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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-24
  • New version: 4.3.0
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Think Dirty – Shop Clean

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Think Dirty – Shop Clean is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Think Dirty Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Think Dirty Inc., with the latest current version being 4.3.0 which was officially released on 2020-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 22,639 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81192 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Think Dirty is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It’s an independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, track dirty ingredients, and shop for cleaner options. • Barcode Scanning: Over 850,000 cosmetics and personal care products majority from Canada and the U.S. are currently in our database. • Dirty Meter®: A comprehensive rating is given, along with detailed (but easy-to-understand) information on ingredients, certifications, and health impacts. • My Bathroom Rating: Keep track of what’s already in your bathroom. Learn your current bathroom rating, and track your progress on “cleaning” it up. • Shopping Lists: Save products to make shopping faster and easier. • Shop Now: Buy products directly from,,,, • UPC Submission: Are we missing a product? Use your device's camera to scan its barcode and capture the list of ingredients with OCR, then submit it to us. For registered users who submit products, we thank you and will notify you once they are in our database. As mentioned in: Bloomberg, New York Times, O Magazine, Today's Show, NPR, Fast Company, Huffington Post, TED Blog, Allure Magazine, The Atlantic, PSFK, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, Consumer Reports ShopSmart Magazine, Global News, Toronto Star, City TV, CTV, App Central, Brit + Co, Refinery 29, Telegraph, The Guardian, Design Taxi "What changed my routine and really my life is the Think Dirty app." - Ruby Rose 25+ Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier – TED Blog 7 New Beauty Apps You Need to Download Now – Allure Magazine 26 Underrated Apps Every Twentysomething Should Download Right Now – BuzzFeed The Beauty And Fashion Apps You Need To Download, ASAP – Glamour Magazine UK “It helps me make informed choices on products that I am bringing home.” – TED Blog Staff, Kyle Shearer "Tse's quest for greater transparency is personal. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor, so she's sensitive to hidden dangers in the products around us." – Fast Co. Exist "Think Dirty miiiight be the best app ever" – Grist "Buying safe cosmetics has never been easier." – Ecouterre "Brilliant idea: 'Think Dirty' app tells you the ingredients in your cosmetics." – Jason Calacanis "Think Dirty is an app that makes figuring out exactly what you’re slathering on your face, lips, bod (and, yikes, then washing down the drain) as easy as snapping a picture." – Brit + Co. "An App That Helps You Find the Safest Make-up." – The Atlantic "With a tool like Think Dirty, consumers can help find and promote good companies that are using non-toxic ingredients. You shouldn’t have to be a toxicologist to know how to find safer products." – Janet Nudelman, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics "I love knowing the health impact of what's on my bathroom shelf. Every consumer of beauty products needs this free app" – Karina Birch, Founder of Rocky Mountain Soap As a small team, we are working diligently to accommodate the overwhelmingly positive amount of users' submissions (especially from our international users) to our database. We appreciate constructive feedback. Please email us at if you have comments or suggestions.

Top Reviews

  • No data on common brands

    By pearsandclementines
    I got this app for the purposes of learning more about the products I apply every day and potentially turning over my makeup bag to include less harmful products. Immediately after downloading I started searching products in my makeup bag to learn more about the ingredients. There was no data on my bronzer, foundation or primer by Fenty Beauty, my Too Faced lip gloss, my mascara, or Glossier brow gel. Admittedly, I don’t race to get the newest release of lip kits or products but I also know that I’m not working with out-of-date or obscure makeup. I’m surprised that there would be no information on my products from the three major brands I listed above. I did get prompted to upload info and submit my products to the app’s database but I could not get a clear picture of my product even after 5 retakes. I don’t have this issue when using my iPhone camera normally so I can only assume it was an issue of the app. I don’t want to completely disregard what this app has to offer. The ability to look further into a certain ingredient with one click and get and overview of health effects and usage with a list of sources is so convenient and the concept I came for. I’m just disappointed that for have an average makeup bag with products from big names that I couldn’t find what I was looking for. For now I’ll just do my own research via Google.
  • Love this App! Everyone NEEDS this!

