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  • New version: 4.17
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Publix is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Publix Super Markets, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Publix Super Markets, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.17 which was officially released on 2021-04-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 62,579 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.88571 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Never miss a deal or a meal with the Publix app. We’ve designed our app to help you save money and time, whether you’re looking for deals on items you actually buy or ordering your favorite ham and cheese sub—we’ll even remember the pickles! To get the most out of our app, join Club Publix and get hand-picked deals, surprise savings, sneak peeks, and other benefits just for being a member. Plus: - Browse our weekly ads, clip digital coupons, and search for deals by category. - Pay and automatically redeem your digital coupons in store at checkout. - Order custom subs, sliced meats, or cheeses and we’ll have them ready for you. You can order custom cakes and platters, too. - Reorder your favorites with a few taps on your phone. - Choose an ordering service: delivery, in-store pickup, or curbside pickup. - Search for products and see related information, including sales, coupons, and in-store pickup availability. - Create, save, and access shopping lists and see aisle locations. - Add items to your shopping list, including sale items, coupons, favorites, and items from your purchase history. - Use the barcode scanner to scan and add items to your shopping list. Love Publix? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Top Reviews

  • Used to work great, but...

    By Vmpyrchik
    My husband does our shopping on Sundays after he goes to church. Today marks two weeks in a row that he cannot access the app for the grocery list (list will not open, nor will the ‘weekly ad’ section and the ‘search’ function doesn’t work {on a simple search like ‘milk’, a message comes up that says “Sorry we can’t find that. Try rewording your search or reducing your filters.” For MILK??!!}). Last week we got lucky; I could access it and snapshot & email it to him. This week, we have to rely on our rusty, middle-aged brains to remember. 🙄 I went to the online contact form and it says “Sorry our system is temporarily offline’”. Why do scheduled maintenance (yes, that’s a *guess* but probably a good one, since it happened to weeks in a row at the same time) during peak shopping hours? And if it’s not scheduled maintenance then Publix needs to check into why their app is crashing each week. Especially with the pandemic, people (including us) are using the touchless pay features more and more, and with the app down, this is no longer an option. Please find out the issue, Publix. We love shopping there and we loved using the app, but not the past couple of weeks. 😕
  • In recent version, removing checked items deletes history

    By kjjri
    Edit: In this most recent update, I went to the bottom of my shopping list and clicked Remove All to remove my checked shopping items. After I did this, I went to both History and Favorites, and all of the items here appear to have been removed. This is a big negative since I often base my list on what is in my history or favorites. Big bug to fix in this update. Old: Love the app, it’s so easy to make a list. I have noticed that when I search for an item, the search results sometimes repeat themselves, and if I click add to list, it might add it more than once. I can just remove it in the list view though. I really love that it has the aisles that the product is in, and it would still be even more helpful if, like the Target app, there was a floor plan of each store with aisle numbers and product location included. The pay feature is great, I used it for the first time today. Keep up the great work.
  • Publix

    By Marce3210
    I think that Publix is the very best grocery store in the world. You cannot beat the BOGOs! The produce is fresher than fresh, the seafood is amazing, meat is cut fresh daily and the butchers will honor any requests, the bakery bakes fresh breads daily with unbridled passion, the deli not only fries chicken every 3 hours but undoubtedly makes the finest subs bar none, the store is kept clean by enthusiastic associates, and customer service excels beyond belief. I have shopped Publix for over 50 years. No matter what state I am in, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama the consistencies are the same. When you enter a Publix it is like going back in time. This company wants to make sure that you have the best shopping experience while doting on you as you shop. I cannot imagine shopping elsewhere. Thank you Publix for keeping Mr. George’s vision alive. He would be proud and honored that his beliefs have stood the test of time.
  • Deli subs

    By circus lilly
    I really love Publix’s! The last couple of times I’ve ordered a sub from this Publix’s they haven’t been ready at the scheduled time my Publix app has said to pick them up I have had to wait at least 30 mins over the scheduled time . What is the point of ordering online if I’m going to have to wait anyway at the store. This is really annoying to me ! I did talk to a manager on duty the last time and all he said was , I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do for you , I’m just the manager on duty, which is even more annoying! The people working at the deli said your order is still hanging off the Machine where the orders come out. They had a long line , the people standing in line were annoyed that they would make an online order before serving them . There must be some way to fix this mismanagement. Thank you
  • Working again !!

