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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-22
  • New version: 19.0.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Belk is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Belk, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Belk, Inc., with the latest current version being 19.0.1 which was officially released on 2021-03-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 145,527 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81677 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Reimagine department store shopping with the Belk app. More Styles, More Sizes The Belk app offers a wide variety of fits, sizes and styles in every category – from men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing and shoes to handbags, dresses and home. Plus, shop a larger selection of designer fashion, beauty, accessories & fragrance. You can even save your favorite products to purchase later. Brands You Love Shop the newest men’s & women’s fashion and shoes from brands & designers like: • Levi’s • Polo Ralph Lauren • Michael Kors • Free People • Vans • Tommy Hilfiger • Vince Camuto • UGG® Plus, find designer watches from brands like Movado, Bulova & Skagen, and the best in beauty from Estée Lauder, Urban Decay, Clinique, Lancôme & more. Registry Love Create and manage your wedding registry easily inside the Belk app. Browse and add items from your favorite home brands, or scan and add items to your registry right from your smart phone. You can also maintain multiple registries and quickly update your gift list. Never Miss a Deal Get push notifications on your phone to be the first to know about great deals and our latest coupons. You can earn and redeem Belk Bucks when you shop in the app, too! Manage Your Rewards Manage your Belk Rewards credit card account easily from the app. Plus, see how many Belk Reward Dollars you have available to spend and apply them easily at checkout. Effortless Gifting Check out our Gift Guide to shop by gifts by recipient, interest, occasion and more! We’ve picked out the most-wanted products for everyone on your list and every event on your calendar. Quick & Easy Checkout We’ll save your check out information so all you have to do is enter your security code to complete your purchase. You can also pay with PayPal! Free Store Pickup If you have to have it today, you can! Shop in the app, add products to your bag and choose the “Free Store Pickup” option for eligible items. Your purchase will be available at your local store within a few hours – for free! Welcome to the new way to shop Belk, whenever & wherever you want!

Top Reviews

  • Bras today

    By hhhhheeeewwwwhaaaawww
    I shop Belk a lot. I buy a lot of my clothing for myself and my family here. There are some items that I am not so crazy about but it doesn't keep me away from one of my favorite stores from clothing all the way to bedding to my bath kitchen and much more. Oh not to mention the beauty department that I spend tons of money there, can't seem to find that one kind of perfume that I just can't seem to live without. So I buy a selection of kinds that like and so that another downfall of mine. I may have to ask you guys to add a building department so you can add to my closet for just my shoes to have their special place. My husband has really enjoyed your store is closed, because it has kept me home more. Thank you for a really nice place to come to shop. Very nice customer service for the customer, they are a very big help when needed. Also thank you for all the different clothing for all ages and selections of clothing for all to shop. You make it a very nice place for families to come and so a all in one shopping day. Thanks for all you do. SC.
  • Just Too Much!

    By Cynthia Jeans
    I can safely say I am a Belks Gal hands down. I shop almost on a weekly bases. What I love most (besides their products) is the customer service. I purchased and item (super fast shipping) and when delivered it was wrong ( this doesn’t happen often). I reached out to a representative via email and she told me what was delivered is correct. I must say it didn’t sit well at first so I sent her a photo copy of my order from my phone can you say convenient) . A couple of days later I had an apology, and my order( a matching king pillow sham from precious order on the way). Their ability to correct the situation swiftly won me over. It wasn’t “just too much” to take care of me! #foreverbelks
  • Beware of app updates!

    By jojogreene
    For some reason, when I last updated my Belk app, my default payment switched from my current bank to an old account linked to my Belk card that I no longer use. I made my payment in haste as usual BEFORE the due date, and did not check to ensure the bank account, as it hasn’t changed since before 2017. Totally my fault, but an honest mistake. Upon receiving a call from Belk saying it did not go through for insufficient funds. Again I logged on and made the payment again in the same way just thinking that I must have been distracted and it didn’t go through. After a second call from Belk, I realized something was amiss. This time I checked carefully and found that the default bank had been changed. However, I was told that bc in the terms it says IFs twice in a 12 mo period results in account closure, there was NOTHING they could do. It hurt my credit score automatically. I’ve been a LOYAL Belk customer for YEARS and they are “sorry and wish there was something they could do.” I realize it was my fault but it was an honest mistake. I thought I would leave this here to help some other ‘very busy and use the app for a reason’ person who Belk will NOT help if you aren’t careful!
  • Using app

