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  • Last Updated: 2020-09-10
  • New version: 7.7.2
  • File size: 108.68 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

CyberGhost VPN & WiFi Proxy

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CyberGhost VPN & WiFi Proxy is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by CyberGhost SRL. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CyberGhost SRL, with the latest current version being 7.7.2 which was officially released on 2020-09-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 24,697 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.16613 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Looking to get even more privacy for your iOS devices? CyberGhost VPN packs the very best in terms of features and security standards! Anonymize your online activity with the most reliable VPN provider out there! CyberGhost protects 36+ million users' data as it moves around the web. Our team's purpose for over 8 years is simple: to protect each Internet user's right to privacy and online freedom! CyberGhost VPN – Unpacked • Leave no logs behind No one, not even we, can access your browsing activity and history because we simply don't store it. • Transcend digital borders Access content from all over the world when you connect to over 6,000 fast servers in 90+ countries. • Automatically secure your Wi-Fi connections CyberGhost automatically encrypts your connection when you connect to a public or private Wi-Fi. Enjoy instant anonymity as we route your traffic through our encrypted VPN tunnel. • Best Location - One-tap protection CyberGhost automatically matches you with the best and fastest VPN connection based on your location. One tap is enough to secure your data! • Premium security features Every CyberGhost plan includes unlimited bandwidth and traffic, routed through the native IPsec protocol which provides unbreakable security by its high-level encryption. • A company you can trust Our team fights to make sure your right to online privacy is respected. We've been doing this for over 7 years and we've stayed true to our no logs policy since day one! Take a 7-day VPN tour, on the house For any subscription you choose, the first 7 days are free of charge! Take CyberGhost VPN for a spin and see what it can do for your privacy. Don't take out word for it – here's what the experts say Brandon Stosh, Freedom Hackers - "Overall, I can honestly say CyberGhost is the best VPN provider I have used to date. […] Most VPN providers just offer a layer of anonymity and tell you to go along and use the service. But CyberGhost actually cares. With their amazing server locations, amazing server setup, crypto, and much more, CyberGhost is the best VPN I have ever used." THEVPNLAB - "Even first-time VPN users will quickly understand how to use CyberGhost and what it can offer its customers. Users can choose to connect to whatever server they like, in any location they want, with unlimited data." TechAdvisor - "A slick, fully featured VPN with an interface simple enough for the beginner, yet with options that will also keep the serious privacy enthusiast happy." CyberGhost subscriptions Not a subscriber yet? Sign up and choose a CyberGhost plan that fits your needs: $6.99/week or $11.99/month or $79.99/year After the 7 days free trial this subscription automatically renews for $11.99 per month unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period. Your Apple ID account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the trial period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase. 7-days trial offer is limited to one 7-days trial offer per user. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. All prices include applicable local sales taxes. One more thing: Within your reach, 24/7 We want you to make the most of your CyberGhost VPN! Chat with us on the website 24/7, in 4 languages. You can also find us on:

Top Reviews

  • Serves its purpose wonderfully

    By KingMarley710
    I was on the market for a VPN service for a while now, I live abroad and just didn't find it fair paying for a streaming service and not getting all the shows available because of my location even though I paid them American coins so I was tired of it. I searched and searched for VPNs and almost went with ExpressVPN until I saw CyberGhost and everything about it appealed to me especially the yearly price that really gives you 18 months of service for like $42dlls instead of the $140 for 18 months from the above mentioned VPN service. I read reviews, comments and decided to get it since it has a money back guarantee but I'm sure now I won't be needing it because this does everything we want. I can browse US websites and streaming services where I live with no problem and the speed is for the most part amazing (sometimes theres barely a lag but it fixes itself quickly), honestly a freaking heaven sent lol. If you want an affordable VPN that's safe and doesn't cost you a ton with the same tools as ExpressVPN then I def recommend CyberGhost :)
  • Works fluidly with iOS and Mac OS.

    By EAGill
    After forestalling the acquisition of a VPN method way too long, (I'm probably already all over the "darque whebb") I read thru a few reviews and liked what I found regarding CyberGhost. I threw money at them and I am more than satisfied with the software's performance to date. My iMac with "High Sierra" transacts with their servers readily at boot up and establishes a solid channel to their servers. I also loaded the "ghost" on two iPhones and an iPad. It locks in the VPN whether I'm on my home WiFi, a grocery store WiFi or when I am crossing the "fruited plains" communicating with AT&T's cell network. I cannot testify to the quality of their security levels (I haven't hired a reputable hacker to break into my system) so I'll leave this at the user observation of "it loads good" and wish you all a good evening. Thanks again for the product. If I get hacked and my life is ruined ... I'll try to get back online and lower the rating of my post, but until then...
  • Just Leave Me Alone!

