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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-20
  • New version: 10.8.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Safeway Delivery & Pick Up

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Safeway Delivery & Pick Up is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Albertsons Companies, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Albertsons Companies, LLC, with the latest current version being 10.8.1 which was officially released on 2020-11-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 75,383 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.78958 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Download the Safeway Delivery & Pick Up App and get FREE Delivery on your 1st online order at Safeway. Sign in with your existing Safeway account or create a new account. Shop for groceries in the app and save time by choosing delivery or pick up. Safeway Delivery & Pick Up App is convenient, easy and will save you time with these features: - Delivery—choose a time when you want your groceries delivered to your doorstep - Drive Up & Go (Pick Up)—drive up to your Safeway store, park, call and we'll bring your groceries to you - Flexible delivery and pick up times—groceries on your schedule - Shop fast from your previous in-store and online purchases - Save money with hundreds of clippable coupons - Exclusive online savings—easily find new weekly deals that matter most to you

Top Reviews

  • Horrible Communication

    By WalmartPickupisBetter
    So I ordered my Thanksgiving groceries on Monday with a “guaranteed” delivery time of 8-9 pm that evening. I was surprised I could get it so fast, but hey it is guaranteed right? Nope, the time comes and goes with no groceries and no email, text, or call to tell me why or what happened. I called customer support and waited for 35 minutes to talk to someone only to be told that the order wasn’t even picked by my delivery time. That shocks me. Then he schedules a redelivery for the morning before Thanksgiving. When I ask what happens if it doesn’t come there is no recourse. I would have to have the order refunded and then go shopping for everything, which is what I was trying to avoid. This is terrible service and, even with a $10 credit I don’t plan to use this service again. At least with Walmart’s service they let you know when it is ready to pick up and give you details of your order on the app.
  • Horrible service 0-Star Rating

    By User1115
    I ordered my groceries, selected a date/time for delivery and chose the largest delivery window. That scheduled “guaranteed” delivery window came and went with no delivery, no email, text or call. I called customer service and was on hold for over 30 minutes with no answer. I emailed delivery support and still received no response. I was able to reach customer service the next day. He offered no explanation, no apology and no concern or regret. He offered to have to have my groceries re-delivered again the following day (more than 2 days after my originally scheduled “guaranteed” delivery). With hesitation, I agreed. The day of my new re-scheduled “guaranteed” delivery, I called to confirm since I had not received any text updates that I opted for. Again, I was on hold for nearly 30 minutes to reach a live person. I was guaranteed my delivery would be made and was told to call back if my delivery hadn’t been made after 3 hours into the 4 hour delivery window. Still no delivery or update so I called customer service. I was on hold for more than 30 minutes well after 9pm (closing time). No groceries, no updates, no explanation, no customer service! Still unable to reach customer support for a refund for my groceries I paid for nearly a week ago.
  • No.

    By KayT1216
    I tried their delivery system for the first time today and was extremely disappointed. For starters, I didn’t receive any kind of updates. It would’ve been nice to know when my groceries were getting packaged up or when my drivers driver was on their way or picking them up. When the delivery drivers finally delivered my food, 45 minutes late, I realized soon after I got my food that 4 items were missing, all of which were refrigerated items. I just assumed that maybe my delivery drivers (got my delivery through DoorDash cause I guess they outsource deliveries through DoorDash which I did not know prior to placing my order) had forgotten a bag, which is fine it happens, but when I tried to contact the drivers to ask if that was the case I received no response. Now these items I’m missing aren’t expensive items, but just the fact that I’m missing things and there isn’t a live person I can talk to about it right now is irritating. I’m trying to do my part and stay home when I can, but when you have a delivery system that is this terrible, it makes it really hard. Hoping I can get ahold of someone tomorrow, don’t even want the items anymore, just want my money back so I can buy them elsewhere.
  • Horrible app and company

    By KC0919
    So I placed an order from the app for a delivery on a promotional item, waited at home the whole day for the delivery, didn’t arrived, contacted customer support through the app about it. Agent told me there was an error in the system and didn’t process. Told me to reorder for another delivery attempt and once I got the item, contact them again to get a refund for the difference in pricing. Waited for my delivery again, still nothing. No communication, no order cancellation notice, nothing. Had to contact customer service again. Order was no processed, again! Told me there’s nothing she can do because it’s a promotional pricing item, no rain checks. Advises me to wait for another sale and choose a earlier delivery time. Orders should be processed based on order time, not delivery time. I want to be home and available to receive my item, this is very dumb. I wouldn’t be mad if it sold out and I was notified or the item was greyed out or the order didn’t go through. This is basically false advertising, because on my end the order went through and I received no cancellation notice. Just letting it sit there and saying oh it sold out, you are out of luck is ridiculous....
  • Is this Safeway or Raley's?