    By 2brain cells
    Disappointed yesterday when I ordered 2 pair of jeans for my son. Put in a size that would have fallen to his knees for 1 pair. Called customer service. Listened to music for a while-understandable. Then recording suggested going to Belk credit and sending an email. I did; explained my error, asked if they could change the error to the correct size. This was within 10-15 min of checking out. No one had started working on order yet. Received a response that “CUSTOMER SERVICE” was not allowed to make any changes to orders. I could understand if I hadn’t signed in to my account with 2 step identification or if my request was going to change the total that needed to be paid. Very frustrating. Also, I have spent a pretty good chunk of change at a Belks online. Somehow, even though my total is well above amount needed to use coupons; every time I tried to use any coupons I got $0.00 off-very different from when I shop in the store. This is the 1st time I have had these issues when using the app.
  • Someone hire someone to fix this

    By 2558975431356
    I have made two purchases online with Belk in the past six months. They have both been nightmares. If I weren’t so desperate to get the product I needed I would definitely shop somewhere else. I know people that work for Belk —-I want to support Belk!!! but it is almost impossible to buy something online. During this last transaction, I have had to login three different times every time I tried to check out. finally I tried checking out with PayPal and had to login a fourth time. someone needs to fix this. I don’t know anyone else that would do all this. In addition the last time I ordered from Belk I paid with PayPal and it was an absolute nightmare because I had to return things. Also my order was duplicated four times online. And please know, this is not me. I’m a website designer and an online instructor I know how to order things online. But something is wrong. For example, right now I have written this feedback to help. I can’t submit it because I have to choose a nickname and every nickname I choose is already taken 🤷🏻‍♀️ bypass the nickname and take the feedback
  • Usually have great experience using app

    By Mrs Yelvington
    I recently started shopping for my niece and nephew for back to school stuff. I had added everything I might buy to my cart, but as I usually do I changed my mind about several items after I had looked at everything. Wanted to remove my least favorites as my total had added up very quickly. However, my app is not letting me remove any of the items I don’t want from the cart, so I cant check out. I have tried multiple times, for the last three days and it still isn’t working. I have 29 items in my cart and can’t keeping shopping because I have the “maximum amount of items”
  • Belk forever

    By Belk fanatic
    I am a completely devoted Belk’s customer! My mother always shopped at Belk and I have always done the same. My daughter is not as devoted as I am she will shop other stores. I won’t I always find what I want and the Customer Service is always the best. This last year has been rough on the shopping industry but the stores are open and people are shopping again. I shop online then just go pickup. Shipping hasn’t been bad even through Covid. Thank you Belk for keeping this penny pinching lady from going broke! I use my Belk Reward Dollars with coupons and sales and love it! Thank you! Happy Customer in SC
  • Not easy to enter coupons

    By Avenged HD
    I tried for several days to place an order but the discounted price would not show up on the order list. It also wouldn’t take my birthday coupon. I tried several times, I called customer service 3 times and one person suggested I try on a desktop computer and the other two had no clue. I tried emailing a request for assistance and got back a message suggesting I call customer service. I never got the order to go through though the polite service reps all agreed the items were showing as “on sale” and there must be a glitch. I did not get to use my birthday discount nor access the sales. ☹️ Very disappointing! I have used the app before with no snags so it does work- they just need a plan for when it doesn’t. Apps are not helpful if they don’t work. I like Belk and their quality items.
  • Worst online store website

    By Jan Ellen
    Online site does not do these things: 1. Does not have a previous orders sections that customer can see what they have orders in past days,weeks,years. A. There is a place where it says check in order but I don’t keep previously ordered numbers so they don’t you can’t do any further checking. 2. When type something in the search bar and then clicking on the “go” button right after it, you can’t go back to the search bar where you typed something in to check on another item in drop down list as their isn’t any. 3. Also, I sign in the first time I go to the picture of the house on the far left( on cellphone app) to check and see what percentage of sale items there is. Then go back to main page and click on shop. And then I am forced to sign in and then go to the shop picture at the bottom pick out what I want and put it in bag then I should go be going to checkout but ohhhhh noooo, it makes you sign in again whether it is your account or guest or something else that I can’t remember. So then I pick guest as it won’t let me use my account and then when I click on checkout it forces me to use PayPal ( which is the second choice) Belks really needs to update their online shopping website very much. Sincerely, Janet Arthur
  • Paying bill on app problem

    By Tarheelbilly
    For the last few months, I have had a difficult time paying my bill through the app. It tells me my password is incorrect and then I try too many times and it makes me change it. The password is correct. So, I change it anyway and then next month- boom - same problem. Now it works when I shop and login to charge on my card but doesn’t work to pay my bill! Crazy! Please fix it! I do love Belk, but may be forced to go back to mailing a check. Don’t have time to change password every single month!

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