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RetailMeNot: Coupons & Savings

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RetailMeNot: Coupons & Savings is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by RetailMeNot, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - RetailMeNot, Inc., with the latest current version being 7.7.2 which was officially released on 2020-11-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 482,070 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83016 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Saving money is more important than ever, and with Black Friday deals headed your way, saving has never been easier. RetailMeNot has rounded up the best sales and specials for this season’s hottest gifts, and you can find them right here. Of course, you’ll also have access to deals for all your essential shopping, from clothing and shoes to the tech your kids need to learn and grow. Trust that RetailMeNot will deliver the deals you want from thousands of your favorite stores and restaurants. Take advantage of everyday savings on dining and curbside pickup, home office and school supplies, clothing, shoes, electronics and so much more. You could save $20 in 20 seconds both online and in the stores! --SAVE MONEY & TIME -- The award-winning RetailMeNot app makes it easy to save money with over 200,000+ offers for more than 15,000+ brands. Get the deals you want including special savings on skincare, meals for your family, pick-me-ups and everything in between. The app is also home to 100s of online and in-store cash back offers that can be redeemed right from your phone. --OVER 35 CATEGORIES TO FIND THE PERFECT COUPON-- Food deals - Dominos, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, IHOP Fashion coupon - Macy’s, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, Walmart Beauty product offers - Ulta, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Tarte Home Good deals - Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, Home Depot Travel including rental cars and more -, Enterprise And so much more like sporting goods, designer clothing and handbags! -- EARN CASH BACK -- * RetailMeNot pays its app members $175,000+ every month on average. * Our members earn almost $10 per order on average. You could, too! --EASILY SAVE WITH SHOPPING & DINING DISCOUNTS -- * Enjoy 24,000+ food offers at local and national restaurants. * Redeem coupons: Scan barcodes & upload receipts right from your phone. * Easily save whenever and wherever you shop. * Enable notifications so you never miss a deal again. --PEOPLE LOVE RETAILMENOT -- “I consult RetailMeNot every time I make a purchase ... especially online purchases. This app has saved me lots of money over the years!” “I’ve been using RetailMeNot for several years and I never check out without first checking for a coupon. The codes always work and the savings are real!” “Great app! Easy to use. I pull it up every time I'm in a store or ordering online! It’s so convenient not having to carry coupons around!” --SEE WHAT WE’RE UP TO-- Blog: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram:

Top Reviews

  • The 5 star reviews are likely from employees!!

    By ashleyb679
    I’ve used this app for about 9 months now and have run into nothing but trouble. I’ll click on the online cash back offer, process to check out via the partner site as usual and maybe 1/10 of my purchases are tracked by RMN. Here is were the problems start: after waiting 45+ days to allow for the purchase to be tracked- per their policy, customer service agents ask a million questions to ensure you are using the app “appropriately” (adding items to the cart only after you click the offer, making your purchase within an allotted amount of time after the offer is clicked, having the proper browser installed, etc.). After this point they have to do a manual payout once you provide proof of the purchase, well they get tired of doing this and will suspend your account with no explanation given. During my last email exchange with a rep I was told they have issues with their app tracking purchases and this is a known issue but still refuse to process any additional manual payouts. When it works it’s ok, but trying to haggle with people to get money back is a pain, totally not worth it. Please don’t download this app and google their reviews and complaints with the BBB, I’m not the only one having issues with this company!
  • Used to work, but not so much

    By GrumpyGurl
    I used to check the app and use the coupon availability before I would shop all the time. But the last few times I tried to use the listed coupons, I would be told at the store that the coupons weren’t valid or they just didn’t work. Some stores would be nice and honor them, probably to keep customers happy, but some downright refused. Also, I used to take advantage of the Cash Back rewards option but for the last 2 months, I am unable to link my card, and receive an error message that states “We’re having an issue linking this offer at this time, but we’re working hard to fix it. Please try again soon.” I have notified customer service and received a response stating they are looking into it and never heard back. I even deleted and reinstalled the app, but still get the same error message. I’ve since switched to using Ebates, and have not had any issues. The couple times I’ve contacted customer service, I’ve had quicker response times, resolutions, and even a follow up email to make sure my issue was addressed and corrected.
  • ZERO Customer Service

    By Chosn4
    I had to close my PayPal account due to fraud. So, I opened a new account and changed my RMN account email address to reflect my new PayPal email. Then, I contacted RMN to inform them of this prior to redeeming my rewards. However, after I redeemed my cash rewards, RMN still sent my money to my old, closed account, which I no longer have access to. They refuse to cancel it and resend it to my updated email. So, they basically just stole my cash rewards! So, beware if you ever have to change your email address. Apparently, they ignore the change and will still send your money to your old one. SMH. I’ve never witnessed such impractical lunacy in my whole life. And, after almost a dozen emails, they still refuse to fix this! So much for customer service! UPDATE: I upgraded my rating from 1 star to 3 because RMN finally resolved my issue. However, it took countless communications, weeks, etc., before someone was finally willing to assist me.
  • 🤬Under Armour gift card HELL🤬

