Challenge Series! ■ 0 to 100 Pushups in 8 weeks! ■ Featured on Glamour Magazine, Yahoo!’s Appolicious, Popsugar Fitness, Apple’s “What’s Hot”, Apple’s “New & Noteworthy”, and doctor recommended on healthTap! "Could barely do 20 pushups, but this program challenged me and got me to my goal! Easy straightforward program. Just press start and the voice coach guided me through!" Are you ready for the 100 Pushups Challenge? Train your body and build up to completing 100 pushups with same people that brought you the OFFICIAL #1 5K Training app C25K®. Using a proven program, you will be able to complete 100 pushups after just 8 weeks! The Zen Challenge Series is tailored towards all fitness levels. From first-timers to fitness veterans, this app will build up your strength and stamina to complete 100 pushups. ≈ It's easy and straight forward to start ≈ 1. Just open the app and start! 2. Listen to the voice cues! ≈ Features ≈ ◎ Achieve badges and awards for finishing a workout! ◎ Intuitive user friendly interface ◎ Integrated with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram communities, so share your progress and achievements! We hope you enjoy the app and find it to be a useful training tool. Please leave us any friendly feedback, and rate us if you like the app! Questions/comments regarding the app? Please email us at contactus@zenlabsfitness.com or visit us at www.zenlabsfitness.com. ≈ Connect ≈ Forums: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/C25Kfree Twitter: http://twitter.com/C25Kfree Instagram: http://instagram.com/zenlabsfitness Hashtag: #everymomentcounts Legal Disclaimer This app and any information given by it or by Zen Labs Fitness are for educational purposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program.

Top Reviews

  • Very Impressed!

    By RedstoneWolf15
    I've been using this and I'm on the third day of the second week! The pace is slow which I like! I'm an athlete myself. I play Football, Soccer, Basketball (sometimes), and Baseball year-round. Although I consider myself to be fit, I can't do 100 push-ups in one sitting! The beginning of the workout was slow and easy, but now it's starting to become difficult and slightly intense! I love it! I'm so hyped for the ability to perform 100 push-ups! I would certainly recommend this to a friend/friends! This app makes me want to buy more! If anybody is skeptical about this app or just has doubts about it, let me share something. I was skeptical at first, but I was willing to try it! So try it! It's worth it!
  • So glad I'm doing this

    By Happy mom again
    I just finished week 3 day 1: 45 push-ups. I'm 41 year old female doing male style push-ups. My arms hurt, can't believe I can hold my phone to type this review:). Loving the app. I'm not a fitness freak, I do run/walk and eat healthy. Really want my arms looking better so when I wave or shake hands my arms don't flap in the wind! I do this 3 times per week. Enjoying the challenge. Sometimes my 9 yr old daughter joins me too. Family fun!

    By powerup423
    I love this app!!! I started out, hardly able to do a push-up, and I am only on day 4 and I can already do 6 pushups. One of the greatest parts is the fact that YOU go at your own pace. You only do 3 days of push ups a day and you do them in reps. It is VERY useful and I absolutely recommend it. Although I do not know if it actually goes up to 100 push-ups straight because I was doing the sit ups one and got to the very last week and it only went up to 75 straight although it had claimed to go up to 200. But it has definitely improved my strength and it is definitely worth your money.
  • Great for getting on track

    By Bradderfield
    After finishing week 3 I am so glad I pick this up. I haven't been able to push ups at all throughout various PE classes in school... Great for building from scratch or getting to that peak level! My next workout has 100 push-ups in it, I'm so happy I can reach this
  • Not bad

    By New iPhone user452
    Not a bad app but could use some improvements in the notification options. No way to select how often the app notifies you that it's time for more push-ups, just has on or off. And the notification I get is barely noticeable, I expected more user control for a paid for app. Would rate it higher if it did. The good thing is it starts slow and slowly increases the amount of push-ups each workout. Great app for beginners or way out of shape Dads who don't want to get injured trying to get back that chest.
  • Motivational!

    By AlaninPana
    Hey, it isn't going to do the push-ups for you, but it is fun, motivational, and helps track you progress as you go through the different levels. It's simple and basic, exactly what it was designed to be. Very glad I bought it.
  • Love it, like to have watch

    By mrid250
    Well designed. Helps me keep track of my goal. Would have like to see two things to improve my experience. (1) verbal instructions of number of reps and break time when lapses. (2) Apple Watch compatibility will help me work out easily without going back to my phone.
  • Love this app!

    By jules983
    I absolutely despise push-ups but I love a challenge! I bought this app as part of a bundle and it breaks the challenges down so that it doesn't seem so daunting. My kids even enjoy doing these exercises with me. Definitely worth the price for what you gain!
  • Awesomely Simple

    By JJonesHR2017
    Great app. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but bells and whistles aren't what is needed. Easy to use, and I like the reset portion of it, and the "skip set" feature. Skipped to week 3 and haven't looked back. Much better than the old 100 push-ups app I had back in 2015.
  • Pretty Cool

    By ATattooPrincess
    I never been able to to more than 3 push ups in a row this app actually gives you some rest time to keep on trying more sets to work your self up

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