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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-05
  • New version: 2.9.10
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Jackpocket Lottery App

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Jackpocket Lottery App is an iPhone and Android Entertainment App, made by Jackpocket Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Jackpocket Inc., with the latest current version being 2.9.10 which was officially released on 2021-01-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 23,442 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.68475 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

If you love playing lottery games, you’ve gotta get Jackpocket. Our lottery app is the easy, secure way to order lotto tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 3 and more from state-licensed retailers. Jackpocket players have won over $21 million in lottery prizes to date! “Say goodbye to those long Powerball mania lines and say hello to Jackpocket!” – as seen on Good Morning America. With the Jackpocket app you can: • Play Mega Millions, Powerball, and more official lottery games in your state • Get automatic alerts when you win and receive prizes right through the app • Check lottery results and track jackpots across the country • Team up with friends in lottery pools for a better chance to win • Use the Autoplay feature and never miss your favorite lotto game • Texans can even get scratch off games mailed to their door (more scratch-off states coming soon!) PICK YOUR NUMBERS Skip that line! Pick your lucky lotto numbers in the app (or Quick Pick), place your ticket order, kick back and relax. Jackpocket then buys your lottery tickets for you from a licensed retailer in your state. SEE YOUR TICKET We send a scan of your lottery ticket right to the app. (Never lose a lotto ticket again!) You’ll also receive an email with the ticket serial number, locking you in as the ticket owner. We store your paper ticket in a fireproof safe. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU WIN Keep 100% of your winnings. Smaller lottery prizes (usually under $600) go straight to your Jackpocket account. Use your winnings to play again or make a secure payout. For larger prizes, we transfer your paper ticket to you so you can claim your prize from the state lottery. (Pro tip: you can even claim most prizes without leaving the house by using your state’s “claim by mail” option.) INVITE FRIENDS, PLAY FOR FREE Refer friends to Jackpocket. Get free lottery tickets when they fund their account! Your friends get a free ticket too so they can try us. More details in the app or on blog.jackpocket.com. QUESTIONS? We love hearing from you. Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving us a message in the app or emailing us at support@jackpocket.com. You can also check support.jackpocket.com for FAQs about Jackpocket. LOTTERY RULES Jackpocket complies with all state gaming regulations and security standards. Players must be 18+ and within state boundaries to play: • Arkansas Lottery • Colorado Lottery • DC Lottery • Minnesota Lottery • New Hampshire Lottery • New Jersey Lottery • New York Lottery • Ohio Lottery • Oregon Lottery • Texas Lottery Jackpocket is not affiliated with and is not an agent of any State Lottery. Please visit jackpocket.com/tos for full terms and conditions.

Top Reviews

  • Very poor customer service

    By Lisaji108
    There’s one main reason I recommend boycotting this app until they fix the problem. They have an automatic withdrawal feature which they do not explain. It tried to take money out of my Aspiration card which had insufficient funds for the transaction. So they suspended my account. When I gave them my primary acct. number to bill, they emailed me they had submitted it and told me my account would be reinstated in five days once the bank charge had gone through. Five days later, nothing. I emailed them and they claimed I didn’t give them my bank info, which I had and I screenshot the email they had sent me and sent it back to them. Then they claimed my bank denied the charge when I have thousands in my account to cover it so either they didn’t enter the number correctly or not at all. I have $90 winnings in my account that they are holding hostage, all because they can’t get it together. I originally used PayPal to fund my account and now wish I had not changed over to my debit card. So I recommend boycotting their app until they fix the automatic withdrawal issue and stop torturing their customers with the incompetence that revolves around this issue. Surely they can just deny a charge if there are insufficient funds. But to lock customers out of their accounts so they can’t even fix the issue is unethical and unconscionable. If they fix the problem, I’ll fix the stars.
  • Cha-Ching and Done!

    By The Big Daddy Jay
    I’ve enjoyed playing the games of Texas since Day 1, but every so often, I’d forget to stop on my way home from work to buy a ticket. I’d either regretfully put my shoes back on my feet, make my way to a retailer, and invariably wait in a long, slow moving line to secure my $1 opportunity for riches - or - I’d have to go without altogether; feeling like I’d missed my chance at winning “The Big One”. With Jackpocket, I’ve finally said “Goodbye!” to those last minute races to find a store! Jackpocket is simple to use and with it’s vast array of various, easy to understand (and use) options, it should have a shortcut icon on Everyone’s smartphone! I love having the peace of mind knowing that I just might become Texas’ next millionaire; and I can thank Jackpocket for allowing this feeling to be so easily attainable! (It also saves me money at the gas pump!)
  • Tried with $20, already looks shady

    By chef_nyc
    Installed this app based on a friend suggestion. Convenient way to play for people who live far from a lottery convenience store. However I already have some complaints and now I am curious about my protection if the reward is quite large to remain honest. You pick some numbers or let the app pick them for you. And somebody actually buys tickets on behalf of you. You can see a stamp on the “ticket photo” that says “ticket belongs to Your Name”. It doesn’t say “redeemable only by”. Also I don’t really know if the actual ticket has the stamp or the stamp was “photoshopped” after the ticket was scanned. What made me suspicious? I won $4 and it was on my account. So somebody was able to claim it on my behalf. I had already $12 left from original funding and $4 from my winnings. I tried to withdraw my money after losing trust. It looks like the original money you sent from your account is not refundable. That is problem #2. The I decided to get my $4 as a refund. Again another problem. Although I was able to fund my account using PayPal, I cannot get a refund via PayPal. It wants my bank account number. What if I don’t want to give my bank account to an app developer? Maybe I was misled because they made funding the app account very easy.
  • Love it!