    By Anonymous pizza addict
    I attempted to purchase a $100 gift card that would give me 10% back instantly in stores or online and the experience was ridiculous! First of all any company in this day and age that doesn’t provide a phone number to speak to a live agent should be the first HUGE RED FLAD 🚩. I wasted a entire Sunday clowning around with their ridiculously slow system waiting for the sale to process and both attempts after like 12 hrs I was advised the sale was not processed and the funds would not be deducted from my credit card. I contacted my financial institution’s customer service to inquire if the issue was a denial from my bank and they confirmed it was all on RetailMeNot’s side of the attempted transaction. Do not waste your time or your available credit balance on these clowns. I now have a $200 pending amount on my credit card that I have to deal with a lower available balance for however long it will take to drop off the system. Their chat agents during normal business hours are absolutely useless also. 🤬
  • What’s the point?

    By jr203502
    The sole purpose of this app is to save money while shopping and it couldn’t even help me do that.... I bought 200 dollar shoes from finish line and on RetailMeNot it said “scan your receipt for 3% back” ....... I obviously did that. 45 days later I was supposed to get the 3%... To this very day I have not had a single email from RetailMeNot .. confirming that I submitted my receipt, etc. There’s nothing from them... on the app I tried to check my history and there’s no history of me doing that ... how could there not be a history or email record? Like do you really think I’d take time out of my schedule to write this review if you guys didn’t mess up? You have one job.... I can’t believe I never even got an email confirmation and that there’s no history on the app.. Your customer service support or whatever is a joke... there’s NOTHING for “can’t see my purchase” nothing even close to it... what a waste of space on my phone.
  • Flawed. Waste of time.

    By 📋✍🏻
    Should have read more comments before downloading RMN. They’re using a so-called “3rd party specialist” that declines your transactions randomly. Just saw another comment and realized I wasn’t the only person who had tried a few times, contacted their support, and their support could offer no explanation, no solution, no nothing. Seriously RMN is not the only gift card app available. And despite you claiming ALL the gift card apps use the same “3rd party specialist”, I had made purchases on other apps just fine. So stop pointing finger at customers when you cannot even handle your own payment, or pick a valid vendor to handle payment for you. UPDATE: Please stop your meaningless reply. Note that the so-called “security measure” you have is randomly blocking customers who have no issues with ANY other online retailers. And stop telling people to try again if you know it won’t work. Be a responsible developer.
  • Worst customer experience

    By sunnybay
    I bought the $80 gift card to purchase an on-sale item I saw on Cole Haan app. Cole Haan app does not allow for gift card input. The gift card itself does not provide any instructions on how to redeem it. I tried many times in the Cole Haan app but failed to use it. I asked for a refund from Retail me not, not only is their customer service unreachable via the number listed, but their reps insisted that they are not responsible for Cole Haan’s checkout page hence no refund will be issued. This is a horrible customer experience Retail me not is only interested in getting money from their customers but cares less about the customers’ experience with their products. Retail me not, your partner’s checkout experience matters. It is part of Retail me not’s customer experience. If you fail to recognize that, you have no future. Will never use the app again. Deleting for good.
  • Retail trickery

    By Butterflydiva20
    It’s a shame how this app reels one in to think they are getting a deal, and then you have to get embarrassed at the register when the cashier has to explain that there is a stipulation to the deal that was not communicated in the ad on the Retailmenot app. I was so disgusted. $5 cash back on purchases of $100+ on weekly items. Because I had multiple items that did not add up to $100+ and not a single item costing $100 or more, my purchase did not qualify for the deal.🤮
  • Can’t Use For Bath and Body Works ANYMORE!!

    By Jerzeegurl1
    I’m not happy with NOT being able to use Bath and Body Works coupons from Retail Me Not in their stores anymore. I stopped signing up for their coupons because I had this app and the BBW stores were using them. Recently went into one of their stores and the store manager informed me the company has not used Retail Me Not since Jan 2018. Which I told her that is wrong because I have used this app in other BBW stores and they have taken the coupons from this app. She was nice enough to honor the coupon I had but stated I couldn’t use it going forward, but to sign up for BBW coupons again to receive them. It was really disappointing being so I recently used this app during Black Friday weekend at another BBW store. The BBW stores and other retail stores not using third-party apps for coupons need to regulate this new policy change for all their stores. Other than BBW, I have not had issues using Retail Me Not in other stores when checking out. So the app is still useful for me when I am out shopping.
  • It’s worth the download

    By Sybil.Disobedience
    I have not tried the cash back option yet, but of all the apps out there, RMN is the absolute best. Sometimes you have to do a lot of trial and error, but it’s worth it to find the greatest discount on major purchases: for example, furniture. Even when you think you can outsmart the app and it can’t possibly have a discount on something, look it up anyway. I saved $80 on a local rental car. Thank you Retail me Not. I’m glad you didn’t abandon us xo

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