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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-17
  • New version: 7.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Meijer is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Meijer, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Meijer, Inc., with the latest current version being 7.0.2 which was officially released on 2020-11-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 91,323 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.67926 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Shop with ease and save more; whether at home or in store! PICKUP and HOME DELIVERY – Place an order for pickup or home delivery and skip the trip inside the store! – To get started select pickup or delivery from your home screen and use your personalized product lists to start building your cart. – No membership required, no markup on products, and you can use your mPerks coupons and rewards! – All your order details are in the Orders section where you can review, edit, or cancel your order. IN STORE SHOPPING – If you're in store, remember to scan your mPerks barcode at checkout or link your mPerks to your credit card in the accounts section so you never have to worry about it. – Shop & Scan allows you to scan items to add them to your cart, clip associated coupons, and skip the checkout line! – Get organized for making a trip to the store by using the shopping list. REWARDS – Creating an account automatically signs you up for our rewards program! – If you qualify for a reward, we'll start it for you! – Track your reward progress in the Rewards section and stay up-to-date by opting in to email or push notifications. COUPONS – Browse coupons in the coupons section or easily find them as you're building your cart. – Clip coupons to redeem in store when you enter your mPerks ID at checkout or to have them apply to your pickup/delivery order.

Top Reviews

  • Getting better... but by how much?

    By DLF-O
    I am a Shipt subscriber only because the Meijer app was so slow and difficult to use. The application was not intuitive and it was easy to get lost in all the layers of the app. After the past several months (summer 2020) the Meijer app is speeding up and becoming more user friendly. I am now thinking that I can use the Meijer app and not pay the Shipt monthly subscription cost. Not only can the Meijer app save the monthly cost but the groceries are cheaper going through the Meijer app. (Shipt surcharges each item purchased.). The Meijer application also allows the use of money saving coupons earned from past purchases. I really like the Shipt buyers but this service comes at an extra cost. (Note: Also the Shipt customer service was fast, easy and comprehensive. With the Meijer app I felt like I was on my own.) Since the Meijer app has improved, and been upgraded, I am going to begin picking up groceries through the store "pick up" program. This is a trial on my part and I will update you after a trial period. I'm anticipating that the Meijer app will be all I need and I will not have to go back to Shipt...we shall see.
  • Needs work

    By trucker292
    Shop and scan should be upfront and on top when you open the app. At this point you have to dig into the app to get to it. Be careful when scanner is open because it scan things again in your cart or around you. Scanner should have a button like a camera, push when your ready to scan, as of now I go to “cart” after every scan to avoid this. App is a heavy battery drain too when your shopping,probably due to the constant scanner running. Lost my cart of scans one time due to a call coming in... Last thing that’s annoying is the “random” service scan checks, they say it’s random and the more I use the shop and scan, it will be less frequent, but that’s not the case, I’m getting checked every time, I shop several times a week at meijer. Personally I think loss prevention has control over it too over these “random” service scans. Today I just put my stuff in a cart and had a human scan my stuff instead, didn’t feel “profiled” at least this time today. Bottom line, good idea, just needs work. Oh,I’d also like to still see my cart after the “transfer”
  • Deli

    By mj447725
    The Deli is the downfall of the Valpo store. They are very slow. They seem to have trouble locating meats in the display case so they walk, with no sense of urgency, to the refrigerator returning with nothing in their hands and digging a little deeper into the display case and finding it. The last time my husband and I visited the deli, this ritual took 7 minutes! And it is a ritual, this happens 9 out of 10 visits. It’s as if the deli is not organized or that the prep for the next shift does not exist. Have the deli check their inventory before the next shift starts and make sure that there is plenty of product at their finger tips so they don’t have to go on a field trip and hunt it down. Procedures! They are not there! Procedures! No wonder why they move so slow, they are tired. One final note which sets the tone of the service at the deli..... 3 customers were waiting to be served, the first was being helped and I was next and one of the deli persons said “they are waiting” and Sandra G said “they can wait.” Sorry we were a bother Respectfully MJ Dennison
  • Excellent Store App

