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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-26
  • New version: 8.5.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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thredUP is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by thredUP. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - thredUP, with the latest current version being 8.5.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 175,664 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.72889 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

*Women’s and Kids’ Clothes Only* thredUP isn't your typical thrift store, they're the best shopping app for buying & selling women's and kids' clothes! Get up to 50% off your first thredUP order today and enjoy: *The largest selection of brands anywhere, from Gap to Gucci. *On-trend styles up to 90% off est. retail. *1,000+ arrivals EVERY DAY. *Guilt-free sustainable shopping. *Easy returns & free shipping with orders over $79. *Payment via Paypal, Apple Pay, Affirm, and credit card. SHOP UP TO 90% OFF You'll never buy retail again. Score womenswear, accessories, maternity, and kids' clothing from your fave brands for way, way less. thredUP offers high-quality secondhand clothes from Free People, Madewell, Anthropologie, Coach, Nike, Lululemon, Brandy Melville, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, and MORE! SELL YOUR CLOTHES thredUP's Clean Out service is hands down the EASIEST way to sell or donate your clothes. thredUP does ALL the work, YOU get cash or credit. Here's how it works: 1. Order a Clean Out Kit or FREE shipping label on thredUP's selling app 2. Fill a bag with pre-loved clothes and send it back. 3. Relax! We inspect, photograph, list, and ship items for you. CHOOSE USED FOR THE PLANET There's enough amazing clothes on the planet, let's wear them. To date, thredUP has upcycled over 100M items so far and they're just getting started. Join thredUP's community of fashion lovers who are committed to a more sustainable future by giving clothes a second life! THE BUZZ ABOUT US "The App for the Responsible Shopper" - Elle "The Easiest Way To Practice Sustainable Fashion" - Forbes "Your favorite brands at a crazy reduced price." - Seventeen FROM SHOPPERS LIKE YOU "I just started using thredUP, and I'm absolutely addicted. The selection is HUUUGE, the prices are SUPER reasonable, as are the shipping rates (I'm looking at you, Poshmark)." - Jenna G. "This is where I get 95% of my clothes from. Not Your Daughter Jean's, Splendid, Lululemon Athletica, they have a great selection of high end brands for such a great deal." - Alexandra S. "I’ve been buying and selling with thredUP for over two years. As an eco-conscious, budget-friendly, fashion enthusiast this is the best digital option for buying ‘used’ clothes from a company. Compared to PoshMark or eBay, I have much more confidence in the quality of clothes I buy with thredUp since they go through inspections AND they have a great return policy! Win-win." - K.M.A "The ease of using this app was mindblowing! I set the filters to the category, sizes, styles, and even sale percentages! And up pops whatever matches what I chose!" - Adell H. "love love love this app. it always works and I love sending my clothes here to sell. it's such an easy process. and you can use your credit to buy more clothes. perfect!" - Melissa Z. “I refuse to spend full price on name brand clothes for my kids. With jeans costing 50-80$ a pair there’s just no way I’d spend that on a pair of pants they’ll probably grow out of in a few months. The clothes I find on thredUP are such great quality and great prices. Love the variety.” - jen-loves-brad

Top Reviews

  • Like the app

    By Debs316
    Like the variety. Like the bundle and save option. DON’T LIKE 1) how can I get one of many notifications that 30 or more items were added to a sort and I sort by newest and there aren’t thirty new items. 2) have featured items saying “fall dresses” but there are tank dresses and sundresses and so much crap to scroll past that IS NOT fall. Suggestions 1) I wish that when they mention an item has stains or an issue there would be an additional photos for that item with a focus on what they “saw” as an issue. 2) need an update to notifications to give more choices like as uploaded, or three times a day, once a day, or other, when they are uploading all day getting them constantly all day is annoying 3) would love a sort option where you could say “not this filter option” like not wool or ... 4) would love to have a saved searches on the main menu no buried where it currently is. 5) would be nice if they had suggestions based on style and brand types that I purchase that I could look at that might have similar items but in a brand that I hadn’t purchased or searched before or not. 6) in the searches (small, medium, 6 & 8 as an example) when it filters/Sorts bysizes. Could there be an additional choice to the sort to group them together so using my sort..all smalls display together , then mediums, size 6s, then 8s. Sure there are more if you want them
  • Overall very happy!

