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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-10
  • New version: 20.9
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Verizon Cloud

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Verizon Cloud is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by Verizon Wireless. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Verizon Wireless, with the latest current version being 20.9 which was officially released on 2020-09-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 98,235 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.57505 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Cloud storage for your mobile devices. Easy to backup, search and share. Sign up today for 600 GB or 2 TB of storage and your first 30 days are on us. Features: • BACK UP your photos, videos, contacts and more to a secure cloud storage • SYNC & ACCESS across devices – Backup, sync and access your content when you need it, from your smartphone, tablet or computer • PRIVATE FOLDER with PIN-protection for your sensitive content • ORDER PHOTO PRINTS & GIFTS using your favorite photos in app • CREATE MOVIES AND CUSTOMIZE PHOTOS Make masterpieces with music, filters and fun stickers to share • FLASHBACKS – Relive your memories from past years with weekly photo flashbacks • CAST TO YOUR TV – Share your pictures, videos and music with family and friends on the big screen • SHARE select media content from your Cloud using your favorite native apps

Top Reviews

  • Verizon Cloud App

    By rjensen31
    I pay for this service and I have had it for years and to this day I still can’t get my IPhone 8+ to back up with this app, it used to sit there and act like it was backing up my phone and you would have to keep the app open and not let your screen go black and I tried this so many times for hours and hours I even let it try and back up for a whole day, during this process you can’t use your phone at all or it will have to start the process all over again but after letting it back up for a whole day it never finished and when I gave up and checked on how much it was able to actually back up I was completely blown away that after 12 hours of me dedicating my phone to nothing but backing up my phone it accomplished absolutely nothing!!! Not a single file was ever added to my cloud all the stuff that I have in my cloud was from 3 or 4 phones ago so I have basically been pay for this service for years thinking that it was working this whole time when it never worked at all or at least not in years. Now all it does is crash every time you try and open it so it can’t even pretend to back up your phone now. I really hope that Verizon can fix this issue I know I can’t be the only one with this problem. Until this issue is fix I wouldn’t recommend using or purchasing any storage from this app!!!
  • The worst ever!!!!! 😡

    By KerryOK5
    UPDATE: 2 week’s later, it still keeps saying that it’s backed up, but activate the app to finish. When I go into the app it does the jumping around - 3 minutes, 25 minutes, 17 minutes, 74 minutes! Got a note from the developers asking what device I’m using - what do you think Genius? I’m in the iPhone App Store, hmm? Could it be a Google Pixel I’m working with? I give up. Verizon has lost all their former glory. Used to be they were the best customer service And the best cell service around, but they got a fat head, they are now worse than circa 2005 AT&T! Can’t wait till this contract expires and I might go before that anyway. After 4 hours during which it kept saying 4 minutes left, and counting down to 1 min. Only to bounce back to 4 then 21, then back down, and then it said 43 minutes!!! What the?!? I finally had to cancel because I need to do other things. Why does it take so long? Why after 4 hours is it still not backed up?!? It’s less than 3 gigs for Pete’s sake! And why does it take half an hour to estimate the time it will take to only say like 4 minutes and then take another 4 HOURS to still not finish? Plus it seems to stop unless you keep your phone “awake”. This is the worst. It’s torture. Plus you can’t set it to back up, you have to do it manually! Was it written back in 1980 for a desktop and not really updated?
  • Davemeta2

    By davemeta2
    Love the FiosTV app I own thousands of movies and tv series that I was afraid I would lose when I had to temporarily leave FIOS for a month or two after father’s death.... and it’s sooo good to go to app and scroll down through my huge list of things so quickly and easily.....hit show and hit remote to my Apple TV or Roku device or use iPhone and computer and instantly I am watching on My 55” OLED HDR 4K TV..... And the cloud backup is as good as Apple’s Cloud System and is as user friendly.... Thanks again FIOS I look forward to returning to my ultimate package soon!
  • Verizon Cloud Services (Back-up data on your phone(s).)

    I have an iPhone 8+. With it, I receive 5GB FREE ICLOUD SERVICES. I may back up ALL: Data, Docs, Photos, Passwords, Payment Data, & a whole lot more. I’ve never lost a single “Bit” or a “Byte” of anything since my very first iPhone. That has been since 2012. ALL DATA IS ENCRYPTED, from my iPhone to my iCloud account. (I don’t need a secured connection) I get access to everything, anytime. Every backup has its own date & time. I’m able to keep whatever photos I have uploaded, and delete the rest, (except important documents, & some passwords). To date, I have used 2.6 GB of the FREE iCloud storage. Over 7 years of Backups, & Thousands of photos, FREE. This is After, my backup today, w/430 HD photos and 5 hours of compressed HD Videos. I have at least another 4 years of FREE iCloud backup and Support before I will need the $1.00/mo. For 500GB Additional storage. If you’re careful, & take a little time, and you have an iPhone of any type, there’s no need to pay out $5/mo. For any other “Cloud Storage.” -Happy w/my Apple iPhone and MacBook Air, by Disneyland, California
  • Disappointed