    By SolitaryWoman
    I checked out Raley's new delivery service app & tried to use it, but being used to the simplicity & familiarity (not necessarily ease) of Safeway's I didn't have the patience to try to learn this overloaded, complicated & senseless app. I left all my choices in my cart & ran back to the security of the Safeway app. OMG! It was the Raley's app! I resigned myself to do my best to use it, but it was impossible for me to do so. I couldn't find the 'everything on the shelf' button which meant I also couldn't leave a message for my Shopper. To me these are essential features. The items were arranged in a grid rather than a list. I was so frustrated that I again walked away from my cart. I'm disabled & have no other way to get groceries except home delivery, but I just can't face getting to know & use another app after these two nerve-wracking apps. That was over a week ago & today I gathered my strength & went back to the Safeway app. I saw that they had an update. I'm hoping they've made some improvements so I can use it. Before I opened it I read the first page of the reviews & I'm not hopeful, but I'll give it a shot - I need groceries!
  • Safeway delivery

    By N6zt
    Im delighted with Safeway delivery. A few times delivery has been early or late but that doesn't matter to me because I'm at home anyway lately. I really appreciate how frozen items are still frozen! Only problem is occasional subpar substitution choices, in produce and meat. Seems like there should be a trained quality control person at hand to guide in choosing appropriate meat substitution and quality produce selections. Last time i got bananas that were so extremely bruised they weren't fresh enough for the recipe i wanted to use so i tossed them. Twice I've gotten strange substitute cuts of meat that couldn't be used for a broiled entree, my intention, only soup or stew, not very useful. These issues relate to cooking expertise, therefore quality control. These are not big issues, and since I'm sheltered at home i am unable to return items. Just saying, as constructive feedback. I also figure I'm paying about 25% more for delivered items, but i feel the service is worth it.
  • So Awesome!

    By panchomelba
    Yesterday was the first time I ordered online and went to Safeway to pick up my groceries. I was pleasantly surprised that my order would be ready in 4 hours. I was blown away when I received the text that it was ready in 2 hours. I drove to the store in pouring rain, called the phone number I’d been given (and which was also prominently displayed in the designated parking spaces), told them which parking stall I was in, and out came my groceries from a very friendly grocery clerk. All I had to do was pop the trunk and my groceries were placed inside. It was so easy and truly contactless. The groceries I ordered were right on! The produce was perfect and my meat selections were beautiful. I’m usually so picky about produce and meat (which has kept me shopping in person), but not anymore. The time saved and keeping me safer during this pandemic is well worth it. I highly recommend this service!! Thank you.
  • Don't waste your time!

    By Malefiiicent
    I ordered my groceries last night and was guaranteed delivery between 1p-3p. 3:40p rolls around and nothing, so I call their customer service line. I was ON HOLD waiting to talk to someone for 17 MINS! Someone finally answers and she's nice enough, she calls the store my delivery was supposed to come from and no one there has a clue what's going on. She tried to call the drivers that *MIGHT* have my order, but no answer from them so she leaves them voicemails. At that point she says my options are: 1. Wait to see if a driver calls me back, 2. Schedule a redelivery or 3. Get a refund. I mention that there is only a $1 hold on my card and she says that means THEY HAVEN'T EVEN PICKED UP MY ORDER! They were supposed to delivery my groceries between 1p-3p and at 4p (after being on hold for nearly 20 mins) I find out they haven't even picked them up yet. Needless to say I just told her to cancel the order and I won't ever use this service again. Absolute garbage - and the app isn't even accurate with product pictures and size options. Don't waste your time. *GUARANTEED DELIVERY TIMES* is an absolute joke. No wonder they're offering $20 off so people will try it.
  • Easy!

    By PS2257
    I love grocery shopping in the store, but with the pandemic, I don’t go inside. My Safeway is great with the order and pickup. Once they got it up and running, I can order and pickup on the same day. They have always given good substitutions when I didn’t mark “no substitutions”. I can be picky, and they do well with this. Only once did I get a substitution for liquid soap scents that I didn’t like. Some of the substitutions were better than what I usually get. It’s kind of fun to see what I get! When picking up, I pull up, call the store, and within a few minutes, they bring out my bags. The workers are great, really friendly, and aware of distancing and safety. They wear masks and they load the groceries in the back of my car. It has gotten really easy to grocery shop during the pandemic, I probably spend more now! Good job Safeway workers!
  • Love this feature! Will continue to use but needs improvement

    By Kitstanwood
    I would have given this a 5 star but their process needs some improvement. This is my second time getting delivery and both times an item has been out of stock. When I order/pay it should be put somewhere so that I know I will have it. I didn’t get a pack of 8 avocados with my order this week and it’s hard to believe there were no avocados at all in the store. The last time I didn’t get something small that didn’t matter. Now I have to switch a lot of meals for the whole week and hope it’ll come in the next order... (I had setting on different size/different brand ect). It’s a little nerve wrecking to not know what your going to get and not bet when you have to wait 2-3 days for the delivery also. I have not seen same day delivery yet as this is getting popular. Otherwise I think this is a great service and is awesome!

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