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  • New version: 6.3.0
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MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa

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MINDBODY: Fitness, Salon & Spa is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by MINDBODY Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - MINDBODY Inc., with the latest current version being 6.3.0 which was officially released on 2020-04-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 107,079 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.88374 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

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Top Reviews

  • Can’t sign up for classes

    By Vkng90
    The yoga studio I go to signed up with this app to show their schedules and allow students to sign up for classes on on their mobile devices. It’s supposed to link up to their system so that when you login into the app with the email you gave them at the front desk, the app will recognize it and pull your payment data so you can sign up for classes based on your subscription or how many classes you prepaid for. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t recognize my email address, so all I can do is view the schedule. When I try to register for a class, it always asks for my credit card so I can pay for that class individually instead of taking it out of the number I already prepaid for. They told me when I downloaded it that other people were having trouble with it (not sure why they stay with the app if it’s not working as expected...), so I e-mailed app support for help. The person who helped me just said to make sure the emails aren’t going to my “junk” folder, which is not the case and is irrelevant to the problem anyway—I shouldn’t get an email until after I’ve successfully signed up for the class. I’m hoping the yoga studio gets this straightened out because the app seems like it would be nice if it worked.
  • i keep trying ....

    By shickmann
    i have now had SEVERAL insta-chat conversations with various “mind body” employees and i am so defeated! i have tried over and over and over again to explain the issue and no one seems to understand. I would just like to be able to look at the mind body app, for my gym, and plan a week of workouts. I don’t want to sign up for any classes or do anything crazy. i JUST want to look ahead a few days and scroll all of the upcoming class options. THIS APP WONT LET ME AND NEVER HAS AND IT IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING. It glitches and very single time I want to look a day or 2 or 3 ahead. It will say “no classes available” when I know there are! Or even worse, it will show only up to 8am and no later, when i know there are classes until 10pm! Arrrrgghhhhh! so frustrating when al i want to do is LOOK at upcoming classes at my gym and plan my week out. PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU, fix this! i don’t think i can handle another hour going back and forth on your insta-chat feature where no one helps me, solves the problem, follows up with me or understands the simplicity of what i am referring to. (i have an updated iphone7 plus and have several people at my gym who also have iphones complain of this very same issue — PLEASE FIX!!!!! would be sooo awesome!
  • Decent app, needs work

    By Tdennis007
    The app will sometimes send a notification about a unique class. That’s great but good luck finding the class. When you click on the notification it just takes you to the main app page not the class/event that you had a notification about. The search function is really poor, made even worse in the covid-19 era where you have to know a city. For example I just got a notification about a core40 class in Costa Rica. Good luck finding that using the search function which is marginal at best for finding classes in a new area when you are traveling during a normal situation. The app works well to book classes where you have a pass. Occasionally your classes disappear from your calendar but opening the app will put them back. Sometimes you get two events for booked classes in your calendar for no reason. A downside of being a long time user is that any classes you have taken at now closed studios get removed from “your activity” so it’s hard to keep a goal when they arbitrarily remove classes from the counter.
  • Fine to try

    By bdzmdj
    Great to see options and all the times available. Well now that I’m more aware and have been to my first session, I will down grade my review. The options and time available are great, but I don’t really like the fact that the workers in there do not look or ask to help people at all. I felt uncomfortable and judged anytime I had a question. And thus with the work out, there was one or more areas to ask questions. So if I am injured and need a different way to preform there’s no time or space to ask because there was no workers walking around to see with the customers. And there was no time to ask questions. I also had work right after, this needed a shower and bathroom to get ready after my earliest morning workout, and the business does not offer that, so I had to go all the way home to do that and was speeding, driving to work. I feel as if the company would do better if it improved on all these areas. I will try to go again to see if I feel different, but this is my first take on my experience.
  • Red Sun Yoga

