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  • Last Updated: 2019-12-20
  • New version: 4.2.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Manga by Crunchyroll

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Manga by Crunchyroll is an iPhone and Android Entertainment App, made by Ellation, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ellation, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.2.0 which was officially released on 2019-12-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 13,916 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 3.87094 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get the hottest Manga titles directly from Japan with the Crunchyroll Manga App! As soon as it hits newsstands in Japan, you can read the latest from hit titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Coppelion, and Space Brothers. With a Premium Membership: • View the entire series catalog anytime, anywhere! • Acquire full mobile support, including 'Koma-View,' which allows maximum scale per panel. • Unlimited reading access. • Read the latest manga immediately as it becomes available in Japan! This will be the Manga enthusiasts' one-stop-shop for all their Manga needs. Not available in select territories. Thanks for your understanding. ================= Check back with us for the latest updates and additions, here:

Top Reviews

  • The biggest pain in my neck

    By Kitty West Side
    I have loved using the CR Manga app for a few years now with a lot—and I mean a LOT—of patience. I understand the app has a ways to go in improvements but honestly issues just kept getting worse and worse over time rather than improving. The amount of times the app would stay stuck on “Authenticating” forcing me to delete and reinstall is ridiculous. I’ve been forced kicked out of my account while I was reading manga because it suddenly didn’t recognize my account. Now it gets stuck saying there is no server activity. I should not have to be uninstalling and reinstalling this app this many times just to get caught up with my fave manga so far. Oof and don’t even get me started on the meager collection of manga available. It has some popular manga but come on, where are the bigger major titles of the season? Maybe we’ll get a bone thrown at us here and there but this is just making me want to just give up on this app altogether. I hope there can be some better improvements for the iOS version but so far, two stars is all it’ll get from me. :/
  • Great Content, Bad App

    By ConManDude
    I have used Crunchyroll Manga for over three years at this point, and while I love the different series and enjoy reading within the app, the actual app itself has a ton of problems, and feels like it has not changed or improved in three years. The largest issue is the large number of times that bugs in the app have required me to delete and redownload the app to get it to function again. Other little things, such as updating to use the full screen on iPhone X and above, and having a notification or way to see from your list which series have updates without clicking on to each of them individually. Long story short, I use this app to be able to read the manga legitimately and make sure the creators are getting paid to make their content, but it often times feels like I am being punished for doing so, as pretty much every manga pirating app has a better overall experience. I hope Crunchyroll at some point decides to put more resources into this app so it can compete with the free options out there.
  • Great and amazing content but not the best app

    By Folltol
    What can I say about crunchy roll manga besides it has amazing content, while the library is not as huge as say Shonen jump the library of manga the app does have is fantastic from attack on titan to the very popular To your eternity the app has a lot of popular titles and fan favorites, but the app is honestly not the best, the layout is not very good and the app looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while and is in need of an update. If your on a more recent device the app doesn’t take up the whole screen and the app does crash a lot and I have experienced a problem where the app doesn’t connect to the internet. You can’t download manga so if your on a plane or anywhere with bad service your basically screwed if your on a very good part of your favorite manga. Overall, Crunchyroll is in need of a update, the app isn’t very good but if you have Crunchyroll premium service it’s worth a try, it has a great library of content to choose from my favorite is attack on titan which is for sure worth checking out.
  • Still Broken

    By supersaiyangoku196
    If you’ve been reading the reviews then you already know the issue. This authenticating/Infinite loading glitch has been happening well over a year now. I have also emailed them constantly, they continue to say they are aware of the issue and working on a fix and blah blah thanks for being a premium member. It’s pretty obvious they do not care. I’m currently on my second phone, my iPhone X and this problem started on my old 6S and it persisted into my new. It also doesn’t help that their regular anime watching app is also broken beyond belief on my X. They refuse to actually pay and get proper programmers to fix the problem with these consistent loading issues that is plaguing their apps. I’ve had it with crunchyroll I’m switching over to VRV as well subscribing to Comixology because as far as I’m concerned they have a wide selection of not only Japanese manga but regular American comics. Could probably cost a little more than crunchyroll subscription but at least I am getting quality for the money I am paying for and not some dumb PR email that’s copy and pasted every time crunchyroll gets a support problem.
  • Authentication

