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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-21
  • New version: 10.5.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts

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Tophatter: Win Fun Discounts is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Tophatter, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Tophatter, Inc., with the latest current version being 10.5.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 126,449 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.53573 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Buy fashion, gadgets, jewelry, or win an auction on Tophatter — the fun, easy way to bid and shop fixed price items! Bargain hunting and shopping online is fast, exciting, and fun on Tophatter. Whether you’re looking for a gift, a camera, or even a ring, there’s an endless array of fun products for you to scroll through. Find a gift for yourself or a present for a loved one, either way, the sky's the limit — there are even drones for you to bid on! Nothing beats the thrill of winning a great deal and bargain hunting on Tophatter. Finding a gift you love is easy thanks to Tophatter’s huge variety of fun and affordable items. Browse, bid, and enjoy instant savings on anything from a piece of jewelry to a TV! 3 Ways to Win Big Bargains with Tophatter 1. Log into your account and find products you love immediately. 2. Shop on the app from anywhere, and get involved in the auction action. 3. Bids are free, most items start at $1, you only pay when you win. Tophatter puts the fun and excitement back into bargain hunting. Win big with the latest discounted offers at your fingertips! It only takes one simple click to add a big spark of joy to your day. Download and start your bidding now! Technical Support and FAQ Buyer Protection Guarantee: 30-Day Easy Returns: How to bid on Tophatter: How to pay on Tophatter: Terms of Service:

Top Reviews

  • Not an experienced reviewer BUT...

    By Gilgorians
    I’m not an experienced reviewer BUT... I am an experienced Tophatter user. I’ve been with them almost from the beginning, so in a way I have watched them grow from an apparently low-budget, less experienced infancy (or perhaps toddlerhood) into a well formed, intelligent, robust adulthood. I still can’t assign 5 stars bc there are still some kinks to tweak out, like having to re-do my product reviews at least 90% of the time. In fact that little bug is one reason I don’t publish many reviews. I like having seen the Tophatter app grow up. It’s reassuring knowing that this dev team has learned along the way and become a well oiled bidding machine. It seems to me that they’ve wisely used their revenue to wisely improve their product and services. A long time ago I had decided to sell some items on eBay, back when they were the only online “game” around. After half a day of reading terms and instructions, trying to ferret out the morsels important to my needs, I decided that I had already used up in time far more than whatever amount I might have sold my items for. Imo the Tophatter product is superior to all other similar products I’ve tried. Nice work 👍🏽
  • Great App - Bad Reviews

    By JayCarl7620
    I personally love the app, it I am also a responsible consumer. A lot of people reviewing the app badly and saying poor quality on the items purchased or overpriced, but that is no fault but their own. I have made many purchases and all have been up to or exceeded my expectations. I also make smart purchases. If you do your homework you can find a lot of these items else where for cheaper than what people are bidding on the. You can also get items on here much cheaper than anywhere else. Some products are poor quality, but you wouldn’t buy a flat screen TV based off a price and a suggest d MSRP, right? You would do your home work on that specific TV to determine if it is price. This is no different... done blame the app because of your personal poor buying decision in purchasing a poor quality item. No one is forcing to overbid on a piece of junk! Do your research and know what you’re buying... watch the item to see what it goes for on bids, research the actual value and snatch it up when bidding is low! Great app and I am glad I found it!
  • Not worth it...steer clear of tophatter app

    By spinbp5er
    1st Purchase - Originally won it at $22 and then used an $8 credit from shipping so I paid $13 for this sorry piece of Japan plastic junk!!! I received it and it is in Japanese language. Are you serious? Getting my money back. 2nd Purchase - paid $22 for a drone that supposedly has a retail value of $499. When I received the drone, I powered the battery and insert it in the drone and turned on and hit the lift off button and the drone flew away never to be seen again. I learned that the vendors selling on tophatter are not authorized to sell the products they are selling which in turn, void the manufactures warranty. So I do not get a drone replacement or refund. I am not impressed with the value of the products. I’m almost afraid to see the rest of my stuff still yet to come. Stay away from Tophatter, terrible support, terrible merchandise. They use fake retail costs to lure you in and when you bid and win at an astonishing low price it’s supposed to make you feel like you got one heck of a deal when in fact the merchandise does not measure up to retail or winning bid prices. Do yourself a favor and leave tophatter now and save yourself from learning the hard way, heed my warning.

    By Satusfied Shopper
    I started on tophatter about a month ago and bought my first item (a tiny telescope) for 8 dollars, when I received it I wasn’t mad but just a little underwhelmed, now I get every last credit I can and get so much for free, there is a new update where you can’t pay tax with credit but it is rarely over a dollar, if you are willing to spend a few minutes a day collecting the credit this can be an amazing website, I do have a few pointers for new people, 1.) ALWAYS read the description 2.) I recommend the knives, they are higher quality 3.) don’t be tricked by the “discount” the seller gets to set that 4.) only but things that you might use for fun, don’t come here for resale, or to get a discount, aside from the knives most of the stuff here isn’t worth more than a few bucks . The only reason I love this so much is because of how I can save up credit and pay 50 cents for something genuinely worth a few dollars. Highly recommend for people who will put in the few seconds every hour to collect credit and no one else.
  • Garbage Auction