    By The Lighthouse G
    I have nothing to hide. However, sick and obsessive people are abusing gps dots, trackers and more against people they don’t personally know but want to know more about. If you don’t have the confidence, courage or sanity to meet people in a natural manner, stalking and following them around indicates that you are in need of psychological help no matter how you rationalize it. If you did not obtain an approved subpoena, or you don’t own the property you are tracking, or you are not legally vested in that property, then it is against the law to track that person/property. If you think someone you are dating (not married) is cheating on you, then leave them! You do not have the right to track them everywhere they go. It’s also dangerous to illegally track people you don’t know bc they could think you are trying to do body harm or rob them which may cause them to defend themselves on an entirely different level.
  • Terrible

    By Kpop_nerd
    I needed a VPN to watch my shows while studying abroad and I literally can’t even stream my shows without constant freezing and loading screens. My internet (which works perfectly fine when I don’t have the VPN on) suddenly doesn’t work at all (can’t even send text messages) and when i want to turn the VPN off again i can’t even get into the app; it just takes me to the app’s loading screen. The only way to turn off the VPN is to delete and redownload the app, which is ridiculous. Then i have to restart my wifi, reconnect, redownload the VPN and restart it and then the whole battle starts all over again. On a very rare good day i can maybe watch one episode of one show with a little bit of freezing here and there. That’s it. Since this is a paid service you would think that it would actually work but nope. I’ve had the VPN since March and i have barely even used it because 1. It makes watching my shows sooo irritating and 2. Even if i keep it on just for general protection I can’t even do simple things like send a text or surf my social media feed. Completely worthless. Ridiculous. Waste of money. Do not get this app.
  • Sadly

    By Keflavik7
    This review is an update to my last review. We have used the “Ghost” for more than a year. Living in Florida, my Italian wife of 55 years and I have strong ties to Italy. Every evening, emphasis on the word “every”, we, at 7:00pm, activated the Ghost and watched exceptionally well done, Italian programs. That is until last week. When I activated the Ghost, I could not lock on to any server in Milano or Roma. No matter which one I selected, it would default to one server in Milano. When, using that IP address, I tried to open the RAI app and got the message saying, in effect, “you are not in Italy”. For us, this is really sad. That said, I am puzzled that I can’t select any of the listed IP addresses. In selecting an IP address, I have not yet tried to open the RAI app or web address. As for the Ghost, we have been very impressed with its rock solid performance, ease of use and stability. Excellent. If you need VPN, we highly recommend it
  • Why CuberGhost is the VPN You Should Support

    By i.wyatt.files
    Exceptional product through & through. Servers across the world, IP masking, erasure of digital footprint, flexible with OS mobile desktop tablet or otherwise, a company & collective whose in crosshairs of Fed. Interfaces & customizable settings such that someone new to such tools is empowered by CyberGhost’s intuitive, legible interface coupled with clear functionality, & skilled comp-choppers will equally respect CyberGhost’s delivery on principle with high-priority security & server-specific customizable features. Law Enforcement & regimes of surveillance & censorship, that’s you too, America, make tens of thousands of “requests” for data—CG’s whole project involves prioritizing digital avenues from such threats. Their product & delivery are worth far more than one is charged. Highly recommend the 3-yr coverage. If it went to $20 a month I would still choose CyberGhost before the $3 behemoths. CyberGhost quietly champions.

    By Rta106
    I have to say this first- They customer serves is top notch. I was doing a monthly subscription until I paid for a whole year subscription, somehow there was an oversight I was still getting billed for my monthly subscription. It was between a month or two before I noticed. They resolved it and added to my yearly subscription. That was awesome!!! It wasn’t so much about getting reimbursed but timely manner that handle my problem. Customer serves-100 What also struck me as an excellent service that the company made sure even the noobies like myself wouldn’t have no problem installing program, they also went the extra mile by helping the customer be more knowledgeable about vpn services. I have to stop and they get a”AAAAAAA” score from me, oh yeah my son also 14 likes the service
  • I feel protected!

    By Dinomagnik
    The service is great and the price is awesome for those on a budget. As a student, public WiFi is where I spend most of my time on the internet to surf and look up useful study information. With the addition of a VPN service, though not 100% foolproof, gives me the chance to feel a bit more protected when checking bank accounts and personal emails and such. I do wish that the app provided more opportunities to pick and choose locations of where I can connect to. The interface is simple and easy to navigate though.
  • New interface - not a fan

    By MarkPhlipy
    I was really quite pleased with the previous version, as a new user it seemed simple and intuitive yet gave plenty of options. I particularly liked that it gave you visual feedback that it was protecting you while using various specific feature (streaming vs. surfing). Behold this new "simpler" interface which is basically no interface at all. You now have virtually NO control over what the app does and somewhat limited control over location picking. I wasn't looking for the change, and the old interface was perfect. Why the change? Also, warning for new users - the set-up for the app is NOT intuitive, the purchase to setting up a user ID to getting the app to function required about 15 minutes on line with a tech support rep. Nothing to do with the app itself per se, more how the purchase to launch process is...complicated.
  • This would have a 5 star rating except for the fact that it completely crashed me phone.

    By MrsSouth:)
    I started using a VPN because of all the data links. CyberGhost is one of the top rated. So of course I’m paying the subscription fee. I turned my VPN on last night and it crashed my internet entirely. I could not use my WiFi, my internet, nothing. The only app that would load was Facebook. I called my phone company and they did everything they could. Also, I couldn’t turn the VPN off because you have to have internet connection to use it. But the VPN itself was blocking my own internet and it was apparently a vicious cycle. I had to delete the app in order for my internet to work. I just paid for my month subscription and now I’m not even sure I want to continue using this specific company. I would love it if someone from cyberghost could reach out to me.

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