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Wendy’s is an iPhone and Android Food & Drink App, made by Wendy's International, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Wendy's International, LLC, with the latest current version being 7.1.8 which was officially released on 2020-10-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 204,503 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.80821 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

If ya love Wendy’s ya gotta have the app. It’s your fast food faves at your fingertips - plus earn rewards, exclusive deals and coupons, ordering ahead and more. Check out the deets: Earn Rewards Where can ya score free food? Right here. With the app all ya gotta do to get FREE Wendy’s is eat your faves. Eat, earn loyalty rewards points, and trade ‘em in for anything on our menu in that Rewards Store. Exclusive Deals & Offers Wondering where to score the most food for $5? How ‘bout the hottest fast food deals around? We got the hookup. Get exclusive offers only found in-app on breakfast, dinner and everything in between. All the deals and coupons - zero FOMO. Order Ahead Skip that line! Pick the Wendy’s you want and order straight from our app. Customize Your Order No mayo? No problem. Choose what ya want and what ya don’t - we’ll make it happen. We got you like that. Save Your Faves Have a go-to Wendy’s order? Save items and orders to your faves for fast and easy re-ordering. Mobile Pay Forget ‘bout cash. Load $$$ or use a credit card and pay right from the app. You can also add a gift card so no more guessing that balance! Get Menu & Nutrition Info Find the deets in local pricing, ingredient lists, allergens, nutritional info, and even count calories & carbs. Support Foster Care Adoption The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s mission is to find forever families for children waiting in foster care. Every donation helps. Show your support! We always love hearing from you. Let us know what’s on your mind by: • Live chatting in-app • Leaving us a message in-app • Texting or calling us at 888-624-8140 TERMS AND CONDITIONS For more information about the Wendy’s Rewards program, please see our complete terms and conditions at https://www.wendys.com/rewards-terms-and-conditions For details on the personal information Wendy’s collects and the purposes for its collection, visit here: https://www.wendys.com/privacy-policy For California consumers, you can find information about your CCPA rights and how to exercise them here: https://www.wendys.com/privacy-policy#CCPA Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Top Reviews

  • Worst Fast Food App

    By Sarahf12912
    I have apps for all the fast food restaurants in my area and this is the absolute worst. The first time I used this app I placed my order and paid and when I arrived to the restaurant to pick up my order they told me they don’t accept mobile orders. How?? Get yourself together Wendy’s. Obviously if a location is not taking mobile orders I should not have been able to place a mobile order for that location. Fortunately the staff were kind and understanding and I was able to get my meal without having to pay twice. Since then, I’ve been able to use this app successfully only one time. Every other time there have been errors that occur and prevent me from checking out. Today there was an offer for a free frosty with mobile order but again, the stupid app will not let me place a mobile order. I just used one of my other apps that actually work and went to a different place to eat. I love Wendy’s but whoever they have got to develop this app needs to be replaced ASAP. I can’t be the only one they’re losing business from. The only positive thing I can say is that when the app actually works it is simple to use, but I could say that for literally any other restaurant. Step it up devs.
  • Bring back mobile and BOGO offers

    By !BeyondFrustrated!
    We are retired and while at first it was difficult to get used to mobile ordering, we embraced it because of the good mobile offers and pandemic, necessitating drive-thru drive service. Then they messed up the app so badly that a mobile offer couldn't be added to a mobile order and they were unwilling to help at the restaurant. They almost lost us as costumers with that debacle, but we left without purchasing a couple of times and eventually an update fixed it. Again we continued to frequent Wendy's at least once a week for their 2/$5 Single and spicy chicken sandwich deal, or any one of the good app offers they always had. Now the good offers are completely gone in favor of a vastly inferior REWARDS program, and so are we. There are many other fast food options out there that want out business and offer discounts that we will use. The selection of coupons at this time is an absolute joke. Bring back offers that people want or you won't have a business before long. The so is useless if you don't offer deals that people want.
  • Wendy's always disappoints

    By Sum1r
    In the past 3 years I have yet to have a "good" experience at any Wendy's. It makes me sad because I usually enjoy their food. They got rid of their artisan egg sandwich for breakfast. They got rid of breakfast as an option at most restaurants. They got rid of my favorite salad. Not much reason to go. I decided to try the app for the free spicy nuggets. I ordered for pickup through drive thru, and chose the one-time card payment (that doesn't save your card info). My app said PAID. When I got there, they said I needed to add money to the digital balance. While this was an option when paying, I didn't choose it. The app clearly said paid, although I got no email or any confirmation saying I paid or ordered. They were absolutely positive that I had not paid, when I indeed had. So they gave up and said they'll pay for me. Whatever. When I get back and check my bank account, there is the charge for my meal. So I was being hopeful that I actually got a free meal when, nope, they disappointed again. I'll probably be back in a year or so only to disappoint myself again. Long story short, don't bother with the mobile ordering.
  • Needs work

