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Dollar General

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Dollar General is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Dolgencorp, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Dolgencorp, LLC, with the latest current version being 7.12.6 which was officially released on 2021-03-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 118,494 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.769 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Your favorite ways to save. Now in one place. - Digital Coupons – Save on hundreds of items every week. - DG Pickup - Dollar General’s buy online pickup in store program. - Cart Calculator – In-store budgeting that helps you save as you shop. - Shopping List – Keep your checklist and add coupons. - Weekly Ads – See what’s on sale at your store. - DG GO!* - A quicker, scan-and-go checkout option. *Available in select stores only.

Top Reviews

  • The new update is garbage

    By BeezusMcgeezus
    People have been relentlessly asking for a “clip all” button for your digital coupons. Evidently complaining in the store surveys does nothing so maybe here will work. The new update is slow and glitchy and has made clipping EVEN FREAKING SLOWER and still doesn’t have a clip all button. Trash. Family Dollar is run way better. Right now it says that I have $6 in coupons to clip. However, when I go to clip, it shows none. It loads slow, it constantly glitches out and says try again later. It’s awful and I’m considering taking my business elsewhere where the digital coupons actually work. Like Family Dollar. The entire company is becoming garbage. They don’t respond to complaint emails. They don’t respond to complaints sent through the surveys on the receipts. They don’t respond to the “contact us” on their website, and they don’t respond to phone calls to corporate. This app sent me 36 NOTIFICATIONS IN 20 MINUTES all saying the same thing. I had to file criminal harassment charges on one of their store manager’s because of an incident in one of their stores and STILL no district manager or anyone from corporate will contact me. And yes, I would like to clip all the coupons available because sometimes there are coupons that I didn’t know were there and I get a surprise at the register with an extra coupon discount. Everyone I know with the app, clips all. However, even a clip all for each category would be better than nothing.
  • Love the coupons when it works!

    By i. was. scammed
    It hasn’t been very consistent since the first launch of this App. I have missed out on tons of coupons due to the register crashing while it’s trying to go through my coupons to take off. And half the time it doesn’t even take them off. I’m constantly having to go over my receipt right when the cashier hands it to me a I always have items scanning as wrong prices and I’m always over charged. I keep hoping this will get better but it hasn’t. I make sure all my coupons are downloaded at least a day before I use them so that’s not the reason for it. Just very aggravated and I was hoping the system would be fixed by now as there’s been more than ample time to do so. This happens to me in every single different dollar general store I’ve been in and all of the the cashiers express their frustrations about the register. I will continue to use these coupon and keeping watching my receipts even though I shouldn’t have to. I just feel like I’m getting ripped off constantly.
  • Mrs Bolz

    By LittleRock 48
    I visited the store located at 1000 City Ave Moore , OklahomaThe lady’s name that was great was Rachel I believe she was a manager there was another lady that was a much older her name was Tina I was there on Halloween night which was in a Saturday when I always go shopping at Dollar General for my Dollar General coupons on the app I end up getting screwed out of both of my five dollar coupons of five dollars off on $25 more because of this elderly lady named Tina kept trying to walk all over somebody rushing somebody I purchased Almost $100worth of merchandise and she’s very rude person too me i’ve been in the store since 9 o’clock approximately it was 10 o’clock I was checking outAnd of course I was closing time and all she could do is worry about rushing somebody at out the door and She didn’t wan to let me habe my digital coupons she didn’t want to let me put my digital number in there I am very upset about this I’ve never met such a rude person like that In all my life almost she needs to retire apparently because she’s not a good asset Dollar General
  • No waiting in line!!!

    By my nem is jef
    Ok so I go in the store and this line is wrapped around a corner. I only needed a few things but normally I wouldn’t want to wait. Not when I could just run to Walmart and hit the self checkout real quick. But I don’t really wanna deal with alllll those people either. I remember I downloaded the app but had never even opened it . Thought it was more catered to couponers. it walked me through the process and boom, I started scanning my items. Took maybe 5-Minutes to setup and scan my items. Everyone is standing there looking annoyed and ready to go. I bypassed THEM ALL, as I had already paid in the app and only needed to stop at the kiosk!!! I AM IN LOOOOOOVE WITH THIS APP!!!! Aside from the line skipping , it automatically took money off items that had coupons. And there is no minimum purchase like the Walmart service, which makes u spend 30 bucks to buy groceries/household items to get free pick up service. If I only need a few things that service makes no sense to use. Great app dollar General!! I am really impressed.
  • Bummed out!

