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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-30
  • New version: 6.0.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Receipt Hog: Earn Cash Back

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Receipt Hog: Earn Cash Back is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by InfoScout. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - InfoScout, with the latest current version being 6.0.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 102,104 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.68933 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Receipt Hog rewards you with cash back just for shopping like you normally do every day. Use the app to earn coins, then redeem them for cash with PayPal or a gift card. There are many ways you can earn coins: - Make a purchase at any store, restaurant, or cafe and use the app’s camera to snap a photo of the receipt - Some receipts will reward you with Hog Slots spins which you can use to win big coin prizes - Upload receipts weekly to earn bonuses and more chances to win coins - Keep uploading receipts to level up and earn additional bonus rewards - Each qualifying receipt will also earn you an entry into a monthly sweepstakes with huge coin prizes - Take surveys and answer questions about your household to earn even more coins - Earn coins and monthly sweepstakes entries by signing up to send receipts for online purchases Other features: - Play Hog Slots for a chance to spin and win $100 in coins - Keep track of your receipts - view the Receipts tab to see a complete list of all of the receipts you’ve uploaded - Customize your very own Receipt Hog avatar by dressing it up in different outfits. You can even purchase special outfits using the coins you earn The receipts and survey responses shared with Receipt Hog are extremely important to us, which is why we reward our shoppers with billions of coins every year. Please note that because the app has become so popular with shoppers, space within the Receipt Hog community is limited. We are always updating the app and adding more ways for you to earn coins, so keep checking back and make sure you’re uploading your receipts every week. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make your Receipt Hog experience better, please share your thoughts with us via the Support page within the app.

Top Reviews

  • This app is so great! Totally delivers!

    By =+Amberlicious+=
    I downloaded this out of boredom, positive this was another drop in the ocean of "Do these 4 million easy jobs and make 8 cents! WOW!" ... but I got lucky (as I understand they are no longer accepting people because of the numbers joined) - turns out you ACTUALLY do what you normally do - shop, and the major difference in your routine is you snap a picture of it. The app is cute, the writers are funny, you get real rewards for normal stuff, plus constant vegas-style bonuses (though in hindsight I've never seen pigs posing centerfold-style in a festive outfit in Vegas. Doesn't mean Vegas doesn't have that though. It's Vegas, so ...) I'm not collecting Maseratis because of this app, but it's been fun collecting little pretend gold coins for real-life gift cards - and you don't even have to do it every day. You have a 2-week window if you're really busy. But if you can't manage to pop in every 2 weeks for snapshots, slots, and oinking goofy pigs dressed like leprechauns, you might be dead inside and likely wouldn't enjoy cashing in for the prizes anyway. Can't say anything bad - this is a great idea and fun while being productive and worthwhile at the same time. Yay lepigchauns!
  • Annoying, Picky and Timely to earn $40

    By G4b®i3∫
    Let me be clear, this is not fun, quick or convenient. I’ve had it for 2 years. I have 5k+ reward of uploading every receipt imaginable. It takes 6500 points to earn $40. In this covid situation to get real receipts from grocery stores you have to go inside. Receipt barely honors emailed receipts, because you have to keep the phone flat/parallel to ground. You can take a screen shot of computer, you can’t screen shot and upload from phone, and the printed email is 8x11 makes font too small for receipt approving associates to approve. Countless “image blurred” from normal receipts or “not entire receipt” - from perfect photos from my iPhone 8+ - one of best camera phone on market since 2017. What is wrong with this system? Too slow, too picky, too timely to earn rewards. It make “work”, compared to most competition, but it doesn’t work well or quick or convenient enough for me. 2 years - too slow. And the rewards system is a machine slot game that only gives you rewards 35% of the time. I’ve never won a raffle, 1 receipt = 0-5 coins, 1 coin = raffle. But apparently many people win 5K coins everyday? I just think it’s a waste of brain energy - like every other “rewards” technology. Please improve fun features, receipt readability technology or train associates to read properly and fix your rewards timeline. Sheesh. Good day.
  • Very little good.

    By Some Random Bloke
    Often mistakes real receipts for fake ones (i.e doctored, handwritten, etc) and sometimes makes you mark a receipt as incorrectly processed (wrong store name or grand total, sometimes both or blurry image even for clearly displayed ones). For the ones that still get rejected even after the 3rd attempt at verification, you’re out of luck. Their support team is a total joke which is no longer a surprise to me considering the luck I’ve had getting them to assist with newer issues. They NEVER respond to support requests anymore. You’ll be lucky if they respond to yours AT ALL. The last few attempts to get them to right their wrongs have been to absolutely no avail. To my knowledge, they do not have a phone number to call regarding any sort of issue with their service which, in my book, shows an even greater lack of concern for their users’ issues. Additionally, the cost is greater than the reward. You would need to spend hundreds to perhaps even thousands of dollars and months of your time just for a measly $40 gift card. They really need to adjust that ratio for the benefit of the users—that AND they need to provide more RESPONSIVE support rather than the passive, practically nonexistent support that they have now. I think I speak for all other users when I say that it would make us happier if this were to all come true. Until then, I guess we’ll have to do as Led Zeppelin has before us and Dream On.
  • Keeps up with your receipts when you don’t!