    By Alyth86
    I’ve been buying and selling clothes for months and have had overall a very positive experience!! The vast majority of the items I’ve bought online have fit me as expected. The app for a long time had a glitch that didn’t save items to favorites but that has been fixed so now I think the app is great. It takes a really long time to process a bag once they’ve received it (I have two bags they received over a month ago and haven’t processed yet). However, I know they’re only human and can only work so fast! The photos are good quality and I appreciate the details included with each listing. My ONLY tip for improvement would be for them to include item measurements for EVERY item, not just some of them. Guaranteed if the item doesn’t have measurements listed and I can’t find a reliable manufacturer sizing chart, I’m not going to take the gamble and make a purchase. Especially since they do charge a small but present re-stocking fee. Most items do have measurements listed, but I think every one of them should so I am confident in what I buy. Anyway this company has been an amazing experience for me! I love shopping second-hand clothes and there isn’t a thrift store near me, so this is a game changer! I log in almost every day just to see what else is new. The treasure hunt is so much fun and I’ve discovered several new favorite brands too!
  • Love ThredUp!

    By seabeekay
    I have been using ThredUp to buy and sell for a few years now. I absolutely love it for both. As a buyer, I have gotten basically a brand new workout wardrobe for a fraction of the retail (Alo, Lululemon, and Nike leggings all for about 1/3 of retail in like new condition). I will also say that since the app has started, they are generally a lot more picky with condition than they used to be so if you had a bad experience due to quality in the past, I would give them another try. They do still make the occasional mistake on listed items due to their high volume. I ordered a pair of SPANX leggings that was a different pair than what was pictured. It was a final sale item, but they returned it easily for me. This is the only issue I have had with purchases. They also have become VERY picky with shoes and really only sell shoes that are like new. As a seller, it’s important to manage your expectations and be familiar with their payout structure before you send your items in. I have been using the Luxe program for the past year and am overall very happy with it. There are issues that arise, but CS deals with them fairly in my opinion. It may take a couple of days to get an answer, but that doesn’t bother me as long as there is a fair solution (which there usually is). I have been overall really happy with ThredUp. I urge people to give them a try and be a sustainable shopper!
  • No negative thoughts!

    By alyssafaye816
    I have used thredUP for the past six months and have explored every facet of the website/app. The clean out bags are shipped directly to your house in an envelope and they hold a surprising amount of items. I have sent four bags of women’s clothing, maternity clothing, shoes, swimsuits, handbags, a little bit of everything. Each bag I’ve sent in has taken approximately three weeks to process once it arrived at their facility. The payout for the items accepted is reasonable and fair. I’ve used the store credit as well as discount codes to purchase items for my daughter (toddler) and myself. I’ve returned items (which is free) and received my refund in a timely manner each time. All of the items I’ve purchased have been in great condition and I’ve worn multiple times. I tell everyone looking for great deals to check out this app before stepping out to go shopping, because most items in this site look brand new and you only pay a fraction of the cost. The only thing this organization is missing is a men’s section. My fiancé is definitely jealous when my polka dot box comes in because he knows I spent much less than he typically would at another store and I receive more items for the money that I do spend. I am a firm believer in secondhand clothing after my experience with thredUP. I’ll definitely continue to be a loyal customer!
  • Loved

    By Jules687
    I have been using this app to buy from ThredUP for a while now. I’ve been mainly using it to swap out my cheap basic pieces to nicer second hand quality pieces so I thank ThredUP for the great online thrifting concept. I have not used their clean up service as of yet. I’ve really been looking forward to purchasing things from ThredUP for a longterm. The app works very well for my need to find specific items for my closet and I’ve even bragged to my husband about how amazingly user friendly the app is in buying the second hand goods. Only recently I’ve had a couple of packages gone missing without reaching my door and it’s created a huge question in my mind. Can I really buy from ThredUP anymore? Unlike the other goods and products from other online stores gone missing in the past, I’ve gotten personally upset and affected by this event. I think in a way I’ve curated pieces that I can’t really afford new but still have to pay a lot more than regular thrifting would cost in the cart before checking out and the excitement built surrounding the whole experience is somehow responsible for such personal attachment to the missing packages, so I asked and looked into other possible shipping options such as having to ask for a signature upon delivery and possibly insurance option too, but the site does not offer it as of now. So the functionality of the app gets five stars but the ThredUP online thrifting gets three.
  • Great for if you’re in your twenties

    By Wickidskillz
    I’ve been trying to build a larger wardrobe now that I’m in my twenties and ThredUp has been a great help! Like you can genuinely get an entirely new wardrobe for under 500$ and all of my items are brand names with tags or in like new condition. I definitely don’t recommend getting shoes or bags off of here though. My only issue is that often times they’ll describe items as in “Like new” condition but they’ll have scuffs on shoes or scratches on the hardware of purses. Still useable but definitely not “Like new”. I had that issue with a jacket recently too, that was all frayed and looked like something you pull out of a donation bin but it was described as “Like new”. I would definitely appreciate a more thorough evaluation of items, as well as if instead of listing items as the sizes marked on the clothing, you took actual measurements of it like mens clothing. There’s been a lot of times I buy things in size 4 and I receive them and they look more like a size 9 and I’ve had to just give them away. Actual measurements would be way more helpful. Overall it’s still extremely worth it and I’m not dissatisfied and will continue ordering off them. I still highly recommend this site but I do think they stand room for improvement. On a final note, I wish they carried mens clothes so I could buy clothes for my boyfriend too. I think you’re missing a huge demographic by not selling to them.
  • Suggestions from a loyal customer.

