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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-06
  • New version: 6.2.23
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Half Marathon 13.1 Trainer

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Half Marathon 13.1 Trainer is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Zen Labs. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zen Labs, with the latest current version being 6.2.23 which was officially released on 2020-05-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,356 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6961 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

■ The Official Half Marathon Trainer App ■ Official partners and the ONLY C25K (Couch to 5K) app featured on FITBIT and SAMSUNG smart watches! ■ Featured on The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Men's Fitness, Forbes, Mashable, Glamour Magazine, Popsugar Fitness, CBS News, NBC News, Macworld, Cosmopolitan, Lifehacker, WebMD, and many more! From the same makers of the #1 C25K® Trainer app, Half Marathon Trainer follows the same successful recipe to create an easy simple 13.1 (21k) program. Ideal for first-time beginners and those who are new to running a half marathon. The program uses a blend of running and power walking in training and racing. You’ll soon be able to run-walk the entire half marathon. ≈ Free Trial ≈ ◉ Train the first week for free! ◉ Train to complete a full 13.1 (21k) half marathon using a RUN/WALK ratio ≈ Real-Life Inspirational Transformations ≈ ◎ Over 175,000 Likes and 1500 Success Photos at facebook.com/c25kfree ◎ Our community inspires one another (and inspires us!) everyday. Hear some of their amazing stories. This proven 14 week plan is designed for beginners. The run/walk breaks help make the full marathon less grueling and reduces the overall impact and risk of injury. Don’t think that just because walking is involved that your time will be slower or that you'll be accomplishing less. Many veteran runners have posted personal best times after switching to this run walk method! Using a ratio of running and walking will better manage your fatigue and give you the muscle resource and mental confidence to handle the later parts of the race. Turn on our award winning music and just press start! Our audio coach will guide you through your run! It's that easy! ≈ Less is More ≈ ◎ Easy to learn. Just press start! ◎ Ideal for beginners. ◎ 14 weeks total. ≈ Features ≈ ◉ Proven 14 week half marathon training run-walk program (1st week free) ◉ Convenient audio coach and alerts ◉ Map your run at the end of your workout! ◉ Light and dark modes ◉ Health app integration ◉ Free iPad integration for indoor treadmills ◉ Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ◉ Access to our forums with thousands of veterans and newcomers starting the app. Join the community and meet other runners! ≈ NEW Zen Unlimited Pass - Try it for free! ≈ ◉ Award winning music curated from top DJ's! ◉ Scientifically proven to increase motivation by 35% ◉ Unlimited access to all pro features across ALL Zen Labs Fitness running apps ◉ Unlock calories, distance, Apple watch integration, and more ◉ Full access to C25K, 10K, 13.1, and 26.2 programs ◉ 4 apps for the price of 1! One subscription, multiple apps! Questions/comments? Email us at contactus@zenlabsfitness.com or visit us at www.zenlabsfitness.com. ≈ Connect ≈ Facebook: @C25Kfree Twitter: @C25Kfree Instagram: @officialc25k Hashtag: #C25K Zen Labs is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. breastcancerdeadline2020.org Subscription pricing and terms: The subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before current period ends. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. If you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use: https://www.zenlabsfitness.com/privacy-policy/ Legal Disclaimer This app and any information given by it or by Zen Labs LLC are for educational purposes only. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program. C25K® is a registered trademark of Zen Labs LLC

Top Reviews

  • First half or coming back from an injury? This is PERFECT!

    By Laoghaire24
    First of all, read the description before buying this app. This isn't an app that trains you to run a half marathon the whole time. It trains you do walk/run at a consistent time and pace the entire time. Once you know that, go read the research about how interval training is the way of the future and even professional runners are doing it. It's not for the weak. I'm coming back from a torn ACL and 2 surgeries so I need to take it slow and be smart. This app is amazing for exactly that. I hate having to time myself during interval training and the built-in instructions make it so I don't have to. Add in some workout jams and I've got a perfect training partner. I usually give up on these apps after a few tries. But I'm still going strong and that Napa Valley half is looking closer every day!
  • Love this app

    By Budley 8
    I use this app indoors in the winter and outside when the weather is good. I like that I can easily switch to my music and still navigate to and from this app. I have also turned it into a HITT workout when I’m not just working on an upcoming race Easy to pause and restart And great motivation messages when I log on!
  • Running but disappointed

    By Mossnose
    I spent the last 14 weeks on the 10K app and LOVED IT! I don’t think I’ve ever been able to run 6 miles straight before in my life. So i downloaded the 13.1 app and initially when I previewed the weeks I liked the set up f each week: 4 days running, 2 days cross training, and 1 day rest....but then I previewed the end and it has me “running” a half marathon 4 mins running, 1 min walking....I got this app so I can RUN a half WITHOUT WALKING....in really disappointed in this app, in part because I spent the $10 to get it and now it’s next to useless for me, but also in large part because I loved the 10K version so much but the 13.1 has really let me down.
  • Good but glitchy

    By Buggirl76357
    I love this app in theory but as I’ve gotten farther into it (around week 7 I think) it’s started glitching on time. I’ll look at the time then do a cycle or two and look at the time and it will be the same or it will say workout completed but when I open the app time is still left. I’ve updated and don’t want to lose my progress. I’ve also found the distance isn’t very accurate but I just run map my run in the background and it isn’t an issue. Overall I would recommend it for at least getting into it!
  • Wish I could return this

    By meganme-crazy
    Totally dismissed the other users comments about it teaching you to run/walk a half marathon because I’ll likely have to walk a little during a half marathon anyways. However, this app teaches you to run 4 min/walk 1 minute the entire half marathon!! That’s more difficult than just running. I’d much prefer something like running 20 min, walking 3 min or something so that I’m not constantly speeding up and slowing down. As soon as I realized what I’d paid for, I wished I could return it, but due to apples policies I can’t. I love all the other apps from this company and I’m so disappointed I wasted 10 dollars on an app I can’t even use.
  • Needs work

    By Sunrunner719
    I loved the C to 5K program. I started this one because I thought it was ready for a little bit of a challenge. My issue is that when my phone is in my pocket it doesn't give me the vocal cues to run or walk. It vibrates but I can't really feel that while I'm running. It would also be convenient if they had some sort of cross training program on the cross training days. Other than that I think it's a good program.
  • Where do I start?

    By natgeo_live
    Hi, I haven’t used this app yet but I have used the two previous couch to 5k and the 10K apps. I was wondering if you do finish the 10K app do you start at the beginning or is there an Advance start like going from the 5K to the 10K app. And if I choose to go to the 26.2 app will there be an advance been there?
  • Round three

    By Fleifam
    This will be the third time I use this program to train for a half marathon. It keeps me going with the brisk walks in between intervals and it takes 13 weeks to ease into your run. I wish once you have completed the days program that it continued to calculate your distance instead of automatically shutting off when you’re done...
  • Could be Improved

    By MsAncheta
    I used this app to train for my first ever half marathon and it did work but I needed to make some adjustments. The most important one which is a GLARING ERROR in this training plan is that you cannot run the entire 13.1 miles just 2 days before the race. No training plan I have ever seen does recommends this. The app is a little glitchy sometimes with Apple Playlists but aside from that I really liked it.
  • Keeps Getting Better!!!

    By HobbitMomRuns
    Love this app. I used Zen Labs C25K when I quit smoking, 10K Trainer to lose weight, and now I'm on the Half. This program is idiot proof and I actually look forward to the daily inspirations. It works beautifully with my playlists and I just won't run without it. Thanks for a constant awesome!!!

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