    By fro1881
    Can you fix this please? When I first got the app it's was awesome! I've never read a seen an app where it could read comics that by individual blocks. I loved that it makes you tunnel vision on the story. Make it more far more interesting, IMO. Don't remember when or what update caused this authentication problem, but it was a few years ago. I get the authentication screen and never goes to the home screen of the app. I have to delete the app, reinstall it, then it works for some time, but then it does it all over again. Really annoying!!! Please fix!!! The new problem this app is having, is not being able to turn the phone sideways (landscape) and having the screen follow it. It used to do I don't understand why mess with the app when it was awesome! Please fix this! Not being able to do that makes reading plain, boring and always having to zoom in and out! Please fix asap! 3 years and still no news about a fix! Stopped using it and went over to Tappytoon! Solo leveling is a great read FYI! The people giving this app a 5 star review must be joking, IMO!
  • WAY to restricted

    By McShrinkins
    This app is a good concept, but has some major flaws. First of all, the free content. There simply isn't enough to be worth your time at only one chapter per series being free. Second of all the selection. There is a noticeable lack of popular and classic manga series that are much more accessible and free on other sources outside of this app. Lastly, the required membership. If you plan on getting more than one chapter available(sometimes none) be prepared to sign up for a membership to get any sort of fulfilling experience out of this app. As for suggestions, employ a similar formula here that you did for crunchy roll. Make the app free to use at the expense of some adds and pop ups. Have the paid membership get rid of adds and many through in early access or even original Japanese versions of manga. It would also be helpful, in my opinion, to include some older manga such as the dragon ball series to pull in more people out of nostalgia. Hope my thoughts were helpful, thanks.
  • Love Crunchyroll, hate their manga App

    By Paul753
    For those that don’t read this whole review: Translations are top notch but the app is crap. Crunchyroll does spectacular anime and manga translation. It’s why I’m willing to cough up money for what I could get free with patience (anime) and good timing (manga). If I’m spending money, though, I’d love it if I could actually access the manga app on a regular basis with out it sitting at the “authenticating” screen, no matter what I do. On top of that, The category sorting is atrocious. I have no trouble sorting and searching their anime, so why the difficulty with the manga? If you can program one app well, it makes little sense as to why the other is so clunky and problematic. The last complaint is the least, namely that their manga catalogue is pitiful compared to their anime selection and often series are missing huge swathes. I respect that they might simply have not had the rights to series or portions there of, but it’s still a little frustrating by comparison to their anime. C’mon Crunchyroll. Let’s polish this app a bit.
  • Solid foundation, but with too small a library.

    By Anderjak
    As a supplementary service offered au gratis with your Crunchyroll subscription, their manga service is pretty great. You get a no-nonsense UI with basic bookmarking and favoriting to keep up with your favorite series, and an interface that works well. As a proprietary service, it feels anemic. While there are notable works made available, like A-Jin, Seven Deadly Sins, and Arakawa Under The Bridge, the library is overall pretty small — especially when compared to the substantial collection on Crunchyroll’s primary anime and j-drama service. It also doesn’t have a particularly good storefront as a result. Since the library is so small, there’s no need for discoverability or genre classification — which, in and of itself, is a problem worth addressing should they ever expand its collection. However, new series don’t pop up on here often enough to inspire confidence. It’s great as a free offering to Crunchyroll, which is already a pretty hefty service, and you won’t run into low-quality art or amateurish translations like in free services, but it’s still got a ways to go in a market desperately in need of strong competition, and it starts with the library.
  • I love this but....

    By Nelsvic the weeb
    This is a great app!!! Although we don’t always get the newest of manga. I hope the devs or people in charge can read this, but can y’all work on the authentication loop that happens to plague this app?!! I’m not the only one I’ve seen this on other comments, I just hope you release an update an app to solve this problem. I also hope you would focus on this app more, than just the video streaming one, because this app has great potential, imagine having a manga app they released the Managua translated the day of the Japanese version!!! This app would be wayyy more successful, anyways I love both of the apps so props on that! Thank you for your time and I hope you can fix the infinite authentication loop, I’m just trying to read some anime here :). —sincerely Me
  • Breaks too often

    By Hmongace
    I genuinely hate this app cause it locks up or errors out so often and throws out an error that implies it’s on the user but in reality it’s the app getting stuck. It will often get into a connection error loop and the only way on iOS to get out is to delete and reload the app again. There are little ways to avoid this sometimes but it doesn’t always work either. And the solution of having to log out every time is just something unheard of these days in app development. I would use the website but the reader in their is so outdated that it’s quicker to endure the ridiculous steps of having to delete the app, find it the App Store cause iOS app history decided to be stupid, redownload and sign back in again. Seriously I love Crunchyroll content but man, you guys gotta fix your site and apps. It great no one really cares about it besides the content but it’s sad that the owners feel the same way. Such pride in their product...

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