    By Agilbster
    Love this app, it really has brought me so much awareness to all the chemicals & horrible ingredients in all my products! I used to think if i need to see the ingredients, just check the back, but companies can be so shady & misleading, making you think their products are all natural, eco-friendly, organic, etc. & then you scan the barcode & the product is an 8-10! I’ve been in the process of transitioning all my products over to healthier/eco-friendly products with the help of this app, but it can be very challenging because many of the healthier products either are so expensive or don’t work so needless to say i have been through many product fails & lots of money, but still trying! My only 2 constructive criticisms & the reason why i only gave 4 stars is because sooo many products that I scan aren’t in the system, which I understand because there are so many products out there. I also really wish there was a way to sort/filter the products by cost or an average cost (because i realize different retailers sell for different prices). It would save so much time trying to search for healthier options to potentially buy. Overall Love!
  • Very Useful App

    By kkosano
    This app allows you to check what chemicals are in your products and determines wether or not they are harmful. I didn’t realize how “dirty” (products that contain harmful chemicals that can be possible carcinogens) the items I owned were until I checked this app. It’s a great tool to use to be more conscious about what products to buy. You can search specific products using keywords or brand names to check their “dirty” score. While there are a variety of products, not everything is in the system. You can upload product information if it is missing which will be reviewed and later added to the system. I knocked one star down because the app seems a little difficult to navigate, especially when looking for a specific product. Sometimes typing keywords is not enough to locate the item which can be a little frustrating. Depending on the product, there can multiple submissions with different scores that could be confusing. Other than that this is a great tool to have; I use it for all my products and am working towards cleaner products. I would definitely recommend this app for the conscious shopper.
  • Most extensive app in clarifying cosmetic ingredients lists

    By qdbass
    They don’t just slap a grade on said item, they clarify the entire ingredient list. They give grades to both the product itself as well as each ingredient within the product. The best grade a product can have is a “0”, meaning it has extremely low risk ingredients- if any (I believe it is considered in the “green category” with a grade between 0-3; “yellow category” is 4-7; and “red category” is graded 8+). When you click on an item, it shows the list of ingredients, sorted by most toxic to least. You can click on any one of them to see the nitty gritty details, including scientific name (or other names it may be disguised as), usage and health impacts. There are other perks that are probably to be expected, like saving products to your “bathroom shelf” list or “dirty products” (I have yet to use all of those features yet). These guys have all my support but I deducted one star for difficulty finding many items I’ve tried searching for, as in they are not yet in their database. I wish there was a way to suggest products or brands for them to add, otherwise a really great app for cleaner living :)
  • The app is biased and not giving full info

    By Gabsteryyy15
    A friend referred this app to me as an expecting mother. I got the app and started scanning and was appalled at what the app thought was dangerous. I did my research on some ingredients, carcinogens, health problems and whatnot. The app is very biased towards organic product. If it’s not organic, they will label is 8-10 and call it very dangerous. One of my products is labeled a Group 2B by the national Cancer society- there is a possibility of it having harmful effects towards humans but the studies were inconclusive since it was tested on animals and not humans. But the app said it was a 9- very dangerous. It’s good to know what is in your products, but the app doesn’t tell you how much exposure to a product you’d have to endure before seeing effects of the bad ingredients. For example, *possible* carcinogens are found in Johnson and Johnson baby body soap. But to see effects of those possible carcinogens, a baby would have to be exposed to thousands and thousands of gallons. And even then, it is only a slight possibility (less than .0001%) that the child would get cancer. The information the app provides is misleading and it’s in favor of organic products. I think the app producers get paid to rate those products as “heathy products.”
  • At the least it makes you think