    By Flutter1111
    I love ThredUP! For many reasons. First it is a way I can stop contributing to the real environmental problems fast fashion causes but also because I have always believed one persons trash is another persons treasure. I honestly would never be able to own some of the beautiful things I do because of the designer prices. You really do get what you pay for in clothing. Most big labels are big because their quality truly is better and the clothing is innovative. It lasts longer holds up better and feels nicer. My only suggestions are to send coupons to loyal customer into their email so it reminds us what a great place it is to shop. 20% off will get me to buy. Also why not let people who have spent a great deal of money with you hold that one or two items for a week until pay day. One last thing and it is my only complaint. The restocking fee of 2$ per item is just greedy. Having a return policy in necessary for online buying. The getting to try it on a home without being forced to keep it or loose money is a main reason I have shopped so long with this company. I would like to see the restocking fee negated at least on exchanges. Thanks ThredUP you have made me feel a little bit wealthier, a little bit prettier, sexier, more put together and most importantly luckier many times. I love you for it.
  • Great Overall Experience!

    By ashley014278
    I have been shopping on ThredUp's desktop website and the ThredUp app for over a year now. Shopping experiences on both platforms have been great. The process each time has been fun, easy, and seamless, and each item has arrived exactly as described. There has been a time or two I needed help from customer service (including a time where I made a mistake, not ThredUp) and customer service was very friendly and helpful both times, even helping me fix things after MY mistake...which they wouldn't have had to do. I would highly recommend shopping with ThredUp. Sometimes I see negative reviews online about selling to ThredUp based on low payout amount, however, I like that ThredUp is very transparent and gives you an estimate of what you'll receive based on brand name and condition. I would advise to check this before sending items in, and if you don't find it satisfactory, then don't sell to ThredUp. Keep in mind they do have costs associated with sending the clean out kit, assessing the items, listing the items, packaging/shipping the items, etc. Also, while you may not make a fortune, I like that the process is easy and you're able to keep these items out of landfills and de clutter. Overall, I've had a great experience with every aspect of ThredUp and would highly recommend them to a friend. Thanks, ThredUp!
  • Order was wrong 😒

    By MsJeeter
    I ordered a purse from them witch is a no return policy on handbags witch is fine if you sent me the item I chose and paid for . Instead I got a hiking bag for a water bottle that I will NEVER ever use . I am extremely disappointed I have ordered from them quit a few times and have spent some money on this place ... and this is the second time I have received something that was wrong or the disciption was incorrect . I was beyond excited to receive this purse and once o open the box and seen what I had received it totally ruined everything.. and made me just not want to buy another item from them at all . I have three more orders from them that are on their way. But now I just wanna cancel everything & get my money back ! 😡 I use to love this website . But they have just ruined it for me . Now I can’t get in touch with nobody about my order . I can’t return it because it’s a no return policy . I almost feel scammed . 😕 they will not receive anymore of my hard working money. This is crazy and as a mother of 5 I don’t have much money to spend on myself and then the little money I do I don’t get what I ordered for myself . I’m just letting you know if you order from them Just know your taking that risk of getting something other then what you originally picked or paid for . Good luck !
  • Prices keep going up

    By Spartan.Steph
    When I first cameUpon finding it was great the prices were reasonable the quality was fairly good - a little hit and miss depending on the itemIt was mostly good and accurate descriptions of things and you could return it if it was not what was described online.I’ve noticed a steady decline in the actual condition of things that say they are “like new” or “would be mistaken for new” and they are clearly not in that condition, I’ve received leggings with massive pilling that stated it was in perfect condition, that gets frustrating... the thing that is making me stop shopping here is the fact their prices just keep increasing and aren’t the quality to justify the increase! Lululemon jackets used to be about $34 which was great for a what you got (it is second hand after all) but recently they’ve just massively marked stuff up! Had recently bought a jacket and then returned it and saw the relisted item back up on the website m, but it had gone from when I purchased it two weeks earlier at $33 to being listed for $55 (and it wasn’t in perfect condition).The other huge complaint that I have is their sizing is not accurate they will say one thing (for me a size 2) but it’s not, they 9/10 times they are a size 4.I’m not sure why they don’t check the size dot in Lululemon leggings and jackets they could check....wish they would because I recently ordered five pairs that claimed to be size 2 but all five of them were size 4🙄

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