    By *l*64
    I had been with Verizon for twenty years, I had a life change and had to change services but thought All of my 3700 photos were “Safe” in the cloud plus I was paying for it. What I Didn’t Know was that they would Erase All of them after 30 days! I was told they held onto them for Six Months. You Know people don’t read the fine print and I am technically challenged. I was crushed as I was making gifts for my children and grandchildren that specifically involved these precious photos and No, I didn’t have them backed up anywhere else because I went specifically through Verizon up until that point, and my S6 did not have a SD port. I am now back with Verizon but extremely disappointed they don’t have a better system in place with information if you leave for periods of time. I will never trust them or the people who give different information again
  • Fix app

    By Siren1021
    You should be able to sign in on ANY device and access the SAME Verizon Cloud. My niece is using my old phone and I thought I could backup over 9000 pics/vids to the Verizon Cloud on that phone and access it on my new phone by inputting my username/password... WRONG! It’s now HER Verizon Cloud with all of MY priceless photos/vids!! It took me over 72 hrs to back it all up and now I can’t access any of it from my new phone! I’m paying $10/month for increased storage bc of the amount I needed for nothing now on HER phone! Which means, I’ll need to pay another $10/month on my new phone if I ever get this mess straightened up! Fix this please! What’s the point in having username/password if I can’t access it on a different device? I also sat at my local Verizon store for 2 hours for them to tell me to call Customer Service bc I cannot access the Verizon Cloud app on my new phone at all now. When I try to sign in, it won’t recognize my password and so it changes the entire My Verizon app login as well. Your apps are very confusing and I’m fairly tech savvy.
  • Doesn’t work on my new iPhone

    By BruceMK
    I had a hardware issue on my new iPhone that required the Apple Store swapping it out for a new phone. I was able to back everything up to Verizon Cloud prior to the swap. Shortly thereafter, the backups stopped working. I finally called Verizon’s Tech Coach “service” and they tried to blame the problem on everything under the sun without looking to see if there might something with this app that needed tweaking. I can’t see any of my photos that I had previously backed up, so it’s more than an issue of available storage. (Doesn’t stop them from trying to suggest that what I really need to do is buy more storage.) They want to say it’s because iOS needs updating, not that they will say what known issues the update would address. Of course, it must be because of the wi-fi network or cell tower. Just ignore that this app continues to fail no matter where I try it. The app is great when it works. Just don’t expect to get anything approaching intelligent support if it stops working.
  • Video content not uploading, horrible app for backing up

    By KD6Cae
    I thought I would give this app a try, since I get 500GB of storage free with my above unlimited plan. I uploaded a short video clip as a test, to make sure it worked. However I have spent the last month off and on trying to upload some HD videos I took on my phone, and the app refuses to complete the backup process, only getting to about 6% before stopping for seemingly no reason. this occurs even on a decently fast 20 megabits upload internet line! I also tried uploading 144 audio files from my computer, and though most of them made it, there were 4 Random files in that upload, that for whatever reason were never able to upload. This is not what I would call a reliable app for backing up anything, except for perhaps smaller files such as audio, but even then you may or may not successfully get your files uploaded. That’s not how any app that claims to back up content should work. What is going on here?
  • Terrible

    By Boston4lfe
    I have had issues with this app for the past 2 years how slow it backed up. I have called tech support many times and they cannot get it working. I deserve my 2 years of money back. I am mainly on wi-fi and I work for tech support with another company so I am well aware of how to use my phone and features. My phone is still trying to back up from the Super Bowl pictures. I am on private wi-fi the majority of the day and my device is always up to date and this app doesn’t work to my expectations. Instead of tech support saying what it should do, no one has offered to credit my account for the poor performance of this app. I deleted it and using a cheaper storage and a free app that backup immediately with no issues. If I could give 0 stars I would have because that how many photos backed up since the beginning of February and still saying backing up. It give a message: last backup April. So where are the pictures since the beginning of February??? SMH
  • Do Not Waste Your Time!

    By soamazin
    If I could give 0 I would!!!!! I have paid for and had This App since it was first developed but over the past three years for me personally it has lost my trust! I lost my pics three to four times and when asking for assistance I got no help to retrieve them they were permanently gone! It changes my plan without me knowing I just had this happen to me again when I called she said Jan 31, but there are no notes and she couldn't tell me why it happened! I don't trust it at all!!!! I lost the pics of my grandmama and me who now has passed because I trusted this app and it failed me no I have no memories of me and my grandma! I hate this app!!! Better realizability and retrieval is needed when this app deletes all your stuff and set up a new profile even if it takes u a while to nice it's gone bc that's what happened to me I didn't know how long it had been missing either way it's not my fault!!! I'm so over paying for a service that doesn't hold up to its standards!

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