    By Rg1234567
    Not the most intuitive app I’ve seen. But what really annoys me is having to place my order and arrive at the restaurant eight minutes before breakfast ends. This is fast food. I don’t mind if it takes them a little while to prepare it because I know that they’re new to breakfast, but I should be able to place my order and arrive at Wendy’s before the cut off and still get it. I wasn’t able to get there eight minutes early last time although I could’ve gotten there five minutes early. Ended up going to Chick-fil-A. Arrive there at 10:26 and placed my order at that same time and got my order by 10:28 with no problems. Wendy’s food is good, but the service and app needs improvement. Update: I tried again the next day at an earlier time so I could make sure to use one of the discount codes since it was the last day it was valid. However instead of taking two dollars off my breakfast combo like it explicitly said it would, it would only take off $1.39 no matter what I tried. I did not edit the order or do anything to change the basic elements of the combo. This feels kind of like a scam.
  • Worst food app, works when it wants to

    By batefimbi
    I’ve tried using this app 3 times and my first two trys only went through with assistance from the cashiers. It’s poorly designed, not intuitive at all. Adding offers sometimes works, if something goes wrong you have to use your detective skills to figure it out. I’ve used several food apps and all have been easy to use, very simple and straightforward so I am amazed at how bad Wendy’s app is. They have such great fast food but the worst app I have ever used. My final offer took 15 minutes to get through as I kept tapping Pay Now to no response till finally after stating my order again 4-5 times it finally went through...then I got my bag and it was missing my promotional offer that I am positive I had seen added...the cashier checked with the manager because they said I didn’t add it and they honored it after a while but it’s such a frustrating app-I am deleting it so I never have to get frustrated over this BS. I’d rather wait in line and order the old fashioned way.
  • Please add Apple Pay Support

    By up_on_the_ladder
    Anecdotally, while I used to run into bugs semi-frequently, it now feels more stable than previous versions. The app itself is decent, but could use some improvements: 1) Lacks Apple Pay support Not only is this a huge inconvenience factor, but for me, the biggest appeal of Apple Pay is security. With Apple Pay, I don’t have to give out my credit card number to 3rd parties and worry that they’ll get hacked. Also, the Apple Pay double cash back for Apple Card users does influence where I order more frequently. 2) UX for Offers When applying an offer, it would be more convenient if the app automatically combined the process of adding the offer together with the process for ordering items related to the offer. For example, if the offer is “$1 off large fries”, adding the offer should be combined with the step of adding the large fries to the order (and also the opportunity to customize). The mobile ordering experience has to be as streamlined as possible, or else you risk having it feel like an inconvenience, when you are actually trying to make it more convenient. 3) Sign In with Apple Not as important as Apple Pay, but definitely another major convenience for Apple users. Saves me the hassle of having to create new accounts.
  • Was awesome until now; now unusable; literally

    By wesgeant33
    So I used to use this app all the time and it was awesome. I know some folks had trouble but it worked spectacular for me; until the last update screwed this app up so bad you can’t use it; and I have no intention of ever doing so for anything more than removing my card, should I ever be able to log on again. Was placing an order; finished and went to cart; boom app crashes. Get it to reload, it shows 3 items in cart, but when you click on it, it wants to submit it, but will not let me see or review any item. I have no idea what’s being ordered. So I delete and reinstall; now my password and log in doesn’t work, even though it’s thumb print enabled and it’s saved to my phone!!!! Try reset password, emails never come. Call support; I got better luck going on a vacation with the Easter bunny, then I do getting off hold there. So I finally got on removed my card, and that’s it for me.
  • Buggy & some options unavailable or hard to find

    By Jaleiely
    App looks nice and generally functions well. There is currently a bug I am experiencing where it does not show me what I have in my bag/cart, only the total. I recently tried to place an order and it only showed me my total, which was much higher than it should have been. I suspect this is because it had saved the previous order I had in progress, but I couldn't delete my previous items, again, because it didn't show me the items I had in my bag. Force closing and reopening the app did not fix it. Additionally, it is not intuitive with regard to how to find customization options (e.g. no tomato on this burger), and customization isn't even available for drinks (e.g. no ice). There's also no notes section as a workaround. For these reasons there is no reason for me to continue using the app.
  • Couldn’t get a refund...

    By neil78b
    So I was traveling and ordered through the app at one of their locations, but when I go inside the guy tells me that the order was “web failed” and said he would not give me my food yet my card was charged for the food. I had to pay again in the store because I had to get back on the road and he then tells me to call the app... so I call the number in the app only for them to tell me that the Wendy’s I just left will call me so I can get a refund, what??? When they do contact me days later, they can’t give me the refund to my card but can send me a check... This app is useless and you risk the chance of not getting your food even if you are charged, only to have to go through the hassle of phone calls and checking mail, what a joke. Instead of giving me my food and dealing with it themselves, he tells the customer to go through the hassle...
  • Works for me

    By CSCP1972
    I haven’t updated it yet and probably will not for a while after reading other reviewers. I love using this app especially since my kids prefer Wendy’s over other fast food burgers near us. I have had problems with my mobile order not showing up as paid when picking up at a particular location but I still like using the app. Update: I had to update as I could not go any further without it. So now all the offers are for mobile orders only. McDonalds did this and I stopped using them. However, McD has since changed this. I prefer to place my order through the pick up window since it’s easier to customize my order. I will have to stop using Wendy’s until this is changed.

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