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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-08
  • New version: 10.9.0
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Safeway Deals & Rewards

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Safeway Deals & Rewards is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Albertsons Companies, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Albertsons Companies, LLC, with the latest current version being 10.9.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 446,351 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.73174 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Maximize your savings with the Safeway app and our just for U program! Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. Download and register to start savings now. Find your Savings: · Register to clip your digital coupons in just for U® to be used at checkout · Sort offers by aisle, category, purchase history, recently added, and about to expire · Register to Earn Gas Rewards and redeem at participating stations. See program details inside the app. · View your Weekly Ad Build your Shopping List: • Using your purchase history • Add the items you buy that may not be found in your weekly ad (Your Club Specials) • Adding your own items • Scan barcodes Other Features you will find: • Manage your account • Store Locator/Gas Locator • See your Rewards and Savings Summary *Some features not available in all areas.

Top Reviews

  • Great but could be better

    By Anita2LosAngeles
    I love a lot about this app and it’s so helpful and I’m so grateful they’ve made this. I use apps for other grocery stores too. So with that in mind, there are a few features I’d love to add to truly make this app a 5 star app. First off I think I should be able to look up items in the store easily using a search function in the app. I do like like how the app seems to change function a bit when I enter a Safeway or Vons store. Also when you scan a product there should be similar product recommendations that pop up as well, even companion products. Buying hot dogs? Suggest to me that I might need mustard and buns and what aisle in my store I can find those in. That’s extremely helpful. Also include the ability to add to my shopping list from the suggested items. Also club cards are connected to phone numbers. Usually a cell. Ask me permission to send text messages and offer me a dollar off coupon for signing up for texts. When I’m in the app creating my list send me a text message asking if I’d like to have those items delivered for free. That would be amazing. These are functions that would be helpful and also beneficial to both the customer and the store because it will retain better that customers business. Why go somewhere else when I have all my needs met in one place? It would be brilliant.
  • Great except in store!

    By Katrober319
    Yes I love the Safeway AP! And I purposely don’t use apps from other grocery stores because they are simply not user friendly and drive me crazy. But, of all things, the time it is most difficult to use their AP is when I am in a Safeway store. One would think they would make an effort to make it easy to use in store, but it is quite the opposite. Yes, I often spend time prior to shopping to look through their ads and make my list, yet I still want to use the AP in store especially if I forget to look for a particular item in the process of making my list. I am very annoyed and I know others with this same issue. When annoyed, it often means deleting the AP. I haven’t yet got to that point, but it is getting closer the more I struggle to use the AP while in their store. Also, just updated my Safeway AP and noticed I can no longer look at weekly ad in categories. It merely brings pictures of various flyers and when you click on categories, it plain doesn’t work well. Whatever rather update, please make it easy like before to view weekly ads easily by category. If this isn’t fixed, I will be deleting the AP, as this update seems insane. I do see the new stack coupon feature which is ok although the bright yellow banner is annoying. I was doing well before. I would rather have the stack feature taken away then to live with this update. Please fix!
  • Advertising digital apps = poor customer service

    By rjmajlk1
    The digital app is so discriminating...if I’m standing at the register and my phone isn’t functioning and opening to the Safeway app with uploaded coupons, or if I’ve forgotten my phone, or if I’m being rushed by the person behind me this advertising app is not working. I have the paper ad in front of me pointing to the cashier and she says “sorry you don’t get this deal unless you go thru your digital app” then this is NOT good customer service. We live 1 mile from Safeway and Albertsons which are coincidentally across the street from each other, I prefer to drive 5 miles to Fry’s who make using their coupons customer friendly. Yesterday on one of my rare Safeway shopping experiences, the cashier actually suspended my purchases and made me go to a different line and start over. My cashier kept saying “I can’t help you, I can’t change prices”. The customer behind me was saying “lady just pay the difference, what is it $2 bucks? I’m in a hurry, go to a different line...” My app wasn’t coming up at the store even though I had previously registered and used it. I had to take all my items to a different register instead of the cashier finishing my transaction. I’m disappointed in Safeway for requiring everyone to use this digital app to get their advertised sale prices. I’ve heard a lot of other complaints from customers saying the same thing. For every written review there are thousands of people thinking the same thing.
  • Crashing all day long

    By Chico21115
    The app worked well most of the time until late last night. It immediately crashes upon opening within seconds every time now. I tried all the usual work-arounds, including clearing my browser, shutting down and re-starting my iPhone 7 Plus, etc. it still almost immediately crashes. I even did today’s app update with no change to the constant crashes. I will not be shopping at Safeway or Albertson’s stores until this latest glitch is fixed. Something is seriously awry in Boise, or from wherever this app is currently managed. UPDATE: I was finally able to fix the problem by deleting the app from my iPhone, and then re-installing and signing in again afterward. If Safeway and Albertsons cannot fix the problem themselves, they should at least advise users of this awkward needed fix. I have had mostly good experiences with the app until this past week. I also want to convey my agreement with the annoyance others have expressed about our points under 100 being deleted at the end of each month. I also am often annoyed that at least half of the time my local very large Safeway store in San Jose does not even carry the so-called “free” items being listed on the app. Sometimes in those instances the checker will allow roughly equivalent substitutions.
  • App needs lots of improvements.