    By Tuti0708
    I really love to shop at DG....I do not love dealing with this app. It has been literally one of the biggest pain in the butts. So much so that I am taking the time to write this review. Uugghhh It will ask me to randomly log back in which I have no problem with. The problem comes when I get a ’General Server Error’ after I enter my (correct) information. So then I go ahead n try to reset my password n get the same message. I cannot get the app to open when I'm standing right in the middle of a DG. Tells me no internet connection. That is on Wifi or LTE. Ohhhh...and 4G n pretty sure 3G. Getting my frustration here? The employees at my local store are excellent with their customer service. They really are. Fairly confident tho that not one of them know much about nor give two rips about the app. Currently I do not have a vehicle and my DG is within walking distance, which is awesome. I want to be able to continue business with the company but this app is on my nerves and could become a deal breaker for me. Thank you
  • Long Beach, Railroad Street Store, Mississippi

    By Annie Hood
    This store is extremely busy, more so than other stores. The employees keep the store clean and up to date as far as sale items. I mainly shop there because you have some of the best Management staff. Sometimes the item I'm looking for may not be on the shelf. I have a disability. And your manager by the name Dae, takes the time to double check. She has even gotten a ladder to check top shelves, meanwhile multitasking. There's constantly new employees. But, the two that have been there for a few years have made everyones life easier. I also use the app to shop and pick up my purchases. That store is top on my list. They took a beating being essentials. It's shameful how some customers speak to them. I’ll keep returning mainly because of the staff.
  • JUNK

    By Larsen22Valdez23
    Can’t even open app!!! Just keeps saying “something went wrong try again” so darn annoying!!! I shop here so often and there’s so many now everywhere you go however I am so disappointed in this app that I will be shopping at family dollar!! Downloaded their app & works perfect 1st try!!! Thankfully there’s a family dollar right across the street from DG because it’s not inconveniencing me at all. After reading reviews it’s sad to see how many customers DG is losing over this app & the coupons not working, you’d think they’d just fix the problem and save customers. Being such a huge franchise must be why they don’t care because literally these problems have been an issue for years now and still not fixed. It’s really a shame though, but family dollar will surely be thankful that DG doesn’t care because they’re gaining all the business because of it! Don’t download, waste of time. Save yourself the headache and time by getting FD app instead because I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled several times with absolutely no luck what so ever!! Another unsatisfied customer to add to the review list!! Way to go DG!!! Hmmmm unbelievable they don’t care!
  • Suggestions Should Be Highly Considered

    By Conrad's Wife
    Suggestion One-A feature to unclip coupons you don’t need or want if accidentally clipped. It takes too long at register to scan all of them. Two-When browsing the weekly ad it would be nice to be able to add the item to your list from the ad. Three-Do something with the search feature to make it better. If you don’t know the exact way it’s listed you won’t get anywhere near the item you are searching for. Example- type in cheese. You get items like shampoo and deodorant. Silly and aggravating Four-Immediately fix the scam going on with the coupons NOT being deducted at register. Or train employees to correct the mistake instead of looking at you like you’re stupid. Five-Make the items with coupons available more plainly understood. There are items on the app that doesn’t show there is a coupon for it specifically but it does on another fragrance of the same item. It makes people think the other isn’t eligible when it is. Stop scamming people
  • A Note to Consider:

    There is absolutely no employee or “sales associates” that have control over the app functions. Just for clarification, that all depends on internet connection, service provider, availability, concentration, and also but not limited to, intoxication of the individual user and/or owner of said “cell phone” or “smartphone”. Fellow employees have zero impact on how /if /maybe / should only really have the “grey box at the bottom right hand touch screen” is most polite and courteous this Holiday Season. Remember to download Your coupons prior, or whenever convenient, to then use them when the tags have *The Present Day Listed* at the bottom. If not listed under said item/product, then it is time ask a Sales Associate. Shopping is the experience that you choose for it to be, please remember that we are tired too. Us Employees at Dollar General do Our very best to have a clean, well stocked, and rotated store, We understand, and We are people too. ~Sincerely, A Sales Associate Thank you for listening in to my TedTalk
  • Inside Store

    By ~Mrs. Amanda Timbs
    I love using the DG App to clip my coupons. However, using the App to create my shopping list and then trying to use the App to collect my items or see the coupons while inside ANY DG store is impossible! I have visited MANY DG stores and in every single location there is never reception for myself or anyone else I have spoken with about the issue. With multiple different wireless carriers there is no reception. I have asked employees at every location I have shopped at why no one gets any cellphone reception and the answer I get every time is simply vague and unacceptable...”We don’t know why, but every customer who uses the App asks the same question. None of us get cellphone reception either unless we’re at the front of the store standing in a certain spot.” Because of this issue I have to take screenshots of the coupons I have clipped and my personalized list to get everything I need. I would love to know why I have perfect reception on my cellphone right up until the moment I step into the store.

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