    By maustin89
    I had previously left a negative review as an update earlier this year completely broke the app for me. The developer response suggested I contact customer support and I finally did so today - it turned out there was some kind of bug in my account that prevented me from updating any account settings including phone, email, etc., and this same issue was also responsible for breaking the app. After a quick email exchange they got it straightened out and the app is working perfectly again. A+ Publix ! As for the app itself, it’s excellent in design & functionality. Very easy to use, and all its features are super useful whether it’s list building, clipping coupons, checking weekly specials, or viewing order history. So happy it’s working again! 😃
  • Publix in Cullman

    By maryh54
    Publix has been a God send for so many families in Cullman and surrounding areas, including my family. The staff is friendly and courteous. They will actually show where a product is instead of waving vaguely and saying something like, “Well, it should be on aisle 7 or maybe 8. If you see an associate there, they’ll probably show you exactly where it is.” The people at checkout are very patient and greet you with a smile. The extra plus of having groceries taken to and placed in the car is invaluable, especially for customers who are unable to do so. The other departments in the store including fruit and vegetable, bakery, seafood, milk products, pharmacy, etc help make the store “complete.” All in all, Publix is my favorite grocery store and I highly recommend it.
  • Love this app

    By Logatimes3
    The Publix app is awesome. I just add things I need to the list throughout the week. It is easy to search for the items you need or you can just scan the item. Each item has nutritional info listed. You can favorite items too. The list is arranged to match the aisles in my store so everything is easy to find. You can access recipes on the app too. Click the items from the recipe and they are added to the list. Then at the store you just check off the items as you put them in your cart. My favorite part is one touch pay at checkout. I don’t need to carry a wallet. It saves your receipts so you can access at any time. I would highly recommend!
  • Absolutely LOVE the app BUT...

    By Scratchspin98
    Overall great app! But when I’m using the function to view the weekly ad to add items to my grocery list, the banner that shows up at the bottom of the screen “added to list....view” just slows me down. I want to add things quickly and continue scrolling. When the icon to add/remove changes according to my tap, that’s all I need to confirm whether or not I added or removed it from my list. Also, when I get to the bottom of my page ready to go to the next page, I wish there was a little button down there to click to bring me to the next page instead of having to scroll all the way up then swiping to the next page. An option at the bottom of the page to do that would make the app a little more time efficient. Otherwise, great app!
  • Love Publix, But Unreliable App

    By Britters C
    I love Publix! Even if they didn’t have an app, it would remain my favorite place to get groceries. When their app works, it’s great. I appreciate being able to see my digital coupons, weekly sales, my shopping list organized according to my store, and more. But when the app glitches and stops working (which is way more often than any other app I use regularly), it is TERRIBLE. Some days, nothing but the home screen will load. It’s not a WiFi or phone issue — it’s just the Publix app. I’ve reached a point where I take screenshots of my shopping list just in case the app stops working during a grocery run; granted, that can only happen IF the app works long enough to create a list in the first place. I’ll keep trying to use the app, but I wish using the app was as much a pleasure as shopping at Publix.
  • Temporary problem solved. Back to five stars.

    By Interceptor208
    This has been one of my favorite shopping apps. I’ve used it weekly for nearly four years. I loved when they added “pay through the app”. I used it from the get-go. (In the beginning, I had to explain to the cashier how to do that.) 😉 I have no clue what has happened in the past week or so. I have to close and reopen the app just to see my list. Today, I had to use Apple Pay as the “pay” button would not do anything. Tried again six hours later to go to the pay button. Still not working. Otherwise, an excellent app! Update: Apparently, the “glitch” was only temporary. All is well now. Back to five stars!

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