    By yoga jean
    I have been in search for a studio that offers flexible hours & classes of different levels from novice to expert. I am a true novice and I knew after 5 days into an introductory offer, I found a home. The instructors are professional, and their knowledge of the body, mind and spiritual connections are second to none. They weave the breathing techniques, instructional poses and the physiology simultaneously. So far I experienced 3 different instructors. Margo in particular reads a quote and paces her direction in a clear, articulate calming voice and in a way thats not intimidating. She encourages us and pushes our limits at the same time. Proudly I have had 21 classes and no 2 have been remotely the same. Any concerns or anxiety that you bring to the class are left at the door. I guarantee that your body, mind and spirit are significantly relaxed and improved before you exit the studio. Cannot wait for my next class. Sincerely Jean Marie
  • 80% the perfect app

    By Surracha
    The app does pretty much every single thing I could ask of an exploratory fitness app. I love that any class I add gets automatically added to my calendar, makes keeping fitness a regular thing very easy! I do have some places of improvement now that I’ve been using it for close to two years now and in different states in the US. As different studios have different membership programs and websites to which you can purchase classes, those things do not always reflect in the MINDBODY app. Additionally, duplicates of class packs I’ve purchased often show up in my account making me think I was double charged (I never actually have been) or had an extra class to use when I didn’t. In the reverse, I have bought memberships and classes via my studios website that do not show up in the MINDBODY app. Like I said, as a beginner to the app it’s perfect, but as a regular there a few places for improvements
  • Excellent

    By Suzannah Troy
    My body mind so damaged from a violent assault and this app lets me know the closest classes to focus on healing! Thank you! Great app! I found East River Pilates through discount promo via this app and it turns out ER Pilates exceptional w/ Australian physical therapists that also do private classes too. When I started w/ ER via promo I had bad posture, terrible pains in my body -- I still have the pain but now I can move my left arm better, get out of bed and chairs better... I have to keep working hard to support my joins w/ torn tendons etc... strengthen weak muscle groups from trauma but East River has given me knowledge and support. I would never have tried East River Pilates without this app and those cool promos they were on and the great way it's so easy to find classes. Thanks and gratitude! For the worst in customer service Google Dr Fagelman assault.
  • Excellent teachers. Classes for Every Level. Great sense of belonging.

    By mcchackett
    I had been “doing” yoga for 20 years—grabbing classes, watching videos, reading books here and there. But when I approached SPY with the commitment to deepen my practice, I found the perfect place for me to grow. Every teacher at SPY is outstanding—knowledgeable and present—and is skilled at leading classes with participants from every level. I love the community that the SPY teacher’s have created. Everyone is welcome. The Baptiste Approach is accessible and only requires we yogis be a YES to whatever we need during our practice on the mat. I never thought I could do Hot Yoga. Now I can’t imagine living a week without it. I can’t recommend SPY enough. There is something for everyone. And if you’re looking to “BE” more, than “do” more SPY is the place for you. Namaste.
  • Would love it to sync with apple health app

    By whatnicknamesareleftavailable
    The app over all is very good and makes scheduling classes quite simple and seamless generally. Also, so many studios use it, so you can maintain one account and one app across many studios and locations which is great. Only suggestion—I wish it were integrated to the apple health app. This could be voluntary, as some may not want their data shared. However, given that the apple app tracks my other activity automatically including my steps, I would like to be able to reference it for a fuller picture of my activity including my yoga classes booked through mind body. Perhaps it’s not, but I assume this could be a simple update, given that your mind body schedule can already sync with the apple calendar.
  • Now App won’t open

    By LuvF1
    I am coming back to update my review. I had a ton of trouble with the app and came to review out of frustration. The creator did reply mentioning they had some trouble that day but all was fixed now. And yes I can log in now, and all seems ok, BUT I am still having an issue when changing days. I was just in my gyms schedule trying to switch days to see the different classes and it got stuck on the one schedule. Like I was on April 23rd and went to view classes for the week and when I hit the 24th 25th etc the calendar did not change, it kept the data for the 23rd. It has happened to me many times. I have to close down the app and restart. But once it kept doing it over and over so I gave up. Hopefully the developer can find out why it is doing this to me. I have an iPhone 6plus with latest IOS.

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