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  • New version: 2.52.0
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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury

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The RealReal - Buy+Sell Luxury is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by TheRealReal Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TheRealReal Inc., with the latest current version being 2.52.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 4,900 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.50776 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home. Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their items. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries. All items for sale on The RealReal are warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of luxury experts including certified gemologists, horologists, apparel specialists and handbag experts. Each item is 100% guaranteed for authenticity. Returns are accepted for apparel, footwear, jewelry & watches. Selling on The RealReal is effortless. Luxury Managers in 20 U.S. markets consult with consignors in their homes and take the items they wish to sell. Or, consignors may choose to send their items to our warehouse directly for free. Most items sell on the site within three days, and consignors receive payments once a month. Email us at to get started.

Top Reviews

  • Buyer AND consigner

    By phillydefenseatty
    I’ve never consigned before and I’m lazy-ish, so while I guess I’m not completely maximizing value at TRR I really like that they pick up your consignments from your doorstep and I’ve unloaded a ton of old stuff for store credit (probably the best option) that I otherwise would have just held onto or donated. And I’ve gotten a TON of store credit for stuff I bought years ago on consignment!! Also, eBay is kind of a pain to sell on (like I said, I’m lazy and I hate shipping stuff on a deadline and having the condition ultra scrutinized and argued over). Now, as far as my purchases, holy heck!! I have completely overhauled my wardrobe and pretty much upgraded everything to designer. I’ve gotten GORGEOUS things and if you search less popular brands you can get steals (beautiful Italian trousers for $15 and flats for $40, umm yes please). Just make sure you are diligent about returning stuff you can’t fit into (I find sizing a little risky since you might not know the brands that well—like since when have I even tried on a Balmain skirt ever in my life?).
  • Love this site so much!

    By Anom226
    I found this website after I went on an all things “Schitts Creek” binge... I found out that this is where they bought most of the clothing for the show, because it needed to be upscale and authentic without breaking their budget. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Part of my order was delivered in just 1 day and the clothes far exceeded my expectations! They don’t look used, they look like I bought them at the store today! I’m sure to do my research every time I’m ready to purchase, making sure the quality is up to my standard (if it says moderate pilling or a stain, I usually skip) and I exam the pictures very closely to make sure it looks the same as described. So far, I have not been disappointed. My favorite thing is sifting through the ridiculously low-priced items. I got myself a few great $400 sweaters for what I’d pay for a sweater at H&M! I now plan on redoing my entire wardrobe with pieces from designers I thought I’d only ever dream of owning!
  • I get to dress and feel really nice! Thanks TRR

    By LarissaMeg
    I have spent years selling my clothing, shoes and handbags, all designer, on several sites. I never thought I would BUY resale until TRR changed my mind. I’m reading about them selling non authentic goods or poor customer service and I don’t understand where this is coming from. I am very astute at recognizing the real from fakes and everything I’ve ever purchased has been clean, authentic and in excellent condition. This is the only place I buy 2nd time around designer goods because I trust them. I visit the store frequently in LA and it’s a beautiful boutique with some amazing pieces. I can easily find anything I’m looking for from the easy to navigate website and I trust their authenticity. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they love what they do and are very good at their job. The descriptions are accurate and I feel I can buy with confidence. I’m so happy you’re here TRR. You’ve made wearing really nice things very accessible.
  • Awesome for buyers ONLY, do not consign!!

    By dominiquev89
    Consigning with The Real Real is NOT WORTH IT. Buyers are happy with this site at the consignors expense. As soon as I even inquired about consigning, I was bombarded with phone calls and emails daily. When I did send in my items, I was still getting daily calls and emails asking me to send in more items. To give credit where it’s due, any of my questions were quickly answered, and I was removed from the contact list when I asked to be. My items took over 6 months to sell (yes they were good quality, trending items), and only did so after the items went on sale for 50% off without my consent or being informed, on top of which, apparently coupons can be used. I’ve received $13 for 3 separate items that I’m confident I could have sold on Poshmark or eBay for ~$50 in a couple months time. I’ve had an incredibly long, annoying, disappointing experience as a consignor. I used to love buying from TheRealReal, but now that I know it’s at the sellers expense, I can’t shop in good conscience anymore either. Never using this site again.
  • OBSESSED - Wedding Season Must

