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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-06
  • New version: 6.78
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands

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Lyst: Shop Fashion Brands is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Lyst. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Lyst, with the latest current version being 6.78 which was officially released on 2021-04-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 23,587 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82498 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Lyst is the definitive fashion shopping app. Shop the hottest items from over 12,000 of the world’s best brands. SEARCH AND COMPARE Make great choices with personal recommendations and powerful search features. Compare before buying to find the best price and shipping options ok for you. NEVER MISS OUT Keep track of your favourite items in a multi-store wish list. Notifications let you know about new arrivals, low stock and products going on sale. KNOW WHAT’S HOT Our live fashion charts show you the cult pieces trending worldwide, in real time. They’re powered by data from millions of real fashion lovers using Lyst.

Top Reviews

  • 2 suggestions for an excellent app

    By LeathyGreens
    I really love this app. 2 things I’d love to see are: 1. When I’m in my wishlist section and I’m trying to remove an item from there, the whole section completely reshuffles each time. Not only does it reshuffle but if I was sorting it from cheapest to most expensive, and I remove a heart, it also takes me out of that sorting option and back to a new and random order of items. It is time consuming to keep going over the items that I’ve already passed in order to get the ones i want to remove. This is a non issue in the ASOS app. You can just unheart things and keep going. 2. I don’t know why i get notifications for items I’ve simply viewed. For whatever reason, we’ve elected not to purchase or add this item to a wishlist. So to get repeat notifications on an item I am not even interested in is pretty wild. There are many notifications. If there is a setting to make sure that doesn’t happen, then it’s not immediately clear to me how to change that option.
  • Filter by Condition!

    By Gabrielle_Ast
    I like the idea of Lyst but I am giving it 3 stars because: 1. You can’t filter the results by condition. I don’t want to see the used merchandise and there is no option to remove it. You can filter by store but how do I know which store is second-hand? 2. Items don’t update as quickly as they should. If you want to get a real bargain you will probably see it on Lyst when it’s already sold out. It doesn’t update momentarily so I still have to check the retailer’s website one by one when I know they are having a sale. 3. Not all the results appear when you search something on the Lyst. I don’t know why but some items are missing while I see them on the retailer’s website. This is probably because they don’t update it hourly or so. 4. When I get a notification that some of my favorite items went on sale, I click on the notification and it just takes me to the start page, so I don’t see which items the notification was for. I go to “my favorites” and look them up one by one. If you could fix all mentioned above you would be my number 1 app. But as for the moment I have been using Yelp for a month and never managed to find a good deal. I still shop like I used to shop online before downloading Lyst.
  • Lyst

    By D. Hill
    Lyst is an extremely well designed fashion retail application that allows you to shop from various men's and women fashion brands, as well as stores and even designers. The app can be used just to shop from or you can create an account, personalize the brands and stores you want to follow and shop from curated results. The design is a large improvement from older versions of the app. The app itself is almost like a high end store with a modernistic sleekness that allows you to quickly navigate the UI or find products that you like. The app also works to save you money by comparing prices of the goods listed from sources all around the marketplace so it should be both easy on the eyes and the wallet.
  • Missing saved items on iPhone appp

    By Blahhhhhhrgggg
    Up until today I had several, at least 100, items saved and tracking, getting updates for them, etc. Today I logged on and they were all gone! It said I haven’t saved anything. Thankfully when I logged onto the desktop version they were there, however after logging in and out on the iOS version they still aren’t. I hope I don’t lose my saves because that would absolutely ensure me deleting this app.
  • Good, could be better

    By Hexademical
    This app is fun to use for window shopping; I haven’t used it to actually make any purchases yet but it’s fun to look around and useful to see where the big sales are happening. It could be improved in 2 major ways: 1. Allow searches to be unisex. Currently the app requires you to choose between searching for men’s fashions or women’s fashions. I wear both so I want to be able to search for both. I’m sure that many people feel the same way. 2. More flexible search functions, especially the ability to exclude certain results from searches. For example, if I’m not interested in buying from a certain store that’s heavily featured on the site then I’d like to be able to exclude them from my searches so I can find more stuff I’d like.
  • Just fix this

    By Zphd1
    Love the app and have found many items I like there. But the option to look for New items especially "New From Brands you Follow" seems to not be there sometimes. Instead one can only sort by "Recommended". Make the NFBYF feature permanent PLEASE
  • Simple question

    By juanP2209
    Is the clothing here fake? Or how you get that price on those brands cause it’s always 50 or 60 dollars cheaper than the actually brand’s websites Also for example, sometimes you can find the same clothing twice but one cheaper than the other one, I would like to know how this works, and if it is fake but a really high quality fake 😅
  • Order never processed. Two weeks in and no refund.

    By Boblo17364837272827
    I tried to order a hoodie off of here. When the order was canceled they told me it was because Barney’s changed their prices. Fine. But now it has been two weeks and I have not gotten a refund. I’ve emailed them multiple times. The last I heard was it would only take 5-7 business days and they stopped replying after that time was up. It’s not the banks fault either because I tried this order with two cards an the same thing has happened. LYST IS A SCAM.
  • Only app I use

    By Beenthered1dthat
    Pls add an option to select all stores, so we can deselect the ones we don’t want. For example, I’m ok with all stores except for a couple, now to do this in the app, I have to select all stores one by one till I deselect the couple I don’t want to see products from.
  • Love this app but it doesn’t save my login when I use apple.

    By Blah master
    Literally my favorite clothing app ever, only problem with is is that I have to sign in and choose my brands every single time I open the app after closing it (signed in with Apple).

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