    By Ihij
    So I got this app figuring it wouldn’t amount to much, honestly. I try a lot of cash apps. This one has actually helped me more than I realized it would. I still haven’t gotten enough coins to do a payout to my PayPal and I’ve had it for about three months but I’m over half way there and I honestly don’t shop that much (single female) so I’m okay with that. The part of the app that has actually helped me a lot is the fact that after a receipt is submitted you can go back and look at it. I’ve used this on more than one occasion now. Most recently I needed to know the date that I purchased my vacuum cleaner on so I could set up the warranty. The paper receipt is probably long gone now considering I put off setting up the warranty for over a month now. The website actually required the date I purchased it so I was able to go back through my purchases and find the correct receipt and see the exact date I purchased it. So if you’re needing a way to keep up with your receipts this is a good way to do that and earn a little money at the same time.
  • Many great benefits! 💸🤑🐷🐽🐖💸💰

    By ~April A.~
    I have been using this app for several years now and I have cashed out on a regular basis and it is not time consuming at all! On top of the money you earn, it is also incredibly helpful to have a photo of all of your receipts for those times that you want to return something and either forgot to bring the paper copy with you or you had already thrown it away. It only takes a few seconds of your time to take a picture of your receipts and you can occasionally take an optional survey from time to time to earn extra money, and before you know it, it's time to cash out again! You are automatically entered into sweepstakes with every receipt you upload, (I have never been a winner so far), but there is the potential to win. I have contacted customer service once or twice in the past to ask a few questions, and they have been great in getting back to me quickly and are very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be using this app for many more years to come! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  • This app is not worth your time

    By 1227mom46
    Customer service is non-existent. I have been contacting them for months asking them to assist with updating my email address because the address on file no longer exists. They never reply. The app itself sends an email with instructions TO THE ADDRESS THAT NO LONGER EXISTS. They also make a lot of mistakes when checking receipts. They deny coins and indicate it’s an “old receipt” when clearly the date is visible and shows I submitted it the same day I shopped. They deny coins and indicate it isn’t a complete receipt when in fact the entire receipt is pictured. They deny coins and indicate the receipt is blurry. The photos are taken with iphone8+ and are as clear as day. Their errors cause user to resubmit and verification takes even longer. When I cash out using my IBOTTA app the money is in my PayPal account within five seconds. I wonder why it takes a week when I cash out with receipt hog!! I’m deleting the app and I honestly wouldn’t recommend this app on any level.
  • Not much of a return for time spent

    By cobby10
    I like this app but it really needs more ways to earn rewards. I’ve been using this app for almost 3 months and I still haven’t made $5 yet. I add about 3 valid receipts per week, and about 10 receipts I have from purchases can not be used per week. This app requires you to upload receipts from well known established retail store. But my local deli I go to for breakfast doesn’t provide a valid receipt, my local gas station doesn’t either. The bagel place I go to on the weekends doesn’t have a valid receipt and the local hardware store doesn’t either. Unless you shop at Walmart/target WaWa or Quick-Check you can’t upload a receipt. Mom and pop shops, you can’t use them. Which is really frustrating since those small local shops usually have the best food and retail. So, sadly after 3 months, I got no rewards. I’m going to use this app until I can cash out my $5 gift card and delete the app. I wish that wasn’t the case but I’m not spending the time collecting receipts every shopping trip to only get $10 per year. That’s a lot of time spent on this app!! I don’t blame them, I don’t see how they are even able to give me any money. but there’s nothing to draw me to keep going with this app.
  • The piggy character needs a change..

    By nickiedoo
    I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and my goal is to get to 6500 points for the $40. I use my receipts and my families. I don’t pay attention to whether or not they end up going through, being too blurry, or old. If they went through (for the most part they do) then great; if not it does not bother me and I’m not gonna waste my time trying to track them down. I save up my receipts and enter them when I have the time vs doing it every time I get one so that might be the case as to the length of time. I mean it’s ‘free’ money in the end so I can’t complain, just sharing my experience. However, whenever you don’t upload for a bit the little piggy gets all skinny with his ribs poking out and he has a sad frown... which isn’t cool as there are real people starving out there and people using this app are so lucky to be able to upload receipts from buying stuff to get more money. Please change that and maybe just give him a sad face instead of a starved body. Once I get the gift card I’ll remove the app. Over all I’d recommend if you don’t mind sharing data about your shopping habits.
  • Do not like recent Changes !!

    By sfhkoyrw
    Consistently over which receipts are acceptable and which ones has changed and are unfair. I’ll explain. (1) More receipts than ever are being rejected. (2) businesses that were once accepted are being rejected, for an unknown reason. (3) almost every large purchase is being rejected. I get it, you don’t want users to accumulate points as quickly as we once could. Not right! (4) Two receipts from same business are submitted. One is accepted, the other rejected. Almost always the lesser amount of the two is accepted. (5) we work diligently to upload these receipts - it’s not a fun thing to do, but I do it for a measly small dollar gift card that takes forever to achieve. (6) too many receipts are marked wrong, wrong amounts, claims that receipts are blurry when they are fully readable, a few are legit, but far too many are mislabeled; then when i challenge the errors, nothing is done. (7) if you want me to continue using this app clean up your act. (8) the fact that this app makes a record of purchases and can be used to return items is nice, but there are other apps that will do same thing. (8) if your recent changes are permanent please communicate honestly with your users what new rules are ... to be fair.
  • Get paid for scanning receipts

    By Jessi Hardy
    You get 2 apps in one with Receipt Hog. 1, You get points towards getting real cash towards stuff you buy anyways. Why wouldn’t you just upload your receipt towards getting free money? No brainer. And 2, You can treat this app as a receipt scanner. It has come in handy multiple times whenever I needed to return something and lost the receipt. I can just pull up Receipt Hog, search for the store name, and voila! Receipt when I need it and no more need to try and keep up with paper receipts. Even better, I can send the receipt to someone else in case they are returning something on my behalf or if I purchased something as a gift for them that they need to exchange or return. My only criticism is that I wish there was an option to share the app with friends and get rewarded for sharing the app. (Most apps do offer some kind of incentive to invite others to join.) I don’t even see a share the app option to share to Facebook friends within the app itself.

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