    By Z2b3
    I’m obsessed with so many items on this site and have spent hours sitting through items and creating a dream closet. I love the real real for 3 main reasons: 1) I can make money on clothes that I normally would have given to friends or donated. 2) I can afford items that I was always to cheap to buy full price, but tried on over and over again at Nordstrom’s. 3) This is sustainable!! After going through the site, I realized that you can buy gorgeous high quality engagement rings and designer weddings gowns. This is where I will be going for my wedding needs. When you’re shopping on a budget, but appreciate quality and trendy items, this is where to go. Additionally, I’ve been buying high end dresses to wear to weddings and re-consigning them afterwards. I get so many compliments and only need to wear the dress once.
  • The buggiest app, never improves

    By Jess-123454321
    I have emailed support a couple of times over the last year about app issues. Never got them resolved. This app is just SO buggy that using it is insanely frustrating. Combine that with the high cost of shipping and returns...and basically I don’t have much incentive to shop TRR. The bugs are always related to my feed. Saved searches disappear WHILE I am scrolling down my feed, and they will reappear if I force-close the app and re-open but then they disappear again. Random ones. I just searched for a designer and there’s one item available and a lot of items sold, I saved it to my feed and it says, “Nothing available.” A search for a different designer - only sold items show up - I save the feed and it shows up as normal (showing me all the sold items). It’s just a super unpredictable and buggy app. I’ve also emailed support with suggestions (1. Filter loved items by “sold”, 2. Return from a loved item “detail” view to the same spot in your loved items page instead of back to the top). I’ve waited more than a year for those features... This app is just a hot mess and is increasingly frustrating to use.
  • Deceptive

    By Max370088
    I have purchased a few items through them and consigned one. Every time I have bought online, the items have never come in the condition listed on the site, resulting in me asking myself: “okay, can I live with this?” Most often, I just don’t go through the hassle of returning. Now, if I ever see something I like online, it has to be in the SoHo store where I can look at it. Still, I have found pristine items with tags at the store are often not pristine when I arrive to look at the items, though they may still have the tags. Excellent items, which they deem to have no wear, are often not the case either, just by zooming in on each of the photographs or using the store method. Be very, very careful of this when purchasing online. If you want a bargain, end of season sales with the designers and the department stores are often your best bet. You have to have the patience of going through the racks virtually or physically. They often get the price to cheaper than TheRealReal during the sales, sometimes even when TRR has received that same item themself.
  • Good site, bad app

    By naturelover97
    I love theRealReal, but the app itself has a ridiculous and unforgivable flaw: when you hit the back button, it doesn’t take you back to the last page you viewed (like every other website/app ever) but all the way back to the home page. Which means if you search something, click on an item, and then click on the brand/designer to see what else is available, you can’t go back to your search results. The back button will take you back to the home page. What? This is especially annoying if you’ve narrowed your search down with various filters because you have to re-enter it all in a new search. I am in the habit of quelling my curiosity and not clicking on brands when browsing bc I won’t be able to get back to my search results without doing extra work. The only justification I can imagine for UI this bad is that it encourages you to save your searches (which ostensibly encourages you to repeat those searches). It’s dumb, and it hate it. That being said, my buying experiences with the app have been great.
  • I love this site and app!!

    By The real real chick
    Overall I love this site and spend hours searching for the perfect item. You can get great deals on designer goods for the fraction of the cost. I have ordered several items, at least 15, and have found most of them to be accurately described and sometimes even better quality then described. However, a few times I received items that were not as described. For example a pair of shoes I purchased were labeled on the site as size 8 and they were actually a size 7. I returned them, stated the reason, and saw them re-appear on the site listing the same wrong size! I've also purchased and returned a sweater that had pulls in it when it was described as in excellent condition. Overall this site is awesome and you can score great deals. I see my friends eyeing my clothes and wondering how the hell I'm affording it all. Shhh it's my little secret!! I would definitely recommend.
  • Amazing

    By apps to love and buy
    I personally love this app for buying designer items. Since so many people use this app you may be able to see a few of the same items. So if one item already sold, there may be another one waiting for you. The only complaint I have is that you can’t talk to the seller to negotiate the price. In the app each item has a starting price, and as long as that starting price stays the same you can get a 20% discount, but if the seller drops the price, that 20% discount goes away. Sometimes it can be really frustrating when the seller drops the price by only a small amount, because you would’ve gotten a better deal if they hadn’t dropped it. Other than that, the app is great, you never have to worry about buying something fake.

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