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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-17
  • New version: 8.2.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion

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Nasty Gal – Clothing + Fashion is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Nasty Gal. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Nasty Gal, with the latest current version being 8.2.9 which was officially released on 2020-11-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 16,230 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.77431 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Hello, world! Meet the new Nasty Gal app. Shop for cute stuff with perks as a NGVIP, checkout with speed and ease, track your order at any time, keep up with your fave pieces by adding them to your wishlist, order with Apple Pay, and stay in the loop with notifications! Everything you love on the site at your (literal) fingertips. Shopping just got easier. The Nasty Gal app hotlist: · NGVIP - get unlimited next day delivery for a year + exclusive offers! · Fast & Secure Checkout - shop your faves with speed and ease. · Apple Pay - check out conveniently with less steps. · Track Your Order - keep up with your order as it heads your way. · Wishlist - save your fave pieces for later. · Notifications - be the first to know about exclusive offers and our latest collabs.

Top Reviews

  • Not worth it

    By unosuckssodou
    When I received my shipping notification dayssss later after purchasing they told me some items got canceled because they were out of stock that’s sad because those items I was most excited about so they had to give me a refund. The quality of the tops are so bad it’s like shein clothes but way more expensive ! The only good quality items were the sweats they were actually soft and thick but the tops were see through and feels like it could be torn so easily. Please note if you’re short like 5’4 under DO NOT buy there pants or any bottoms because the length to their clothing are to high rise & so long on the bottom for a short girl but if you’re Tall the bottoms I bought were pretty good quality. Except one of the pair which wasn’t sown all the way so there was a hole in the pocket but they did offer me 50% refund since they don’t do exchanges. Also shipping cost 10$ no matter how much you buy in the USA but it was quick. Personally not buying from again.

    By frangdhrh
    The clothes look nice on their models! But they actually sell you slightly different and cheaper clothes than the ones you see. I ordered a skirt either a size 0 or xs because it looked super cute in the picture, then when I got it is was realistically a size 6 and had a different number of buttons than the skirt in the picture. I could have used it as a parachute for my small legs! THIS CLOTHING SITE IS A SCAM. I spent close to $400 worth of clothes!!! I wanted to return all of them because they were either super big or super small. One of the shirts i could not even pull past my chest area, the seams started to tear. That shirt was a size small and I’m typically a petite person. I was willing to settle and keep about 5 items. Then I realized that their refund policy stated that you must return 30 days since the items shipped (not arrived) well my time was already up because the shipping had taken so long.

    By CommonRoze
    After ordering from Nasty girl several times, there’s always been an issue w/ the order..the first order had three cheaply I’ll made garments..the second or some garments were again cheaply made didn’t wanna bother w/ returns so I used as cleaning clothes...I ordered for Christmas well in advance didn’t get package til a wk after Christmas and all they can say not our fault..half the garments in this package were gifts I’d planned to take to SC, but nope I didn’t get to give some family gifts w/ explanation, so I finally get the package yesterday and almost half the order is wrong size!!. And some looks cheaply made w/ cheap material!! CUSTOMER SERVICE..NOT SO MUCH..forget abt talking to a live rep....I think it’s time to take my money and business else where..I ADVISE YOU TO SAVE YOUR MONEY TIME AND TONS OF FUSTRATION!!!..not the way I do business!!! GOOD RIDDANCE NASTINESS!!!!
  • Never received a refund

    By Mellcf17
    I actually really like the clothes and wanted to order more in the future. I wanted to return some jeans I loved for a smaller size. But had no idea it’ll be such a hassle afterwards! My main problem is their customer service. When I mailed back my returns it said I’ll receive my refund in a couple of days. Then I emailed them back about never receiving my refund after 2 weeks. They did say they did receive my returned items back but since I purchased through afterpay that I’ll have to contact afterpay instead. Once I contacted afterpay they told me to contact nastygal! They’ll both just email you back and forth and it’ll go nowhere! I’ve never returned an item before and did not receive my money back! Such a rip off!
  • Garbage

    By Goddamnithanna
    Edit: They are now saying I have disputes open with PayPal and can not refund me. I have opened no disputes at all. This store is a scam, don’t waste your time and money! To start, the clothes are awful quality for the price. Everything looks and feels cheep. They also don’t fit true to size in any way. Every pair of shoes I tried where far too big, and I’d course I wear the smallest size the have. Nothing fits if you have even the remotest hint of boobs. But what makes me the most mad is that they’re stealing money. I placed four different orders, I returned everything due to reasons above, and they’re refusing to refund the shipping cost, nearly 40 bucks. Never mind that the process of shipping took so long and that the returning took even longer, most every retailer out there does free shipping over like, 50 bucks, if not 100. Even then, never in my life have I not been refunded in full when returning WHOLE orders. Customer satisfaction who? NastyGal doesn’t know. This is why their clothes are always at such a discount, because they're garbage and they know it.
  • Can’t even place my order

    By LaneRSmith
    I had such high expectations that I really thought I was going to be leaving a positive review about the clothes after I got them. I can’t even buy the clothes due to a error in the system, according to one of their live chat representatives. The website glitched the first time I tried to place my order, and told me my card was declined. After 3 more cards and checking my account balances, I determined it definitely was not a problem on my end. The worst part about it, is that currently there’s and 80% sale going for the next 5 hours. The live chat representative told me my best bet was to wait 24 hours and try again. Bad service, and bad quality.
  • Finally purchased!!

    By _angel.vargas
    NastyGal, I was having so much trouble purchasing these items on your website even though I logged in. I did email to complain about it. It took 3 days for me to actively try and get these items. I finally downloaded your app and my cc finally went through! I hope you get your website fixed. I tried to purchase a few more items but because of the delay those items were gone. I love this site!! It’s so fun to splurge and get fun stuff Thanks, Angelica Vargas
  • Trouble with Wishlist

    By Izzyyyyy98
    I love the clothes, but I haven’t been able to see the items on my wishlist for a while now. It’s a bunch of empty pictures with a $0.0 cost. I’ve tried re downloading the app & logging back on a few times, but it doesn’t help. They only way I can see them is when I log into the browser. I was also wondering if you guys would consider re-stocking items! And if you already do, could there be an option where you can add your email to a specific item to get notified when it comes back.
  • Needs a few bug fixes

    By OMGimME
    I’m pretty sure none of the clothes that I add to my wishlist even make it there, because a) I cannot see anything I’ve liked in the past it just shows a bunch of white boxes with no images, and b)I’ve had to re- add things to my wishlist that should already be there all the time. When I try to add things it also takes a long time or it may take a few tries for the item to get added. My last quip is simply that I think we should be to swipe back and forth through pages instead of ALWAYS having to use the back button
  • Just a few tweaks

    By Luvbug2627
    It’s a good app overall but there are some features that would streamline usage. When browsing through clothing we should be able to favorite/wishlist/❤️ from the list page instead of only on the items individual description. Also favoriting without having to select the size. Especially when there’s only “one size” for a product. Also, products in different colors are all listed individually, it would be great if all colors could be in the same listing.

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