    By Larry670
    We just opened a Meijer in our town this week, and having lived in Indiana, I knew what we were getting. This app is one of the best store apps I have ever used. Scan and Go works great and really speeds up the shopping trip. I also like that it automatically finds coupons for things you’re already buying. No need to dig through 350 coupons! One feature I would love to have is to retain price information and store location information for the items that I add to a shopping list. It would be great to make a list and have a running tally of how much my trip will cost and also be able to quickly glance at my phone to see the location of the next item on my list without having to start a brand new search each time. Thanks Meijer developers!
  • More incentives

    By ashmejia
    I used to shop at Walmart more often then I did at Meijer for the last 10 years but made the switch within the last year because I noticed I liked the atmosphere of Meijer much better than Walmart. I wish there was a coffee shop (Bigby Coffee, Starbucks, etc.) and bigger coupons on food, household, personal, vitamins and beauty products. I like the incentive coupon of spending a certain amount of money and getting a coupon in return for shopping next time. I just wish they were more frequent and at least $2–3 more. I noticed Walmart is displaying a very modern clothing section for the last 2-3 years and I actually chose to shop for mostly everything I need under one roof because it was accessible. I would love for Meijer to revamp their clothing choices (men, women, juniors, kids, babies) as well, and they have but it does need improvement.
  • Super incredible

    By Gsdcjst
    I cannot believe how amazing this app is. I set it up at home and then used it at Meijer last night. It was super easy to figure out and made our shopping trip much nicer and quicker because we didn’t have to wait in line at the checkout. We were able to bag our groceries the way we wanted them. Everything you could possibly need for your shopping trip is in this app. It even tells you if there’s a coupon for something you’re buying. Your Mperks are automatically on this. It has a button to tap if you’re buying more than one of a certain item. You can delete a mistake if you make one. The scanner works incredibly fast - much faster and easier than the self-scanner at the checkout. If you hate going thru the checkout, use this app.
  • I love this app!!

    By ajredcoats78
    Okay, at first I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how a grocery app could be helpful. But it started out by keeping a digital log of your receipts. It saved me time and time again from returns that could have turned ugly. Then the coupons came in. Tailored completely with things that I regularly purchase. And these weren’t piddly milk?!?! What?!?! Then the mobile shopping happened! I have never been so happy to be able to get in and out of a store so quickly, either a cart overflowing with groceries!! So easy and it automagically pairs your purchased with the coupons you have digitally clipped! I love this app, this store and the people you get to interact with at the store! Now if they can teleport it to my home that would be awesome!
  • Niceness

    By horrified and hurting
    I shop at Meijer at least once a week and no where else in town do I get treated so poorly. You see, I’m disabled. And I often use the power carts that are provided by Meijer (which I am so thankful for). But I’m younger (50 this year) and just about every associate treats me like I’m faking it and shouldn’t be in a cart. The only cashier that ever treated me with dignity and respect is Stacey ? She was nice. The rest of them give me the cold shoulder and don’t even greet me when I get in line. They’re awful and I’m seriously considering shopping only at Walmart where they treat everyone nicely. I’ve never had this problem anywhere else. I didn’t choose to be disabled and I doubt anyone would. So would you tell your associates to be nicer to disabled people and to smile once in a while. It wouldn’t kill them. They really could use some education and some attitude adjustments. Even if they have to “fake it”
  • Good app

    By Tonishanorman
    I love this app although I wish there were more coupons tailored to what you actually buy I still really enjoy this app...& p.s if you are blaming cashiers for prices calling them dumb and saying mean things about people you need to check yourself because it’s not the cashiers fault they are just that a cashier they can not help they do not have things in stock or prices are different if something was double charged most likely they did not mean to do that if you just take your stuff up to the desk they are more then willing to change it yes I get no one likes waiting in line but it’s life people need to be more compassionate and understanding we are all fumbling through life be kind people not that hard.
  • Like but disappointed

    By MrsRiddler
    I love the app I love how you can pick out your coupons I love the fact that you can go into a certain department and look for the coupon you want it’s easy access I love how when you fill a prescription you get credit for it and then when you fill a certain amount you can get a coupon what I am disappointed in however is before you would have to fill 10 prescriptions and you would get a $20 off coupon now that’s changed to getting only a $10 coupon very disappointed in that because that $20 helps with people who are struggling every day we’ve earned that and now it’s being taken away does that make me wanna go back to Meijer not as much but I still will but I’m very disappointed how they hype everything up and then they take it away little unfair there Meijer little unfair there.

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