    By MMBrady_Theo
    I downloaded this app several years ago. I went on a scanning frenzy. It was both alarming & terrifying to read all the suspect ingredients that were in items I had assumed were for the most part safe, particularly skin care. One expects chemicals in cleaning products, but not your lotion or toothpaste or even laundry detergent. It also made me think about where all these chemicals end up, that is in our water supply & soil, basically they are assimilated into our environment one way or another. That is the real benefit of this app, it makes you stop & think. I have found that some of the rating is misleading & not fully accurate like they are trying to scare people. I do not like the persistent level that they push products on users. It seems to have increased significantly since I first downloaded the app. Also I had a ton of products scanned & submitted that were not in the system & they are all gone now. That is extremely frustrating to me. It takes time to input products. I check back occasionally to see if they have been rated & to find that they are all just gone was pretty crappy.
  • Good app with room for improvement!

    By KaitKait(:
    This is an excellent tool if you’re just starting out down the clean ingredients path. However to get the most out of this app, you need to actually read and learn. For example, most agencies agree that talc is fine in pressed cosmetics, but talc, no matter what form, automatically gets an 8 (ie. bad) rating. Therefore, you need to read and decide for yourself if you feel comfortable using that product or not. That’s why I call this app as a “tool.” One definite area for improvement is the products included. I wish there was a little less pushing of clean, indie brands and more assessment of the bad brands. I can find clean brands myself, but I need to know which to steer clear of. Entries on cosmetics are extremely limited even though it’s a booming market. It would also be nice if there was a way to view items by brand so that you could look at a company’s entire product line since the keyword search can be a bit off. Overall, I will continue to use the app but I look forward to future improvements!
  • Must have app

    By jmwheeler1109
    This is a must have app in my opinion. It’s amazing to be able to go through the store in skin products to see which are the least toxic before purchasing them. Marketing gimmick’s make you think “natural” Products are way safer than they are. Think dirty really shines a light on the truth about what’s in our products. I do however think it needs a little work, which is why it got four stars instead of five. Sometimes it will rate things very low such as a zero or a one because the ingredients are not fully in the system yet. So it looks like it’s made of water and aloe vera… When really there’s 10 ingredients missing. I wish that the product was not listed if the full list of ingredients have not been added to the products profile and been properly evaluated and rated. Despite this fact I still think it’s an insanely useful app and everyone should have it. Just use caution when you are looking at a product to purchase because you need to make sure all the ingredients are listed.

    By kemyers
    I was so unaware of what I was bringing into my home. My cleaning products (all purpose cleaner & dish soaps, laundry soaps, etc.), body products (deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, facials, makeup, etc.) THEY WERE ALL TOXIC- and I had no idea. Some of these chemicals effect human hormones, skin sensitivity, and some chemicals lead to cancer & I didn’t even know they were in my home. I was uneducated which is the exact reason I am writing this review- once you know, you know & I guarantee once you know you will want better for your husband, your kids, yourself, and even the dog. TAKE ACTION! Download this app and use it to your best ability the app has a ranking scale from 0-10. 0 being the healthiest 10 being the MOST toxic. This is judged based upon the chemicals and products in your cleaners from home cleaners to body products too. All of my home products & body products were sitting at like an 8 or 9- which is really scary- Now you know, and YOU should download this app && change your life.
  • Overall good, “fragrances” rating is frustrating

    By StephanieM25
    Overall I like this app. It’s taught me how to start looking at labels, reading articles and cleaning up my cabinet. It does have a couple of big flaws that probably won’t make me a long time or frequent user: 1) Fragrances are always rated an 8. I just got new dry shampoo (from Living Proof! A pretty clean company!) and the ENTIRE LIST is 0-3s except fragrance, automatically giving it an 8. That means my “shelf score” is a lot worse than it really is, and more importantly I have to actually remember it’s okay for me when I go to repurchase. That’s the complete opposite purpose of the app for me. I have no allergies to fragrances which is usually the reason it’s given an 8. Frustrating that I can’t have a setting where I can select “no allergies” or note that it’s clean for myself. 2) Multiple entries per product, in varying sizes. My face wash is entered 4 times, all the same score, in travel through large size. All have different hearts and reviews. It’s annoying to sort through and probably a big waste of the app upkeep and space.

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