    By Jethco1
    I made four purchases on Tophatter. The first was an unlocked refurbished iPhone 4S. The home button didn’t work, so I returned it to the sender in Texas for a refund. I haven’t been refunded for it yet. The second and third purchases were sunglasses and yellow lens night driving glasses respectively. Neither of them were the glasses portrayed in the pictures and both of them were complete garbage. The yellow lenses weren’t even yellow. They were orange. I was refunded for both, and because they were shipped from China they didn’t want them back. The fourth item was a car windshield camera. The camera I had in my hands did not match the camera in the pictures nor the images in the user manual. I’m pretty sure the user manual was translated from Chinese to English using Google Translate. The plastic camera was of the poorest quality. I asked for a refund and because it was shipped from China they told me to keep it. Four out of four purchases were trash. I’m done with Tophatter. I did notice that one method for increasing sales and giving an illusion of quality is for the vendor to say that the original cost is $250 and it’s going for as little as $5 now. Both of the glasses I purchased were portrayed as such. There’s no chance those were $250 glasses. You could get better quality glasses at Walmart.
  • Good app but take the time to research.

    By Gman0964
    Don’t be naïve you’re getting this item or items cheap for a reason you can research the stuff by now or add a heart next to it so the next time it comes up for sale you can bid on it that many of the coins are I don’t wanna use the word fake but if you read the fine print it tells you that it’s not real so my best advice to you is take the time to research don’t panic and buy something it’s the same sellers on her for the most part they have more than one item for sale so take the time to read the fine print I spent $17 to get a core record that was $10 +7 dollars shipping no I didn’t see the FinePrint that it didn’t come with the ST card it’s pictured that it has one but in the fine print it says it doesn’t well I already have a few of those so it’s no big deal so for $17 it’s a win-win if it works take the time to review what your buying before you bye
  • Tophatter

    By TheRev3
    I have bought items on this site and I was not happy with my purchases. I received them generally in a timely fashion but the quality of my purchases were very cheaply made. Albeit I did not spend a ton of money on them but enough to know that I spent wayyy toooo much for them and they came from China. Most of these items on Tophatter come from China areas and are cheaply made. Now they do have some quality items but you will have to compete with 100’s of other buyers for the same item/items and it may end up costing you much more then what you can buy them on other sites. So if you enjoy the thrill and the rush of an online bidding auction then this could be for you, just beware of what you are bidding on and do your research first before you go all in on the action. The items may look and sound awesome and great but you may not appreciate the quality of the merchandise you are getting. I wasn’t all that impressed. Will I use Tophatter in the future? Probably yes and maybe for certain items, but only after I do more research on said items. So you have it in a nutshell folks. The site is a good site and they have tons of stuff but again just beware of what you are purchasing. Happy bidding ya all!
  • Ugh! Don’t bother.

    By Kellan Rhys
    Every thing I have purchased from here, if I ever got it, was cheap and usually did not match the listing. They have waited up to 7 days after my payment has cleared to even send my purchases to me which are usually from China to begin with and just delays getting it. In the last 10 transactions I ve done everything was sent out 7-9 days after my payment cleared. All except 3 items which the seller never even bothered to shipto me or even contact me whatsoever in regards to the sale of their product. One did say they didn’t have it in stock, after I emailed Tophatter many times complaining it had been 14 day’s since my payment cleared the bank and it still had not been shipped out to me. Then why was it for sale in the website to begin with? No one can answer that question at Tophatter. It’s December 23, and I’m still waiting to get stuff I ordered end of October. I’ve just considered those things lost money and I have already replaced some of them as they were gifts I won’t be getting till January on a couple of them. I’m done with this so called business and I am going to their largest competitor to do business with them. If you don’t like disappointment, then don’t bother with them cause that’s all you will get.
  • Beware!!! Must be careful when it comes to jewelry!

    By Kimberlybell6
    There are a few really good deals and some really pretty stuff, however, most is really cheap. The majority is plated stuff so be careful to look for sterling silver. I’ve yet to see real gold. Like I said, there is some nice stuff but you have to learn to look for it. The most unfortunate thing though is that when you return items because they are not authentic, not what you bought, or otherwise damaged....they ding you for making too many returns when it’s the sellers fault for being dishonest. Then they make YOU pay the return postage for the junk the sellers sent to you once you reach their return limit. It’s very unfortunate. They also will block you from bidding due to you reaching the return limit. Essentially it’s buyer beware because this site does nothing to protect buyers from the scams. :-( Again, if you are super duper careful when buying you can find some gorgeous items. I am very happy with several items I bought. The learning curve is pretty steep though so just be careful. Disappointed in their customer service. Even when you send pics showing the damaged product it means nothing.
  • Fun App but shipping takes too long

    By Ms.Joy77
    I have to be honest. There are pro’s and con’s to the app. The bidding is definitely a rush and I have fun bidding on products. However please be advised that shipping date is never accurate. Every single product I purchased too over two months to receive. About 5 items never got delivered. The tracking is horrible. Most products are coming from overseas. Some products show that the carrier never received the item. It’s hit or miss but be prepared to not receive most of your items on time. Literally two months or longer and the tracking does not update at all. The app does explain this but I would just advise any new users to be aware that you may not get your items in a timely manner. Tophatter’s customer service is absolutely fantastic and they do respond when you email them. The products I did receive were great so it’s worth the money. The jewelry is not real and turn my finger green. Tophatter will refund you but mostly it will be applied as a credit unless it’s a higher value.

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