    By Divine_devon
    I’ve been playing the lottery for about 5 years now. I use to dump money into it. This app has made it a lot easier and safer to play. It allowed me to manage my spending to keep the lottery as more of a game for me rather than gambling. It also help me to narrow down the games I play. 9 times outta 10 I get little prizes back for cash 4 life. With mega and powerball about half the time I win something. Pick 6 is even worst. I never win anything. If I do it’s only $3. So now I only play cash 4 life. I only play powerball and mega when the jackpot is really high. My one complaint is Jersey cash 5 isn’t available yet. Please add this game! UPDATE: THANK YOU! Cash 5 is now available! YAYYY! But now one more request. Can you please allow the selection of multiple tickets from the past tickets page. I just wasted $5 replaying the same ticket twice.(now if I win twice not a problem but still a waste regardless!)
  • Easy way to play lottery!

    By Dmr531
    I am a very skeptical person so I was VERY skeptical about the legitimacy of this app. I read a few reviews and searched for independent news articles about this app. I confirmed it’s not a scam so I decided to try. I created an account and added $10 from my PayPal to start. I live in NJ so the games available to me were Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 6, Cash 4 Life. There are other state games but I guess the app doesn’t allow other games? What I really liked is the “pools” option. You can play the Mega or Powerball with other users to increase your chance of winning. These pools have hundreds of people in them and I love this! Conclusion: Not a scam, it’s legit as long as you are physically in the location they say you have to be in and are over 18. It’s an easy and convenient way to play lottery right from your own home.
  • Almost a millionaire

    By wumobb
    Working at the hospital in this pandemic times I’ve gotten so discourage to playing the lottery I like playing in person but there are lots of places that are closed or places are open and the lottery terminal is closed so weeks have passed by I haven’t thought about playing but one day on my way to work I remembered I have the jackpocket app on my phone and it was a Thursday and the draw game for that day was the pick 6 so I played $5 the machine picked the numbers then by 9 pm I received a text from jackpocket with a link “you won big on jackpocket please click link “ I didn’t believe it until I went to the app and saw I got 5 out of 6 numbers one more number I would of hit the jackpot $4.8 mill so they FedEx me my ticket with a claim form this a perfect alternative solution to keep playing and staying safe
  • Vincent

    By Dr Newnan
    This app provides more variety in your ability to play your lotto picks. Funding your account and then picking your numbers to play your favorite games is just simply genius. No rushing to get to the corner store to get a lotto ticket just simply click and you have access to the ability to win thousands or millions. There are many other features this app provides, you can play with pools of people to win, or create a pool of your own to win, the most innovative part of this app is that you can play your favorite numbers with auto play. Seemingly you’re automatically signed up every week with your favorite numbers. It also has alerts and notifications of winnings or playing the lotto so you never miss a chance to win. Think I said enough thanks.
  • So simple So convenient

    By AnjaliKaur
    I saw an ad for Jackpocket and at first wondered if I’d be able to play in my state. Then found okay my state is included. But is it real and is it safe. I went did a bit of a search and found okay it’s real. Now came the play. I played my favorite games. I like to play the Daily Numbers game as well as Win 4. I played both lucky was with me. I got an email telling me I had won the Win 4. I had been scammed by other online games so I went to my states results and I had hit the Win 4 number. So I dashed to the site and there it was my winning. I transferred a portion to my account and expect it in 3-5 days. It was simple it was easy. And it was great. I got my payout first thing Wednesday morning. This is the best way to play my favorite NY State Lottery games. It’s AWESOME
  • Interesting concept to say the least!

    By Zombieplanter09748857437
    Even if this isn’t you’re thing, you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty well executed app! This should be a very complicated process for a phone app to accomplish, but they’ve made it seamless. You can buy your tickets, they’re nicely sorted, and you don’t even have to check your own lotto numbers. The app can send you notifications to tell you when you win something. The pools are actually a pretty slick concept, and again very well executed. Even if the app was very visually boring, the app would still score a 5/5 from me. Yet, the app is actually very clean and well designed. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this app based on some of the lackluster reviews... it has been better than I imagined in every facet.
  • Awesome but Player Beware!

    By ProVox
    I love the convenience of this app! It’s so convenient that you must be careful and exercise control when playing thru the app. I find that I spend way more money (that I don’t have) buying tickets thru this app than what I’d spend if this app wasn’t available. Also, you never have to “go” check results due to emails notifying you that you won a prize. I’ve never won more $2, $4 and $8 prizes so regularly before not to mention hitting a Pick 3 twice. Would love to see more zeros in my winnings but wouldn’t we all? Bottom line, I LOVE THIS APP!!! However, if you are irresponsible and can’t control your gambling you shouldn’t mess with this app. The convenience and ease of use will get you hooked.

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