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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-07
  • New version: 4.8.0
  • File size: 79.76 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Eastbay - Shop Sneakers & Gear

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Eastbay - Shop Sneakers & Gear is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Foot Locker, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Foot Locker, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.8.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 31,152 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7222 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Calling all sneakerheads! The Eastbay App is your link to FLX rewards, classic kicks, hot launches and more. Join FLX and get rewarded • Earn points across all of our brands • Free standard shipping with no minimum • Redeem XPoints in the rewards center for exclusive products, experiences and even gift cards • Receive a special birthday gift • Take advantage of member-only sales and events • Access to special gift with purchase promotions • Plus, as you move up in status' you will receive even more rewards Get Dibs on new releases • Know what's next with the Release Calendar • Get notifications on hot new releases before others by opting in to push notifications Shop • For the latest heat in footwear and clothing • Browse your brand: Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok, and more • Scan your credit card right in the app to streamline the checkout process • Access My Account to save your payment and shipping info for faster checkout. • Learn all about the latest in sneaker culture and sneaker news Shop Eastbay anytime, anywhere!

Top Reviews

  • Eastbay

    By D. Hill
    Eastbay is a well designed application that allows users to easily shop and receive news for the latest athletic apparel products from many sport categories. Product pages will contain the normal point of sale details such as description, questions and answers and a mini swipe through gallery giving the user images of the product from multiple angles. The inventory is deeper in the app with more styles and colors. The app also has a few unique features such as Eastbay Lens which is a enhancement to the catalog that gives you inside access to content as well as a social category so users can look at the company’s feeds on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. For those who go way back with the company, Eastbay also allows users to request a catalog from within the app. For those who shop from Eastbay, the app is well worth a download.
  • Love Eastbay, Hate the App

    By Omega80000
    I love Eastbay and have been shopping with them for over 15 years. I try to keep my apps to a minimum on my phone, which is why I didn't try the app before now, but I decided to try it since I like them so much. After about a week, I had to delete the app and go back to using the website simply because it was so clunky and inconvenient to use. Here's the things I don't like about it: - The app often gets stuck in the loading loop often when I attempt to go to the Search page. - Search page being separate and not at the top of every page from the get-go made it feel annoying to simply search for stuff, especially since loading loop is a looking threat. - Clicking "Next" often brings you to the exact same page you were on, or simply cycles between the same 2 pages over and over. - When looking at an item, there is a "Home" arrow where most sites/other apps have their back arrow, making me go back to the home page often by mistake and having to start my search all over again. - Also, there's the "Home" arrow, then an inch directly to the right of it is the Eastbay symbol that also takes you Home when you select it....why? Just take away the home arrow. Again, I'll reiterate that I love the company and will continue to shop with them via the website, but I definitely won't be utilizing the app.
  • Order Mishaps

    By Duece🤷🏾‍♂️
    Eastbay is a good app it has everything you could possibly think of ordering from a sports store. The problem I have is the energy I get from them when they dont have the correct order or, if you’ve ordered multiple items. I ordered two items and they took the money out of my account and only had on record that they got half of what I paid and only shipped one of my items. I wasn’t upset until I tried contacting them and they didnt want to answer the phone. Every time I called I immediately went on hold which got very annoying. I’d be sitting on hold for 15-20 minutes before I’d terminate the call. No person has 20 minutes to waist on hold. So all I want at this point is a refund. But I was calling only to find where the transaction went wrong but never got a person on the phone. So I advise anyone who likes the app to make one item orders at a time. Cause seemingly they cannot handle a multiple item order.
  • Scammers!

    By L@d!! G
    I ordered shoes on the 24th of December and never received a email confirmation. Whenever I log in to my account it says no recent orders. It’s a week and I haven’t get any info back about my order! I call customer service almost over 20 times and it’s the same bull****! Your on hold for almost an half hour and no one answers, I emailed them and no one emails back. What kind of business are you people running here? I don’t understand why this app have so much 5 stars and it’s total garbage! I’m trying to get in contact for a refund but there’s no way of contacting them! I went online to view about there customer service reviews and they have over 100 one star from customers. There are a lot of complaints about no one answering the phones, no emails, horrible service. You have been warned! I will take some legal action on this if I don’t get my money back!!!
  • Kind of infuriating

    By Tgibby18
    Eastbay has a lot of nice products but their app is complete trash. You can’t select multiple brands when trying to filter, when trying to go back to the previous screen there’s a large arrow in the top left that takes you back to the home screen not your search, and it advertises multiple color options for a shirt in the recommended area but when clicked on it just reloads the page and gives no option to change the color in the selected product. I spent a good deal of time just trying to make sense of these issues but I eventually just realized that it was terrible design. Not worth the time trying to figure out how to navigate when I can just find the products I want with google
  • Wrong shoes

    By #DashnerArmy
    I recently ordered a pair of Curry Basketball shoes for my son and Eastbay incorrectly sent me a size 12 youth instead of size 12 adult men’s. I followed the instructions listed in he box and nervously waited for a call or an update in my App for the exchange. Not hearing back, I called customer service and the young man assured me I’d have the exchange by Christmas and he was notating my request in my account. Today I was sent an email saying my account had been credited for a full refund. I called customer service and was basically told I filled out the paperwork wrong and would needed to reorder the shoes. Talk about how not to communicate with a customer - Not so much a happy customer 😔

    By DJ_BeenJammin
    I’m trying to sign in on my new account, and it asked me to verify my email, but no matter how many times I resend email I don’t get it. I went back and tried it one last time, it said user disabled and when I tried it on app, it said user does not exist. This didn’t make sense because when I tried to make new account it said you already have one. Therefore, I thought they might have to force send the email. Wrong the representative hung up on my live chat almost instantly. Kind of funny actually, because I record live chats, but most offer you the transcript anyway. I just wanted to buy this track shoes for my cousin, not go through technical difficulties.
  • Poor customer service

    By Thegoat1992
    I returned this maroon pair of curry 7’s to be EXCHANGED and instead they sent a refund. Then I order and paid for a pair of shoes only to find out that they were out of stock, but they refunded my money right away so no problem. Then I just ordered a pair of Lebron 17 lows which they said is taking some time to “track down your item” and said they didn’t charge my card yet. I checked this morning and they most certainly did charge my card. This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with a footlocker related company. If you don’t have something in stock then get better software and don’t sell it to customers. This is why I’ll never shop with Eastbay or any other footlocker related company.
  • I Stand Corrected

    By Booman22
    Today, I was frustrated by the buying process during the Yeezy 350 Butter release. I simply could not add to cart and tried for several hours, as the sneakers were being released slowly over time, to fight back against bots. I put my frustration into an angry review of the app. Well, after doing so, I was finally able to purchase the shoes via the Eastbay app. I take back what I said and would like to thank Eastbay for rolling out the sneakers that way, it just took some patience. I’ll be using, and trusting, the Eastbay app again soon. Thanks!
  • App issue

    By janjan671
    From your recent update i cant log in to my account anymore using the app. Its the same as footlocker app now that whenever i sign in give me "Request failed - the request failed. Try again later" pop up error message. I did reinstall the app multiple times. I love going through the app because it loads faster using mobile versus opening your website. For the past years i have been shopping with eastbay through the app and i guess i have to stop now because it wont even let me log in. 😔 i hope this will be fixed because you guys are taking a way the convenience of mobile app shopping

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