    By Free time Relaxing
    This app has a long way to go before I give it 2 stars or more. When I select something in the weekly ad it should show up on my list by category with my Just for U items I selected. If I select Aisle in the sort, everything I selected in the weekly ad and Just for U should all be listed. I shouldn’t just see the Just for U items and then have to select Added items and have to backtrack through the store to get my weekly ad items. I don’t have time for that. Also, I had to go back to the Weekly Ad to find the information on the weekly ad items...size, count and price. I also had to go back and forth to the Digital Coupons to get the information for the coupons I selected because the information was not in the My List. All of this is digitally done and all the information should be automatically downloaded into My List as items from the Weekly Ad and Digital Coupons are selected. Not to mention the aisle information should also be automatically be downloaded because the specific store selected already has each item listed in its system with its aisle location for their use. This should be all pulled into the app. Also, wouldn’t hurt for the total price to be shown. On the positive side, I do like the fact that I can send notification for wrong Aisle listed on a item.
  • Price errors

    By L.maui
    As a loyal customer of Safeway for over 30 years I have become both disappointed and angry in recent months at my shopping experiences. As many, I live on a budget and look for sales and coupons to determine how I will plan my week. Especially living in Hawaii where food costs are very high. I began noticing errors on my receipt about 8 months ago. At first I thought it was just that, an error however I was upset that it meant another trip to the store to get credit and more upset when after waiting in line for customer service, that I was challenged to prove the error, which I always was able to do with their sales paper. In the last 8 months I have NEVER found zero errors , having been overcharged, for one item $12, on a visit. Now after checking out I stop before leaving and review my entire receipt and inevitably then get in line at customer service for a refund. Each time challenged and never receiving an apology for their error! At this point the only conclusion I can make is that this is a ploy to overcharge customers, most who probably do not take the time to carefully review each item on the receipt. With the new system at checkout, it is impossible to follow and check for accuracy. CUSTOMERS AT SAFEWAY, BEWARE!!!! YOU ARE BEING OVERCHARGED!!!!!!!
  • Love app but wish had few improvements

    By Kj Seattle
    I absolutely love the Safeway app though I wish that the developers would make a few changes to make it more user-friendly. The fact that you have to go to two sections to get offers is quite confusing to some I know I’ve had to explain it to both my mother and grandmother so I can explain why it is the way it is. It just makes it confusing for those individuals that are Ness text savvy as some of us. My favorite part is at the end of check out in the store when they hit the balance due and all the minuses pop up and start deducting from my total due. That’s win this girl does her happy dance in the middle of the grocery store and get laughed out but I don’t care saving money is what it’s all about. Thank you Safeway after years of shopping elsewhere due to high prices I am back and will be a loyal customer as long as you keep it up.
  • Poor Cousin to the iPad app and Website

    By Minor49er@nickname
    I use the Safeway app on iPhone and iPad as well as the online version depending on whichever device is most convenient for me at the moment. The iPhone version is a poor cousin to the other two. When I want to see the Just for U deals it’s hard to tel which deals are genuinely J4U - the app seems to lead me into the advertised deals without telling me. (I don’t care about the adverised deals since I’m going to get those discounts without any action on my part so please don’t waste my time. ) And my Shopping List seems to have things on it I don’t remember putting there and would never buy. I don’t have these problems with the other two versions. When using the iPhone app in store it is slow to log me on to WiFi and kicks me offline if I don’t use it within about 3 minutes. (I am using iPhone XR. ). And today I wanted to scan an “Instore digital coupon “ but couldn’t find a way to do that with the app even though I’ve done that several times in the past. The app’s layout seems to change constantly.
  • Hire new IT team

    By shayes5973
    This is one of the worst apps I have to use. Items from the weekly ad show up in wrong categories. I.e. can goods under deli or frozen items. After saving to your list half the time you can’t open the item to get the price or see if there is a limit. Some items on sale or just for you are not the correct price when you check out. I check my receipt and get money back almost every time. For a multi million dollar company I would think you could get a computer program that worked correctly. You are stealing money from people who don’t check their receipts every day. I got a reply to contact you. I’ve done that to no avail. I have called your corporate office and spoke to the store manager and nothing has changed. I have confirmed with staff at the multiple local stores that it is not just me but the kind of thing I see even happens to them. I check my receipt before I leave the store and almost always get money back before I leave the store. Those who don’t check their receipts are being deceived and ripped off. Test your own system, talk to your employees and fix the system. The burden is on you to fix it.
  • New Stackables Don’t Work

    By Fullcart
    Your new system of stacking the coupons sounds good, but in the end doesn’t work. I just bought Crest toothpaste and it was $4.50 and a one-time offer price of $2.99. Then, like in the past, there was another special offer of $2 off. Therefore in the end, it should have been $.99. Not the case after I found it on my receipt at home. Changing the way to find the coupons is good, but that also needs to be reflected in the application of those coupons. If a coupon can’t be stacked with a one-time offer, then it shouldn’t be put together. A frustrating start to your new system. Plus, I’m finding today, once I add the stackables, the individual offers still appear. If I hit the add button, it should remove the other variations from my options list. Your coupons and offers are listed as options of variants of similar-branded items, but perhaps this cross-over if multiple items is the problem. It’s not pulling all the options, but I’m assuming if I go to use these, that I will only get one option of them. I like the Safeway app and love the special pricing options based on what I buy, but honestly I liked it better to find the additional coupons and choose to implement those as I wanted. I also greatly appreciate the rewards and how easy they are to use. Overall the app is good, but this new stacking option either is not fully implemented yet or just complicating things more.

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